Adventures With Rose Ch. 06

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As classes continued throughout winter into spring we found out Maria had her eyes on a guy in class named Jake. All four of us were starting to hang out all the time. We could tell they were getting close to making the move from friends, to a relationship.

Rose and Maria’s parents had good paying jobs, so for spring break the four of us were able to book a trip to Mexico. We packed our bags and left on a late morning flight. We booked a two room condo right off the beach. We arrived and decided to head straight to the beach. Jake and I got to the beach first and laid out our blankets and setup our umbrellas. We saw Maria and Rose walk up with towels around their waists, both in tight string bikini tops. They walked past us and looked toward the ocean, avoiding our stares. They took off their towels simultaneously to reveal matching white thong swimsuits.

Both Jake and I commented “very nice ladies!”

Maria replied, “thanks, obviously we went swimsuit shopping together and felt extra daring. Speaking of dares, Jake could you rub sun tan lotion on me?”

Maria laid on her stomach as Jake started rubbing lotion onto her shoulders and worked his way down. Once he got to her waistband he skipped to her legs.

Rose commented “Jake you missed a spot. You don’t want Maria to get sun burn on her ass do you?”

Jake looked at Maria for approval and she smiled and nodded for him to go ahead. He went for it and squeezed her ass at the end. They both smiled at each other. Jake brought along his surf board, so he ran off to see if he could catch some good waves. I stayed back with the ladies and Rose asked the same for me to rub lotion on her. I got everything rubbed in, and then started massaging her ass. I looked down and saw a cum spot appear on my swim trunks.

I put my finger between her legs and rubbed her pussy for a minute and whispered in her ear, “you look so hot. More to cum later.”

I just wanted to tease her to drive her crazy all day. I got up and grabbed my snorkeling gear and ran to the ocean to see what fish I could discover. After about an hour or so I walked out of the ocean and went back to our towels, Jake was hanging out having a beer. I sat next to him and noticed Maria and Rose were playing in the shallow water. They were splashing and laughing at each other. Our eyes were glued to them just starring at their amazing bodies and their breasts bouncing up and down as they ran around each other. They looked over at us and Rose whispered something in Maria’s ear, they both giggled. Rose put her hands around Maria and started making out with her. Soon they both untied their strings at the back of their necks and started cupping each other’s breasts. Rose picked up Maria by the ass and Maria’s legs wrapped around Rose. Rose went down to her knees and laid on top of Maria.

They continued to make out as I leaned over to Jake “you know she has a thing for you right? They’re just having fun and giving us a show.”

“Really? I kinda had a feeling there was something between us. Good to know,” Jake replied.

Maria rolled Rose off her and got on top. She started kissing Rose’s breast as she stuck her ass in the air.

Jake commented “man that ass is absolutely incredible.”

Next, they covered their breasts up with their swimsuit tops and tied them up again and walked over.

“Did you guys like our little show?” Rose inquired.

“You guys can do that anytime” I replied. “Let’s get ready for the party this evening.”

There was a huge spring break party happening at a pool club house right down the road. As the ladies got ready Jake and I watched some TV and relaxed. Maria came out with a red lace off the shoulder top with black leather short shorts. Rose came out wearing a low cut V-neck black belly shirt with a diamond necklace and white tight spandex capris with a diamond G-string peaking out above her pants. She spun around for us to admire. She walked over and secretly handed me a condom.

She whispered in my ear “you might need this because I’ll be teasing you all evening.”

I walked into my room and changed my clothes, making sure I rolled the condom on. We headed over to the house where the party was and we discovered it was a full blown college party, just like we had hoped for. People were playing beer pong, four person beer bongs were flowing, girls in string bikinis at the pool, and a DJ was blasting music outside. I got us drinks and mingled with people around us. Eventually all four of us got on the dance floor. Every girl was grinding a guy and we were having canlı bahis a great time. Jake and I were next to each other as Maria and Rose were grinding us. Rose had her diamond G-string in full view and Maria started to tease her shorts down a little for us to get a perfect view of her black lace panties.

We all continued to dance for a few more songs until the DJ announced a swim suit competition was going to start soon. Maria and Rose both looked at us and said “you guys enjoy, we’re gonna get ready.” Little did we know they signed up before we came to the party. We eventually headed over by the stage and the first girl walked out. She was a hot brunette with about C cup breasts. She had on a pink and white string bikini with full coverage in the back. She spun around, grabbed the back of her swim suit bottoms, and pulled them up until you could see half of her ass cheeks. The guys went wild.

Next up was a Latino girl with probably Double D cup breasts. She had on a light blue string bikini with cheeky style bottoms that showed off her ass beautifully. She did a little dance and got a great reaction from the crowd. Maria came out next in a green thong bikini. The audience loved her boldness. She turned around and shook her ass for everyone to see. Rose was last and came out in a classic red Baywatch style 1 piece swim suit with high cut sides. We all cheered how great she looked but then as she got to center stage, she planted both feet, looked directly at me, and took off her shoulder straps which dropped her 1 piece suit to the floor to reveal a 1 piece micro swimsuit that started from her shoulders with 2 thin pieces of fabric to cover her nipples and then went down to barely cover her pussy lips.

She bent over and grabbed a bottle and poured clear oil all over her body. She threw the bottle in the crowd and started rubbing oil all over her breasts and ass. The crowd went berserk! Her tan skin shined from all the oil and made her look so sexy. She slapped her ass and showed off her body with sexy poses. All I could think was that I had the hottest girl at the party. The DJ announced Rose the winner determined by crowd volume. She got a $50 gift card to the mall shopping center which was close by. All four girls danced for a song on stage. It got pretty hot, they all started grinding each other in a row. The girls decided to keep their suits on as we continued to party. We got back to the dance floor and within a few songs I came in my condom while I grinded Rose with everyone around us on the dance floor. We stayed until around 2 am. Then, stumbled our way back to our room and fell asleep.

The next day we woke up around 10 am. Everyone took their own shower and got dressed. Maria wore a short jean skirt with a white tank top and a black lace bra underneath. Rose wore a white maxi dress. I didn’t realize until the sun shined on her backside that I could see her high waisted white lace thong underneath. It was breathtaking when she bent over to fix one of her sandal straps, I could see the full outline of her panties perfectly. The lace waistband had to be at least 6″ wide.

We all decided to go to the mall to use the gift card Rose had won. After wondering around for awhile; we eventually made our way to the lingerie section of one of the stores. Maria asked Jake “what kind of underwear do you like to see on a girl?” Jake replied “I think lace boy shorts are sexy. Also what’s that style called that’s between briefs and thongs? It shows half of your butt cheeks.” “Oh yeah, you’re probably talking cheekies.” Maria looked around and found a mannequin wearing a pair “Like those?” “Yeah! I think they accent a woman’s ass nicely.” “Maybe we can find a pair of both styles?!” Maria flirted with Jake and started looking around. Rose started looking at the sets of lingerie and almost shouted as she remarked “Oh babe! I’ve always wanted to try these!” She held up a black lace teddy. “That looks amazing. Go for it!” I’m in heaven just looking around at the piles of lace and cotton panties. Eventually I looked up and saw Jake really getting into this. He started holding up pairs of panties to Maria. She would blush and laugh with a flirty tone. They ended up picking a dark blue lace cheeky with black tied up strings in the back and a pair of pink lace boy shorts with a matching pink lace bra. Rose ended up getting the teddy and a few lace boy shorts and thongs. As we were walking to the registers Maria pushed Jake into the guys underwear section. “If you’re gonna pick underwear for me then I get to pick some for you.” he agreed but little did he know there bahis siteleri was a basket of men’s G-string pouches. Maria and Rose went crazy “You guys would look so hot in these. We’re getting some.” We couldn’t believe what they discovered but secretly I liked the idea. We let them pick out a few while we roamed around. We eventually checked out and headed back to the house.

Once we got back, we took a quick swim in the afternoon and relaxed until dinner. We all decided to go out for dinner and that’s when Rose got an idea “you guys wear your G-string underwear tonight and we’ll pay for dinner.”

Jake and I looked at each other and then Jake shrugged his shoulders “I can get down with some free food.”

So Jake went and put his G-string on and came out wearing nothing else.

“Oh man, you look fantastic Jake!” Maria exclaimed. Jake did a quick spin to show off his body. He must’ve gone tanning before the trip because his ass color looked just as good as the rest of his body.

Rose picked out my G-string and sent me to go put it on. After I stripped in my room I went to put it on and saw there was a rubber ring sewed inside of it. I was kind of confused at first and then realized it was a G-string with a cock ring built in! So I stretched it over my cock and balls and came out fully hard. The pouch didn’t cover me fully but I didn’t care.

I looked at Rose, she had her hand over her mouth in disbelief and commented “so what do you think about that ring?”

“WHAT?! What are you talking about?!” Shouted Maria.

“Yeah, there’s a cock ring built into the underwear he’s got on,” Rose explained.

Maria stood up “what, no way!”

I didn’t want to show her in front of Jake, even though she’s seen me fully naked before.

So I asked Rose “do you have any more in there?”

“Yeah, I got two in that style, I’ve kept them hidden from y’all.” Rose explained.

She threw a pair to Maria. She looked it over in shock and then threw it at Jake, “if he’s gotta wear one then you gotta wear one.”

Again Jake shrugged his shoulders and went and changed. He came out the same way; full boner and all.

“Wow! These are intense,” remarked Jake.

“I know right?! If that’s what it takes to get free food… I guess” I replied.

Rose perked up “whatever guys, we know you love them.”

We burst out laughing. We headed back in our rooms and finished getting dressed. We had a great time at dinner. In fact, we all got a little tipsy and the topic of a foursome came up. Obviously, the 3 of us were ok with it, Jake ended up getting convinced pretty fast that he’d be open to it. We headed back to the hotel room and as soon as the doors closed Maria kissed Jake for the first time. Jake wrapped his arms around her and started to make out with her right in front of us.

I looked over at Rose and remarked “let’s get this party started!”

Rose and I started making out on the bed, Then, Maria and Jake soon laid next to us. Both girls were on top, they took off their shirts. Maria had on her pink lace bra, Rose had on a shiny silk gold push-up bra. They took off our shirts and we continued making out. I reached down Rose’s pants to feel a silky thong beneath. She kissed me down to my crotch and unzipped my pants to reveal my G-string. She pulled my cock out of the fabric but kept the cock ring on. She started giving me a wet sloppy blowjob as her hand was holding on to the cock ring. Maria started to mirror what Rose was doing and went down on Jake. Rose started lifting her mouth off of my cock to show me the mix of precum and spit dripping from her mouth to my cock. I loved the view and feel as she repeated this over and over. Jake was moaning and enjoying the pleasure Maria was giving him. I eventually switched gears and had Rose lay down while I started kissing her neck and chest. I looked over and Maria was stripping down to just her bra and pink lace boy shorts. She turned around and started to grind Jake’s cock against her ass. I was grinding Rose while I started licking her breasts. I could tell Rose was getting into it. I worked my way down her body and unzipped her pants. I slid her pants down her legs to reveal a matching silk gold thong that was crotch-less with a string of pearl beads between her pussy lips. I went nuts and started using my tongue to lift the pearl string from her pussy lips and then snapping them back to her opening. I also teased her by pushing the pearl string with my tongue deep into her pussy opening. Every few minutes I changed techniques. I even used my hands and grabbed bahis şirketleri the top and bottom of her thong and began to move her thong up and down so each pearl slipped in and out of her pussy which made her twitch with delight as each pearl slipped past her clit.

I looked back over and Maria was on her knees over Jakes head so Jake could eat her out. It was an amazing sight to see. Her hands were gripping the headboard as she arched her back and waved her hair back and forth brushing the top of her ass. She was moaning over and over as Jake was sucking and licking her. I started tongue fucking Rose and let her rub her clit. She seemed to match my speed. Her hips started to lift the faster and faster I went. Each girl took turns moaning until it was a constant scream of pleasure between the two of them. I could tell they were both getting off on hearing each other’s pleasure. It was almost like they were connected because they both climaxed at the exact same time with one huge scream at the end. They both started to giggle as Jake and I continued to tease them while they experienced their orgasms.

Maria looked over at Rose “should we try out our new toy in front of them?”

“Yeah but let’s change into new outfits,” Rose replied.

They giggled some more as they ran into the bathroom. Rose came out in a dark purple lace and mesh baby doll outfit with a G-string underneath. Maria came out in a lightening yellow lace baby doll outfit. Their outfit colors looked great together. They laid on the bed opposite of each other and pulled out their surprise double ended dildo. They pulled their G-strings to the side and each of them filled their pussies with each end of the dildo. They each used one hand to push and pull the dildo in and out of each pussy while placing their other hand around the base of our cocks and started stroking and sucking our cocks. The view of them fucking each other while giving us pleasure was epic. Rose started deep throating me and got my cock soaking wet.

Jake and I went back and forth saying things like “fuck me with that wet mouth,” and “slam that double dildo back and forth harder.”

“Go deeper, go deeper, go deeper.” We encouraged them as they got more aggressive.

We lasted another five minutes or so until Jake and I couldn’t hold back any longer and both came all over their faces. Both girls wiped our cum right into their mouths until their faces were clean again. Usually this was when things calmed down and ended but the girls kept going.

Maria was yelling to Rose “fuck me Rose! Fuck me! Don’t stop, it feels so good!”

They both started rubbing their clits. I ran over to my suitcase and pulled out two anal plugs.

Maria blurted out “Ohh, Jake fuck me with that!!”

The girls flipped over on their knees and rested their heads on the bed while they continued to fuck each other with the double ended dildo. Jake and I lubed everything up and slowly began to push the plugs into the girls asses.

“Ohh man! I feel so full! Don’t stop” screamed Rose.

Rose was feeling so horny and relaxed that she accepted the plug faster than usual. I started moving the plug in and out just a little to tease her. Jake was being a little more cautious because it was his first time putting a plug in Maria. After he got about half way in, Maria settled any hesitation by reaching around and forcing the rest of it deep inside of her, and gasped in amazement. We both had fun playing with the plugs making the girls squirm with delight. They were starting to get close to their climax again as they continued to slam the double ended dildo back and forth. Jake and I took their plugs and matched their fast rhythm so it felt like they were getting fucked in both holes at the same speed.

Maria yelled first “fuck me! I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” I looked over and I could actually see cum dripping from her pussy. Rose was almost there so I signaled Jake to come over and keep fucking her with the plug while I laid down under her and started sucking her breast. Maria kept on fucking her with the dildo as she recovered. Rose begged us to keep going. Rose was rubbing her clit so fast I could hear her voice heighten with every touch.

She began to repeat over and over “shit shit shit” until she SCREAMED “FUCK” as she began to pulse with a huge orgasm! Everyone loved seeing her shake over and over with chills down her spine.

I looked over at Jake “welcome to the club.”

“That was fucking nuts!” Jake exclaimed. Maria gave him another hot French kiss. You could tell they were happy. The rest of the week we spent time either at the beach or in the room fooling around. It was non stop fun with more thong bikinis and lingerie fun to entertain us endlessly. It was a week I’ll never forget.

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