About That Offer I Couldn’t Refuse

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This is story 68 but in reality it should be story 65, because from a story line standpoint it immediately starts the morning after “I Get An Offer I Can’t Refuse”.

In this story, I have sex with three women.

The first is Doctor Tina, who you met when you read “I Get An Offer I Can’t Refuse.”

The second is when I was with Joan. Joan was the first woman that paid me to have sex with her, and I share the story because this is how Doctor Tina told me these “breeding sessions” (my words) would go.

They’d be clinical.


It’s a task and just do it and get over it.

As quickly as possible.

Okay, on to woman number three, Shelly, was how things actually turned out in all of the rest of my encounters.

Conversation, get to know you, get to like you, laugh with you and break bread together and then get in bed and have some fun.

Oh, and by the way, get the lady pregnant which was the goal of the whole thing.

So, let me remind all my many readers that this is a fictional (for those that don’t know what that means it means I made it all up) adult sex story.

Everyone is above the age of consent and there are going to be some typos.



I was up early the next morning, having not gotten much sleep due a very horny wife.

She had been worked up and since we had gotten past all of the wrongs this was a period of make-up sex.

That is usually the best kind of sex a man could have.

Of course, I had been worked up myself, having seen on the iPad screen the pictures of all the women I was going to get to fuck in the next few months.

Plus, these ladies were paying me to get them pregnant.

It was unbelievable. I was getting paid to get laid!

I was a Boy Scout in the day. A straight arrow. Class President. A solid B student. Me, a CPA, Mister MBA, the guy who less than two years ago had only slept with one woman in his entire life was now getting more ass than a toilet seat at LAX.

What made it all that much more amazing is that my second wife Catherine had set the whole thing up!

She was facilitating all of these sex opportunities.

My God, what kind of woman did I marry?

One that lets me fuck other women, women she procures for me!

Holy Fuck!

My wife was amazing. Incredible. Her pussy was hot, tight, wet and she wanted me.

Like that song from Journey: “All night, all night, oh, every night. Hold tight, hold tight, oh baby hold tight.”

I shook the cobwebs out of my head as all these thoughts of gratefulness ran through my head as I watched my wife, sound asleep, nude on the sofa that we had retired too once the bed in the master bedroom got too wet to fuck in.

I leaned over and kissed her erect nipples.

She shivered but didn’t wake. I was tempted to crawl back next to her and pound her again but for only a second.

I had a busy day ahead of me; lots of work to do.

Lots of fresh pussy to think about.

Despite being sleepy myself, I worked out as usual upstairs then headed down to the kitchen where I made coffee and answered some emails before walking my step daughters and then jumping in the shower.

One of the emails was from someone in the Department of Justice who worked on getting presidential pardons.

(Ask me if I had ever thought I was going to be asking for a presidential pardon for someone. All my life I’d been told to avoid the criminal justice system. Go figure).

But the previous day I had called and spoken to the senior Senator from the Great State of Arizona about a few things and one of them was about getting a pardon for my so-called Mother in Law (Isabella from the story “Justice is Delivered”) so she could return to live in California.

Per my wife request. A demand, actually. A condition of us staying married.

In most cases the wheels of justice move slowly but in this case, well, if you have money you can grease the wheels of government.

The white haired, suntanned gentleman from Arizona had taken care of things for me as I had taken care of him with some fundraisers in both Scottsdale and Los Angeles.

He had a nice amount of money in his re-election campaign fund.

All the lady in DC needed was some information on Isabella and the pardon could be issued within a week.

I smiled over at my wife, now fully nude on the sofa, legs spread, my man sauce dripping out of her tight cunt.

That stupid song came into my head from the 70’s: the things we do for love. It was a stupid song but it remained stuck in my head.

I loved my wife, that was sure. But she was letting me fuck other women and that friends, is a riceless gift.

So calling in a favor wasn’t so bad.

Even though it meant I’d have to deal with Isabella my so called mother in law, again.


So, after dropping the kids off at school, I was going to visit Doctor Tina in her hotel suite for a one on one meeting to work out any details that were unresolved from the previous night.

I was going poker oyna to give her an earful.

That was my intent.

Because I thought her plan was shit.

But my plan got derailed.

She had left a key for me at the front desk and when I got to her room, she was waiting for me, nude, on a massage table.

The only thing she had on, if you want to call it that, was a small white towel draped across her ass.

It was probably a wash cloth, that’s how tiny it was.

Apparently Doctor Tina wanted the “Million Dollar Treatment” and like UPS, I delivered.

Three loads, as promised.

Into the tightest pussy I’d ever had my cock in.


It turns out that Doctor Tina had a very nice rack hiding under that dress she had on the night before.

I had guessed it would be spectacular given her cleavage.

Tina had caught me looking a few times at dinner and when she found my eyes wandering around her chest, she acted like nothing had happened. As if it happened all the time.

I found out about this interesting development when I entered the suite, and Doctor Tina propped herself up on one elbow, displaying her nude body, tan lines in all the right places, for me to enjoy.

She was smiling and her eyes were dancing as in “I’m going to get fucked very soon.”

“Good morning Jack” she whispered to me, in a conspiratorial tone.

I didn’t respond verbally, my eyes were roving, slowly, strategically, over her very tempting figure.

Her breasts were clearly a handful and maybe a bit more. They appeared quite firm.

Her aureoles were impressive, larger than silver dollars, and her high beam nipples looked ripe for sucking; sticking out a good half inch.

For a nano-second I kicked myself for not bringing along a set of clamps; despite their initial fear and protesting, every woman I’d ever put clamps on told me later they liked it.

But there would be other opportunities to be with young hot Doctor Tina, of that I would make certain.

My eyes moved south over her back to the white towel and when they returned to her front I noticed the nipples were a bit more engaged, her aureoles were puffy, and looked like buttons … my eyes drifted south to a flat belly; her snatch was hidden (for the moment) but she had a pair of very nice legs, slim ankles and toes with a nice red color of polish.

I soon found that her ass was a world class; a to die for butt.

Still dressed, my eyes taking in one of God’s wonders, in all her glory, I walked over to her and bent down to kiss her hello.

Our lips met and tongues were soon dueling.

I knew Tina was hungry to be touched.

She rolled on her back and pulled me to her, exposing herself to me.

It was an impressive figure. I was going to have fun with this.

Our lips parted, we both smiled and she said “I wanted to do that since the moment I met you.”

We kissed again, and our tongues continued the meet and greet while my hands slowly explored this new wonder of the world.

Her tits were real, firm, and her nipples, already aching to be touched, were just waiting for my hands to tease.

My left hand cradled her neck and Tina groaned into my mouth as my right hand pulled on her left nipple, gauging its sensitivity and length.

As our non-stop kiss continued, I went back and forth between her tits, teasing and playing with both of her tits and with a promise to myself that I would revisit the twins as I named them, my hand slowly, teasingly, moved south over that flat belly in search of Doctor Tina’s pussy.


As my right hand moved south, Tina spread her thighs for me.

Before I got to the Promised Land, I rubbed her womb, slowly and sensually, signalling to my soon to be lover that her belly would soon swell with our child.

Our lips parted for a second and she smiled at me, both of us knowing our lives would never be the same once we mated.

Our lips reconnected and my right hand soon found some soft and wispy down and Tina moaned into my mouth and her hips lifted up in anticipation of being touched in her very private place.

Her pubic hair was soft and there wasn’t a lot of it, which made it more fun for me to play.

I soon found the gap in her lower lips; they were damp to the touch.

Rather than play, I ended our kiss and cupped her pussy telling her “This belongs to me now.”

She laughed in response, saying “If you think that feels good, imagine how it will taste.”

I smiled back, my hand still cupping her pussy as she slowly started to hump it, in search of friction.

Between kisses Tina softly said “Can you relax me Jack? I heard you are a masseuse” and I replied “I’ve been known to rub the knots out of necks, shoulders, backs and legs.”

Tina grinned and announced “I like how your hands feel on me.”

I said something in response and she looked at me with a straight face in utter seriousness saying “I can’t hear you with all the clothes you have on.”


I didn’t know it at the time, canlı poker oyna but that morning Doctor Tina got pregnant.

My sperm was delivered complimentary, the price ($0) determined by my wife, who decided that Doctor Tina couldn’t properly market me (meaning my erection) without having undergone what she was selling her clients on.

That was my first inkling that something wasn’t kosher between my wife and I.

Later, I would learn that things hadn’t been right for many months but I wasn’t looking for clues, I had been looking for pussy.

An expensive mistake.


In just a matter of days after my nude wrestling match with Doctor Tina, she set me up with my first “client.”

Let me tell you about her.

She wanted a baby; she was a patient of Doctor Tina; I was the giver and deliverer of my baby batter to get the job done.

Oh, and as you figured out if you read any of my previous stories, I got paid to get laid.

Got that?

At a cool $1 million, I did the deed, impregnating the subject in such a manner (from behind and slamming my cock in as deep as I could when I erupted) that the lady in question would almost certainly have a male child.

Okay, now back to the lady in question.

I’ll call her Joan.

She wanted a baby boy; she wanted to name the child after her father.

Joan wasn’t interested in a husband. (None of them were).

But the thought of having artificial insemination or a test tube conception was unthinkable.

It simply would not do.

In Joan’s mind, what she was looking for from me, and something that Doctor Tina said would happen, was something along the lines of David Bowie’s song Suffragette City: “Wham bam thank you ma’am.”

Meet, greet, fuck and leave.

So, the way that Doctor Tina had described the process, and sold it to me, was that I would meet Joan (or any of these widowed, divorced or single females, all of high net worth, all attractive if not downright sexy and beautiful), for the very first time in a hotel suite in some high end venue in Downtown LA, Pasadena, Beverly Hills, Marina del Rey or Malibu.

Let me paint the picture a little clearer of how things would work between Joan and I as Doctor Tina pictured it, after the lawyers got their hooks into it:

After knocking to signal my arrival, I’d enter the hotel suite and find Joan alone in the big oversized king bed where we would have intercourse (aka I would breed her).

Joan had heard me knock, announce myself, and walk into the suite, so she wasn’t surprised to see me.

She’d be in bed, nude, a sheet and blanket covering her lower half, her top half exposed for my viewing pleasure.

That got my attention; she wasn’t shy and quite pleased to be showing off!

Joan greeted me with a smile and I knew she truly was happy to see me.

Her shoulder length dirty blonde hair had just been done; it framed a beautiful face, wrinkle free, a pert nose and sparkling blue eyes and a set of long eyelashes.

Her mouth was just the right size for her face and as she smiled she darted her tongue out, teasing me.

I silently groaned as she ran her tongue around her lips, the universal sign of a woman highly interested in giving a blow job.

I just knew she could suck the chrome off of a trailer hitch (a great Willie Nelson line from the movie The Electric Horseman).

Joan had recently been in the sun as her upper body enjoyed a nice golden tan, with tan lines that emphasized her tits.

Her left hand was busy playing with her breasts, which were large, firm and capped with what I would describe as “mouth watering” nipples.

Pink, large, ready to be suckled.

Joan had a great rack.

All natural I presumed. Not that it mattered.

I’d know for sure when I got my hands on her.

To be sure, there was movement beneath the covers as her right hand diddled her cunt.

Was it bare? Or bushy? Or something in between? I’d soon find out.

We wouldn’t talk much. This whole thing was a legal arrangement, what they were calling “professional services” no less, one for money (a lot of money) for services rendered and both parties (me and Joan) had been advised by the lawyers to keep it as impersonal as possible.

After all, the legal paperwork on this single tryst was about as four inches high, with signatures, countersignatures and initials everywhere.

But even though the room was mostly silent except for the sound of the A/C, I knew what Joan wanted to say.

She had a lot of questions about me.

She’d read a lot of reports, medical mostly, but she had never spoken to me before, in fact we had never met until I entered the room.

She was nervous, excited, scared and not used to not being in control.

A woman worth that much money was used to being in Total Control.

So that was scary for her.

All the while she was looking at me, she’d be thinking about what being pregnant would do to her body; how having a baby would change her life, forever.

Not that I cared internet casino all that much, but I was thinking that Joan would be impressed by how well I kept myself in shape, and her diddling ramped up as I took off my suit coat, tie, cuff links, dress shirt and tee shirt.

Now I was naked from the waist up and Joan was perusing my chest, arms, belly and back.

She gave me an approving smile, her eyebrows raised in appreciation of my masculine physique.

Joan looked at my hands and silently wondered if my large hands were a precursor to having a large cock; the one she’d already heard so much about from her reproductive specialist, Doctor Tina. If you remember from my story “I Get an Offer I Can’t Refuse”, Doctor Tina had the tightest pussy I’d ever been in.

For Joan, if the urban legend held true, if big hands did in fact mean a big cock, she’d soon be grinning at the thought of getting dicked by something large, a penis size she’d likely never seen, stroked, sucked or enjoyed inside of her before.

I considered as I took in the view, that she might actually panic at the thought of something so big not being pleasurable but painful.


Smiling, to reassure her, I sat in a chair and took off my expensive Italian dress shoes and removed my socks.

Joan would notice that there was no flab in my belly and that I’d recently had a pedicure (no polish).

Her eyes never left my body.

Those baby blues were actually burning a hole in me and her left hand was moving quickly under the sheet and she was really pulling on her nipples too.

Who said women weren’t turned on visually?

While I was in the process of getting undressed, from time to time our eyes would meet and we’d share a silent smile.

Both of us were thinking “I like what I see.”

I remembered two lines from an original James Bond novel: “All women love semi-rape. They love to be taken.”

I was going to have her, all right.

I’d been looking forward to this since the night I saw her on the iPad screen at the dinner with Doctor Tina.

When this “date” popped onto my Outlook calendar, I didn’t need to double check who it was.

I knew who she was and just the thought of fucking her got me hard.

My wife knew that Joan was on the top of my list to fuck and every night she’d tease me about fucking Joan, about impregnating her, about filling her pussy over and over until I was sure she was with child.

I never lasted long when my hot wife teased me about fucking Joan.

Joan had my number, at least in my head.

Standing, I’d loosen my belt and take my slacks off, hanging them in the hotel closet.

The reports Joan read said I was neat and organized so this was reassuring to her.

I gave a silent prayer for the bounty I was soon to receive and special thanks to my wife for her attitude of a “semi-open” marriage and to Doctor Tina for her facilitation.

My quiet prayers finished, I turned so Joan could watch the grand finale.

I pulled down my Fruit of the Looms, my large cock, semi-hard in anticipation of getting wet, bobbed free, and she stared at what my wife and Doctor Tina called “God’s Gift To Women.”

Joan licked her lips and a huge smile, the grin that I knew was there, broke out across her face.

Her eyes sparkled, her shoulders relaxed, tension left her body at the unveiling of my manhood, hers to borrow for a few hours.

A few hours that she would never forget.

Seeing what she was going to receive, the answer to her prayers, Joan tossed the covers off, spread her legs, sharing only with me and no other man, her nude flawless body, now aroused and ready and just waiting for me to enter, to take, to pillage, to plunder, to fuck like she had never been fucked before; as her hands continued to play with her ample firm tits and tease and pull on her puffed up nipples, all the while her eyes never left my now erect and hard cock, unsheathed; a drop of pre-cum now forming at the tip, an acknowledgement of her sexual appeal to me; her stud, her source of all the powerful sperm, baby batter, man juice that will perform a miracle that she had been on her knees praying for and now, as a solution to her dilemma was paying for.

I chuckled silently because she knew full well that she’d be in her knees again but perhaps not exactly praying while I plowed her pussy as I came, ropes of white sticky my jizz coating her welcoming insides as we created a baby together.

Smiling, and impressed and fully aroused by her wanton and slutty masturbatory behavior, I wandered over to the bed, the goal to take complete control of her during the time we would spend together.

Her female fragrance hit my nose; this childless tart was aroused, wet and ready … to be fucked.

I wanted Joan to get a good close up look at my hard cock and I watched her smile grow even wider in anticipation as I got to the edge of the bed.

For a second I was tempted to reach down and grab her legs and pull her to me but the moment passed and I agreed to let nature takes it course.

Her eyes left my hard bobbing cock, reluctantly, and moved up to my eyes, and then she nodded, silently, to signal me “Yes, I am ready. To be fucked by you John T. Colton. Let’s make a baby.”

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