A zombie Apocalypse

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It had been weeks since everyone has vanished. I was alone. Streets, shops and park once were teeming with life, but now just a strange emptiness. One of the perks of being alone was being able to do whatever you wanted. I was driving along the neighbourhood in my stolen landcruiser, surveying the area. Not knowing where to go or what to do anymore, since there’s been no sign of life. With the windows down the cool, crisp air caressed my face with the only sound being the study rumble of the car. That was when I noticed a high pitched scream, I stomped my foot onto the pedal following the screams being drawn to perhaps my first chance to communicate with someone and several weeks and what I saw afterwards left me breathless.

A girl, who barely looked over 21, was the source of the scream. But it was her beauty which I noticed first her slender frame could not hide her perfect body, yet it only exemplified it, long straight honey blonde hair fell past her chest, and she wore beige coloured short shorts showing off legs and she wore a long white, tight tank top which highlighted her perfect C cup breasts as they bounced as she ran towards me in the car. But what had struck the most was her face, it was that of an angels, flawless white skin and complexion and the most beautiful hazel coloured eyes. But in complete contrast or creature opposite her was standing, a human or what remained of it. Clothes and body were filthy brown nearly purple. Its skin peppered with cracks and sores which oozed out a thick yellow liquid. Its mouth was filled with horrendously formed teeth and eyes as red as lava. I honked the car; the girl sprinted towards me and jumped in without a moments hesitation. While reversing, I looked at the mirror and realised there were more than one of these foul creatures in purple skin. Not caring reversed over them and sped off to the nearest long stretch of road. It was quiet as we journeyed back to my hideout,
“What the hell was that?”
Still breathless the angel replied “I have no idea” with tears gathering up.
“I’m Jack by the way”, giving her a smile in hopes of keeping the waterworks at bay.
“I’m Rebecca, You’re like the first person I’ve seen since this all happened.”
“Yeah you too, although I’ve never seen those purple things before”.
Arriving at the hideout i became a lot more nervous knowing now that there were things out there which could potentially find me now. I led Rebecca in showing her all the things she needed to know before finally I collapsed on the couch out of sheer exhaustion.
Several days have passed now since meeting Rebecca. We had grown closer since the encounter, developing a system of keeping watch and going for food runs. It was just another ordinary day of patrolling the streets for any food, people or equipment that we might need. Already there has been an increase in the number of these purple zombies like creatures. Although fearsome and disgusting there was a strange satisfaction of ramming the giant land cruiser on the stragglers. We had gone to a shopping store, the same one I had previously gone to before I met Rebecca, with the intent to get more food just incase something happened to the current supply since living with other people meant a greater need of resources. But out of nowhere something dark darted to the side of the land cruiser, fearing it might be one of those creatures I swerved. “Stop!”, Rebecca exclaimed and jumped out of the car, not knowing what had gotten her to do this I hesitantly followed. The creature was not a creature but a person. I looked at the teenaged girl who could have been barely older than 16, she had the perfect curves at the right places. At a height of 5’3 she was not the biggest girl, she too had a slender frame yet somewhat what fuller than Rebecca but what stood out the most were her breasts, they were probably the envy of all the other girls her age and even older. They were barley contained in her black and gold midriff which showed off her cleavage and tanned, smooth stomach, https://www.izmitescortlarim.com/” title=”escort izmit”>escort izmit she wore tight denim jeans which further showed off her the outline of her perfect ass and hips.
“I need your help” she sobbed,
“Sure thing, just come follow us” I replied, with only the thought of keeping this teenaged beauty close to me.

The three of us ran back towards the landcruiser, my eyes darting left to right in case any of the living dead decided to unexpectedly jump out, although they couldn’t help themselves dart left and right towards the bouncing breasts of the two gorgeous girls beside me.
“What’s your name?” I asked, hoping to make some conversation with the teenaged girl,
She didn’t answer straight away and instead opted to catch her breath, until she finally replied still somewhat breathless “My name’s Tamara”.
Finally arriving at the hideout I was beginning to realize that at the current rate we would need to find a larger place with a more advantageous view of the surrounding area. I showed the new girl the main aspects of the hideout, each room and where to find what.
Unlike Rebecca who seemed to be the epitome of an angel on earth, Tamara seemed to be the personification of a Greek Goddess. Her dark, brunette hair was full and wavy and was past the shoulder in length. Her impeccably tanned skin, which I later found out, was a benefit of having a Greek Mediterranean background.
Unexpectedly Tamara asked “Are you guys virgins?” with a somewhat firm voice,
“I’m not” Rebecca replied, while I suddenly imagined the innocent and sweet Rebecca having a giant cock in her.
Not wanting to embarrass myself I replied “me neither”, looking back at Tamara’s revealing top, “are you?” I asked.
Flushing around the cheeks, “Yeah I am” she replied sheepishly, surprised that this gorgeous teen girl with perfectly round tits had not been penetrated yet, I decided to push the subject further.
“Well then, what’s the furthest you’ve gone?” I asked,
“I’ve given a few handjobs and a couple of blowjobs, but nothing more” she said with a look of embarrassment, “Stupid Zombies, I can’t believe I’m going to die a virgin!” Tamara exclaimed,
Rebecca laughed as she sat down on the carpeted floor,
“We could change that” Rebecca said slyly with what looked like sparkle in her eyes. “Matt are you willing to do the honours?” she asked.
I was in a state of shock barely able to make a proper sentence, “Sure thing” I croaked as I began to get aroused at the thought of finally losing my virginity to this sexy teenager.
Tamara hesitated not knowing what to make out of the situation, but as she looked at me she said “fine then let’s do it”.
As if in a dream, I was over moon when those words left her lips, knowing that I will finally experience what was a dream for most of my teenaged life. She undid her black gladiator shoes and with that Tamara slowly, inexpertly and yet seductively slid down her extra tight jeans; her tanned legs were faultless as she bent over to reveal red boy shorts and finally stepping out of her jeans. Already I felt my cock twitch; she crossed her legs as she continued to completely remove her black, short sleaved midriff, what lay underneath had me hard, a white cotton bra barely held back her breasts which I noticed were bigger than Rebecca’s C cup beauties.
“Your turn” Rebecca said devilishly with a look to match, making her way on to the bed and sitting with her knees bent towards her chest.
I smiled and returned to view this young Greek Goddess in front of me in nothing but boy shorts and a strained bra. Excitement filled me as I hurriedly slipped off my shoes and socks, unzipped my jeans and pulled them my cock sprung free. I staggered to take a seat on the chair, I had seen enough pornos to know I only had an average cock but it was then I realised that none of this mattered anymore and my heart began to pound as Tamara slowly knelt right in front me, having eyes only for my now rock hard cock. She then ran her fingers delicately up the shaft of my cock and traced https://www.izmitescortlarim.com/escort/izmit-escort” title=”izmit escort”>izmit escort them around the cap at the head. The sensation was so powerful that I almost came right there! Having lied about my virginity I had planned to try and live up to my fib and last as long as I could, but as soon as Tamara wrapped her soft, warm, wet mouth around the head I knew it was going to be one of the hardest tasks I had the pleasure of doing.
Twisting the shaft with her hands while using her mouth to pleasure the head, I had never felt anything like it. But with that I knew I needed to stop and take break, if not I would have come rather soon.
“Take your panties off” I said as I laid down on the warm carpeted floor, waiting for her to complete her task before revealing a tight young pussy unlike any of the ones in the porn videos I was used to seeing. The smell of her pussy as she kneeled down or my face had me almost in frenzy, it was the most incredible thing I had ever seen, tight, with the lips tucked in and I noticed that she had virtually no hair at all thanks to her clean shaving which further added to my excitement. I used my fingers to trace the outline of her pussy, taking in the sweet scent and feeling the wetness that had begun to surround it.
I couldn’t take anymore, I had begun to stroke her pussy more firmly and my fingers sank into the unbelievably tight silken wet folds, warm and slippery, Tamara released a small cry as she started moaning. I grabbed hungrily at her firm curvaceous ass, massaging them as I began to ravenously stuff my face with her pussy and the juices that overflowed out of it. She bent over giving me a better position to play and discover more of her insides with my tongue. In this position her head was only a few inches from my cock; I moved my pelvis towards her mouth as she continued to moan in sheer ecstasy, eventually taking in the cock back into her warm, wet, hungry mouth.
In this sixty-nine position we continued to pleasure each other with our mouths, with her pussy on my face and thighs wrapped around my head I reached around her smooth, golden tanned thighs and grabbed her full ass, squeezing them as much as I could. That’s when I began getting bolder, my sex drive on full blast, I was like an animal on heat. Placing a hand on each cheek I spread her ass as I moved my face further up towards her round, firm ass and excitedly sniffed her extra tight ass hole, inhaling the erotic aroma. I teased the hole with one of my fingers, outlining it and occasionally pushing into it, getting deeper and deeper with each new push. I once again spread her ass but this time I needed to taste the beautiful thing, teasing and licking it and I finally penetrated her ass hole with my tongue and moving back and forth from ass to pussy as she moaned loudly while still having my hard throbbing cock in her mouth. Surfacing to get catch my breath I noticed Rebecca on the looking intently with her legs bent spread while her right hand were in her shorts which were fingering her own pussy. Almost cumming right there as I looked down to see this Greek Goddess hard at work, bobbing her head as she worked on my cock with her little mouth, swirling her tongue around it and massaged the underside of the tip. Suddenly, Tamara stopped and shuddered as I felt pussy muscles tighten around my tongue, she screamed in response as I lapped up all her juices which flowed freely from her pussy.
“Oh my god” she gasped repeatedly as she collapsed on me. panting heavily as she unsteadily unmounted my face.
“Feel good?” inquired Rebecca, hands still hard at work in her short shorts. Tamara could only smile meekly as she recomposed herself.
“I’ve never cummed so hard” Tamara managed to say as she turned to me, her body seemed to radiate with warm glow as she devilishly said “your turn”. Seductively she walked to me as I stood, horny as ever, unclasping her red bra which barely contained her enormous breasts, I stood in awe as I viewed what was the dream of all her male friends. They must have https://www.izmitescortlarim.com/escort/izmit-kendi-evi-olan-escort” title=”izmit kendi evi olan escort”>izmit kendi evi olan escort been D cups, the breasts were perfectly tanned and perky with the most immaculate rock hard nipples.
“You like?” she queried, while playing with her breasts.
“Oh I love em” I replied as I almost ran over to grab them. Her breasts were full and firm, playing with her already hard nipples I placed one in my mouth softly sucking on them on teasing, flicking it with my tongue as I fondled her other breast. I couldn’t take it anymore I needed to be inside this Greek Goddess once more. Leading her towards the bed I stripped my left over clothing while Tamara laid down on the bed finding a comfortable position, placing a couple of pillows to support her back, laying on the bed she was a sight to remember.
I followed her climbing on to the bed; I spread her smooth legs to reveal an impressive sight. I once again inhaled her sweet scent spurring me on, positioning my cock to the entrance of her wet pussy I took in the view,
“Don’t worry I’ll try and be gentle” I said shakily, Tamara nodded in acknowledgement and stared into my eyes as entered her, knowing that at that moment that we were no longer virgins.
Her pussy was unexpectedly much tighter than I thought it would be we both savoured the moment. I began long slow deep thrusts, pushing firmly against her pelvis getting deeper with each one. After
Her full breasts, the nipples dark and erect, her smooth belly stretching down, she was so beautiful! We resumed out slow lovemaking, my cock travelling in and out. I slid my knees up so I was kneeling, her thighs around my waist as I slid my cock in and out, Tamara moaning in pleasure. I felt my cock getting harder.
“I’m going to cum” I groaned as she tightened her thighs around my waist, I grabbed her breasts, thrusting one more team as deep as I could get and with that I shot my seed deep inside her teenaged body, Tamara moaned in agreement as she felt the streams hit her insides. I buckled on to her soft body, gently kissing her slender neck, my cock still inside her. Finding her mouth I kissed her deeply as our tongues intertwined.
“You were great” I said as I caught my breath,
“Thank you so much” was her soft reply,
Smiling, she gave me a kiss before I unmounted her, with my cock making a slurping sound as it was pulled from its paradise. It was covered in both a combination of my cum and her love juices glistening in the dim light, I noticed that Tamara was fast asleep her perfect breasts rising and falling in a slow rhythm. Satisfied, I slowly turned fully naked except for my cummed covered cock when I saw Rebecca eying it with pure lust, without a word she seductively knelt down in front and placed he soft little mouth around the over sensitized head, she tenderly kissed and flicked it with her tongue, eventually taking it all in, sucking up the left over cum from both Tamara and I. My cock began to harden as she continued to play with my cock, occasionally sucking my ball, licking every last drop of cum. As her amazing blowjob continued I thrusted my pelvis in rhythm to her mouth going up and down on my cock, pulling her honey blonde hair into a pony tail as I placed a hand behind her head to facefuck her. Not being able to handle her mouth anymore, I came almost as hard as I had in Tamara, several streams shot into her mouth as I held her head as close to me as possible as she deep throated. What was left of any sperm in my balls had been drained by Rebecca as she cleaned up my cock with her mouth.
Exhausted, I collapsed on to the bed, alongside Tamara,
“Don’t worry, It’ll be your turn tomorrow” I sheepishly said,
“It better be” Rebecca replied, while still cleaning herself up before stripping in to her underwear which revealed a red cotton bra and a tiny white thong which fitted nicely along her firm ass, as she too fell gracefully beside me on the bed. It didn’t take long for Rebecca to descend into sleep.

Although physically exhausted, I stayed up, thinking. Two of the most gorgeous women I had known were sleeping with me wearing next to nothing, apart from the end of everything I knew, this apocalypse no longer seemed as bad as it once did.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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