After School_(1)

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We sit there, Strange, we both needed history help. He plays with his hair as he concentrates, Twirling it in his fingers nervously, I see him occasionally glance at me and then look back quickly and smile because I’m staring at him. I’ve never thought of guys before, I’ve always thought that they were gross assholes, without emotions that only use girls for their parts and sex. Arm candy, that’s all the jocks ever want. but he is different, granted he isn’t a jock but still, he is sweet, actually cares about me when I’m on a bad mood and asks me what is wrong. We talk alot, we text even more, and we have really gotten to know each other. But back to my feelings, I have never felt this way about someone with a Penis they usually just look over me, don’t talk to me, and the ones that do don’t seem to care. but He cares, when he looks at me, it isn’t at my breasts, its not looking me up and down looking at me body. He looks at my eyes, correction in my eyes, deep within them as though he can see through me… Into me, like he understands. The teacher’s phone wakes me from my thoughts of him, it ‘sringing.


She asks as she picks up the phone

“No, it couldn’t happen, no, I’ll be there right away”

She looks up at us, then at her watch.

“My husband just got in a car accident, I have to go to the hospital, Channing I trust you to be a good girl and keep working, no monkey business. I’m going to lock the door so no one comes in and sees you guys unattended.”

He looks at me real quick and looks back to his work pretending to work but I can see from here his pen isn’t even on the paper. He’s thinking, and blushing slightly, from the looks of his face what he is thinking is probably naughty. the teacher gathers her things quickly in a flurry and doesn’t even notice a thing, She quickly writes out two after school bus passes and hands them to us and leaves, shutting and locking to door after her, Before the door is even closed he is behind me and grabs my sides gently which always makes me giggle, I squeal and jump out of my seat and jump on the desk. Sitting on it with an exhale of what breath I have left after my squeak. I pretend to look mad at him, but I couldn’t be, my mad face turns into a quirky smirk of delight as he sits on the desk across from mine, legs crossed. I look up at him; he is smiling a joyful boyish happy smile. He says

“How are you?”

I think for a second, I’m happy to be here with him but I’m kind of nervous we are alone but he is one of the few guys that I would trust behind a locked door, I know he wont do anything unless I let him, and that he will do everything if I wanted to. Truth is I haven’t done anything with anyone, guy or girl, in about a month so I am very very horny.

“I’m pretty good, you know, besides feeling stupid in this class”

“You know, I only stayed after to chill with you, whether we were actually talking or not I enjoy the time that I spend with someone as beautiful as you”

Whenever he complements me I smile, and I feel happiness sneak in to my dark side, I’m not happy alot with myself or with the world, but he is like a bright light in a dark cave.

“Stop it; you are going to make me blush”

“But you look cute, correction, megacute when you blush, Hell, you’re megacute all the time”

He’s says smiling, and I know he means it, I still question it from time to time, but I think after all this time he really truly thinks that way about me. I look up, and he is standing, looking at me. I look back at him, into his eyes and I see what he is thinking, I’ve always been curious about him… But I never thought he’d make a move. He puts his hands on either side of my legs, not on them, on the desk outside of my legs. He leans in,

“Are you comfortable with this?”

I look” title=”izmit rus escort”>izmit rus escort down in embarrassment. I want this, but I don’t know, I’m so confused. I can feel my face warming from the deep shade of crimson I’m sure that my face is turning.

“Yea, Depending on what ‘this’ is, as long as he (And I look down at his pants) stays away, at least until you get me horny enough that I don’t care”

He leans in and kisses me gently, but passionately, I can feel his warm breath, the scent of his gum, always intoxicating, always a fruit smell. He continues, kissing me harder, and leaning in pressing his chest against mine. His hand on the end of my knee, slowly reaching up. He continues kissing me, our tongues mingle in between our mouths, and he brushes the hair off my shoulder and kisses my throat, I’m not sure how I feel about this but he seems to enjoy it so I don’t stop him.
I slide down off the desk, coming level with his shoulder, and look up at him. He is surprised that I stopped, but happy that I didn’t push him away. Our bodies are so close I can feel his heati radiating off onto me, warming me from the outside in. He wraps his arms around me and places his hands on my hips, open palm, and continues where we left off. I break away and giggle as I run up to the front of the room, wanting him to chase me, to hold me again. I can hear him walking, his long strides cover about 3 of mine and he is behind me in no time. There is carpet here to lay down on, more comfy, more options to do things. He wraps his long arms around me and picks me up and sits on the floor with me still standing his arms up holding me.

He plays with the button on my jeans and unbuttons it, but before he gets the zipper down I sit in his lap. He holds his arms around me as I snuggle up to him and we continue kissing. I can feel the large bulge in his pants below me, Kind of annoying but I can ignore it. It has uses… We kiss and kiss and he leans forward and puts me on my back, slipping the jeans off. I don’t fight him, his warmth and the horneyness overwhelming. This leaves me in a purple thong, the floor is kind of cold, but I’m warm on the inside and that is all that matters, I take off my shirt leaving myself exposed to him. He kisses at the top of my panty line, moving up kissing my belly button, and then right below the middle strap on my bra. It hooks in the frost and he has it off in no time. Leaving my nipples to the open air, I can feel them hardening before he even has them in his mouth, playing with the one he isn’t sucking and gently biting with his mouth, and switched occasionally, I’m getting hornier by the second. He moves up to my mouth and kisses me passionately again and stops before any tongue is involved.

He moves down my body breathing his warm sweet breath on my neck, and kisses it. Then to my left nipple again, kissing and breathing on the way down. Stomach… and then panty line again…… As he slides down my panties slowly, very slowly he kisses every little bit of my skin, an energy growing inside of me, I let out a little moan, and he isn’t even all the way down yet.

Once he gets my panties all the way off he doesn’t stop, but continues kissing down the side of my thigh, still slow, but going faster, he gets my skimpy purple thong all they way off and lays it aside. He looks up at me, but it takes him a while to reach my eyes, other parts of me being completely exposed… Distracts him. He kisses his way back up again, I can smell his delicious warm breath from here. And the warmth of every exhale sends little jolts up into me, building the energy. He finally reaches it and kisses, but its not a short kiss like all the others, this one is long, his tongue slipping out, just on the outside, far enough in to get me to moan, yet shallow enough not to release the energy.” title=”izmit escort”>izmit escort

He shifts positions freeing his right hand and runs it up my thigh while he still likes the outside of my slit, going in deeper with his tongue. His hand finally reaches where he is working magic with his tongue and his fingers slip in, they are long, I can feel them deeper than anything I have ever felt before but he is so gentle it doesn’t hurt. He starts with just his pointer, and that is pretty satisfying coupled with his tongue but he doesn’t stop there. He slips in his middle finger too and they go in and out the energy nearly reaching the brink. I think I cannot hold it in any longer, and I am right, I suck in air in a quick breath and I moaning, and cumming at the same time.

He doesn’t stop, infact he begins to go faster I can hear the faint sucking sounds of his mouth over my opening, and his tongue working on my clit, and the warmth of his breath helps me. I arc my back and moan harder, still cumming as the orgasm makes me push farther into his face. His tongue and fingers both pushing deeper. I continue to moan and feel a pleasure I thought unimaginable. But it continues, I thought I would be done now, the pleasure faded for a second, but I think I’m having a second orgasm. I’ve never done this before, and he isn’t stopping, so the pleasure isn’t either. I clench my fists so I don’t scream letting a passer by in the hallway the curious to the goings on in this room. I continue Cumming for a good two minutes, and he keeps going licking up all my juices not letting a drop run down my leg,

I’m sweating, on the cold floor, I’m Hot but its cold. It’s so good I wish this moment would never stop. But when I think I’m all done Cumming, I think about the bulge in his pants, I enjoy what he is doing but I don’t want to leave him hanging. Although…. If I don’t look at it then, I won’t see it. I will just feel all the pleasure… I make up my mind and dont stop him.

“I’m ready”

He smiles a quirky smile

“For? I thought this was all you wanted to do”

I think again, I thought it was all… But there are some things I want to try

“You mean” I sit up, my nipples hard, sweat still dripping down from my body, that orgasm was intense.

“You don’t want this?”

I jump to my feet, my breasts bouncing slightly; I can see he enjoys the view of me standing before him naked. I bend over to pick up my bra and before I touch it he is on his feet stopping me.

“No, No, No, You’re not getting dressed till I say so”

He says this with a devilish smile; I know he is enjoying my game.

“Oh, Okay, Yes master”

And I bow before him as I say this

“Now if you really want to, then I guess”

He lets out a false sigh as he takes off his pants, and takes off his briefs, his full erect penis bouncing and it seems as though its looking at me, its pretty big and I think it will feel damn good inside of me.

I smile and look away as he takes his shirt off, his abs beautiful, and his penis sticking out. I also turn around and cover my eyes putting my elbows against the desk bending over slightly; I can feel how horny he is. I know he wants me then and there and I have no intention of stopping him. I feel him come up behind me and pull my hips out farther from the desk, I grasp the edge of the desk, Knowing I’ll need it for support, I was told it hurts the first time. I know I will find out soon though.

“Are you sure?”

I moan “Mhm” because before I could answer he was in me, just the tip of it. But it was bigger than anything I’ve felt down there before, it was HUGE. He pushed further in and I gasped a little because it hurt so much, but it felt so amazing. It was like being eaten out 5 times over and 6 times at once. I was moaning, loudly but” title=”kocaeli escort”>kocaeli escort I didn’t care. It was the best thing I’ve ever felt. I arched my back, and he pushed in deeper, every thrust making my body rock with pleasure, I was sweating more, and I could feel the warmth building up, “Another orgasm?!” I thought in me head, twice at once was alot, but 3 in one hour? More than I have ever had at one time with someone else before.

He was in as far as he had length and it Amazing, sure it hurt, but after the first few minutes I was ready to scream in pleasure. I could feel the orgasm building up, more and more pleasure as our bodies’ rock together as one. Right before I came all over him he pulled it out, I paused before I turned around to see what was wrong. Nothing was wrong, he was smiling. He was waiting for me to turn around. He came up on me and kissed me passionately his erect penis lying on the outside of my opening, kind of rubbing my clit. I was ready to cum again. He was kissing me deep, a kiss with alot of want and need behind it. He picked me up and layed me down on the floor so he was on top, and started again, This time there was no hurt, only solid pleasure, I came immediately. And he kept going although by the way his grip was tightening I knew he was getting close; I didn’t know what he wanted me to do to finish him…

We continued that way for what felt like hours, and I looked up to see the time hadn’t been going by fast at all, it had only been 30 minutes since we had started. The bus was due in 15; we should be getting done in 10. Perfect timing. He rocked his hips back and fourth into me. My legs open completely and him deep in me, the warmth it was there again, I thought I would die of dehydration if I came again, but I didn’t want him to stop. He started kissing me and playing with my nipples with his mouth again. It was intense, He kept going but his kissing was getting farther apart. I knew he was close but so was I. I didn’t want him to cum in me, but I figured I’d be done soon. And I wasn’t wrong, I arched my back our bodies becoming one for a split second while I came over his hard shaft, he was panting and I could tell he was tired. He rolled over and I knew he was close. I didn’t want to but for 4 orgasms I allowed him the pleasure. I got up, still Cumming a little bit, and got on my knees in between his legs. And sucked his shaft, it was his turn to moan in pleasure as he pushed his hips forward, pushing the whole shaft into my mouth. I didn’t mind, this was way less gross than I thought, he tasted good, and it didn’t hurt me. He came while his head was at the tip of my mouth, my mouth filling with sweet cum. I kept sucking until I was sure he was done and looked up to see we had 5 minutes till the bus came. I got up off my knees and got dressed. He was still panting as he watched me getting dressed. I knew he liked it and I took my time drying the sweat off my body with my shirt. I could tell he liked it, but I reminded him

“4 minutes till the bus comes”

“Ahhh, fuck the bus, I could lay here forever with you”

“Well I have to go home and spend time with my family.”


He got up and got dressed; I looked away the penis staring at me. We walked through the hallways holding hands; He was the same as before. We got on the bus and I curled up in his arms, so tired from it all. He stroked my hair and kissed my forehead. I was glad we could have this time after, it, to spend time together.

He whispered to me,

“You’re beautiful when you orgasm you know”

I smiled and acted offended and pulled away half heartedly. But he didn’t let me go. I was sad when my stop was up, but he begrudgingly let me go after a kiss and another complement. He smiled watching me walk away, liking what he saw, sad to see me go, but enjoying the extra sway in my hips I put in there for him. The night continued as usual, but in my dreams I visited the experience again. It was almost as good. And I fell into a deep sweet, happy sleep.

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