Affection from Next Door

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Two neighbours fall in love but each remains hesitant to pursue the other, however when the sparks begin to fly nothing will contain their passions.

This story is a work of fiction. All names, characters, places and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental. All rights reserved, this story is protected under international copyright laws. No part of this publication should be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical or otherwise without the prior consent of the writer.




Richelle slowly turned the page of the novel she was reading before taking a long sip of her iced tea. For the past fifteen minutes or about she had been serenaded by the sounds of mirth and excitement drifting over the wooden fence nearby. Her new neighbour was obviously engaged in entertaining several guests. The demure laughter and boisterous chuckling was distracting her from her reading and yet turning her on somewhat. Over the top of her book, she looked down at her slender body, stretched out on the lounge chair beside the swimming pool; the sun’s ray was warming up her skin considerably, she could just feel the heated tingling. Her fairly large 38C-cup breasts were protruding obscenely against the thin fabric of her sleeveless muscle tanktop and she wiggled her toes about nonchalantly, the bright red nail polish sparkling in the sunlight.

Richelle Eimerson was 28 years, an architect and amateur photographer. She was tall, slender and statuesque; over 5′ 10″, with a well muscled physique but had a definite feminine edge. (A combination between a certain Warrior Princess and Quasimodo’s gypsy friend.) Her long, black hair hung in loose curls around her shoulders and back and she had a richly tanned, almost bronzed complexion, which blended perfectly with her almond brown eyes. Those eyes that would gleam mischievously whenever she gave her signature cocky half-smile, displaying the button dimples complimented by her full pouty lips.

Richelle flexed her long athletically muscled legs, fully displayed in her blue jeans shorts and tried to concentrate on her book once more. The loud chatter continued to sidetrack her attention though, and her pussy slowly started to come alive, throbbing lightly. A small shiver coursed through her spine causing her nipples to grow rigid almost instantly. She flicked her fingers casually against her teats hoping to force them down and make them appear less visible but instead the opposite occurred. Now erect and stiff, her nipples poked firmly against the thin material of the vest making them easily discernible. She knew that any other attempts would be futile and just lead to her becoming even more aroused, so she desisted.

Richelle was also aware of something else that was equally troubling at this point; the fact that she needed to find another lover very soon. After all it was over six months since she and Camille had went their separate ways. Her ex had been a rather officious, older woman whom she had met at a local women’s seminar – a manipulative corporate executive used to having her own way, she’d become agitated when she could no longer control her younger companion. Richelle wasn’t missing Camille very much but she still longed for the comforting warmth of another body in her bed. Because she wasn’t one for hanging out at clubs or bars and the few blind dates she had been on since proved to be futile, she knew that meeting someone anytime soon would prove to be very challenging but she tried to remain optimistic.

Sexually Richelle was insatiable, almost unappeasable and pleasuring herself had now become a very daunting task as she found her own body to be too needy and demanding. It took more than just one orgasm to make her feel completely satisfied and since lethargy often followed immediately, that ruttish sensation always seemed to haunt her. She squirmed around lazily, still staring at her large breasts tightly confined within her sports bra. At first she had hated having huge breasts, which did not quite suit her slender frame; they used to make her feel awkward and very self-conscious when it came time to be naked in the presence of her lovers. That was until a few years ago; while still an intern at her present place of employment, she had met an older, very experienced lesbian woman (a client) who had shown her that c-cup and plus sizes were an asset once you knew how to work with them, not around. Her hands wanted to reach down now and stroke them but she knew better. Her breast could easily reach her mouth and on many solitary occasions she had indulged in sucking her own nipples, enhancing the pleasure of her masturbatory antics.

Richelle loved women, especially those who knew how to handle breasts like the ones she possessed. The sensual feeling canlı bahis of making love to another woman and having the same thing done to her, could keep her happy forever. Sometimes she felt flattered by the attention she got from men but usually she was just amused; there was absolutely no place in her heart or life for them. She had never met a guy whom she felt attracted to and on many occasions had found herself politely declining offers of sexual favours. To be truthful she had never even seen a grown man naked, not live of course, only in videos. She kept a small collection of DVDs in a bin under her bed, most of them were lesbian porn but she possessed a few exhibiting heterosexual intercourse. She particularly favoured those that featured monstrous cocks threatening to split in half, the cunts of petite women. That was just how she preferred to be fucked; a thick rubber or plastic dildo stretching her tight pussy, bringing her over that proverbial edge. She especially loved the way her muscular vaginal walls contracted around and clung to a lover’s toy or fingers, as a powerful orgasm rushed over her body, at the heights of ecstasy.

Gradually she was becoming more aroused and could feel her pussy tingling so she drove those explicit thoughts out of her mind and returned to concentrating on her novel once more.

Whoosh! An object came flying over her head startling her and she looked into the pool where a multicoloured Frisbee was floating on the surface of the water. She got up, grabbed the small net she used to remove dead leaves and fished the object out of the water. She then reassumed her position on the lounge chair to wait for her sexy new neighbour to come and retrieve her toy.

Richelle could still remember that Friday afternoon, three weeks ago when the other woman had moved in. She was sitting on her front porch swing, typing away on her laptop when several moving vans pulled up, followed by a black Infiniti SUV, which pulled up alongside the house next door, and a beautiful red head stepped out. She noted instantly how much her hair colour was complimented by the sky. It was dusk and the sun was just setting; its orange red hue blazing across the sky dimly. The woman was gorgeous; tall and slim she had to be over 5′ 9″ with sparkling blue-grey eyes. Her thin lips were pursed thoughtfully as she directed the men in the placing of the furniture and household items.

The previous owners had been a middle aged couple and good friends of Richelle but she was glad when they told her they were selling. The man was a retired electrical engineer and their yard was littered with spare parts of old televisions, air conditioning units and everything else electrical. She knew that the new owner was Mr. Donovan’s niece but that was all the information they had been willing to divulge. Knowing fully that neither Mrs. Donovan nor her husband was exceptionally good looking; they were both mildly average in attraction and overweight, she was of course completely surprised by the magnificent beauty presented to her.

She watched on for several hours as everything was unpacked and the various vans drove away. For sometime she wondered whether or not the woman would come over and say hello but when she did not Richelle simply went indoors. She did not forget her though and over the next few days she could hear her rummaging around the house and yard as a mountain of boxes piled up outside. It wasn’t until some days later that she actually saw her in person, again and then she discovered one more thing about the red head; it turned out she was a nurse.

On the following Monday morning, Richelle was on her way to work and in the process of adjusting her rear-view mirror when she looked up and saw the red head standing on her front step in a nurses’ uniform, her hair combed back tightly in a bun, highlighting her facial features. She was taken aback by the woman’s radiant beauty; she looked like one of those dressed up nurses you would see in sleazy porno videos, her b-cup breasts stood out pert and firm across her chest. She fixed the hat on her head, briefly observing her surrounding before locking her front door; the other woman could easily have been a model the way she carried herself as she languidly strode to her car and Richelle waited until after she had driven off to make her own way to work.

Everyday she would watch the woman leave for work before she left herself, admiring the way the other looked in her white uniform. Her desire for the other female increased steadily with each passing day, Richelle dreamt of making love to the gorgeous nurse, sucking on those small breasts and spanking her tight ass. She was lusting after the red head like never before and was fully aware of the fact that no matter how hard she tried to suppress those feelings she could not subdue them.

“Excuse me, excuse me, please.” A soft voice called out over the wooden fence and Richelle turned around slowly. She did not, however recognise the blonde bahis siteleri woman staring back at her. “Did a Frisbee come flying over here?” she asked politely, leaning across the fence.

“Yes,” Richelle got up disappointed and walked over to hand the toy to the woman. As she did so the red head appeared beside her friend.

“I’m sorry,” she smiled apologetic, “I hope it did not hurt you.”

“No,” Richelle flashed her a dimpled smiled. “I’m fine.”

“By the way, I’m Neidi Rowland. I moved in a few weeks ago.” Her voice was soft and passive.

“I noticed that,” she shook her head and smiled casually.

“You must be Reisha,” she stretched out her hand, “My Aunt and Uncle talked about you.”

“It’s Richelle, actually.” She received the woman’s hand and shook it firmly, letting the soft, smooth skin glide over hers.

“Oh I’m sorry.” She smiled ruefully. “I’ve really been wanting to come over and say hello or something, but working around the house has been keeping me kind of occupied and I still have to get rid of some of the junk my Uncle forgot to discard.” She explained.

“His antiques, you mean.” Richelle interjected politely.

“I think they’re only considered antiques if they’re valuable.” She smiled broadly and the woman beside her chuckled softly.

Before Richelle could return with a witty quip, they were interrupted by a rowdy young man who called out to the pair.

“Well it was nice to finally meet you.” Neidi waved goodbye while the blonde woman smiled back, shaking the Frisbee at Richelle before moving off to join a small group of people talking loudly in one corner of the yard.

As they stepped away from the fence Richelle took the opportunity to survey their dressing. The two women were both clad in similar flowered print bikinis with half-cup bras, displaying their small but ample and perky bosoms. As they turned away she noticed their firm, taut behinds entirely exposed by their thong bottom pieces. She could feel her pussy creaming, her eyes roaming over their magnificent posterior.

The tall woman slowly returned to her position on the lounge chair but now found it hopeless to try and concentrate on reading. She knew what she had to do and it had to be done right now. She gulped down the last mouthful of her iced tea and sauntered inside.


Richelle crossed the familiar distance from the sliding door, up the staircase to the master bedroom and locked the door behind her. Immediately she began to disrobe, removing first her shorts and underwear, then her t-shirt and bra. Now completely naked she walked over to the chest of drawers standing across the bed and opened the second one to retrieve a 10-inch vibrator and some batteries before lying down on the king-sized bed in a supine position. She passed the buzzing toy across her lips playfully before taking it into her mouth and sucking on it vigorously. She sucked on it steadily while alternately pinching, pulling and massaging her large round mounds and elongated, erect nipples. She passed the toy all over her bosom enjoying the sensations coursing throughout her body as her loins slowly came to life. She swept her hand fleetingly across her flat abdomen, playfully tugging on the thin curly wisps of hair that ran from her belly button vertically downwards to her pelvic area, where there was a small patch of curly soft black hair neatly shaped in an inverted triangle.

She enjoyed the feel of the short hairs but kept the area near her labia lips and her inner thighs cleanly waxed. Slowly she ran her fingers through the cleft and in between her thick labia lips. There were tiny rivulets of liquid already seeping out from between them. She slipped one finger inside her tight pussy and found her abnormally large clit with its engorged head and brought the vibrator against it. Her body shuddered upon contact and as the toy worked the oversized organ she slipped another finger into the tight hole. She playfully pleasured herself, pulling back whenever she felt the orgasm approaching; she wanted to delay it for as long as possible. She imagined herself in the arms of her neighbour, her fingers were not her own but rather Neidi’s, furiously pumping in and out trying to make her come as she suckled lovingly on her bosom, squeezing the soft flesh in her smooth palms.

Richelle’s hips started to gyrate, her pelvic madly bucking upwards as she held the vibrator firmly against her clit and pistoned her fingers in and out of her cunt rapidly. She could feel the blood rushing to her head, her skin tingling as her stomach and vaginal walls tightened. When the orgasm erupted it was like a strong, overpowering surge, threatening to tear her body apart. Her loins were on fire and the muscular walls of her vagina held on firmly to her fingers as it prepared to forcefully squirt out her juices. Soon her fingers and thighs were covered with her slick love secretions that flowed out freely and endlessly. She could feel it running down bahis şirketleri across her vulva, the crack of her ass and soaking the sheet beneath her body. The warmth was soon spreading across her back and down the sides of her legs. She lay there whimpering quietly as she tried to catch her breath, her body too weak to move. She turned off the vibrator and shoved it up deep into her cunt just as the blades of the fan above her head begun to spin freely, cooling down her body, already glistening with light droplets of perspiration.

“Ding dong!” Richelle rolled over startled; she had been asleep for how long? She immediately consulted the clock on the nearby dressing table but the numbers were blurry to her eyes.

“Ding dong! Ding dong!” The doorbell went again.

There was someone outside; she scrambled to her feet as quickly as she could and ran towards the bathroom. The scent of sex was heavy in the air and on her skin. She pulled out the vibrator from her tired pussy before turning on the shower spray and rapidly lathering and rinsing herself. She threw on a cotton bathrobe, grabbed a towel for her hair and called out.

“I’m coming.” The doorbell was soon chiming for a lengthy period of time; whoever it was, they were growing impatient. She opened the door and was surprised at the red hair dazzling under the porch light.

“Hi,” Neidi turned around suddenly and flashed Richelle a heart-warming smile. “I brought you some burgers and salad; the works. I wasn’t really sure what you would want to drink so I brought sodas and beer.

“Thanks.” Richelle received the Tupperware container and stepped back into the house. “I’m sorry to have kept you waiting,” she apologized. “I was in the shower.” She motioned for the woman to enter with her hands.

Tentatively Neidi made her way into the room but remained near the door. “I guess I should get back home,” she said after a few brief seconds of silence before handing over the drinks, “I’m letting you stand here and soak your beautiful rug.” She smiled but kept her head downwards trying not to make eye contact.

“No its okay. Why don’t you have a seat while I get dressed.” Richelle coaxed and left the room only after the woman had made herself comfortable on one of the armchairs.

Richelle had taken a brief minute to peruse the woman’s dressing; she was wearing her bikini top, a pair of black cotton shorts and wedge-heeled slippers with a soft rubber sole. The shorts were tight and the crotch appeared to have entered between her labia lips as she could see the distinct ‘V’ outline, and the other woman’s pussy seemed to be bulging out against the thick material. A thin gold anklet graced the ankle of her left leg, which was also adorned with two gold two rings.

She had a penchant for details and it was incredible all the things she could notice in just one glance. It was a gift possessed by a remarkable police detective or in her case, “a sex deficient pervert”. She dressed hurriedly using the fan as a sort of body blow dryer and brushed her hair back, wrapping a hair band tightly around the thick curly end before slipping into a loose fitting t-shirt and khaki Capri pants.

“Your house is very lovely.” Neidi commented upon her return. “I was admiring the pictures; are you a photographer?” She queried.

“Not really, the photos are actually of several houses which I designed, I’m an Architectural Engineer.” She explicated.

“So would you like to eat with me or are you filled already?” Richelle changed the topic of conversation as she took a seat opposite Neidi. She had caught the woman sneaking several glances at her bosom when they were talking earlier and had formulated a plan while dressing to decipher whether the interest was there sexually or if it was just curiosity at the sight of her magnificent orbs.

“I’ll eat with you.” She volunteered and Richelle went off to the kitchen to retain some plates and glasses. Neidi took some food and they talked aimlessly as they ate, about their mutual jobs and then answering a few questions the other woman had about the neighbourhood.


As they ate and spoke Neidi kept sneaking glances at Richelle’s well-endowed bosom hoping that the woman would not notice. She found them to be quite mesmerising; the way they jiggled slightly whenever she reached over for her glass or brought something to her lips. She always had a penchant for beautiful, tall, busty women and her new neighbour fitted that profile perfectly. Her sexy pouty lips and firm, trim athletic body made her more so desirable. All sorts of naughty thoughts were swimming around through her mind and she tried relentlessly to get rid of them and concentrate on eating as well as keeping up with the conversation. She had noticed the woman on several occasions as she went about attending to her duties in her yard and garden and found that she was quite smitten with her. But from her experiences, she knew that women that gorgeous were hardly ever cunt lappers, preferring a stiff cock to a gentle tongue. She had been monitoring Richelle secretly but noticed that the woman entertained neither male nor female visitors; her only sojourn seemed to be when she went off to work .

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