Agent Long Captured

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Agent Long was searching around the headquarters of the Evil Wicked Wanda, looking for his partner, Agent 96. She was last heard from while working undercover here. She had called in saying she had discovered something very important when her connection was abruptly cut off.

Suddenly, Agent Long felt a sharp stinging sensation in his neck and then everything went black. Several guards quickly carried him before Wicked Wanda, who ordered that the agent be stripped naked and tied spread eagled on her personal bed.

As the fog began to lift, Agent Long began to realize that his wrists and ankles were secured and that he was completely naked. He also could feel that he was fully erect and that someone was caressing him in their hands. Was it his sexual promiscuous neighbor, Vicky again? She liked to tie him up while he was asleep & would play with him for hours. As he thought more, he began to remember the stinging sensation & concluded that he must have been knocked out with a tranquilizer dart. In his bleariness, he could only make out the outline of a woman standing over him-her warm soft hands holding his bahis firmaları fully erect manhood, slowly stroking, gently. Tracing the large veins that ran along his massive shaft and then running her fingers along around his now pulsating cock head. Who was this heavenly creature holding him prisoner, about to make him cum like a fire hose?

His focus began to clear enough for him to recognize her & he was stunned that he was in the hands of the Wicked Wanda herself. She gazed down at him menacingly, realizing that Agent Long had just become aware of who was holding him.

Relax, Agent Long. Since I had you here anyway, I just had to check out this legendary cock I’ve been hearing about. You are gargantuan to say the least & I have decided on a very special method of interrogating you. A method that I will certainly enjoy and you will most definitely take pleasure in…for a while anyway.

My fondling may feel wonderful to you now, but soon you will be begging me to allow you to cum. If you tell me what I want to know, Mr. Long, I assure you I will not only allow you to cum, but I will make you think you are kaçak iddaa in heaven with the things I can do to you. Oh, but if you do not tell me EVERYTHING…this wonderful feeling you are experiencing right now will begin to feel like torture as I keep bringing you to the point of climax again and again, but stop short of allowing you the sensation you so desperately seek.

We will begin right now.

With a tug on her negligee, Wanda’s magnificent breasts sprang free of their confines. They dangled & dragged over his swollen rod as she crawled onto the bed between Agent Longs bound legs. She then bent low-sliding him between her soft, warm melons and began kissing his engorged cock head-darting her tongue around its’ base. She then engulfed him into her mouth & he could feel her hot tongue exploring him hungrily.

She licked, kissed and nibbled up and down his thick shaft, while cupping his balls gingerly in one hand and positioning his stiff rod with the other while she feasted on him. He felt like he was going to explode his jiz at any moment, but she abruptly stopped-clamping his throbbing cock by the base tightly. kaçak bahis She looked him in the eyes with her mischievous smile and said, “Who sent you here and who are you working for?”

This kind of questioning went on for hours. She would bring him to climax and then stop. She would walk away-letting him cool down and then resume. After a couple of hours of this, she let him cool down & said, “I have a surprise for you, Mr. Long.” A large drape whooshed open and there stood Agent 96…gagged & stripped down to her panties with her hands tied high over her head. Her toes barely reached the floor as she struggled against the ropes, her pendulous breasts bouncing wildly with her exertion.

They both scanned over each other, helplessly. Agent 96 seeing her partner tied completely naked to Wicked Wanda’s bed, as she no doubt had been playing with him. Agent Long could do nothing, but look at his partner tied up before him-her long toes digging into the carpet below her. Her chest dancing freely-her long swollen nipples erect from the cool air. He could not help getting aroused at the site of his partner like this and he started to stiffen very quickly. Both Agent 96 and Wicked Wanda’s eyes widened & stared in awl as his incredible cock stood almost straight in a matter of seconds.

Oh my GOD! THAT is amazing!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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