Alex Rider , Jason Steed

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Teen Spy Alex Rider now 15 is living in New York and working for the CIA. He is sent to a summer camp where a secret weapon is hide by the owners.
Unknown to the CIA, is that MI6 and SYUI in the UK, also send in 13 year old agent Jason Steed.

“Hey I noticed you are British? Alex Smiled as he looked Jason Steed up and down. Jason was shorter than himself, he guess about 13, blonde hair, blue eyes and slim. Alex had to admit t, Jason was good looking.

“Hiya. Yeah i’m Jason, you sound like a Brit to?” Jason asked. He looked Alex up and down, he guess about 15, thin, large brown eyes.

“Yes.” Said Alex, but I live in New York now. What part of Britain are you from?”

“Um, I’m from London. My foster family sent me here for a two weeks.” Jason said.

Alex said nothing. Jason spoke with a London accent but every now and then dropped a posh word in, only those who went to a private upper class school would speak like that.

The two boys kept a distance for the week, if the paths crossed they oddly just nod and smile. Something about Alex didn’t seem quite right Jason thought but he couldn’t put his finger on it. Alex thought the same and was sure Jason was a spy, he was always asking questions and out later on his own, he was better than all the kids his age at sports and then the time Alex had seen Jason in the shower. His body was well developed for a 13 year old, his thighs were well built, he had a well defined six pack and large shoulder muscles.

The final night arrive. Alex Rider, snuck out of bed, stripped off, swam across the lake to the large house and went around the back of the house. He noticed the back door was already open, and some water was on the step. Gently he crept into the house. His bare feet making no sound as he crept into the study.
Just as he got to the door, it opened. Jason Steed was standing in front of him, wet, naked and holding the device.
Both boys jumped.

“What are you doing here?” Alex whispered his eyes looking at the device Jason held.
Jason noticed where he was looking.
I görükle escort just went for a midnight swim and came here for a drink.”Jason said. “You don’t have to whisper no one home.”

“I need that.” Alex said.
“No.” Jason said trying to push past.
Alex stepped in front of him. “Jason the game is over. I’m taking that, I don’t want to hurt you but if I have to I will.”
Jason smiled, stepped back and raised himself on his toes.
Alex Smiled. “Oh so you know a little Karate.”
Alex Rider lashed out with his right foot. Jason knocked it away and swung on his right leg. His left leg catapulted from his body into Alex’s ribs, the knock took Alex by surprise. He was a black belt but had never seen someone comeback so fast before. He fell flat on his back.

“Alex. I need it. Stay down and you won’t get hurt.” Jason ordered.
Alex grunted and climbed to his feet.
“Jason, I work for the CIA. They sent me here to get it. Hand it over.” Alex said holding out his hand.
“CIA.” Jason nodded. “Well I work for MI6 and SYUI. And I really don’t want to hurt you but this is going with me. With my regards to the CIA.”
Jason head out and started run down the back path.
Alex chased after him, he was confused and knew he had to get the device not only for the CIA but his pride was hurt. He knew the boy was fast and thought better of taking Jason on at martial arts again, but his larger size and strength would be no match for the smaller younger 13 year old.
Alex dived at Jason and tackled him. The two boys wrestled on the ground, both strong for their ages and extremely fast. Alex weight and strength advantage helped him, but Jason had lightning fast reactions. they dropped the device and wrestled each other. Both boys legs wrapped around each other trying to hold the other in head locks.
For 15 minutes the both fought, grunted and cursed at each other, eventually Alex pinned Jason down on his back and lay between his legs.
“Had enough.” Alex panted sweat dripping from him brow.
“Never.” Jason puffed trying without escort bayan success to throw Alex off.
Alex dropped his head down on Jason neck, he was completely exhausted. Both boys panted, sweating stuck together.
Jason felt something strange, something hard was pocking his balls. He said nothing he noticed his own cock growing.
Alex’s cock twitched, he positioned himself lower embarrassed by his erection. It mad emitter worse it pressed against Jason butt hole.
Alex felt Jason’s cock twitch on his stomach.
Jason struggled to get free, Alex held him tight, mixed feeing rushed through his mind. Jason was gorgeous his skin was soft and he was hard as well. Without knowing he was doing it, natural responses took over, Alex pressed his hips forward, the feeling of his cock sliding between Jason ass cheeks was pleasurable.
“I have a girlfriend.” Jason said softly.
“So do I.” Alex said.
The tip of Alex’s cock found Jason’s but hole, his cock oozed pre-cum, lubricating its way.
Jason felt it and made a huge mistake, he tried to escape and move, in Alex’s attempt to hold him still. his hips pushed down, forcing his hard cock forward, into Jason’s anus. It sunk in two inches, Jason screamed.
“Take it out.” Jason pleaded.
“Can I have the device?” Alex smiled.
“Go to hell/” Jason cursed and tried to throw Alex off.
Alex lowered his full weight on Jason, all 4.5 incase of his hard teen cock sunk into Jason. Jason’s blue eyes widened in disbelief.
Nature took over and Alex started to gently ease in and out, he slowly built up a rhythm, his balls banged against Jason.
Jason felt his own cock throbbing Alex
s stomach was also rubbing it back and fourth, each time the tip of Alex’s cock rubbed on Jason’s prostate Jason gave a slight moan, in the end it was too much. He wrapped his arms around Alex’s back, pulled and groaned as he 4 inch cock started to shoot his cum. Jason had only master-bated a few times, he discovered just a few weeks ago. but nothing let like this, it was the best orgasm he had had.
Alex bursa escort belt Jasons sperm shooting on his stomach and felt the boys arch his back and sigh as he came.
It sent Alex over the edge, he thrust deep, his cock started to pulse, and swell to its maximum size stretching Jason even further, Alex collapsed on Jason as he passed his own DNA into Jason. His balls emptied into Jason bowls, he brushed his lips on Jason soft neck and lick him. His organs lasted longer than any he had had before.
For five minutes both boys lay saying nothing, eventually Alex pulled back, his cock flopped out and his semen started to run out of the crack of Jason’s ass.
“So I get to keep the device.” Jason said.
Alex lifted himself up slightly and smiled at Jason. He looked at his stomach, smeared in Jason cum. “No you came as well.”
He bent forward and kissed Jason on the lips, both boys embraced.
“You just fucked me.” Jason said.
“You liked it.” Alex said.
“No one can no about this ok?” Jason insisted.
‘No about what. Nothing happened.” Alex smiled.
Jason nodded, they both sat up and brushed off the leaves that were stuck to them.
“How about we both call our contacts and pass it over to them both at the same time. That way we both won.” Alex suggested.
“How about I kick the shit out of you and just take it.” Jason said.
“So you did like getting fucked you want to start that allover again?” Alex asked.
“No, I’m quite sore, that bloody hurt to start with.” Jason cursed.

Both boys swam back to the camp, they both called in there handlers and passed the device back to them at the same time. A friendship had begun. Both boys straight and both with girlfriends but if ever alone again, who knows what might happen? Jason tried to put to out of his mind, but each time he jerked off he could never get that feeling back again. Alex was 15 and older, he had got close to Sabrinna, let her breasts once, but nothing more, He knew it would be a few more years before she would be ready to let him get between her legs and penetrate her. He often hoped he would meet Jason again, he enjoyed the fuck, being close to someone and coming inside them was the best feeling he had, and after all Jason was good looking and cute, and no harm done.

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