Alan and Marion

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The doorbell rang and when I opened the door there was an attractive lady with a diffident smile.

‘Mr. Turner?’ she said, head cocked to one side.

‘Yes that’s me.’ I replied.

‘I’m Marion, your new cleaning lady.’

‘Oh, good, come in.’

This was the replacement for Pauline, the wonderful old lady who my wife and I had employed for years to clean the house. She had retired, and recommended one of her neighbours as a replacement. I had agreed readily to her suggestion.

I had lost my wife a couple of years ago, in a hotel fire. It had taken me ages to get over the loss, and I was still having difficulty coping with domestic arrangements. I was hoping that Marion could just take over the cleaning duties.

We walked through to the seating area in the kitchen, and I offered Marion coffee which she accepted. We sat down to discuss arrangements. I looked at her. She was in her thirties I guessed, wearing a cotton smock and jeans- suitable clothes for cleaning. Her clothes hid her figure somewhat, but she was about 5ft 6, slim with longish legs, and a beautiful mane of wavy ash blonde hair. Her face was wide and intelligent with the suspicion of an impish grin.

‘Pauline said she suggested I come round to take on her cleaning rota. Did she work for you for a long time?’

‘Yes, more than ten years. She recommended you highly.’

‘That’s nice. I hope it will work out. We should discuss the practical arrangements.’ We went on to talk about what was required, where the vacuum and all the cleaning materials where kept and so forth. Then I showed Marion round.

‘It’s a lovely house, Mr Turner.’

‘Thank you. Call me Alan.’

‘One thing I should mention Alan. Some times when I have completed my cleaning I need to go on for other things. You know, meeting people or whatever. Then I shall need to get changed. Is it okay if I do that here?’

‘Of course, no problem. Whatever you need. It will be a weight off my mind if this works out, so I would like you to be comfortable working here. If you need a shower at the end of your session that would be no problem.’

She smiled, and looked at me slightly quizzically.

‘Why thank you! I suppose I had better get on.’


And with that I retreated to my office, whilst she got on with her tasks.

I gave Marion a key so that she could get on if I was not in the house. I was at home when she arrived the next week however. Once again I offered her coffee, which she accepted.

‘Well how are you Marion?’

‘I’m fine. It was a bit of a rush getting the children off to school, as they were playing up.’

‘How many have you?’

‘Two, they are 16 and 12, boy and a girl.’

‘You must have been young when you became a mum.’

She smiled.

‘I was 20. I missed out on college, and haven’t had the chance since.’

‘Pauline didn’t tell me very much about you. I don’t even know your second name.’

‘Oh. Well it is Monroe. I am Marion Monroe. Some people call me Marilyn!’

I smiled and she looked embarrassed.

‘It is a good job you are beautiful.’

‘Why thank you kind sir!’

‘If I calculate correctly you are on the verge of living longer than Marilyn did. She did not make it beyond 36.’

‘You never know how long you’ve got. Things happen, you lose people.’

‘Don’t I know it,’ I said thinking of my wife, ‘ you sound as if you’ve lost someone.’ She suddenly looked very sad.

‘My husband died a couple of years ago. I’m a widow. That’s why I am doing this cleaning job. I’ve got no qualifications and I need the money.’

‘That’s sad. I know how you feel.’


‘I lost my wife a couple of years ago too.’

‘What a coincidence. My husband died in a hotel fire.’ I was too stunned to speak for a moment.

‘It wasn’t that place in Yorkshire, was it?’ I said and named the hotel.

‘Why yes. How did you know?’

‘That was how my wife died, in the same fire. Did your husband work for the same company?’ I said and identified the company. ‘They were having a management conference, and my wife was working for them.’

‘Yes he did.’ A tear ran down her cheek. ‘I’d better get on.’

‘Are you going to be okay?’

‘No, I need a hug.’

‘Come here.’

We held each other, overcome with our individual memories. I looked into her face.

‘We have a lot to talk about. Do you want to stay for lunch?’

‘No, I can’t today. I’ve got an appointment after I finish here. But I am free next week when I finish.’

‘Yes, let’s do it then.’

‘Can I take you up on your offer of a shower, before I go? I feel like I’d like to freshen up.’

‘Yes of course.’

I was astonished by the coincidence of our both losing our marriage partners in the same fire. Maybe fate had brought Marion to my door. A lot of people round here worked for the same company, so I suppose it was not as unlikely as it at first seemed. I wondered if she was feeling quite as disturbed by it all as I was.

And I found her very attractive, which complicated matters. I decided to get on with some work, to take my bursa eskort mind off it all. After all at 50 I was far too old to be thinking about her like that. She would want someone of her own age.

It was midday when I heard the shower going. I turned away from my computer and walked out to the sitting room. I thought Marion must be about to go and I suppose I wanted to bid her farewell.

A short while later she did appear, but not as I expected. She was looking damp and her modesty was protected only by a towel. She looked flustered when she saw me. And gorgeous.

‘I forgot my stuff, my change of clothes. I left them out here somewhere.’

I stared at her transfixed. The likeness to Marilyn Monroe was not just in her name! I gathered my wits and managed to speak.

‘I can get you a bathrobe if you like.’

She smiled as if maybe she enjoyed my discomfort.

‘No, it’s okay. Unless I am embarrassing you.’

‘No, no…’ She was now looking a lot more composed and in control. She hitched up the towel round her trunk tucking it in above her breasts. It came just to the top of her thighs. Just. She walked over to the window.

‘You have a lovely back garden Alan. Do you do it all yourself.’

‘Yes, I enjoy it.’

‘It looks very private.’

‘It is entirely private.’

‘And it is a suntrap, yes?’

‘Yes, it is a good place to catch the sun.’

‘I miss the sun. I can’t afford holidays just now.’

‘Would you like to use the back garden?’

‘Ooh, yes`please. Can I sunbathe there? I’ll wear a decent cossie so as not to embarrass you.’

‘You don’t embarrass me.’

‘You sure? I’d better get dressed now.’ With that she undid her towel, giving me the briefest glimpse of her naked body, before doing it up again, grabbing her things and walking out. I think she got dressed in the shower room.

A few minutes later her head appeared round the door.

‘Bye, Alan. See you next week.’

‘Bye Marion.’

Well my cleaning lady had lodged herself firmly in my imagination. She was beautiful, sexy and attractive. I had no idea whether she would amount to more than a tantalising fantasy, but I longed to find out. I could hardly wait for next week and her return.


When she arrived she let herself in.

‘Hi, Alan, how are you?’

I emerged into the front hall from my office. She was wearing a short tee shirt and denim jeans, with a shoulder bag and flat shoes. Her hair was loose and I think she was wearing a little light and subtle make-up, as if she was taking care over her appearance. She had painted her finger nails pink. There was a gap between her tee shirt and the top of her jeans to reveal her tummy. I thought she was looking good.

‘Hullo Marion, I’m fine. Eh, how are you?’

She looked at me a little puzzled.

‘Are you sure? You look a little distracted.’

I realized I was staring at her. I cleared my throat, and pulled myself together.

‘No I’m fine. Are you still okay about staying for lunch?’

‘Yes, looking forward to it.’

‘Would you like a coffee before you start?’

‘If you are having one, yes that would be nice.’

We went through to the kitchen and Marion sat down. I produced two coffees and joined her. As she sipped her coffee I asked her how business was and whether or not she had filled her week with cleaning jobs.

‘Yes, it is coming along. But it is not too well paid.’

‘I suppose not.’

‘I am thinking I should develop the business. I know others in my position, and I think I could develop a contract service employing them.’

‘That sounds like a good idea.’

‘I am trying to put together a business plan, but I am struggling with it. I need to get investment.’

‘I could help you with that. Business management is my area.’

‘That would be really helpful. What do you do?’

‘I am a management consultant. I went freelance after I became a widower.’

‘Oh, okay. I’ve been working on the business plan. I have a copy with me. Do you want to have a look at it?’

‘Yes, let me do that.’ She handed me a folder from her bag.

As Marion busied herself with the cleaning I retreated to my study. What I had been doing could wait, I would have a look at Marion’s proposal. I took it out of its folder and quickly read through it. It was quite promising, but needed a bit of attention in key areas, such as the financial strategy, and the customer base. Maybe I could produce a revised version for her.

Later after I had worked on it, I stopped and stretched. I thought It could work. I got up and strolled into the kitchen to prepare lunch.

When it was ready I called out to Marion.

‘Lunch is served.’

‘Thanks,’ she replied, ‘I am just finishing up. I’ll be along in a minute.’

Shortly she appeared, and sat herself down. I had made a tuna salad and had a bottle of white wine cooled and ready.

‘That looks lovely Alan. Thank you.’

‘Will you have a glass of wine?’

‘Oh go on then. I have no more jobs today, so it will do bursa escort bayan no harm.’

I poured out two glasses of wine and she smiled as she sipped it.

‘It is a good wine Alan.’

‘Yes, it’s okay isn’t it?’

‘I expect you are a connoisseur.’

‘Not particularly of wine, but I do know business plans.’

‘Oh.’ She looked crestfallen. ‘You don’t think much of mine then?’

‘Quite the contrary, I think it looks extremely promising. It just needs a few modifications and a bit of development.’

‘Okay. Can you show me what to do?’

‘Yes,’ I said handing her the revised version I had been working on, ‘but I think I have done it.’

‘Oh, that’s brilliant. Thank you.’

‘Well, you’d better read it first.’

‘Yes. Then there is the real problem of getting investment.’

‘If you are happy with what I have done, then I will see if I can sort something out for you.’

Marion gave me a big smile.

‘I am sure I shall be. Thank you. You are a sweetie!’ With that she leaned over and gave me a big kiss on the cheek.

Well that left me flustered. I had felt like I was in control, but now this gorgeous creature had given me a kiss. I was excited but nonplussed. She smiled at me again, pleased with the effect she had had.

‘What do you think I should call the business?’ she looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

‘I am not sure, I haven’t given it any thought.’

‘I was thinking something like ‘M.Monroe Services’. What do you think?’

‘Yes. You could use a Marilyn type image as your logo.’

‘I think you might be able to help with that too. Yes?’

‘Might I?’

‘Well yes. When I was cleaning your bedroom I found the evidence of your research.’

‘Ah.’ I had been looking at images of Marilyn on the internet, and I had printed off some of them. There was the famous pic of her with her skirt being blown upwards by a gust from a grating. There was also the Playboy selection, with her posing naked against a red background.

‘Which would you recommend?’

‘Well I suppose one of you with your skirt being blown would be suitably evocative of Marilyn.’

‘You don’t think I could carry off posing nude against a red velvet sheet?’ She smiled at me mischievously.

‘I am sure you could, but….’


‘Well it would probably give your customers quite the wrong idea about the service you are offering.’

She smiled and looked out through the window.

‘It’s a gloriously sunny day, Alan.’

‘Yes, it is. Are you going to sunbathe?’

‘Yes, if that’s okay.’

‘Please help yourself.’

‘I think my idea of heaven just now would be a nice lazy sunbathe with a glass of your delicious wine.’

‘I think we can manage that. Have you brought your costume?’

‘Yes. Why do you ask?’

‘I suppose I wondered if you were going to do a Marilyn and sunbathe nude.’

She smiled, and with her head to one side and her right index finger against her cheek, she replied in an approximate imitation of Marilyn’s voice.

‘Why Mr Turner, what kind of a girl do you think I am?’

While she was getting changed I got out a couple of loungers and towels and placed them on the patio. I had replenished Marion’s glass of wine when she re-appeared. She was wearing a red bikini. I suppose by current standards it was not outrageous or unduly minimal. I mean it covered all the bits it was supposed to cover. But neither was it very large, with a triangular section over each breast. Her body was firm and well toned with not an ounce of fat. I thought she looked gorgeous and sexy as hell.

‘Are you going to join me Alan?’ Marion inquired as I handed her the glass of wine.

‘I’ve got some work to finish off, and then I will.’

‘Don’t be too long. I shall need you to apply sun lotion to my back.’


I disappeared to my office and did the minimum that I needed to do. Then I went to my bedroom to get changed, slipping out of my clothes and pulling on a pair of shorts. I looked at myself in the mirror. I had always taken great care to stay fit and avoid putting on weight. I thought I was looking okay for my age. I pulled on a tee shirt and grabbing my glass and the bottle from the kitchen I joined Marion on the patio.

She was lying on her back sipping her wine.

‘Hi Alan,’ she said, and wiggled her toes. She had painted her toe nails pink to match her finger nails.

‘Would you like some more wine?’

‘Yes please.’

I poured some into her glass. She smiled at me.

‘This is lovely Alan. I could doze off.’ She turned over to lie on her tummy, and undid her bikini top.

‘Would you like to apply some lotion please?’

I poured some of the lotion onto her shoulders, and began to spread it with my finger tips.

‘Do you want the backs of your arms doing?’


I covered her arms as they lay by her sides. Then I returned to her shoulders and poured the lotion down the centre of her back, spreading it in both directions. I reached the top edge of her bikini bottom, and paused.

‘What görükle escort about the backs of your legs?’

‘Yes please.’

I began at her right ankle, moving up over her calf and then I slowly rubbed the lotion on her thigh. She sighed. Then I repeated the process with her left leg.

‘Thank you’ she murmured, and wiggled her bum.

I lay back. This was turning me on. I thought I had better change the subject. I poured out some more wine.

‘I will have a go at firming up your business plan for next week.’

She turned her head to face me.

‘I think you are already firming up,’ she said with a smile eyeing the bulge in the front of my shorts.

‘You are a very sexy lady.’

‘Thank you. And you are a perfect gentleman.’

A perfect gentleman is the last thing I felt like being. I sipped some more of my wine wondering what next move might be appropriate, when Marion made a groaning noise. She was looking at her watch.

‘Oh sod it, look at the time. I’ve got to go, the kids will be home. I was enjoying this.’

She stood up and her beautiful breasts were revealed standing proudly before me.

‘Thank you for a lovely afternoon.’ She kissed me warmly on the lips, and then strolled off to get changed. I lay back with my head in a whirl.


I was working away from home the next time Marion came to do her cleaning stint. But I made excuses and was able to get back just before lunch time. I was keen to see her again.

Not that there was much likelihood of a repeat of last week. The English weather had played one of its usual tricks. Despite its being the summer the day was grey, cloudy and cool, so sunbathing was out.

Marion was wearing tight jeans and a sleeveless tee shirt. She looked up and smiled as I arrived.

‘Hi Alan, how are you?’

‘Fine, how are you?’

‘I’m okay. Bit nervous.’

‘Oh, why is that?’

‘When I finish here, I’m going to the bank. I’m trying to get them to lend me the money to start up my business.’

‘Well it is a good scheme, so they should be willing to lend you what you need. Do you want to have lunch before you leave?’

‘That’s very kind, but I wont have time I am afraid. Got to get changed and go. I am just finishing now.’

‘Will you want a shower?’

‘Yes please, just a quick one.’

‘I’ll get you a towel.’


A few minutes later I knocked on the door to the shower room to give Marion her towel. She opened it to me and I handed her the towel. She was just removing her bra. I stared at her naked body, as she stood with her hand on her hip.

‘Go the bank like that and the manager will agree to anything.’ I said. She smiled her wicked smile.

‘As long as it is a male bank manager I suppose.’ Or even a female one these days, I thought.

Well Marion had succeeded in putting my head in a spin again. One brief glimpse of her beautiful body and I didn’t know whether I was coming or going. I longed to touch it and make love to her.

When Marion re-appeared she was wearing a smart black business suit with a demure skirt to just above her knee.

‘You look very professional and quite the business lady.’

‘Thank you, that was the intention.’

‘Phone me when you know how you have got on.’

‘I will.’

A few days later I received a telephone call from Marion.

‘Hi Alan.’ Her voice sounded strained.

‘Hullo Marion. How did you get on?’

‘No luck. They’ve turned me down. Bastards.’

‘Gosh I am surprised. Did they give a reason?’

‘Something about my lack of “match funding”, whatever that is. And my lack of experience. Bastards.’

‘Oh dear. Who did you talk to?’

‘Some young guy, seemed like he was in his early twenties, still wet behind the ears. He was a real pain in the arse.’

‘You must be angry and upset.’

‘I am. Very.’

‘Look, there are other ways of doing this. Will you be okay with my looking into it for you?’

‘Oh. Yes, if you can, thank you.’

‘I’ll see what I can sort out for your next visit.’

‘That is very kind Alan.’ There was a catch in her voice. ‘It is tough trying to sort this out on your own, you know?’

‘I know. We can sort it out.’

‘I’m grateful to you.’

‘I should be back late morning. Why don’t you stay for lunch and I’ll explain what I have in mind?’

‘Okay. I’ll see you then.’

I worked on a revised version of Marion’s business plan and contacted an investment grants organisation. Then I went to my bank to put in place the final part of my plan. By the morning of Marion’s next visit I thought I had an arrangement which would work.

I arrived back just as she was completing her round of duties. It was a warm sunny day and Marion was wearing a light cotton dress and sandals. I thought she looked gorgeous, but then I usually thought that.

‘Hi Alan, how are you?’

‘I’m fine. Are you feeling any better?’

‘Yes, but I am still pretty pissed off I am afraid.’

‘That’s understandable. Look, let me get through the door, and clean up, then I’ll sort lunch and show you what I propose.’

‘Oh, okay. I’ll lay the table.’

Lunch was my usual cold meat salad, but I had a bottle of cheerful rosé wine to go with it. We settled down and as we ate I gave Marion a folder containing my proposal.

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