Adventures of the Naked Fisherman Ch. 01

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My first entry – comments welcome – enjoy.


A cool, late spring breeze moved through the thousands of soft brown hairs on Gus’ chest. He yawned and stretched both arms above his head and looked out the zipped mesh doorway of his two man tent. The river was alive and moving, as it was when he had put out the fire last night. Gus exited his sleeping bag and crawled outside, stood, arched his back and slowly rotated his thick neck taking in pre-dawn calm. It was gorgeous, this is what life was all about. He smiled widely as he took in the glory of the morning before him, and his mind started to wander to the adventures that lay ahead.

Gus walked over to the bed of his truck and pulled out his spin cast rod, and his small clear tackle box, slipped on his water shoes and headed toward the river. He would look awkward to any passer by – a man of 40, completely naked, except for the black and blue river shoes on his feet – but this uniform had brought him more than a few exciting adventures over the last two years, and it was his preferred way to enjoy his favorite hobby.

For someone “over the hill” Gus had solid physique. His six foot frame, widest at his broad shoulders, was firm and covered in a generous pelt of fur save for a few small bald patches on his back and the upper portions of his thighs. He was fond of his natural full body sweater, and enjoyed his naked fishing adventures where it was able breathe in nature and feel the whips of wind and water. His soft circumcised dick fell four inches below his full bush of pubic hair into the nest of his low hanging balls. From behind they could be seen between his legs below his plump hairy ass the left dipping slightly lower than the right. Gus wasn’t a gym rat but his job and has hobbies both ensured that his body stayed in decent shape. His face was punctuated by a pair of beautiful blue/gray eyes that starkly contrasted with the more pepper than salt full beard he sported.

The sun broke the horizon to his right and around the bend he could see that a canoe was on its way downriver. He was in the water up to his calves, casting into an eddy to his left with a large smile stretched across his face. In the canoe two men were concentrating on their paddling as Gus came into their view. They looked over, and Gus continued to wear his smile.

“Good morning, fellas,” said Gus.

“What the fuck?!” said the man sitting in the front of the canoe. “Are you nek…why are you nekkid?”

His buddy in the rear of the canoe stopped paddling and stared at Gus as the canoe rode the current within 10 feet of him.

“It’s my fishing uniform, bud – you like it? It looks like your buddy is intrigued.” Gus replied with a laugh.

The man in the back of the canoe snapped out of his trance as the guy in the front took notice of where his eyes were focused. “Fuck you, faggot,” he said as he started to paddle rapidly – letting his eyes focus once again on Gus’ mid section before he closed them – seemingly fighting something within himself.

“Have a nice day, guys,” said Gus, reeling his line in with his right hand.

Just then he got a hit. His rod bent and a he calmly set the hook. It was a smalley. As they’re known to do – the small mouth bass erupted out of the water, it was a big one. It splashed back down and both men on the canoe looked back to their left to watch Gus reel in a nice 4lb small mouth. Gus landed the fish, admired its deep red eye and nice dark coloring, and set it back into the water facing upstream so water could run through its gills before he released it. He smiled again and looked left at the men in the canoe, stood up, turned around, and headed back up to his camp. Gus enjoyed landing a fish before breakfast, it meant today was going to be good.

Gus re-lit his campfire and set his small kettle atop. He grabbed a breakfast bar out of his truck and perched himself on his tailgate facing the river while his coffee brewed. To his left near the river bank he saw the two men who had passed him in the canoe pull ashore. They could see him, and he could see them, though they were about 150 yards away. The men seemed to be setting up their camp, and Gus payed them little mind as he had his coffee and laid out a set of 7 lures that would be his rotation for the day. He switched them out with the ones in his tackle box and made his way back to the river. He thought he could land at least a couple more fish this morning.

It was about a 10am spring sun by this point and Gus had donned a cap and his polarized lenses so he could better see through the clear water. He also wore his mesh fishing vest, holding his small tackle box in the right breast pocket and a pair of needle nose pliers in the left breast pocket. It was clasped in the front and his chest pelt poured out through gap. He was a sight to see – a hairy bare-assed man with some water shoes, sunglasses, a hat, and a fishing vest. Far more than his relaxing fully nude bank fishing uniform, but he meant to explore more today – this was his first time at this spot and he needed to rus escort find the good holes.

Gus made his way upriver, nearing the bend where he first spotted the canoe and planted himself on a large rock in the middle of the river. From here he could see downriver to both his camp, and the site where the two men had set up camp. He threw out a line, and scanned the water. Another hit, another smalley, another jump and splash.

Downriver the two men were almost done making camp.

“I still don’t know why we stopped here, so close to that faggot up there,” Bill said to his buddy Jake as he cracked a morning beer and nodded toward Gus upriver.

“What are you so worried about, Bill, you act like you’ve never seen another naked man before. As much as you go to the gym, I’m sure you’ve seen your fair share of dicks,” Jake said, shaking his head. “I’ll admit it caught me completely off guard to see that guy standing there in all his glory earlier, but he didn’t do anything to us – plus this is the best stretch in the river for smallies – did you see that one he pulled in right as we were passing?”

“Yeah, I did, that was a good fish, still doesn’t change the fact that he should put some fucking clothes on like a normal person,” Bill said.

“We’re here for a fishing trip – we’re finally away from our nagging wives – and we’re on this beautiful stretch of river – enjoy it, Bill, relax,” said Jake.

Bill finished his first beer quickly and opened his second. His eyes were still upriver, looking toward Gus. In his head he couldn’t believe how captivated he was by the first site of the naked fisherman, how the hair on his body looked so soft as it blew in the early morning breeze, how his pretty dick hung perfectly between his legs, how the big smile he wore made Bill tingle. He wasn’t gay. What was that feeling about?

Gus zigzagged across the river and back again, making his way downriver toward his campsite as the midday heat rose. He caught and released 6 smallies, and his smile couldn’t brighter. It was time for some food, a swim, and some relaxation during the heat of the day. His naked fishing day siestas were part of his afternoon ritual, and it was time. He walked back up to his truck, and offloaded his gear, and all of his clothes – back to natural. As he turned around to head back toward the river a man stood staring at him, about five feet from the bank, a fishing pole in one hand, a beer in the other.

“Afternoon, bud – I’m Gus.”

The man said nothing but couldn’t break his stare, as Gus started walking towards him the man turned downriver. He took a step he slipped, fumbled his fishing pole and fell to the ground. The man clumsily tried to gather himself, his fishing pole, and his now mostly empty beer.

“You okay man?” Gus asked

“Uh, um, uh… I …yes, yeah, I’m fine.”

“Good – I’m Gus – you have a name?”

“Bi..Bill…My name is Bill”

“Nice to meet you bud, any luck so far today?” asked Gus

“Uh, um”

“Fishing, have you caught any fish today?” Gus asked

“Oh uh, yeah, I mean no, not yet. Mostly just caught a buzz so far today,” said Bill, pouring out the dregs of his mostly spilled beer.

Gus, in his fully natural state stood just a few feet in front of Bill, a smile stretched across his handsome face with his blue/gray eyes looking right into Bill’s green eyes. Bill gazed up at him from the ground. He couldn’t help himself – this beautiful rugged man standing right in front of him was making him so nervous, and so hot. Bill felt his blue jeans tighten as his thick cock started to fill them. Gus reached out his hand to assist Bill to his feet and Bill took it.

“Looks like you’re done with that beer – can I offer you a another?” asked Gus.

“Uh – Sure,” replied Bill.

“Great, I’ll be right back.”

Gus turned and headed up to his truck where his cooler was stored. Bill watched, as Gus’ firm, plump, hairy ass bounced slightly with each step he took. He’d never seen a man so hairy, and never been so turned on. Bill’s bulge now pressed noticeably against his jeans. Gus grabbed two beers from the cooler, threw on his sunglasses, and studied Bill from behind reflective lenses as he approached him. Bill had short dark hair and green eyes, he wore the stubble of the day and half that he and his friend had been on their trip, but Gus could tell he was normally clean shaven. His defined jaw-line and dimpled chin sat atop his stocky but muscular body – Gus could tell he worked out often. His large shoulders and biceps filled his gray t-shirt as did his belly. Bill’s thick thighs accentuated his hefty bulge. Gus handed him a beer. Bill reached out with his left hand, claimed with a gold band, to grab it.

“Thank you.” Bill said.

“Sure thing, Bill, what brings you over here anyway?” asked Gus

“I was just fishing my way up the bank, is all – sorry if I’ve disturbed you.”

“Not at all, though, you’re the one who’s looking a little hot and bothered.” Gus said with yenimahalle escort a smirk as he tilted the top of his beer toward Bill’s raging hard-on hidden behind his blue jeans. Bill was one of Gus’ many types. Repressed suburban dad, so caught up in the rat race and the day to days of obligation that that the freedom of his current predicament turned him into a bumbling, albeit sexy, pile of raging confused hormones.

Gus’ cock, until now flacid, began to gain a bit of weight, as Bill struggled with words in response to Gus’ last remark.

“It’s my siesta time, care to join me for a relaxing swim before I take my afternoon nap.” Gus said to break the awkward silence.

“Uh, um, I think I should get back – see what Jake is up to,” Bill responded. Just then Jake appeared from the river bank, shirtless, wearing his board shorts and a ball cap and holding his fishing pole.

“Hey guys. Bill, hows it going?” Jake asked with a sly smirk, noticing the larger stature of Gus’ member and the full dick press in Bill’s jeans.

“I’m Gus, and you’re Jake, I’m guessing,” said Gus extending his hand to Jake. Jake shook his hand and nodded. “I’m about to take an afternoon swim, you guys are more than welcome to join me if you like.”

“It is getting rather hot out here,” Jake said. “Mind if I have one of those beers too?”

“Of course,” said Gus and he again turned to slowly show off his amazing ass as he strolled back to his truck.

Jake looked at Bill, then Gus, then back to Bill, and smiled. “Enjoying our fishing trip so far, bud?” Jake asked Bill. Bill, blushing from the embarrassment of his throbbing cock making an entrance to the conversation for all to see, nodded.

“You know, you can do whatever you want out here, no one is ever going to know, and I’m sure as hell not going to say anything to anyone, Just so you know Bill,” Jake offered as he put his hand on Bill’s shoulder. Bill flinched, looked at him and said, “I’m not gay, Jake, and neither are you – we’ve been friends for a decade and we have lovely families back at home.”

Bill and Jake had met at a cul-du-sac party in their meaninglessly named Willow Park suburban neighborhood of cookie-cutter cheaply made houses a decade ago. Bill was an accountant and Jake a banker. They each had two kids, a dog, a two car garage, and lovely wives they had met in college. Their friendship began over beers and the war stories of suburbia, and this was the yearly fishing trip they took to escape from the war zone for a few days. Nothing of this nature had ever popped up since they began this tradition three years ago, and Bill was deeply conflicted.

Gus used his sunglasses shield to study Jake as he made his way back with another beer. Jake was about his size, taller than Bill but leaner. He had dark brown hair, brown eyes, and a shortly trimmed goatee. His chest was hairy, though not as hairy as Gus’ and his legs and arms were adorned with straight black hair. Jake had a nice smile and a general calmness about him. Outside of being startled initially by Gus this morning, Jake seemed to have a curiosity about him, and Gus was pretty sure he was the one who chose their camping spot just downriver. “Here you go, Jake,” Gus said, smiling, handing him a beer.

“Thank you, Gus. Don’t let us keep you from your swim.”

“Well, when I have a beer in my hand, it’s more a float than a swim – you guys are welcome to join,” Gus said, again, as he walked past both of the guys and waded into the river. Jake looked at Bill and turned, and followed Gus into the water. Bill turned around and watched the two of them, floating rather close to one another, start talking. Jake had his swimsuit on, and Gus was naked. Bill’s swimsuit was 150 or so yards down the river bank, and this was his only pair of jeans. “Fuck it.” he thought as he took his shirt off and started to undo his belt. His hard on had subsided a bit, but his large cut dick was still on the excited side of the spectrum. As he pulled down his briefs, he noticed both Jake and Gus had stopped talking and were looking his way. He turned around toward them, in his naked fishing uniform, and started toward the water. His well defined chest was smooth outside of some small patches of hair around his large nipples and down his sternum. The hair resumed in a treasure trail just below his belly button and made its way to his trimmed bush. His thick cock had to be four to five inches in girth, and it wasn’t fully hard, it wasn’t short either. “Damn” Gus thought, “this little man has a heavy duty rod” As he reached the bank Gus said, “Hey bud, we just finished these beers, I’ve got some more in the cooler in my truck up there, do you mind grabbing us all another real quick before you join us?

“Uh, of course.” Bill said.

As he turned around Gus’ enjoyed every step Bill took up to the truck. He might have the most perfect ass Gus has ever seen. Jake floated over toward Gus who was facing up river with his legs spread wide holding him against the current. “Are you gonna join Bill and me in your naked fishing uniform?” Gus asked. And before Jake even responded he pulled his board shorts out of the water and tossed them on the bank. He made his way next to Gus and allowed his hands to start roaming. The feeling of his fingers running all over Gus’ hairy body made Jake’s dick instantly hard. Gus felt it against his thigh, and wow was it long. What Bill had in girth, Jake had in length. Gus just smiled widely and started playing with Jake’s cock and balls underwater as Bill made his way back to the shore.

Gus stood up and walked toward the shore, Jake followed. Both of them sporting hard-ons. Bill gasped and almost dropped the beers. but he caught himself. Gus and Jake each took a beer from Bill and didn’t say a word as they watched his dick stand at attention to join theirs. The three men, knee-deep in the water, in about the same spot they first set eyes on each other, all took a swig of beer as their hard dicks pulsed inches from one another.

Gus stepped onto shore and set his beer down. He made his way in front of Bill and Jake and dropped to his knees. He took each man’s cock in one of his hands, Jake his left, and Bill his right, and softly, slowly started stroking them. Each of them sighed, but no one said a word. Pre-cum started to form on Bill’s massive cock. Gus, grasping Bill’s manhood used his thumb to work the pre-cum around his head, and Bill began to breathe more deeply. Gus moved both of his hands from the men’s shafts down into their pubes, around the base of their cocks, and back behind their balls where he pulled his fingers around them, through their ball hair and massaged their firming sacks. He worked their balls as they looked on silently, every few strokes following the same intentional path back out to their pulsating heads. Gus straightened his hands and slid them slowly between both mens legs, moving through their taints into their cracks with a soft sawing motion. Jake and Bill instinctively widened their stances in unison, giving Gus’s seamless hand movements more access. With his hands through both mens legs, his thumbs would drag back toward him slowly, pausing to work his thumbs around each mans puckerd asshole. From there his thumbs would zigzag across their taints to the underside of their balls where his hands would envelope their balls and work their way back into their pubes, back down their shafts to the heads. Gus stood up, no one said a word, and he waded back into the river.

Jake and Bill looked at each other, smiled, ran for him, and all three splashed into a pile in their fishing uniforms. Bill grabbed Gus under his arms putting them face to face – and forcefully smashed his mouth into Gus’. He’d never kissed a man, but everything in him wanted this right now, Gus’s beard felt amazing on his face. He forced his tongue into Gus’ accepting mouth and the two started grunting as they held each other’s heads forcefully making out with full abandon. Jake took a deep breath, went under water, and took Gus’ beautiful dick into his mouth. Gus’ pleasure sensors were erupting, but he had much more in mind and focused to keep his orgasm in check. Bill moved down Gus’ neck, kissing and licking him like Gus was his greatest desire. Jake came up for air and latched onto Gus’ left nipple, sucking, tounging, slurping through his thick mat of fur. Gus ran his hands down each mans back til he was cupping their asses – Jake in his left hand, Bill in his right. He moved the middle finger of each of his hands to each of their entry points, and applied a gentle consistent pressure. He slipped into Jake first, who immediately tensed up. Then into Bill who did the same. Their three faces were all within inches of one another, and both Bill and Jake stared desperately into Gus’s eyes. Gus, his fingers in both men, worked them alternately like the pistons of a car, when his left finger would plunge to Jake’s prostate, he’d look back into his eyes, and when his right finger would dive into Bill to push his button, he’d gaze into his.

Gus’ prostate pleasure pistons had Jake and Bill panting, and both releasing strings of pre-cum into the river. Gus looked over their shoulders and noticed, that another canoe was coming round the bend of the river. He removed his fingers from each of their asses, nodded his head in the direction of the canoe, and walked out of the river toward his campsite. Bill and Jake followed suit. They made it back to Gus’ truck and Gus sat on the tailgate with his legs spread. Jake and Bill watched toward the water as a canoe with a family aboard paddled by, they had no clue what was going on, and carried on with their conversation and paddling.

As the canoe passed Bill and Jake’s campsite, Gus motioned them over. He stood up and guided them each to the tailgate pushing their backs down so they rested on their elbows with their asses facing the river. Gus used his hands to start stimulating their asses again, and then, without warning, dove face first into Bill’s ass. His beard filled the full crevice of Bill’s delicious ass and his tongue probed. Bill had never felt anything like this in his life, and was over the moon. Gus ate, tongued, slurped, licked and kissed every inch of Bill’s virgin asshole while Jake watched, stroking his rock hard cock. Then, at long last, the silence between them was broken.

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