Abbey’s Boy’s Toy

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Big Tits

When Abbey receives an unexpected gift from an admirer, she spends her lunch break riding the vibrating toy in her office. But where did this magical dildo come from?


“The Pixie-Bob Prime?”

“Guaranteed to blow your wig off. If you wore one.”

Abbey pulled the toy’s cardboard box further out of the black gift bag that Will held out for her. “Solid.”

“It’s a present,” he said.

“From the manufacturer?”

Will hedged. “It came direct from their factory.”

“Why would they send me free stuff?” Abbey set the bag and its contents on her spartan, mahogany desk.

“You’re an influencer in the adult industry. I’m sure the Pixie-Bob people would love your endorsement.”

In her tailored blouse and trousers, Abbey sat down in her ergonomic chair and typed on her laptop. “The reviews are amazing. ‘Just plug it in for a magically delicious orgasm.'”

“You should give it a try,” Will winked.

Abbey’s cocoa brown lips turned up on a smile. “I have work to do.”

“You don’t have to test it out right now. Although, it is lunch time.” Will headed for the office door. “Speaking of which, would you like to join the business development team for pupusas?”

“Tempting, but I’ve got research to do for my afternoon meeting.”

“With the A.I. company?”

“Correct. Take Doug in my place?”

“Because dining with the assistant to the CEO is equivalent to dining with the CEO?”

“It’s better,” Abbey declared. “This way, you all can trash Kadıköy Escort talk me behind my back, with my blessing. And tell Doug to order me one pork and one cheese.”

“Will do, boss.” He gave her a salute and shut the door.

Abbey returned to her browser, attempting to learn enough about artificial intelligence to appear minimally informed. However, her focus drifted to the white box.

From behind the closed door of her executive suite, she could hear her employees exiting the building.

Therefore, Abbey would be alone for almost an hour.

She opened a new window on the screen, searched for the Pixie-Bob Prime, and clicked through a few basic demonstration videos, where the instructors kept their clothes on.

Then a video appeared where the participants had taken their clothes off.

Abbey felt a tingling between her thighs. She watched a curvy woman on a bed plug in the vibrating dildo and place it on her red bush. An attractive man with an athletic build sat beside her, stroking his stiff cock.

Abbey decided to join in the fun. She let the video play as she opened the box. Using the wipes included inside the bag, Abbey cleaned the peach-colored device. Crouching around her desk, she searched for an open outlet, but couldn’t find one. She triaged the situation, ripped out the lamp plug, and switched the outlet to the Pixie-Bob.

The woman on screen was cheerfully buzzing away on her clit while caressing her full breasts. Abbey Kadıköy Escort Bayan sat in her chair, turned her toy on the low setting, and situated it on the crotch of her pants. The vibrations were pleasurable, but she wanted more.

Would she dare remove her pants?

No one was around.

No one would know.

As the moans grew louder on the screen, Abbey unzipped her trousers, dropped them in a pool around her shoes, and lifted her bare feet on top of her desk. The sensations through her panties were better, but…

The man on the screen jerked his swelling cock with one hand while he juggled his balls with the other. The woman was shaking as she came, squirting on the camera lens.

Abbey tugged off her panties, which had a large wet spot, and tossed them aside. She unbuttoned her shirt, pulled down her lace bralette, and got to work on her puffy nipples.

She restarted the video so that she could cum along with the on-screen duo, one hand fondling her tit, the other pumping her slit.

Sitting with her knees up and thick thighs spread wide, Abbey came and came again, crying out with glee. She feared her bucking motions would knock the chair over, so eventually she lay on the floor behind her desk. Her feet raised toward the ceiling, Abbey absorbed the vibrations of the Pixie-Bob, her exposed titties jiggling as she pistoned the dildo in and out of her dripping pussy, spraying her office floor with lady cum each time she climaxed.

Once Escort Kadıköy she heard her returning employees shuffle through the halls, she scrambled to return her private office to its previous state. She closed the pornography tab on her laptop, stuffed her breasts into her bra cups, and tugged on her pants, which were sprinkled with her droplets.

“Abbey?” It was Doug on the intercom. “Would you like me to bring in your pupusas?”

Abbey fiddled with her shirt buttons. “No, I’ll be out in a minute.” She brushed the carpet lint out of her dark hair, slid her feet into her shoes, and dashed to the door.

Had she forgotten something?

She stepped into her assistant’s cubicle. “How was lunch?”

Doug handed her a greasy bag. “Fun. Your work husband was hilarious, as usual.”

Abbey blushed. “Will’s not my work husband.”

Doug raised an eyebrow. “How’d you know I was talking about Will?”

Chagrined, Abbey took her lunch inside.

“You’re welcome,” Doug said.

“Thank you!” She got halfway across the room then made a U-turn. “Doug?” Abbey stuck her head out one more time. “Can we order a Thank You basket for the Pixie-Bob Prime people?”

“Sure. Thank you for what?”

“The gift they sent over today.”

“What gift?”

“The black bag that Will…” She closed her mouth.

Doug listened patiently.

Abbey stuck her finger in the air. “Never mind. Cancel that order.”

“I haven’t even made it.”

At that moment, Abbey had a second realization: she had forgotten to put her panties back on.

Doug watched his boss lean on the cubicle wall in a daze. “Anything else?”

“Please ask Will to come in my office.”


“And Doug.” Abbey spotted the pair of damp panties resting atop her desk. “Hold my calls.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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