Affairs of Saint Mercy’s Ch. 02

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It was several weeks before Marybeth ever allowed herself an excuse to visit Albert’s room. She had left the nursing home only a week ago, but ever since that day where Albert had taken her in the bathroom… well, to say the least, Marybeth had never felt the same again. She was due to be back at the university in a matter of days, but something continued to hold her back. She didn’t know if it was the secret fact that she longed to try Albert again, or the fact that what happened didn’t seem real. He had played her body like an instrument and left her wanting. It was so embarrassing the way that she would grow wet when helping people to the bathroom so they could bathe or use the toilet. Her body tensed with anticipation of being grabbed a hold of and bent over again. Of course, no one tried to and since she kept from Albert’s room, she had been left to her own fantasies.

She had often found herself masturbating just before jumping into the shower when no one was home. It wasn’t because she had some sick fetish with the toilet, at least she hoped she didn’t, but because that was where Albert had taken her. All she had been able to see was the toilet and her image reflected back in the mirror. She often wondered if Albert had watched them fuck in the mirror. Seen the way her breasts jiggled. Her eyes had been closed at that point and how she dearly wished they hadn’t been. Albert was a tall man with pale blond hair. She had seen images of him when he was younger, and it had always looked so startling close to white, but a soft buttery color that kept it from appearing so. He had pale blue eyes and despite his age, there was still muscle to his body. Lean is what she would call him. She hadn’t expected such strength in a man his age.

Now, back in Saint Mercy’s, Marybeth felt a tingle of excitement skitter down her spine. She had dressed for this occasion. At the front desk she said that she was going to take Albert out for ice cream. Since he was completely healthy, both physically and mentally, there was nothing wrong with that. They merely had to check out and check back in. The girl working the desk just smiled and nodded, allowing Marybeth to go back as she pleased. Making her way to Albert’s room, butterflies quickly filled her stomach. When she had passed him in the halls her last few days here, he had just smiled at her. Not a smirk or a leer, but smiled; that in part made her wonder if she had dreamed the whole event. Little did she know that Albert had kept her torn thong. He wasn’t a sentimental man by nature, but the soft scent of Marybeth’s arousal clung to the fabric and late at night he enjoyed breathing in the soft scent, remembering the feel of her body beneath him. He never went so far as to touch himself, despite the fact that he did get aroused by his memories.

He was reading his morning paper when Marybeth came in. Thankfully his roommate was gone, off to visit with relatives or some such nonsense. Looking up over the top of the paper at the timid knock at the door, he was a bit surprised, and extremely glad, to see Marybeth standing there. He noticed right off that she was dressed up. Soft make up touched her features. She had drawn her hair up into a low ponytail that curled down to the middle of her back. He had never seen her hair down so he had never known the length of her dark tresses, or the fact that there was a curl to it. Of course, he realized that could have been managed by a curling iron. She wore a soft, white summery skirt that reminded him of petticoats from a time ago. A dark blue tank top demurely covered her upper body, making her eyes seem a lighter blue than they normally were. A jean jacket covered her arms and white sandals were on her feet. He could see the pretty pedicure she had gotten. Marybeth looked like heaven to him, all young and feminine. The uncertainty and embarrassment brought color to her pale features, making her seem more womanly than ever. He knew instantly she wasn’t certain of the reception she would receive after her long absence, and he wasn’t about to pass the moment up.

Clearing his throat, he ruffled his paper a bit and looked down at the words, not actually reading them but making an appearance to do so. “Is there something you require, miss?” He didn’t even make an attempt to use her name. A peek over the paper showed him the disappointment in Marybeth’s face, the faint color in her cheeks deepening and starting to spread over all of her features.

“I…” She started but then stopped. She took a few hesitant steps inward, her feet shuffling on the floor. “Albert, could we talk?”

Her voice sounded hopeful and pleading at the same time, the soft scent of her perfume filling his senses to the point he was already growing hard in his pants. Giving her a stern look as he glanced at her over his paper he spoke in a deep authoritative voice. “Close the door.”

Marybeth looked at the door then back to him, uncertainty lighting her features once more, drawing her full strawberry kissed lips into a pout. poker oyna But she did it anyway; that made Albert smirk behind his paper. She was willing to be agreeable, which made him wonder what she wanted. The sudden thought crossed his mind that she might be back for her panties. When she looked back at him, Marybeth caught Albert’s scowl, and not knowing the reason for it, she quickly blundered through what she wanted to say. “Albert, I… I… I was hoping to take you out. Ice cream or something and….” She cut herself off, blushing so deeply that it traveled down her neck and chest. Seeing that she wasn’t after what evidence he had of their time together he relaxed, quickly coming to understand what was going on. She had come to him.

It was rather a heady thought thinking that this nineteen year old beauty was interested in a man sixty-seven years her senior, to the point that she was now here offering to take him out. The snide thought that no doubt she wanted a good fucking slipped into his mind, but the next thought that followed just made him want to grin. He had said she would have to prove herself. He kept his face stern the entire time he thought this, letting the silence fill the room a moment before he spoke. “And what if I don’t want to go out for ‘ice cream’?”

Marybeth looked a bit flustered and taken back by his question. Her fingers played with the hem of her jacket before she crossed her arms beneath her breasts, a defensive move. “Well… what are you in the mood for?” To her that seemed like a better question.

She watched as Albert all but angrily folded his paper and set it to his bedside table. He gave her the type of look many parents have given their children when they said something foolish. “I am not some boy too wet behind the ears to not know what you want, Marybeth, and I don’t appreciate your attitude, especially after your treatment of me.”

The censor behind Albert’s tone made Marybeth blush with shame, tears welling in her eyes before she ducked her head, but Albert wasn’t finished. “Now, if you’re really interested in spending time with me, you’re going to march your little behind into that bathroom and scrub that make up from your face. You’ll make full use of the facilities and then, you’ll lock the door to the room before coming before me for inspection.”

Marybeth gave Albert a startled look and hurried to the bathroom to do as told. A scold came from Albert as she went to close the door. “I don’t remember telling you to close the bathroom door, Marybeth!” Stopping in her tracks, she hesitated, not sure if this was something she wanted to be involved in but finally she swung the door back open and turned towards the sink. Albert couldn’t see in to the bathroom, so she let the water run as she first took care of her personal needs then washed her face. She patted her face dry then stepped out into the bedroom, her sandals clapping against the tiles as she walked towards his beside.

A disgusted sound came from Albert as he heard the noise, his gaze dropping down to the offending footwear. “Remove those and next time wear something a bit more elegant, Marybeth. Unless you prefer to be seen as a child rather than a woman.” Marybeth hurried to step out of the sandals and, after a moment’s thought, she picked them up and placed them next to his own, which were lined up against the wall beside his armoire. A look at Albert showed that he thought well of her action and she smiled before coming back to him, stepping within arm’s reach.

He reached out and flicked his fingers against her jacket. Without a word, she removed it, hanging it up in the coat closet. Again she returned but this time he didn’t touch her. Leaning back against his pillows, he folded his hands over his stomach. Dressed in black flannel button down shirt, since they kept the nursing home rather chilly, and red flannel pants, he looked well dressed but comfortable, and entirely in control. “Tell me, Marybeth, why did you want me to go out with you today?”

For some reason, Marybeth felt like a chastised school girl, but she knew the question was very important deep down. Looking down, her bare toes curled a bit. “I…” She began to turn so pink her ears were taking on color. “I… I… well… I…” She sobbed in a breath then looked to him, tears forming in her eyes as she all but pleaded with him. “I can’t stop thinking about you, Albert. You’re in my dreams at night and every fantasy. What you did to me…” She looked down, suddenly losing what steam she had. Giving a shrug, she sighed. “I was hoping we could do it again.”

Her tone was so shy, so pleading, it was very hard not to tell her to strip and lay her down beneath him. But this was not the time or place. Instead he gave her an almost bored stare, lifting up one pale eyebrow. “And why should I? Considering how you treated me afterwards… you just sound like a needy slut.” There was a pregnant pause before he asked softly. “Are you a needy slut, Marybeth?”

She looked horrified at the thought, canlı poker oyna the consideration that she was a slut in any form. Anger started to tinge her features and he could tell by the way that she gathered herself, her arms dropping, back stiffening, chest puffing out, that she was getting ready to blast him with her anger. Before she had a chance to, he sat up and gave her smack across the cheek. It wasn’t enough to turn her head, but bring color into her cheek and momentarily shock her from her anger. Grabbing one of her wrists he gave her a good jerk and shook her arm. “Don’t play righteous with me! You came here hoping to get fucked, so you’re either going to say what I want you to say or your can march your pampered ass out my door.”

Marybeth just stood there struck dumb for the moment as Albert released her wrist. Tears filled her eyes again and she hung her head, her hands coming up to her face as she gave a sob. Albert was silent a moment, wondering if he had gone too far, she was young after all. Finally he sat up and reached towards her, tenderly drawing her near. Marybeth didn’t fight him, perching on the edge of the bed and gratefully leaning into his chest. There she snuggled, the bout of tears small. After, she lay against him, shaken and trembling. Finally she looked up at him, her blue eyes wide and watery from the tears. “Albert I…. I’m…”

For a moment, he thought she was going to apologize before her voice lost that pleading quality a bit, and turned a bit huskier. “I’m a needy slut.”

Her cheeks colored as she said that but he just smiled and stroked his hands over her back, asking in reply. “Are you willing to prove that to me, Marybeth?” She gave an almost eager nod of her head, her eyes wide now with curiosity as she studied his features. Giving her backside a pat, he smiled. “Strip for me Marybeth. Let me see what you wore beneath your frilly skirt and modest top.”

Shyly, Marybeth rose up and with her back slightly turned to him, she tugged her tank top up, exposing her flat stomach and narrow waist before her bra covered breasts became visible. He didn’t seem to care that she dropped the shirt to the floor. He was admiring the white lace bra with red embroidered roses on it and slender green vines. It was beautiful, and entirely suitable to her, all soft and feminine. He was enjoying the way that her nipples shadowed the lace, puckered, though he would guess more from the lace rubbing them than arousal. When her skirt dropped he looking to the matching thong, motioning for her to spin. Slowly she did, pausing so he could get a generous look to her ass then back around.

Smiling at her, Albert reached out to stroke a hand over her stomach. “You’re so beautiful, Marybeth.” She blushed and smiled over the compliment then moved to take off her bra. He stopped her with his hands, then lowered then to give a playful tug on her thong. “This first.” She brought her hands down over his, though he drew his away, and carefully wiggled the thong down. Albert watched with pleasure. She was still as clean as she had been weeks before and he was tempted to ask whether or not she waxed but didn’t. Instead he motioned to his lap. “Get me hard.”

It wouldn’t be hard for Marybeth, considering he was halfway there, but he wanted to feel her hands and mouth on his cock. Just the thought of it made him grow a bit more. With baited breath he watched as her delicate hands caught the waistband of his pants and pulled them down. He lifted his hips to help her. She took his boxers with his pants and watched as she brought them to his ankles and he kicked them off, throwing the blankets to the floor with them.

Tentatively, she crawled onto the bed, kneeling between his legs by his knees. One hand pressed into the mattress by his hip as the other curled around his cock, near the base. She stroked a bit, sliding her fist up and down the length of him. Albert unbuttoned his shirt a bit, tucking the side away from his stomach so that he could watch her. There was the faint indentation of his abs on his stomach and Marybeth smiled before bending over and letting her tongue slip out past her plump lips to caress over the head of him. She loved hearing the catch in his breath, the way his muscles so obviously tensed in his stomach.

Looking up at him, Albert thought Marybeth looked like a siren, her breasts hanging in the frame of the bra, her face flushed with anticipation as she teasingly lapped at the head of his dick. Precum leaked out over her tongue as it swiped the tip of him again and again. He watched her swallow it and swallowed hard himself. God, he wouldn’t be able to last long again.

He was debating as to what to do. He could quickly spend himself in her mouth and work her body until he recovered, when he would, hopefully, last longer, or wait until he had himself stuffed back deep inside her dripping hole. It was a very difficult decision but came to the conclusion that he wanted to see her swallow it down. She was here to prove herself, internet casino after all. Grasping the tail of hair at the base of her head, he played with the tail a bit, watching her shiver from the tease of her curls against her skin. Just as she was about to swallow the head of him into her mouth, the sounds of one of the nurses came from outside his room.

He looked from her to the door then back, his eyes narrowing quickly. “Did you lock the door?” Stilled in motion, Marybeth gave him a wide eye look before jumping up from the bed. Albert gave an almost angry growl at her as he sat up, watching her ass bounce as she hurried on bare feet to the door, snapping the lock into place before she came back towards him. “You’ll be punished for that.” Was all he said before he yanked her back up onto the bed. Marybeth came tumbling onto him, her face pressed into his stomach before she was back up on her knees between his thighs. This time he wasn’t so gentle.

His hands caught her hair and she gave a small whimper before her mouth engulfed him, becoming full with part of his cock stuffed to the back of her throat. He relaxed then, watching her. “Suck, Marybeth.” It was all he said and she didn’t fight him, though she gave him a wary look. Sucking him deep, she closed her eyes, working on the movement of her head as she worked her mouth over him. He moaned softly in pleasure, his hands beginning to stroke her hair. “Yes… just like that Marybeth…. Ungh…. ” He grunted a little, his hips jerking as she found one spot that seemed particularly sensitive. To him it seemed a matter of moments before he was orgasming, his cum filling her mouth.

Marybeth swallowed to avoid choking, his cock poised so far back in her mouth. She continued to suck on him, her face rosy, her jaw aching a bit. When he finally finished, his hands gently drew her up. She sat back on her knees, looking at him before moving to crawl up to cuddle with him. Albert allowed it for a moment, but her carelessness nearly cost them both something dear. While she was nineteen, he was sure it would be frowned upon for her to be caught having intimate relations with a resident. He would no doubt be kicked out… not that he cared about that, he didn’t want to be here but it would become food for the media, and they would certainly blow it out of proportion.

Drawing back from her, Marybeth looked up at him with wide eyes, but he didn’t care much. Stripping off his shirt, he put on his lounge pants, sans boxers, and went to clean himself up. When he came back he looked at her spread out over his bed before moving to take a seat in a hard chair. “Marybeth, come here.” His tone was stern again, like before. She gave him an uneasy look, slowly rising from the bed. In the beginning, sucking on him had aroused her but his rough treatment had frightened her enough to kill the mood for her. Now she feared what he might do, that fear squeezing her heart.

He grabbed her wrist and yanked her close, quickly laying her over his lap on her stomach. At first Marybeth floundered with the position, squirming and making noises of shock before saying “Albert!” She received a spank for that, right across both cheeks. Sucking in her breath she grabbed his thigh and moved to rise but he leaned down onto her back with his left arm. “No, Marybeth, stay. You’re going to get your punishment. The more you fight it, the worse it will be. Now, I think twenty smacks aught to do it, don’t you think? Why don’t you count them out like a good girl.” Lifting his hand he brought his hand down forcefully over one cheek. Marybeth cried out and jumped, sobbing a bit.

When she didn’t say anything, Albert clucked his tongue and shook his head. “Shall we try again?” Marybeth gave him a watery eye look that pleaded for him to stop, but he ignored it. He was a father, and a grandfather. No doubt he would be a great grandfather before he passed. He had given his share of punishments in his lifetime, and no watery eye look was going to stop him. Bringing his hand down upon the untouched cheek, Marybeth sobbed out before weakly replying “Three.” He gave her a sharp look before letting his fingers slide down between her thighs, slowly rubbing over her labia and further yet against her clit. His fingers were moist, making the soft friction rather pleasurable. For a moment she didn’t even realize Albert was talking until his words registered in her head.

“Now, if you don’t count them, they don’t count, little Marybeth. So we’re going to have to start from the beginning.” His fingers left of teasing, trailing against her sensitive flesh before she felt the sharp swat against her rear. She squeaked rather loud, sucking in her breath before releasing it in a shudder and softly speaking. “One.” He was quickly realizing his problem. Marybeth was not a quiet girl. At least, not with her punishment. If someone heard, if they already hadn’t, they’d come to investigate. Pressing his hand over her mouth, he gave another sharp slap, muffling her noise before removing his hand. He knew it was more of a prompting to get her to answer but it was either this or no punishment, and truth be told, it was a good exercise for both of them, giving her a chance to learn her place and he time to recover.

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