Abby Ch. 02

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Abby loved her husband. Sure, he was old enough to be her father. Sure he was disabled and not able to work outside the home. But, he made her feel loved and safe and warm and sexy, and damned horny!

Abby knew that Mike did not like not being able to work and support her, but she also knew he was a realist and had learned to accept what was instead of what he wanted reality to be. He did help her around their small home. When he could, he would vacuum the floors, and usually kept up with the dishes, and sometimes cooked for them. He even did the laundry, at least part way. He could load the washer and dryer, but she did the folding since the time she came home one day to find him writhing in pain on the floor because he had pinched a nerve in his spine by moving just wrong while folding. It had laid him up for 3 days, too sore to even let Abby suck him to completion.

Abby loved their love life. She loved his taste and smell of his body, the taste of his semen when she took him in her mouth. She even loved the taste of her pussy when she would pull off of him and lick and suck her juices off of his cock.

This evening, when she got home from her job, Mike could tell his Abby was tired. He had their supper ready, but he decided it could wait until he made Abby feel better. As was normal, she stepped inside the door and removed her panties, but she did not have her usual sunny smile, she looked worn out. Mike got up from his chair, limped over to the love of his life, and held her to his chest. She sighed into his chest and wrapped her arms around him, and they just stood there, loving each other.

Once again Mike silently cursed the deteriorated discs in his spine that did not allow him to pick up and carry his wife to the couch. Instead, they slowly walked over to the couch. He got her settled on the sofa, went into the kitchen and got her a cold glass of juice, and took it back to her. As she started sipping her juice, he started massaging her feet, and he felt her starting to relax.

Abby started moaning like she did when they were making love. Mike looked to where Abby’s skirt had ridden up, and he could see her pussy. Her outer lips were getting puffy, and her inner lips were starting to expand and peek out at the world. He looked further up her body, and saw that the nipples on her 32c breasts were stiff and trying to poke through her blouse.

Mike continued to rub her feet for her as the odor of her musk continued to get stronger. He watched her nipples and her pussy. She started moving her hips as he saw a drop of her love dew form, then run down her pussy.

“You’ve relaxed me enough, my husband, now make love to me. We can fuck after dinner, but make love to me now, please.”

Abby stood up in front of the sofa, and helped Mike to stand. When he was up, he removed her blouse for her. Each button he loosened revealed skin that he kissed and licked and sucked. Abby shuddered as he kissed the tops of her breasts as her blouse gaped open. Her nipples got hard and rubbery in anticipation of his mouth on them.

Mike slipped her blouse off of her shoulders and it fell to the floor behind her. He saw where she had been shopping at Frederick’s of Hollywood again: she had on a sheer black bra that gave support to her 32c’s, but hid nothing from his view. He put the palms of his hands on her breasts, telling her that her bra needed some help to support her. Abby knew her husband just wanted to feel her up … almost as much as she wanted him to feel her up. Her nipples got even harder and she … wriggled is the best term to describe her movement. It started at her neck and proceeded down her body to her hips. She couldn’t help herself. She casino oyna so loved the attention she got from her husband, and she wanted to please him in any way she could.

Mike was a tit man from his youth. He’d seen some nice breasts in his lifetime, some smaller, some larger, but the breasts his Abby sported were perfect because they were her breasts. In fact, calling them “breasts” just wasn’t right. “Breasts” sounded so clinical, and Abby’s beautiful, perfect breasts should be celebrated; they should be called titties!

Mike put his right index finger in her pussy and started sliding it in and out of her. While he was doing that, he was kissing Abby’s titties through her bra. He kissed all over her breasts except for the nipples, which were doing their best to poke a hole in the sheer bra cup. Mike could feel Abby’s juices dripping out of her pussy and onto his foot. He had never been with a woman who could lubricate so freely. He pulled away from her chest and unfastened the front closure on her bra. As the bra fell away from her titties, he latched on to her left nipple and suckled her.

Between being suckled and finger fucked, Abby had the first of what she hoped would be many orgasms that evening. She loved her husband with all her heart, and was glad that he could make her cum over and over. He kept telling her he was a grouchy old fart, but she didn’t believe him. He was always sweet to her, always ready with a compliment and a kiss or a smack on the ass. She told him one time that he was just an old softy. He had smiled and told her, “Okay, that may be true. But, don’t tell anyone or you will ruin my reputation.”

Mike hugged her to him as she came down from her orgasm. Lord, but she smelled sweet when she was aroused! He wanted to bend her over the sofa and take her right there, but dinner waited.

They walked arm in arm to the table where he seated her. He served her, making her feel like royalty. To him, she was royalty. She was the queen of his universe. A topless queen with delectable, delicious titties that made it difficult for him to keep his concentration on dinner.

Abby knew the effect her breasts had on her husband, and it always amused her. She giggled at him when she saw him try three times to get a bite on his fork because he was staring at her nipples. He just grinned and shrugged at her. He noticed her “naughty” smile on her face and wondered what she was up to. He didn’t have long to wait to find out, as he felt her foot rubbing his crotch under the table. He gave a little jump at the first contact, and she giggled again.

“Oh, so you think that’s funny, do you?”

“Yes, mikunu, it is very funny!”

“I’ll show you funny,” he exclaimed, and dived under the table, spread her legs and started kissing her thighs and belly. He pulled her forward on her chair until her bottom was right on the edge of the seat, then he started eating her pussy. That was fine with her, but then he moved his hands up her body to the spot on her ribs just below the outside edge of her titties where she was terribly ticklish. He started moving his fingers lightly over her tickle spots as he continued to lap her pussy and nibble on her hard little clit. She didn’t know whether to collapse in laughter or in orgasm. So, she did both.

With typical female logic she told screamed, “Oh, mikunu, stop, stop, don’t you dare stop! I’m cumming! Oh, god, I’m cumming! Oh, oh, shit, baby, don’t stop! Harder, harder … right there, eatme, eatme, eatme, oooooh!”

“So”, he asked, “do you still think it was funny?”

“Oh, yes, mikunu, and you can punish me like that any time!” she smiled.

They finished eating the food and together cleared the canlı casino table and set the dishes on the counter to be washed later.

Mike took Abby into their bedroom and spread a beach towel on the bed. He took her skirt, the only remaining item of clothing off of her, and had her lie down on her belly. He lit some scented candles that he had place in the room earlier that day. As the scent of vanilla and jasmine rose from the candles he got out a bottle of jasmine scented massage oil. She had told him once, before they’d met in person that jasmine was her favorite scent, so he used that scent quite often. He warmed the oil in his hands, and then he started her massage at her temples. He worked his way down her body, rubbing everywhere, but stopping and working on any knots or trigger points he found. He could feel her muscles letting go and turning to putty as he worked along. He could also smell her becoming aroused yet again. He worked over her back, making her tensions flow away like water. Mike could swear his Abby was actually purring as he worked lower and lower on her back. As his hands touched her ass, she came.

“Oh, baby, you have magic hands. I never came from someone just rubbing my back before! You can rub me for ever, I won’t tell.”

“I have some other plans for you tonight, dear.”

Mike continued massaging her, making her skin slick with the oil. When he got to the bottom of her bottom, he started at her feet and worked his way up her legs. Her calf muscles were knotted and hard as cordwood. He spent about twenty minutes on each leg working out the tension until she was limp as an overcooked noodle.

Mike had Abby turn over so he could start on her front. He was tempted to go for her breasts, but this was for Abby, not for him. So, he started working her facial muscles. He rubbed her forehead very lightly, then her temples, ears, cheeks, mouth, and chin. He could feel tension leaving her body everywhere he touched. He worked on down her chest and worked over her pectorals. He then took some time out for himself and oiled up her titties, working his hands in a twisting pattern up her breast to her nipple, which he then gave a little pull and twist. Abby smiled at him, letting him know she knew what he was up to, and she approved.

Mike massaged on down her front to her waist, then skipped down to her feet, working them over again for a little bit, then started up her shins to her knees and thighs. Abby opened her legs to him in silent invitation. Mike put some more of the scented oil on his hands, then started rubbing her vulva. Abby started flexing her hips, helping Mike make her feel good. She was becoming more and more aroused, and the scent of Abby in heat competed with and complemented the scent of the oil and candles in the bedroom. Mike leaned over her and flicked his tongue rapidly over her clitoris. Just a few strokes and Abby came yet again, then she fell asleep with a satisfied smile on her face.

Mike let Abby rest for a couple of hours, then he woke her up.

“Come on, baby, it’s time for a shower.”

“Oh, mikunu, must I get out of this nice, warm bed? Why don’t you just come to bed with me”, Abby pouted.

“Wicked wanton woman! Get out of that bed now!” Mike slapped her ass with his hand.

“Oh, very well! Beast! Animal! Wife beater,” she laughed at him.

He took her into the bathroom and turned on the shower. When the water had reached the proper temperature, they stepped into the shower. Mike turned Abby so that the warm water fell upon her magnificent titties. He pulled her ass against his once again swelling penis. He reached around her and held her breasts up like her bra had earlier. He then rubbed kaçak casino his thumbs back and forth over her nipples, which caused then to swell and get hard, which caused him to swell even more and get even harder.

Mike took some body-wash and squirted it on her back and let it run down her back to her ass. When the soap finally reached her ass he started rubbing his body against her back, which made the soap suds up a bit. The soap made them both slick, and Mike started rubbing his cock up and down the cleft of her ass. Between his up and down motion, Abby was squirming side to side because of the assault on her nipples.

Mike did not want to cum yet, but he felt the cum start to rise in his cock, so he backed away from her just a bit to let the urge to ease.

Mike turned Abby around so the warm water rinsed the soap off of her back. He reached around her again and cupped her ass in his hands. He started to rub a finger up and down her cleft where his cock had been just moments before. As his finger moved over her anus she gave a little twitch, and her little rosebud puckered outwards a little bit. Mike rubbed his finger back and forth across her asshole, then inserted his finger inside her rectum. She tensed up, so he paused a moment until he felt her sphincter muscle relax. Then he pushed his finger inside her to his knuckle. Again she tensed, and again he paused. When she relaxed once more, he started moving his finger like a small penis inside her rectum.

Abby was feeling really good again, so she started rocking her hips so her pussy was moving against Mike’s erection. Besides the friction on her clit, this helped his finger go in and out of her ass. Mike no longer felt the immediate urge to cum, so he pressed against her, giving her even more friction against her clit as she rubbed her pussy against him. After just a few minutes of this stimulation, Abby had another small orgasm. Mike could feel her sphincter rapidly clenching and loosening around his finger, and he could feel her knees start to give way. He grabbed her around the waist to keep her from falling.

As Abby recovered from her orgasm, Mike started kissing her face and ears and neck. He kissed his way down her chest and started kissing her breasts, starting at the outer edge and working inward in a spiral. He kissed all over her breasts except for her nipples. Abby squirmed around, trying to get her nipples into his mouth. He kept moving his head to avoid her nipples. Abby was really turned on, and she wanted him on her nipples now! So, she told him to kiss and suck her nipples or she would hit him.

“Beast! Animal! Husband beater,” he laughed at her. Then he attacked her nipples like she wanted, and sucked them hard.

Mike then slipped two fingers into her pussy, moving them in and out and twisting them side to side. Under this assault, Abby lasted only a few seconds, then she came hard … very hard. She came so hard, she lost control of her bladder and squirted urine all over Mike’s hand and everything below his waist. The shower immediately rinsed her pee off of them. When she recovered from this orgasm, Mike squirted soap on her front, and they again rubbed their bodies together causing her titties, belly, pubis, and Mike’s body to become covered with suds. They rinsed off again, then Mike stuffed his still erect cock deep inside her pussy. He started moving rapidly in and out of her, and they both came in the same instant. Neither one of them had any strength left in their legs, so they slid down the shower walls until they were sitting on the floor of the shower, genitals to genitals, front to front. They sat there kissing until the water started to cool. Mike turned off the shower, and they got out and dried each other off. They went into the bedroom and lay down on the bed and cuddled. Before she drifted off to sleep, Abby hoped they had a lot more evenings in like this one.

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