Aidan and Katie Ch. 05

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Katie’s story takes a turn for the better. This chapter is a little light on the sex, but heavy on playful seduction. Please enjoy…


I got my usual mocha latte and Chloe got a vanilla latte. We waited for our coffee and she kept her eyes down, pointedly not looking at me. After our order was ready, we went and found a table on a little balcony that was fairly private. We settled in and Chloe continued to avoid eye contact. Finally, after a few sips she seemed to find the courage to say what she had to say.

“Ms. Cunningham?” She said quietly, still not looking directly at me. “Are you a lesbian?”

Of all the things that I had anticipating her saying; that question had not even made my list. I struggled with my composure for moment. She looked up at me, obvious nervousness in her eyes.

Finally, I smiled at her. “Firstly, if we’re going to have this conversation; you’d better call me Katie.” She relaxed and smiled a little. “Secondly, I need to know why you think I might be lesbian.”

She looked nervous again. “Sweetie, it’s OK. I’m not angry, just curious.” I said.

She looked into my eyes, eyes that I knew were smiling at her, and she relaxed completely. “I, I, I don’t know. It’s just a vibe I get from you, I guess. It’s nothing that you’ve done, and maybe it’s because the only guy that’s ever been around is your brother.” I raised my eyebrow and she giggled. “All the girls know who he is; they think he’s a hunk.”

I raised my eyebrow again, “They?” I finally had an inkling of what this was about and I desperately wanted to help her.

Her head dropped again and this time I didn’t let it go. I reached across the little table and lifted her chin with my fingers. “Don’t be ashamed of what you feel, of who you think you are or who you desire. If you like girls or even just think you might like girls, don’t be ashamed. Be proud of who you are. Chloe you’re a wonderful girl, don’t let what others think or say make you think less of yourself. Now, to answer your question, yes I am a lesbian. I have had heterosexual relationships but, I like girls a lot more, so I consider myself lesbian, not bi-sexual. What is going on that makes you ask about this?”

“You know Brittany Harding?” She asked quietly.

“Yes, she’s in my next to last class. Why, what’s going on with Brittany?” I asked, but suspecting that I already knew.

“Well, she’s my best friend; we’ve been best friends since kindergarten.” Chloe explained. “Her birthday is a week before mine, so since we were little we’ve had a sleepover the Saturday night after my birthday. This year, since we both turned eighteen, her mom let us have it at their house, even though she was out of town. She told us not to have any boys over, but the sleepover has always been just the two of us and we didn’t want anybody else anyway.”

I smiled, “I can understand that.”

She smiled back. “We had gotten into our pajamas early, we were gonna watch movies and eat popcorn and candy and stuff. It’s what we always have done. We were watching chick flicks, you know rom-coms, and all of a sudden Brittany jumped up and ran out of her bedroom. I thought maybe something made her sick, except she didn’t go into the bathroom, she ran down the hall. I just sat there waiting for her and she came back into the room with her hands behind her back. ‘I found something in my mom’s drawer the other night. She sent me to get something out of her lingerie drawer and I think she forgot these were in there.’ She said. Brittany pulled her hands out and she had two DVD’s in her hands.”

Chloe stopped and looked at me, her eyes wide. “They were porn videos,” she whispered, “lesbian porn videos.”

I smiled at her, “A lot of people watch porn, there’s nothing wrong with it.”

She blushed furiously. “I know, but Brittany’s mom was watching lesbian porn. One was about young girls discovering lesbian sex together and the other was about older women seducing younger girls.”

I couldn’t resist teasing Chloe. “How do you know what the videos were about?”

I didn’t think she could get any redder, but I was wrong. Her face was almost purple, it was so red.

“I, uh, we, uhhh, I…” she mumbled.

I reached over and took her hands in mine, smiling gently. “It’s OK, sweetie. You’re eighteen and you can do whatever you want, don’t be embarrassed, I’m just teasing you.”

Evidently, she was holding her breath, because she exhaled a big breath. She seemed to relax again.

“So, what else happened?” I asked, “Surely your embarrassment isn’t over watching lesbian porn, is it?”

She smiled nervously, “No, it isn’t. Brittany showed me the DVD’s and then said she was going to stick one in. She walked over, stopped the movie that was running and put in one of the porn DVD’s. It turned out to be the one with the older women seducing younger girls. Brittany climbed back on the bed and we started watching the movie. The first older lady was beautiful with natural illegal bahis breasts and a tight body. I know the younger actress was at least as old as us, but she didn’t look it. She had tiny breasts and flawless skin. She had an innocent look that looked very appealing next to the older lady.”

“We watched as the older lady, playing a tutor, slowly seduced the young girl. I was surprised; it was sweet and soft with a lot of kissing. It took about fifteen minutes for the women to get into bed and get all of their clothes off. The actresses seemed to genuinely like each other and enjoy the sex, which I didn’t expect. The first scene lasted about forty five minutes and by the time it was over, I was starting to get really turned on.”

She blushed and looked away from me. She sat there for a moment, not speaking.

I said, “Chloe, it’s OK to have been excited by something that was intended to do exactly that.”

She whispered, “But, I’m not a lesbian.”

I smiled, “Movies of beautiful people making love, turn people on, no matter their orientation. I get excited by heterosexual porn, even though I’m a lesbian. It’s OK for you to be excited by lesbian porn, you know? But, I’m sensing that this isn’t the end of your story, am I right?”

“Yes,” she said after hesitating, “but I need to use the rest room, I’ll be right back.”

“OK,” I said, “Do you want another coffee? I’m going to have one.”

“Please.” She said as she walked away.

I got us each another drink and waited for her to return. When she did, I went to the restroom and quickly returned.

She started speaking as soon as I sat down. “The second scene in the movie had an older actress that was pretty enough, but she had huge, fake boobs, bad fake boobs at that, and she didn’t seem as into the other actress as the first older lady and the younger actress seemed bored. After a few minutes Brittany looked at me and asked if I liked this one and

I said no. She got up and popped that one out and put the other one in. I was startled by the resemblance between the redheaded girl and Brittany. After a few minutes of watching I realized that the other actress resembled me. After coming to that realization I was glued to the screen, it was like watching Brittany and me making love.”

“The excitement that I was feeling during the first scene started to come back. I was getting really, really excited. The girls were kissing and hesitantly touching each other, but as the movie went on, got more comfortable with each other and more passionate. I glanced over at Brittany and was surprised to see her touching herself outside of her pajamas. Her eyes were half closed and she was breathing funny. It was fascinating watching her and I didn’t think she noticed that I was watching her, until she said, ‘You should try it, I’m sooo turned on right now.’ I was startled and asked her, ‘Try what?’ She answered, ‘Touching yourself while watching, it’s exciting.'”

Chloe stopped and took a sip of coffee, closing her eyes for a moment. Her hands trembled as she raised the cup to her lips. She sat there for a moment, seemingly gathering her thoughts.

“I turned back to the movie and got a little lost in the soft, sweet love between the girls. I guess I began touching myself, because my excitement started rising and I looked down and my hand was inside of my panties. I didn’t even know that I had done that. I realized then that I was rubbing my clit and I was very, very wet. I felt guilty touching myself and looked over at Brittany. She was doing the same thing, her hand was inside of her panties, but she wasn’t watching the movie. Her eyes were glued to the panties moving over my hand. I saw her tongue flicker out and touch her lips. It was like everything slowed down then. Her eyes moved away from my panties, where I hadn’t stopped feeling myself, I may have even speeded up.”

“Her eyes came up and met mine; hers were as wide as I had ever seen them as she recognized that I was watching her. I pulled my hand out of my panties and leaned toward her; she blinked once and leaned toward me. Our lips met in the middle. It’s funny, I didn’t even consciously think about kissing her, I just did it. It was the softest, most wonderful kiss I have ever experienced. Our tongues met and gently explored each other. I didn’t even close my eyes and neither did Brittany, I didn’t want to miss anything. As we kissed, I felt Brittany’s hand sliding along my tummy, kinda scratching, feeling its way. Suddenly, her fingers found their way under the waistband of my panties and then they were burrowing around in my hair.”

She paused, blushing and looked away from me. I reached over and took her hand in mine.

“It’s OK, sweetie,” I said softly, “just tell me what you need to tell me, I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable.” That was the rational, teacher part of my brain speaking. But, the irrational, sexual part of my brain was screaming, ‘Are you out of your mind? I wanna hear this. We’re so gonna illegal bahis siteleri get off when we get home! This is brain porn…the best kind!’

“Katie,” she whispered, winding her fingers in mine, “I need to tell someone, and you’re the safest one I can tell and ask what I need to ask.”

“It’s OK, Chloe,” I said, “don’t be nervous, don’t be afraid. I’m here for you and I want you to tell me everything. I think you need to say this out loud to somebody who won’t judge you, somebody who’s been there, and somebody who understands.”

She looked at our hands for a minute or so and then started speaking softly again. “I really, really liked the way her fingers felt, touching me. I was more excited by her fingers than by anything that I had ever experienced before. I pulled away from Brittany and looked down at her hand. When I looked back at her, her eyes were huge and staring at me. ‘Is this OK?’ She asked and her voice was shaking. I couldn’t talk, I just nodded and her fingers slipped down and touched my p-p-pussy. It felt like lightening was shooting from my pussy into my heart and my brain. I grabbed her head and kissed her as hard as I could. I tried to stick my tongue down her throat and she did the same thing to me. I felt like I was on fire and I sat back and Brittany looked at me, a real scared look on her face. I grinned at her and ripped my shirt off and then ripped hers off. She started giggling and said, ‘I take it you like that.’ I just said, ‘Uh-huh’ and kissed her again.”

“Her fingers worked deeper into my pussy and my hips started rocking in time to her caresses. I pulled back from the kiss again and she grinned at me and said, ‘Now what?’ I reached down and pulled off my panties and threw them on the floor and then I grabbed hers and looked up at her. She had this cute, shy little smile on her face and lifted her hips off of the bed and let me slide her panties off. I stared at her pussy, the only one I have ever seen live, except for my own. I stared for a minute and then looked up at her. I know my eyes were wide because I could feel them. ‘You shave your pussy!’ I whispered. She blushed and asked, ‘Do you like it?’ I was fascinated and just said, ‘Uh-huh’. I started to reach to feel it and then stopped and pulled my hand back. ‘Is this OK?'”

“She smiled, kissed me, reached out with her other hand and pulled my hand back to her pussy. She stopped short, pulled out of the kiss and said, ‘It’s more than OK, I want you to touch me. I really, really want you to touch me.’ I moved my hand and touched her pussy. It was hot, way hotter than I expected.”

Chloe stopped and giggled. She was blushing and looked up at me. “It was wet, too. Very, very wet. It was sooo slippery. I loved the way it felt. It felt so, so, so sexual. I rubbed her all around her pussy and I slipped my fingers inside. It was intoxicating. I noticed that my fingers were making a squishing noise in her pussy and then I realized that there was another, different squishing noise. It was Brittany’s fingers sloshing around in my pussy. I realized that I was as wet as Brittany and that made me even more excited. I shifted around so that I was facing Brittany so that I could see what we were doing to each other. Brittany looked at me and smiled. ‘You like this, don’t you?’ I kissed her. I said, ‘No, I don’t.’ Brittany’s face fell. I giggled and said, ‘I don’t like it, I love it!’ She threw her arms around me, kissing me more deeply than before. Then she pushed me to the bed, She lay on top of me and whispered, ‘If you loved that then you’re gonna freak out over this!'”

Chloe took a deep breath and looked at the table before looking me in the eyes again. Her face was a deep shade of crimson and her eyes were wide, sparkling with excitement. I could tell that she was deeply embarrassed to be speaking all of this out loud, but at the same time, tremendously excited by the memory.

“I knew what was coming; well I kinda guessed what was coming. But I wasn’t prepared for what it would feel like. Brittany only spent a minute or so on my boobs before moving down to my pussy. After she got down there, she just looked at it before she touched me again. Her face was down so low that all I could see were her pretty blue eyes. It was like she was studying it. Her eyes moved slowly and every once in a while she would touch it with her fingers. My heart was pounding so hard I could hear it and feel it in my ears. I have never wanted anything as much as I wanted her tongue on my pussy. Then she looked up at me and I thought my heart was going to burst. Her eyes looking up at me from between my legs was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. She held my eyes and whispered, “It’s beautiful. It’s like a new pink rose, all fresh and blooming. Can I lick you? Do you want me to lick you?’ I said, ‘Oh God, yes. Please lick me; I want you to lick me!'”

Chloe giggled and, if it was possible, turned a deeper shade of crimson than she already was. I smiled at her and squeezed her hands to canlı bahis siteleri show her that it was all right. She looked up at me and smiled gratefully.

She took a deep breath and continued. “Brittany smiled, I could see it in her eyes and then she moved closer and flicked my clit with her tongue. That was it; I went off like a rocket. My hips jerked off of the bed like I had no control over them. Brittany yelped in surprise and scooted back. Just the tip of her tongue on my clit was the most amazing thing I have ever felt in my life. She gave me the most awesome orgasm and she had just touched me with the tip of her tongue. I couldn’t wait for more. I forced my hips back down to the bed and pleaded with Brittany, ‘More baby, pleeeeze I want more!’ Brittany giggled and crawled up and kissed me before sliding back down. Her tongue slipped into my mouth giving me a little taste of myself and I actually kinda liked it. It was kinda salty-sweet, ya know?”

I smiled and nodded, not trusting my own voice at this point. This sweet, young student had me so turned on at this point that I could hardly sit still. The embarrassment had faded for her and she had kind of a glow about her, her excitement over her story and her emotional involvement with her friend filling her with joy.

“Anyway, Brittany found my hands with hers and we held hands as she licked me again. I felt such a connection with her; I wanted this moment to go on forever. Not just the sex, though that was great, the connection, her eyes staring at me and filled with, uhhh, well,…”

Chloe hesitated for the first time in a while and went back to looking embarrassed. “It’s OK, honey, I told you that you could tell me anything, don’t be embarrassed.”

Chloe smiled faintly, took a deep breath and finished her thought. “Love, she looked at me with so much love that my heart fluttered. She squeezed my hands and made love to me and I started crying. I was sooo happy and Brittany knew that. Her tongue was like a butterfly, light and quick and fluttering everywhere. This time my orgasm built from deep within me. It was like warm, rushing water flowing from every part of my body to my pussy. Then when I finally came, it felt like the water was charged with electricity and flowed back through my body to where it had come from. When it was over…”

She stopped and giggled. “I felt like I was a puddle on the bed, I was completely drained. Brittany crawled up and kissed me all over my face, whispering the whole time, ‘I love you Chloe,’ over and over again. I struggled to lift my arms and wrapped her up and said, ‘I think I love you, too, Brittany. I think I always have.’ She started crying and lay down on me and we just held each other for the longest time. I thought she was asleep when she said, ‘Do you really love me Chloe? Was that just the sex talking? It’s OK if it was, I can live with that. It just made me happy to hear you say it.’ I thought about it for a little while before answering. I said, ‘You know Brittany, I have always felt differently about you than my other friends. You’ve always been special to me. The first time I see you every day, my heart skips a beat and I just thought it was because I was happy to see you. I have never thought about it as love. But, I think that’s exactly what it is. I love you Brittany and I’m sure that I have since we were little.'”

Chloe looked embarrassed again and pulled her hands back from mine. “What’s wrong, Chloe?” I asked.

Her expression changed from embarrassed to sad. “Katie, I love Brittany with all of my heart. I really do. I’m just not sure what that means. I don’t think I’m a lesbian, but I want everybody to know, I want to share that love with my family, but I don’t know how they’ll react. How did your family react?”

I blushed; it was my turn to be embarrassed. “My parents don’t know.” I said.

Chloe’s eyes got huge. “You’re in the closet?”

I smiled, “No, I’m not. But neither am I a militant lesbian. I don’t find it necessary to shout my preferences from the rooftops. If someone asks me a direct question, like you did earlier, I will answer it and tell them. Otherwise, I don’t think it’s anyone’s business but mine and my partner. I told my brother last year and he hardly reacted at all. But, everyone is different and each situation is unique. This works for me but it wouldn’t necessarily work for you. My parents have respected my privacy from the time I reached adulthood and have never asked about my love life. Your parents may be completely different. Only you know how that will go. Before you decide to go to them with this, you need to think long and hard about their reaction. I am not telling you to hide in the closet. I am asking you to be sure of your feelings for Brittany and your feelings about being gay. If this is a phase, it will probably go easier on you to experience the phase in private and then go on with your life. But, if you begin to think it may be a phase, you need to be fair to Brittany and let her know. It sounds like Brittany loves you very much and it could crush her if she thinks that you’re just playing around. From the look on your face, you were hoping I could give you a quick, easy answer, but there isn’t one, especially if you’re not sure.”

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