Adventures in Sex in Public Ch. 05

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I was back home on early morning of Monday and went back to work in the afternoon. I met Tom and Joe at work and they asked me what I did in Bangkok alone. I told them about the experiences I had without them and they were immediately aroused by listening to them. I was dressed a bit conservatively that day in a trouser and shirt so was not showing much. I was really tired from the trip to Bangkok and wanted to rest for a few days. Tom told me that he and Joe were going to Singapore for 3-4 days and would be back at the weekend and would have some fun then. I was also fine with it as it would give me some time to relax.

On Thursday I received an e-mail from Joe telling me that they had arranged for me to perform a private strip tease for them and some of their friends on Friday night. They also gave me the address where I was to come on Friday night. I was very excited by this idea but tried to show that I was not interested by writing back to them that I would be busy on Friday night and we will talk about it when they return. Immediately I got a reply from Joe that if I did not agree to do it then he would share the pictures he had taken of me in Bangkok with other colleagues and friends. So I had no other option but to agree to their demand and frankly I had also liked the idea and wanted to really do the strip tease.

Tom and Joe were also back in office on Friday and I wore a sexy black tube dress to work on that day with nothing below. I wanted to be very horny and ready for the strip tease by the end of the day. Both the guys came to my desk many times during the day and indiscreetly would feel my tits and rub my pussy from my dress when nobody was watching. By evening I was very horny and my cunt was dripping wet with excitement. I left work at about 7 PM to get dressed for my appointment at 11 PM.

I reached home and selected my wardrobe for the night. I decided to wear a black trouser, white shirt and black jacket on top. I also astalavista porno wore a black bikini top below and black g-string. I took a shower and got into the dress I had selected and wore a 3 inch heel sandal to go along. I was ready by 10:30 and took a taxi to the address I was given. My cunt was throbbing with the excitement of what lay ahead.

I reached the pace sharp at 11 PM and rang the bell. The door was opened by Joe and he led me to room where there were 9 guys present including Tom and Joe. After the introduction I looked around the room and found that they had arranged some chairs on one side and the other side was kept empty with some flashing colored lights placed on the two sides. There was also a small music system. The guys were all dressed in jeans and t-shirts and were drinking beer. Tom asked me if I wanted something to drink and I asked for just some water.

After about 10-15 minutes of small talk one of the guys asked me if I was ready to start and I nodded in agreement. The guys too their seats on the chairs, the lights were dimmed and music put on. I went to the space marked for me and started dancing slowly along with the music. I am not a very good dancer but also knew that tonight the dance steps were not important but removing my clothes in front of these guys was more important.

I danced slowly in front of the guys, my pussy getting wet and yearning for attention. I could already feel the wetness of my juices on the sides of my legs. I slowly took off my jacket and threw it towards the guys where it was caught and thrown to a side. The guys started cheering me to take my shirt off. Then as I was dancing seductively, one of the guys shouted that I should rip off my shirt. I liked the idea and caught the shirt with my two hands and ripped it apart, the buttons tore off from the shirt and fell to the floor exposing my bikini top. I danced this way for some time with my shirt asyalı porno hanging loose and then slowly I undid my bikini top and threw it to one corner exposing my nice little 32b tits to the guys. The guys were shouting loudly and cheering me to go on now. I was also totally immersed in the dance now and took my shirt off and before I could throw it one of the guys came up and took it from my hands.

I was totally naked from the top and started playing with my tits, pinching my erect nipples. While playing with my tits I threw my sandals to one side and now was dancing barefoot. By this time the guys were up on their feet and calling for my trousers to be taken off. In a slow motion I undid my trousers and slowly slipped them down my legs showing my g-string. I stepped out of my trousers and kicked them away. I was getting beyond control now and really wanted my fingers in my pussy so I just ripped the g-string away from my pussy and threw it at the guys. They had now come very near to me and were dancing in a circle around me.

I was totally naked and so excited that I was desperate to cum. I moved my hand to my cunt and started rubbing it slowly. Then I put my fingers inside and started masturbating as the guys cheered me on. All the guys had their dicks out by this time and were jacking off with their hands. One of the guys gave me a beer bottle to use. I took the bottle from him and pushed the thinner end of the bottle in the cunt and started moving it in and out like a cock. I was now fucking myself with a beer bottle while there were nine guys around me jacking off.

It took only a few minutes for the first guy to cum and his load hit me on my tits. Soon all were cumming and their cum hitting all over my body, on my belly, tits, neck and even on the back. One guys cum even reached up to my face and hit me on the nose. Waves of pleasure hit my body as I came and came. One of the guys reached out and started duş porno pinching my tits. I was so excited that I would have fucked all the nine guys there but just at that time Tom pulled me aside and led me out of the room leaving the other guys dancing.

He told me that things would go out of control now and I should leave immediately. I wanted to protest that I would like things to get ugly and my cunt needed their dicks but before I could say anything he led me to the front door. I told him that my clothes were still inside but he told me to forget about them, there was no way he was going to take me back in the room. He told me that as I liked to show off my body, I should enjoy a naked ride to my house. With this he pulled me out of the house and into his car. It was late in the night and nobody was on the street. We drove to my building and then I realized that I would have to go up to the 12th floor where my apartment was totally naked and with cum sticking on my body.

As Tom parked in front of my building, I looked around and could not spot anybody nearby. Tom gave me a kiss and asked me to go to my apartment. At that time I told Tom that I wanted the dicks of all the guys in my cunt and he was shocked to hear that. He said he was sorry that he had dragged me back without asking me what I wanted. He said he had never met a slut like me before and was very lucky to have known me. He said that he would give me more opportunities to get fuck and some real difficult assignments to carry out. I told him that I loved it and would be ready to do whatever he said.

He then told me that my first assignment was to walk up to the elevators totally naked and then go into my apartment. I took his challenge and got out of the car and walked slowly inside the building, sacred and excited and embarrassed at the same time. Luckily the caretaker was sleeping and with the intention of not disturbing him I took the stairs up to the first floor and from their I took the elevator to the 12th floor. Luckily nobody was in the passage too and I reached the safety of my apartment undetected. I went straight to the bathroom and took a shower and masturbated twice more in the night before falling asleep.

More adventures to follow…

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