After the Banquet

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I follow Claire into the house from the garage. We’ve just gotten back from an end of the year banquet at the college. We don’t get to dress up super nice very often and I’d spent the night sneaking looks at her cleavage in her tight black dress. Walking behind her I can see the wide curves of her sexy hips morph into the delectable roundness of her ass. The black fabric clings to her ass and begs to be unwrapped. I give her a playful slap and squeeze and she turns around looking at me. Her green eyes shine and I know that not only does she look sexy, she feels sexy. Her black heels click on the kitchen tile as she turns around and walks through the house. The heels have little straps that wind and intertwine going up her ankle and to her leg. They don’t wind too high though, because they are sophisticated heels, not slutty ones. She puts her purse on the kitchen table and heads into the living room where she turns on the lamp before lying on the couch. I don’t think she’s trying to be sexy and pose for me, she’s just tired and lying down, but I can see up her dress and I gaze at her tan legs. There’s not enough light and the angle isn’t right to see her panties though. I told her she looked sexy when she got dressed and she told me the same when I put on my suit, but other than that we’d made no mention of how hot we found each other.

I stop staring at her for a moment to go back into the kitchen. I take my black suit jacket off and drape it across a chair at the table. I look around in the refrigerator for the wine we had bought earlier in the week. I find it and pull it out. After fishing out the cork screw and two glasses, I set to work removing the cork. It pops softly as I yank it out. I pour the red liquid into both of our glasses trying to give them an even amount. Then I decide better of it and fill hers up extra full. I’d had a beer at the banquet when we got there, but even though that was hours ago I still wanted to be careful not to get drunk. She’d tried a glass of the wine at the banquet, but it was too dry and oaky for her. I walk back to the kitchen door to the living room and go through it.

Claire hears my footsteps and sits up opening her eyes. Her perfectly straightened hair has begun to relax just a little bit to its normal shape. She smiles at the wine and then smiles wider when I kiss her on the forehead before giving her the wine glass with more in it.

“I know you didn’t like the wine at the banquet, so I thought you might enjoy drinking the one we bought,” I say.

“You’re so thoughtful,” she says and takes a big drink from the glass. “That’s so much better.”

I nod and take a sip of my own wine glass. I’m not much of a wine drinker, but sometimes it’s alright and I know Claire likes it when we drink it together. I watch her take another large drink before setting the glass down on a coaster on the end table. She swings her legs off the couch and reaches down to undo her heels. She takes them off and tosses them to the side of the couch. In the light from the lamp, I can see little indents in her skin from the tight straps of her heels. I put my own wine glass down and undo the top button of my shirt and loosen my tie. I start to pull it completely off when Claire steps in front of me and puts her hand over mine stopping me.

“Let me,” she says and then starts to pull the knot out of the tie completely.

Once it’s completely untied, she tugs on one end and it slithers through my collar and off. She grabs the other end and swings it behind my head and uses it to pull me forward into her kiss. Her lips are soft, and when our tongues meet I can taste the wine in her mouth almost stronger than the sip I had taken. She lets go of the tie and puts her hands on both sides of my head and kisses me with more force. Then she breaks away.

“That wine must be going to your head,” I say.

“I did drink the whole glass already,” she says looking a little embarrassed and pointing at the empty glass on the end table.

“Want mine?” I ask, picking it up and offering it to her.

“I’ve had too much already,” she says, but takes the glass from my hand and drains it.

“I can get more from the kitchen,” I offer.

“I got all I want right here,” she says and leans forward putting the glass back on the end table and in the process shoves her boobs in my face.

I grab her hips and pull her into me more. Through her dress I rub my face all over her boobs and she sighs happily. She pulls back and then climbs onto my lap straddling me. As she does, her tight dress rides up in order to give her legs the freedom they need. I put my hands on her ass and squeeze it hard. The dress is covering only about half of her large ass and I gaziantep escortları can feel some of her soft skin under my hands. I work my hands down and then up so they are under the dress and all I feel is more skin. I move farther up all the way to the small of her back expecting to find the waistband of a thong, but I encounter nothing.

She stops kissing me and says, “I think you’ve found my secret for the night.”

“That’s so sexy. Why didn’t you tell me? I would have spent the entire banquet hard under the table.”

“I wanted to surprise you.”

In response, I squeeze her ass more and we lock mouths again. I work my hand from her ass to her thigh and then down between her legs. I run my hands through her soft neatly trimmed bush. I tug on it gently and she moans quietly in my mouth. I continue to play with her hair for a while, before teasing her pussy by running my fingers all around the outside of it. I fondle one of her tits through her dress and she squeezes my cock. We make out, grope, and fondle each other for a little while longer before she breaks it off yet again and dismounts from my lap.

“Why don’t you pour us more wine and I’ll go freshen up,” she says and winks at me.

She heads toward the bathroom and I go back to the kitchen to fill our glasses. Rather than return to the couch, I go to the bedroom and put the glasses down. I sit on the edge of the bed and take off my shoes and socks. In a moment, I see her in the doorway and I immediately see that she has brushed her hair and reapplied her eyeshadow. She’s used a metallic gold and from across the room I can see how it shimmers and shines on her eyelids. I love how well she does her makeup and how hot she looks in it. She doesn’t glob it on like a hooker, but instead it’s always sophisticated. She has the sexiest eyelids. When I fuck her on her back, she closes her eyes revealing her eyelids and eyeshadow. It gets me going so much.

“You’re incredible,” I tell her standing up.

“Thanks honey,” she says and walks all the way into the room. She stops and takes a drink of more wine. “You looked so hot in your suit tonight.”

I smile at her.

“Why don’t we do massages?” she asks.

I agree. I love when she massages me. Not just because it’s sexy, but because she’s really good at it. It’s like going to a professional masseuse that also will fuck you and you don’t have to pay extra or worry about contracting something. It also turns me on to massage her. I love her skin. I’ve always found women’s skin to be so attractive and her tan body is no different. On top of that, the massage oil makes her skin shine and makes it even sexier.

“You can go first,” she says. “I want to watch you strip your clothes off.”

Normally she goes first, but I welcome having mine done first. I don’t really do a strip tease. I just take off my clothes as sexy as possible. I unbutton my shirt slowly and let it fall to the ground. I unbuckle my belt and whip it out from the loops. I playfully swing it at her and she dodges it giggling. I unbutton and unzip my pants and let them fall to the ground before stepping out of them. She gasps in delight as she sees my dick starting to swell in the thong I’m wearing. I’ve never worn it under my clothes before. We bought it simply to look sexy in the bedroom, but I thought I might surprise her with it tonight.

“Looks like I found your secret,” she says and walks over to me. She cradles me in her hands and massages my balls. “You look huge,” she says and motions for me to turn around. I do so and she slaps my ass. “Can you leave it on for the massage?”

“Of course, but you have to take your dress off.”

She gives me a fake indignant look and then pulls her dress up to reveal fully that she had no panties on. She’s grown her bush out, but it has been trimmed so all the hairs are one uniform length and there are no stragglers. The whole patch makes a large triangle like a large arrow pointing straight down at her pussy. The edges have been pristinely trimmed. She pulls the dress the rest of the way off and further reveals that she’s had on a bra from one of her lingerie sets. It’s a deep red color, smooth and silky. I can see her nipples just barely poking through the material. She reaches behind her to undo the bra, but I tell her to keep it on.

I lay on the bed face down and she comes and straddles me right below my ass. I hear her grab the massage oil off the shelf in our headboard and then feel the cold liquid drop onto my back between my shoulder blades. Her soft hands rub it in and all over my back. She works through the muscles in my back and shoulders. I ask her to rub my neck since I sit at a desk all day in my office and it tends to hurt from staring at the computer screen grading papers or working on my novel. She scoots off me and drips a few drops of the oil on my ass and she rubs it in. It becomes clear very quickly that she’s less massaging my ass and more of playing with it. I flex it a few times which makes her giggle. She moves onto my legs and it feels especially good when she squeezes my calves. She tells me to roll over to my back. She rubs the oil onto my chest and stares at it a moment hungrily before going to my legs and massaging them from the front. She starts at my left calf and works her way up. I twitch as she gets closer and closer to my dick, but then she returns to the other calf and works back up.

Suddenly she puts her hand on my dick through the thong and it swells from the semi I’ve had since she started into a full-fledged raging hard on. She settles between my legs and looks up at me making eye contact. There’s a glint in her green eyes and she runs her tongue up and down my cock through the thong. I moan just a little bit wanting more and she gives it to me. She takes the thong off with the aid of me raising my hips and my throbbing dick bursts free. It slaps against my belly as the thong is disentangled. She runs her tongue up and down the sides and swirls it across my head. She strokes it gently and looks into my eyes again with her “fuck me” look. Then she puts it all in her mouth and begins to bob her head. She sucks my dick and tugs gently on my balls. Sometimes she goes fast other times slow. A few times she puts me all the way in so that her mouth is at the very base of my cock touching where my pubic hair would be if it wasn’t all shaved off. At times, she only sucks on the head. It doesn’t take long for my balls to tighten and my body to tense. I reach down and put my hand on her head to warn her and she gives me two more quick pumps with her lips before letting me fall from her mouth and taking me in her hand. She strokes my rod just a few times and I start to come shooting my load straight in the air. Some of it lands on her face and hair. Some of it is scattered as little droplets on the bed sheet. Most of it lands on my stomach and thighs. She gives my cock a few licks to clean it off before getting out of bed to get a towel. She wipes off her face and hair and then cleans me up.

“Thanks,” I say. “That felt so good.”

“You’re welcome, but now it’s my turn,” she says and lies on her stomach beside me.

It’s my turn to straddle her ass and my deflating dick rubs gently between her cheeks. I undo her bra and she raises her chest from the bed and helps me take it off completely. I throw it on the ground by my thong. I pour way more oil than I need on her back and rub my hands all over her. If my cock hadn’t been so recently drained it would have been pulsing with desire from her skin glistening with the oil. I rub her neck too and rely only on the oil coating my hands. Then I go to her ass and lather it up. I do try and massage it a little, but end up spending my time making it wiggle and jiggle. I squeeze it hard and slap it. I run my cock up and down her crack and she moans softly. She’s always loved the feel of my dick on her ass. I oil her legs and massage them making sure that my fingers “accidentally” brush her pussy at every opportunity. I tell her to roll over and now my real treat begins. I drench her tits in oil, playing with them and squeezing them. I rub her nipples, pinch them, and flick them. She has her eyes closed and the sexy glimmer of the gold eyeshadow joins the slick shine of her oiled tits. I rub her nipples with the head of my cock even though it is mostly limp. I even work it between her great big breasts a few times as well. Then I go back to the massage and make sure to do her legs. This time I make it even clearer I’m “accidentally” touching her pussy.

I gently pull her legs apart so I have unfettered access to her pink pussy. I spread it open with my fingers and enjoy the view. Her lips are gorgeous and one is slightly larger than the other which makes for one sexy little “flaw.” I can see the wetness collecting all over her sweet flower petals. Her clit has swollen and begs to be licked. I let her pussy fold back shut as I stop spreading her. I lick in a large circle all the way around her vulva. I bury my face in her bush a moment, before slapping my tongue on her pussy and locating her clit. I run my tongue across it and she shivers. I use the tip of my tongue to rapidly flick her clit and she moans and puts her hand in my hair tugging on it. I put my arms under her thighs and wrap my hands around her legs and pull her hips down into me more. I put my tongue flatly against her clit and pressure it. She continues to moan with each touch of my tongue. I work my tongue down her slit to her pussy’s entrance. I push it in as deep as it will go fucking her with my tongue. Her pussy smells warm and wet and musky. I taste her wetness all over my tongue and it’s salty, tangy, with a hint of a metallic taste. I feel her juices smear all over my chin and get in my beard. I return to her clit and make circular motions with my tongue on it. I continue to lap at her delicious pussy until her hand tightens on my hair and begins to pull on it. I intensify my licking and she begins to squirm and moan. Then she’s bucking her hips and coming. I continue to lick and she continues to shudder and buck her hips. She squeezes her thighs around my head and I keep licking until she uses the hand on my head to push me away. I sit up on my knees and watch her shiver with delight before opening her eyes filled with orgasmic bliss.

“That felt so fucking good,” she says and sits up too.

I begin to slide of the bed to go clean her wetness off my face, but she grabs my hand and pulls me to her. She plants a large kiss on my lips before she licks them tasting her own pussy on my mouth. Then she lets go and I find a clean towel and wipe my face off.

“I want your thick cock in me so bad. Do you think you can go again?” she asks when I return to bed and lay beside.

In response, I put her hand on my dick and she can feel it beginning to swell again. She rolls over so that she is on top off me and begins kissing me ferociously. I squeeze her ass and slap it a few times as we make out. My dick continues to rise until it’s at is full height and she takes it in her hand. She straddles me and rubs her pussy with the head of my dick and pre-cum smears on the outside of her lips and mingles with her own wetness and my saliva. She spreads her pussy just a bit and rubs her slit up and down my dick making it wet and shiny. Then in one quick motion she raises her hips higher and drops down on me impaling her pussy with my quivering cock.

Her pussy is so creamy and wet and warm I slide in and out with ease. There’s just enough tightness to make my cock feel welcome, but with as wet as she is her pussy can’t grip as tightly. While the resistance and the thrusting are what usually gets me off, I love it when her pussy is so wet like this because then I can fuck her even longer. She rides up and down on my dick for a few minutes and we both moan and groan. Then she leans forward so her tits are bouncing in my face. I grab each one in my hand and squeeze them. I put my head between them and motorboat them while she continues to ride me. I lick her nipples and nibble on them gently. She sits straight back up again and starts ridding faster. Her tits bounce and jiggle and fly up as she rises and then slap against her skin as she drops her hips onto my hard cock.

She slows down a moment in order to put her hands on my chest and lean forward. In this position she can raise and lower her whole ass on my throbbing dick. I wish we’d set up a camera to record us so I could see her ass drop and wiggle each time she takes my full length in her pussy. She speeds up and then slows down and then speeds up again as she bounces her ass while fucking me. She stops and holds me in her for a moment while she leans back again. This time she plants her feet to either side of me and reaching back steadies herself by putting her hands on my legs. She’s squatting over me with just the head of my cock in her pussy.

“I want you to fuck me,” she moans. “Thrust that hard cock straight up into my wet pussy. Fuck me until you cum in me.”

I immediately begin pumping my hips up and down so that I’m ramming upwards into her pussy. I start as slow as I can, which is still pretty fast because of the position. Then I increase spread so that I’m really pounding her from below. She takes one hand off my leg and begins to play with her clit while spreading her pussy. I watch as my dick drives in and out of her. Her white creaminess collects at the base of my shaft and I keep pounding. She must see the orgasm starting on my face and she slams her hips down driving my cock as deep into her pussy as it will go. My hips buck and drop to the bed and she starts grinding back and forth on my dick. I can’t hold it in any longer and as she grinds I release my load. She keeps grinding her pussy all over my cock until I’ve shot every last drop into her. She stops grinding but doesn’t dismount and instead leans forward and kisses me. She hugs me and puts her chest against mine. I start to feel my boner recede. She doesn’t pull me out until I’m completely limp. Finally, she goes to the bathroom to clean up and I use one of the towels from earlier to wipe myself off again.

“I can’t wait for the next banquet,” she says when she returns and snuggles up against me.

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