Adventures in the Dominican

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“Shhh. I hear voices.”

Great. I finally convinced my wife to make love outdoors, on our vacation in the Dominican Republic, on the beach, and she stops because she hears voices. It’s a moonless night, it’s 3 AM in the morning, and we’re at least half a mile from our resort. Who the fuck would be interrupting our lovemaking?

Anyway, I stopped licking her pussy. I was stationed behind Dana, who was on all fours facing the ocean, and my cock was as hard as a rock… or maybe a conch shell, I thought in amusement. I looked left, then right, trying to make out any movement in the dark. I couldn’t hear anything but the pounding of the waves, and I had yet to see anything. I looked back down at Dana’s naked body, her puckered asshole staring me in the face.

I looked all around once more, and when I didn’t pick up any motion, I swiped at her rosebud with my tongue.

Dana moaned, briefly giving in to her instincts, then recovered and stiffened.

“There, I heard it again,” she whispered, and nodded off to our right.

I looked, again, and still didn’t catch any movement.

“Honey, I don’t see anything. It’s 3 AM — who are we going to run into? And even if there is someone else out here, don’t you think they’d be out here for the same reason?”

She pondered on that for a moment and turned her head to look back and me, biting her lip. Just then a big wave came crashing to the beach, landing less than 10 feet from us.

“Okay, I’m sure you’re right. Go ahead, but please be quiet,” she pleaded.

You don’t have to ask me twice, especially when my seven inch dick is hard and ready!

I licked her puckered asshole again. I knew she loved that, and a few minutes of that and she’d forget about anything but us.

I slowly licked around her Kıbrıs Escort asshole, coming close but never touching the center. Dana moaned again, brought her right hand up and started tweaking her right nipple. Now we’re cooking, I thought.

I did a slow lick, starting just above her pussy and ending just below her rosebud, then back again. Dana reflexively bucked as tremors of her approaching orgasm started to move throughout her body.

“Ohhhh fuck,” she murmured quietly. I could picture her face in my mind, eyes tightly shut, her neck craning, taut, her mouth open, taking short, controlled breathes. My cock jerked as I thought of the sight.

I backed my face away from her ass and gently blew on the wetness I left behind. She bucked once more and then whimpered. Ah, she’s getting close. Time to get serious!

I stuck my tongue out and then quickly jabbed at her asshole, wiggling my tongue side to side and up and down before I backed away. Then again, and again, and again.

“Oh… my… god!” Dana’s body completely stiffened for what seemed like a minute, then she gave way to her orgasm, and she started bucking again and again. She let out a yelp, then instantly stopped and covered her mouth. “Shit.”

“Honey, there is no one out here that can hear you. Don’t worry about it.”

She flipped her head from side to side, her beautiful brunette hair cascading down her back, and then turned to look back to me, a wicked grin on her face.

“Sorry. You know what you do to me. Now, you know what I want?”

She stood up and turned toward me, her back to the ocean. What a vision! Although just 5′ tall, and not as thin as she’d like to be, she still had a killer body, highlighted by her beautiful, all natural, 42G breasts. I stood up, and Kıbrıs Escort Bayan she fell to her knees in front of me, still with that wicked grin until her lips parted and engulfed the head of my cock.

She took the first couple of inches in her mouth, swirling her tongue around my sensitive cockhead as she did. The feeling was exquisite, and I let out a moan of my own. I loved watching her fellate me; it was the most erotic thing I could imagine. Her big eyes looking up at me while she swallowed my sword, her hands kneading my ass cheeks — it was heaven.

She dropped her right hand from my ass, moved it between my legs and started kneading my balls. As she did, she starting bobbing up and down my cock, taking a little more of my meat with each stroke in her mouth. After a couple of minutes, her throat had relaxed enough to take me in all the way to the root; I could see my pubic hair tickling her nose. I felt a tremor coming on as the sight and sensations began to overwhelm me.

“Honey, I’m getting close,” I whispered to her, my eyes now shut tight.

She grunted in acknowledgement, then increased her pace. I felt her wet her index finger with the saliva leaking out of her mouth, and I knew what was coming next. She wanted my cum, and she wanted it now.

She slowly spread the wetness on her finger around my asshole and then started pressing up in to it. After what seemed like a minute, I felt my sphincter yield to the pressure and her finger popped in.

I grunted from the pleasure and pain.

She looked up at me, continuing to take my cock deep in her mouth, and after a moment began to push her finger farther up my butt until she was next to the prostate. Feeling around to make sure she was where she wanted to be, she began Escort Kıbrıs rubbing the skin, stimulating the male equivalent of her g-spot.

I could feel the orgasm beginning to well up in my balls. I contracted my sphincter, which only served to make the stimulation even more pleasurable.

“Dana, I’m about ready to cum,” I told her, my eyes shut tight, body beginning to strain.

She picked up the pace on her strokes, taking my cock faster and deeper than before.

“Ohhhh, here… it… cuuuuums!” I yelled out, unaware — and uncaring – that the world was occupied by anyone but the two of us.

I opened my eyes and watched as the first shot of cum would have hit the back of her throat, and I saw her muscles contract to swallow my load. I came again and again, each spurt surely containing more cum than the one before it, but she never let up on the suction, so my load had nowhere to go but down her throat.

Finally, I was done, and she released my cock with a pop, my now softening cock jiggling in the tropical breeze. She licked her lips, swallowed, and then stood up. I leaned down, and we shared a passionate embrace in the warm, moist breeze.

“Okay, that was amazing. Tomorrow night, we’re spreading a blanket and you are fucking me senseless!” she said as she knelt down to put her bikini bottoms on. I helped her with her top, tying it in the back like she likes, and we kissed again.

She started walking in to the water, and I watched as she waded in up to her knees, her beautiful ass beckoning me.

I reached down, found my swim trunks and pulled them up. I started toward Dana when I heard a noise in the bushes beside me. I turned just in time to see a reflection of some sort.

“Did you get it?” I asked.

“Yup, I got the whole thing on video. This camera does wonders in darkness; I think you’ll be pleased when I get it edited and to you in the morning.”

“Great. Same time tomorrow?” I asked to the darkness. “You got it, bossman.”

I turned back and ran after Dana. This would be a vacation to remember!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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