After swim training

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My swim squad is the best sport to gaze at the boys. They are athletic and very sexy in swimming costume and best of all you can shower with them every day. I was about 16 when Jared moved into our squad. He was the not the youngest to join our rank but was the cutest by far I had ever seen.
He had an athletic body but was still skinny, so the muscle tone was very evident as was his tan making his blond hair look even fairer than it really was. Jared’s speedos that first time I saw him were a little too small on him, he must have been wearing them since he was 12 and now he was only two grades younger than me and whilst the green briefs fit his waist he had grown a healthy little cock which stuck out because of his massive balls, or so they looked in those speedos.
Anyway, so I was always checking him out and making certain I could catch him when he took a shower but it wasn’t easy. Jared was new to our squad and so was the last to shower and I had no excuse to be in the showers when he finally finished.
Fortunately when he progressed well he joined the other boys to shower. I had struck up a friendly connection with Jared and his smiles made me overjoyed. Of course my cock would get hard whenever he did because of his little nipples and cock would be poking out through his suit at the same time. The thought of catching him naked and being in the showers with him alone was now at the fore in my mind.
I noticed Jared kept to himself in the showers, he waited for most boys to leave so he could change privately, so I still had not seen beneath those tight speedos of his.
We had built up a close canlı bahis bond. After a few weeks it gave me the confidence to comment on his new swimming briefs when he wore them for the first time. By accident he had chosen a blue pair which were the right size, but more of a smaller style, and the material was almost transparent when wet. I love them straight away and I made sure I was in the shower beside him after training. Jared came in later as usual and took the shower opposite me.
‘Hey Jared those swimmers look great, when did you getem’
Jared’s eyes coyly turned to mine ‘Oh thanks you sure, I dunno they kind of feel really different’
I didn’t answer but looked at his cute body. He turned and the view changed to water running down his back to his well shaped butt and amazingly perfect legs. It wasn’t till he turned again that he noticed my bulge had grown and my cock was very stiff. I was still looking at him this time fixed on his new speedos. His little cock was poking out as usual and I could actually make out the shape of his head and shaft as the water glistened over the top of them.
Instead of talking we just kept showering. I pretended not to let on I knew he was looking at my hard penis and proceeded to untie my speedos, he gulped and looking away before again fixating on me as I casually removed my speedos. Our eyes met and I smiled.
Finally we were alone together and I was completely naked with a raging hard on.
That’s when I caught sight of Jared’s penis move in his blue briefs. His little cock slid up into a erection pointing to the ceiling. I was surprised at how it grew in bahis siteleri length. His cock was huge and now looked out of proportion to his slender body and he attempted to hide it, his expression became demure and he avoided eye contact.
I decided to make my move. Stepping to Jared I spoke softly.
‘I really do like those on you’
Jared kept quiet
‘You have a nice cock Jared’
I knelt down and brushed my hand up his left leg to the speedos. Jared let out a heavy breath and leant to the wall as I moved my hand on to his bulging boy cock and pressed on his shaft moving delicately up to the tip and rubbed. My other hand was stroking my own hard member.
From Jared’s luscious lips came a nervous.
‘Can you suck it’
I took no time to answer and responded by pulling his blue briefs down over his boyhood and dropped them to the floor. Jared leant his hips away from the wall and I stood to kiss his craving lips. He simultaneously took my cock and stroked sending shivers through me. The feel of his soft hands made me harder and I broke away dragging my lips down Jared’s neck. He laughed when I sucked his nipples, I don’t think he was expecting it to feel so great.
That’s when I got down to his belly and witnessed the smooth mound above his cock, he was almost nearly bald and looking close found wispy blond pubes sprouting around his enormous boy cock. His balls were completely hairless and that’s the first thing I sucked being so pretty.
‘…My dick’ he begged
I took hold from the base to anchor it firmly before licking it all over, he was squirming a bit so I moved my hands to his hips to bahis şirketleri keep him still and took him inside my mouth. His cock was so sweet I wanted to suck it all day. He came quite heavily as his hips quivered violently but little if any cum ending up in my mouth.
I used my fingers to milk out any thing left from his cock before turning him round.
‘What are you doing’
I replied in an assuring tone ‘I’m gonna give you my cock’
Jared scrambled his hands onto the wall as I bent him over and spread his legs.
‘No I can’t it won’t go in’
I spat his little load onto his bum hole
‘It’s alright Jared I won’t force it’
Jared tried to work himself free
‘Be still I promise it is okay’
Everything was quiet until I pressed my stiff cock to his hole and rubbed the cum around.
‘See it feels good’
I rubbed it until I felt Jared relaxed and began to accept my hard member. Half way in I started to thrust back and forth. Jared let out many groans and let me in further. In minutes I was pounding my full erection in and out of his little butt. Jared had taken away one hand from the wall to attend to his cock, hardened from all the pounding.
His groans turned to wimpers as he came again. I was not far behind and Jared had to hold on to the wall again as I grabbed his hips and pulled them gently to my rhythmic pounding. My cock was actually exiting and re-entering with each final heave before I came and ejaculated thick and fast into his boy hole.

We were friends for many years but he always visited my house to fuck so he didn’t get caught. He was actually a good little fucker himself and from that day was proud to display his semi erect penis in those sexy blue swimmers for me to stare at and to tease before his visits after training finished.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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