A Young Guy

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Chrissy Darton was on her hands and elbows, her hands now gripping the rug she was on to help her stop sliding forwards. She was being fucked methodically, strongly, and very fiercely. And even if she had been blindfolded, which she was not, she would have known this was not her husband.

Oh no, he was away for the night with his golfing buddies, and not only that. Chrissy was being stretched in a way he could only have hoped for. The cock in her was longer, it was definitely thicker, it was also stronger, and it was also much harder than her husband could ever achieve nowadays.

The gloriously lovely, and very sexy woman was being completely rammed full, time and time again. Chrissy was the woman seen tripping her way happily, gaily, and sweetly in her backless high heels, down the high street shopping, that every man who passed her would groan, “Oh if only.”

Chrissy was a man’s dream woman, she had blossomed into miraculously since she was a girl. She seemed to have gone to an unknown college where beautiful girls and women were defined into feline, sexy, graceful and elegance personified, somehow coached, and manufactured, then turned out at the end into a God’s gift to mankind.

Chrissy had beautiful, and natural silky chestnut hair, hair she slightly tinted in the spring ready for summer, because her personal view was, it looked a bit gingery in certain lights. It hung down her smooth back, and tapered to a point. She kept it parted in the centre, so with a shake, she could shroud her beautiful face to give her a pouting, smouldering look through her huge lidded hazel eyes.

Chrissy had a body to die for, 5ft 7″ tall, long legged, fit and toned, she never smoked, drank little. Every part of her was sensitive to the touch, some more than others. Her nipples were her worst nightmare in the wrong situations, many times as a girl she had been captured by a boy, or then a man, making a grab for them and in doing so, Chrissy had gone down, literally.

Her father in law had even sampled her charms one day, simply by touching her. Then increasing his male power, he had taken her. Though she would in a court of law, have to admit that she had been forthrightly seduced by him. This had led her and her husband to moving cities, at her insistence, to get away from him, knowing it would be likely to happen again.

She had almost creamed herself on the dance floor of her wedding day, when a guest, a friend of her new husbands, had inadvertently and very cheekily, nipped them in his fingers when her back was turned to them. Her eyes had flashed, her body exploded and she almost fell down. She regained her composure, made an excuse, and went to the bathroom.

She had actually given way to him one year later when he had called round to see her husband. He had been at work, and taking a chance he had grabbed her nipples again, and then resisted her reaction to get away, and in a moment of tweaking, squashing and twisting, she collapsed against him and was asking him softly and submissively.

“What are you going to do to me?” He had shown her and seduced and made love to her right on her kitchen table. Chrissy, after that mind blowing experience, had made sure her door was always locked to prevent him gaining entry into her home again, and her!

She had never intended to ever be unfaithful in her marriage, but she had succumbed twice over the years, to two predatory men who had somehow seemed to know her body as well, if not better, than her. The second one had fucked her for the second time, but he had forced himself into her ass. She cried and begged but he never released her until he released himself into her bowels. He had filled her with his cum, the pain had been awful. When he had finished she snuggled into him, tears leaking from her huge hazel eyes.

Now ten years on, the memory was still there, she had even decided that it hadn’t been too bad and had tried, unsuccessfully, to get her husband to do it. Chrissy, now the childless mother she was, but by choice. Chrissy and her husband had never wanted children. It wasn’t that they disliked them, they loved their respective nephews and nieces to distraction.

They just were not on their priority list of things to do. Chrissy and her husband loved their holidays, good food, concerts, tours. They both loved fine clothes, of which Chrissy was now an expert in all things designer. Chrissy looked good at any time of day or night, always dressed in slinky, silky, loose, tight, smooth, figure enhancing dresses, shorts, tights, pants, tops, that showed her amorous cleavage, jewellery. Her hair was always in tip top condition. In short, Chrissy was, intentionally or not, a man and boys wet dream, and she not only knew it, she revelled in it.

Chrissy was thirty years old now and absolutely in her sexual prime, she had worked her husband to a frazzle, willingly it had to be said, sexually. But like almost every husband, as he had grown a little older, he had waned a little ankara escort bayan this last year or two. And this was how she had come to end up this day, on her hands and elbows, hanging to the rug with her hands, in her sitting room being thoroughly, and very unceremoniously fucked by a very new big cock.

Chrissy knew now why she was here like this, but she hadn’t until he, the man, who had her like this, had told her. Backtracking, she remember the events clearly now and had wished she had kept her big mouth shut. Her husband, who worked hard to give them the lifestyle they loved, had been working for the last month, 80, 90, 100, and sometimes more hours a week, to gain an enormous contract that would land him a huge bonus for it. It would be the equivalent of about two years salary.

But Chrissy had gone without sex for over two weeks, and now she was pissed off, and when Chrissy was pissed off, look out husband! His boss had booked the team, all golfers, when they had time to play, on a special weekend. The team had been ordered, not asked, to go. It was from Saturday morning, until Sunday evening. So having arrived home after midnight the night before, her husband had collapsed into bed, again! And Chrissy was left frothing at the mouth with anger, sexually deprived. She was gagging, for even just a quickie. That was not forthcoming, as soon as his head had hit the pillow he was out.

Now it was Saturday morning, and her weary husband was putting his things into the car. He was getting it big time in the neck from his beautiful wife about how useless he was, sexually a decrepit old man, after only ten years of marriage. “And while you are away,” she shouted at him, “I think I’ll find myself a younger guy to see to me, because you fucking can’t!” He tried to reason with her, he knew she was right, and promised with all his heart that when this was over, he would be all hers, as usual.

This went down like a lead balloon. She laughed at him. “It’s been one month now, do you know that, are you even aware of it hey!” she bellowed. “One month since we have had sex. Go on,” she told him, “clear off why don’t you, I might be here when you get back, or I might not be.” Then she turned and slammed the door, leaving a very unhappy husband to go on a trip he had no wish to go on.

In the next house, up in his bedroom, Toby Johnson had witnessed it all. He had lusted after the gorgeous beautiful married woman since the day they had moved in seven years ago. Even as a puberty hormonal boy of nearly thirteen. Over the years she had always been nice to him, she had even flirted with him as he had grown into the young, good looking man he now was. Toby was a strong lad, confident, brusque sometimes, educated, and was into women of all ages and creeds. She flashed her eyes at him, and when she did that, his heart, and by no means his cock, would flip.

During the day he was deciding if he could maybe entice her into something. In the afternoon he had chatted with her over the fence. Her eyes were flashing, very much so, her face was flushed, little red patches on her high cheek bones. Her lips were blood red. He had guessed, rightly, that Chrissy was on the verge of detonating. He could see she was nervous, edgy, in a need of something, maybe him, maybe his cock?

He was experienced in sexual games, he had a regular girlfriend, they had sex often. She even encouraged him to speculate and experiment, meaning have it away with others if he wanted to, it was okay with her. He had asked her to repeat that, she had, but reminded him. “I get know about it okay,” she had said, “don’t think you will get away with keeping things secret because you won’t!” So he had, he had told his aunty, his mother’s younger sister, that he needed to learn about sex as he was a dummy. She had fallen for it, and soon he had got her into bed and fucked her silly.

He had seduced a couple of others along the way, and now Toby thought of himself as a real ‘ladies’ man. Which he was if the truth was known. He had also learned that he had been blessed with a super cock, about 8″ long, thick enough, and had also been blessed with the knowledge of how to use it, once it was where it was made to be.

He was in the middle of a new seduction that would hopefully materialise in the next week or two. His girlfriends own mother was his new target, although his girlfriend was not aware of that little fact. He had started making little plays for her a month ago, and at first she had rebuffed him. But she had gradually gone from that to playfully admonishing him, telling him Laura, his girlfriend, would guess.

Now she was sniggering when he ‘attacked’ her, only last week he had rubbed her lovely ass, patted it, then let his fingers drift down her crack pressing his middle finger in as he went. This had brought a gushing, “Oooh Toby, don’t, please.” But tellingly, she had not moved away, or told him off. She had also had a mini orgasm, she just managed to control it before eryaman escort Toby guessed, but it was a moment she would not, nor be able to, forget. Toby now he knew that sooner, rather than later, and opportunity presenting itself, she would give in, and Toby would be screwing her too.

This day though, Toby was focussed totally on his beautiful married neighbour, and coming to the answer was this easy. “If I don’t, or can’t get her today, then I never will, and someone else might!” Chrissy apologised saying she had to go, she was going into town to do some retail therapy, on her husband, she added almost venomously. He waited in his bedroom to see her go, and boy did she look good. He hated it, in case she met someone and fucked off with them!

Chrissy was wearing a very flared skirt, tweed like. She had on a poncho type top, with a silk scarf loosely around her neck. It was the attire of an older woman, a mature female. But she carried off terrifically. The usual backless high heels and she looked stunning. Chrissy floated, her walk was a dance, her hair lifted and dropped, moved about in an imaginary breeze. Her face was alive and vital, she swayed without swaying.

Toby decided on his course of action, surprise and conquer, it could also land him in jail very quickly he knew that. But his testosterone outweighed any misgivings. He was almost certain that if this worked, he would survive the encounter. He knew where they secreted as back door key too, he had seen them many times putting it away, secretly, they had thought.

It was in a crevice in the brickwork next to their back door, a sliver of cement could be moved and there it was. When Chrissy went out, observed by him. He nipped out, hopped the fence, removed the key, and opened the door. Then he replaced the key, and dropped the latch on himself. Now, figuratively speaking, he was locked in.

In his hand was his ski mask, this, he hoped would hide his identity. Toby was scared, and several times he almost stopped and left. But he persevered and laid his plans in is head. Then it was too late to leave Chrissy was back. She was armed with several bags and boxes. He himself had thought of stripping naked apart from the ski mask, staying dressed, half dressed, what?

He was in his pants, bare footed, no shirt, and Ski mask when Chrissy came in. Toby dashed into the sitting room rather than her bedroom, he thought this was better for her, rather than him. He waited, he could hear her moving things, unwrapping things, banging cupboard doors, some very loudly. She was still in a foul mood he decided, he thought this was good because it probably meant she was still in the mood for a good fucking, from him! This, he imagined hopefully, was in his favour.

He was behind the door of the sitting room waiting for her to make an entrance. He was crapping himself, but now it was too late to change his mind. Then eventually Chrissy did enter, and this was where Toby sprang into action. As soon as she walked in Toby grabbed her, one arm around her waist, one hand over her mouth.

Chrissy was captive in a second, Toby whipped her off her feet and carried her to her sofa, where he sat down with Chrissy inbetween his knees and in his lap. “Keep quiet, don’t scream, if you struggle, I will slap you!” he said harshly behind the mask. Chrissy could only bleat behind his hand.

She struggled gamely, but Toby just sat there with her letting her thrash about. He was hoping she would tire of it soon. Chrissy tried kicking him, her cries muffled by Toby’s and over her mouth. She was gasping for air because of it and her struggles. Soon her attempts to get away waned, and Toby leaned into her ear and told her. “I’m here for you Chrissy, and I’m going to give you what your husband won’t, or can’t!”

Chrissy renewed her efforts to get free but again it was wasted. She did manage to bite a finger. This was when Toby acted, his arm around her waist moved, he gave her a real stinging slap on her thigh, then he captured her again before Chrissy had time to react. “Ow, ow, ow,!” she gruffed into the hand. “Now,” Toby said menacingly, ” anymore and I will spank the fucking life out of you, got it!” He was into this now, fear of things going wrong were forgotten, he was in, he was going to screw her, hell or high water.

Chrissy’s heavenly soft body slumped against him, she realised he knew her, ‘How,’ she thought, ‘who is he?’ She decided to play dumb, pretend to be defeated. “Pleath,” she mumbled behind his hand. “Are you going to behave Chrissy,” he said into her ear, he wanted to bite it, nibble it, suck it and lick it. “Or do you need slapping some more, a lot more?” All she could do was nod her head. “Good girl, now, I reckon Chrissy, you will have guessed what I’m here for hmmm? Your husband isn’t doing it for you, or can’t anymore. So I intend to, okay?” She never answered that, how could she?

“Look,” she said, “I am sorry, but you have it all wrong, I don’t etlik escort know where you have got this idea from, but its way out of the ball park. I am happy, I love my husband. Please leave, and I’ll forget all about this I promise you.” Toby thought for a moment, ‘Oh fuck, am I wrong, shit, what now?’ But instead of doing what she asked, he decided to try his plan a little. He let go of her, ripped her poncho apart, yanked her tiny bra away and grabbed her nipples between his fingers and roasted them. He never crushed them, but squeezed instead, then he rotated them, pulled on them.

Chrissy’s head launched itself backwards and landed on Toby’s shoulder. “Argggggh,” she cried. “Nooooo, please, Nooooo, don’t……” She scrabbled to get his hands off her, she succeeded, but her nipples were immediately recaptured and squeezed again, and rotated again. “Argggggh, Nooooo, Oh oh oh Arggggggh please……. ” Toby was on a roll, he was in, he knew it. He would have bet his life on this now.

While Chrissy was trying to get him off her, and her beginning to burn nipples. Toby went for her pussy, he yanked up her skirt, and his hand was in her thong before she could blink. He sank a finger into the soft folds of skin and fortunately for him scored a direct hit. Chrissy cried out again, “Argggggh stopppppp…… Oh God…… please…..”

He returned to her nipples, Chrissy was behind his every move too late. Her hands followed his, only to find they were where they had been moments ago. Her legs kicked and jumped, she was beginning to burn. She writhed in Toby’s lap, then her inner mind suddenly registered that there was something hard and lumpy, under her ass. It told her it was a cock, a man’s cock, and if she wanted it, it was hers, and there for the taking.

Chrissy could not reconcile her thoughts to the reality of what was going on. Toby was busy on her nipples, and in her pussy. Chrissy was intent on getting free, to stopping what was happening. Her mind was also trying to deal with what she knew was definitely a hard cock pressing into her sweet ass. One she was, and had been desperate for, from her loving darling husband only this very morning.

She was not only now losing the physical fight, she was losing the mental one as well, the pressure of the cock was overcoming her. She tried vainly to flee it from her mind, but instead all that did was energise her focus on it. That, and the near mind blowing crippling sensations, now being created by the mangling fingers over her nipples. And also she had to contend with the finger, that kept up scoring bulls eye every time it dipped into her pussy. Her hands were becoming like a captive birds wings, useless.

Toby went for broke, he lifted his ski mask half way up, then kissed her neck, then bit it lightly, another thing she had to deal with, then knew she could not. Her need for sexual relief was more than she could fight. She flopped aginst her protagonist, she was giving in, her mind was on Toby’s side now with her luscious sexy beautiful body right behind it.

Toby more or less had free reign, he still couldn’t believe that he had got her here as quickly as he had done. And that was when Chrissy uttered the words she had thought she had forgotten. Words that were still emblazoned, branded and seared into her mind even now. After all the years since they had passed her plump soft kissable lips. “What are you going to do to me?” her voice tremulous, like the little girl she loved to pretend to be. Though she was not pretending now.

Chrissy was that little girl, she was being dominated by an Alpha male, someone stronger than her in every way, except her unfettered sexual feline soft beauty. Her resistance was becoming more and more futile, futile to the point, where giving in to this unknown man was inevitable. Her husband was going to pay a heavy price for the neglect of his beautiful wife.

Toby was dying to get her upstairs and into bed, but thought better of it. ‘Fuck her here, then,’ he said to himself, ‘God willing, in her bed all day and all night.’ He pulled his mask off, no use in pretending now, he mused. In for a penny, in for a pound! He ripped away the remnants of her top, her bra was also torn away making Chrissy gasp in adding arousal. He reached under her skirt and forced her thong off, another gasp was brought from her.

Without knowing it her mind was fully and completely fixed on the bone hard boner sticking into her rump. Toby pulled her around and lay her down, he undid his pants, and moved her skirt out of the way and was heading in as her eyes clocked him. “Toby,” she moaned, “Oh Toby, you, Oh my G….” then he was splitting her in half. His entry into her negated all thoughts from them both. He felt the silkiness of her pussy, the hot wetness enveloped him.

Toby kissed her as he fell all the way in, he bumped her cervix, she spread before him as a wave when he cock ploughed her open. His cock was like the prow of a ship slicing through the open ocean. Chrissy’s knees lifted and widened automatically for him. He broke the kiss and smiled at her. It was nothing more than a happy smile of victory. He was where he had wanted to be, before he even knew what it was he had wanted from her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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