Alice and Her Daughter Amy Ch. 01-02

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Chapter 1

Alice felt Ted’s hands move up to her breasts and his thumbs and forefingers find her large hard nipples. She leaned her head back onto his shoulder and groaned as those fingers began to pinch, twist and pull those large nipples through her thin white blouse. She placed her hands on his and pressed them harder into her breasts sending the unmistakable message that she was eager for this sexual contact. Encouraged, Ted began to kiss the side of her neck, nibbling slightly and occasionally moving his mouth to her ear where he tongued that especially sensitive place as he continued to work her nipples. She turned her head enough for her mouth to meet his and their tongues began licking each other while their lips stayed an inch apart. Alice felt dirty, cheap and lurid, and she liked the feelings just as she always did. As his right hand left her breast and moved slowly down her stomach toward her cunt, the place where she wanted it so badly, her own right hand moved ahead of it and pulled the hem of her skirt up as she spread her legs in welcome to that hand and those fingers.

As Ted broke the kiss and moved his mouth back down her neck, Alice glanced at her 18-year old daughter sitting on the floor in front of the TV but watching the two of them intently. Alice knew that Ted had tired of her sexually, even though they still had great sex. She was 39 and he was 26. He was tall, well muscled and very good looking with his medium long blond hair and those deep blue eyes. She knew that she was attractive too, 5-feet 3-inches, short blond hair and green eyes and a good figure with an eye-catching round ass and breasts that were just a little too large for her small frame. And her nipples that Ted adored, those one inch long brown, erotic and supersensitive pieces of flesh that Ted had fallen in love with those three months ago. But he was a lusty man with a roving eye and she was after all, an older woman. This offer she was making today was her desperate, last-ditch effort to keep him and his 8-inch cock that she worshipped and adored in her life a little longer.

He started to finger her already wet cunt as her fingers worked in harmony with his to open the slit to allow his entry into her hole. She again groaned a little too loudly and said, “Finger-fuck me like you do so good, Ted. Give me one of those delicious orgasms that you do so well.”

He unbuttoned her thin white blouse with his left hand while his right hand, with the active assistance of her own right hand, worked vigorously at exciting her pussy further. He pulled the blouse open revealing her large breasts with their huge distended nipples and he again began pulling and stretching them. Alice looked at Amy whose eyes had grown large in alarm as she saw Ted twist and pull her Mom’s large nipples in such a torturous manner. Alice smiled and groaned in obvious pleasure to assure her daughter that the actions of the man were pleasurable indeed to her.

She had always lived in a secluded section of the county and had always home schooled her 18 year old daughter, Amy. She knew for a fact that Amy was completely naïve and almost child-like when it came to sex. And Alice was desperate enough to sacrifice that naiveté now. For her beloved Ted, she would sacrifice Amy’s naïve heart and virgin body on the altar of sin and lust for her own body’s fulfillment.

The combination of her own hand and Ted’s able fingers brought Alice quickly to a deep shuddering orgasm that Alice added a small bit of theatrics to, just for Amy’s benefit. She knew that the girl had started masturbating but she wanted Amy to realize that the orgasms provided by male partners were much greater and more fulfilling. When her orgasm was over, Alice sat there on Ted’s lap with her back to him, and slowly recovered. Ted’s hands continued to work at her still engorged clit and nipple. When she opened her eyes and looked at Amy, the girl was looking wide-eyed at her. She smiled widely, winked at the girl and stretched languidly. She twisted around on Ted’s lap and kissed him long and hard. “That was so wonderful,” she purred.

“Now it’s my turn,” Ted said smiling at Alice. “How about a blowjob?”

“Later, if you don’t mind,” she smiled coyly at the reproachful look in his eyes at her words. Not even slightly abashed she said casually, too casually, “I have to go into the office for at least three hours. I’ll be gone until at least 5:00 o’clock. Will you babysit Amy for me until then? She’s grounded and can’t go out with her friends.”

Immediately his gaze changed from irked because she was leaving him with a raging hard-on, to an inquisitive, “your leaving me horny as hell with your precious virgin daughter?” look.

Her eyes answered in silence: “Yes, and I know what you are going to do and its OK with me.”

Alice got Amy to help her change clothes quickly and prepare to leave. The girl asked her mother why she had let Ted “do that” to her in front of her. Alice had taken a few minutes to bursa escort bayan explain, with some enhancements, just how good sex felt and just how a woman could be driven to do things that she would not have normally done when she was in the throws of passion.

“Now look, Amy,” Alice said as she left. “I won’t be back until after 5:00. And you cannot leave the house. Why don’t you take the time to get to know Ted better? You’ve been asking me a lot of questions about how boys feel about things. Ted could answer those questions better than I can. In fact, he could even teach you how to kiss. He’s pretty good at it,” she smiled wryly as she said that remembering the somewhat nasty show that she had put on for the girl earlier. Then she took Amy’s hand and walked to the door to leave. Ted was waiting for her there to kiss her good-bye. Alice walked to him, placed Amy’s hand in his, kissed him with lot’s of tongue showing for Amy’s benefit and left.


Ted walked Amy back to the couch and sat down beside her. “Alice asked me to answer any and all of your ‘boy questions’ that you wanted to ask me. If I can help you just let me know,” he smiled and released her hand moving his own onto her bare thigh below her yellow pleated mini-skirt. Her only other piece of clothing was a yellow halter top that allowed her nicely turned nubile breasts to push against its thin containing material.

She looked at his hand and felt the warmth that it generated on her bare skin. There were so many questions that she wanted answered, but she was shy around this man. She had wanted her mother to answer them but she had put her off. And the scene that him and her mother had just put on, well that confused her even more. But her mother had said to ask him and trust his answers. “Mom said that I could ask you to show me how to kiss. Will you?”

He smiled into her questioning eyes and said easily, “Of course I will, Amy. It’s as easy as pie. Why don’t you sit here on my lap and I’ll show you?” He grasped her hand and gently helped her climb onto his lap. When she was seated with her legs trailing onto the couch beside him he said in an instructive tone of voice, “First of all you need to realize that there are several different types of kisses. There is the ‘hello’ or ‘good-bye’ kiss that you give to a friend or parent.” He leaned into her and gave her a brief peck on the cheek. “Then there is the more intimate greeting kiss that you give a special friend.” Again he leaned into her and gave her a gentle kiss on the lips. He allowed his lips to linger there briefly and to open just slightly. He was rewarded by a slight response that caused Amy’s breath to catch just a little.

“Then there is the sweet kiss that you give to boyfriends or girlfriends to let them know that they are special to you.” He took her right arm and placed it around his neck and kissed her again. This time he opened his lips and pressed them more firmly against her young lips. He held the position for a reasonable length of time and then pulled his head back. Her eyes were closed and she was definitely breathing faster. “But you need to kiss me back if you want to learn how to do it right. Open your mouth and just do what feels good.” He leaned in again, mouth somewhat open, and pressed his lips to hers again. This time she opened her mouth too and his tongue slipped inside of her mouth. At first she tried to jerk away from this invasion of her oral cavity, but he held her firmly and in a few seconds she relaxed and started kissing him back. Her tongue touched his tentatively and then more actively as his tongue searched out the recesses of her mouth. He held the kiss for an inordinately long time feeling her grow more excited all the while. When he finally broke the kiss the girl was panting. She laid her head on his shoulder for a few seconds while she gathered her thoughts.

In a moment she raised her head and looked at him. “Is this feeling that I have right now what older girls call ‘getting hot’?”

“Yes, but you are only at the beginning of it. It is a wonderfully powerful sensation that can end in an orgasm, what your friends probably call ‘coming’. It takes a longer time of playing around, activities that adults call foreplay, and having certain parts of your body touched and excited. I can show you if you’d like me to,” he said casually.

She hedged, “I don’t know, you are Mom’s lover. She might not like it.”

“What was your impression of what she wanted when she left just now?” he asked. “She put your hand in mine and told me to answer your questions. Don’t you think that she knew we would begin to explore your sexuality? And then she was explicit about staying gone until 5:00 o’clock. She was giving her permission and telling us when to be through by.”

“I guess you’re right, she did seem to go out of her way to tell me. But I don’t want to get, well you know, the thing that can make me pregnant.”

He laughed at her timidity about gorukle escort using the word. “Do you mean ‘fucked’? It’s OK to say it. Adults do all the time. Come on, say it”

She hesitated and then smiled shyly at him and said, “OK, I’ll say it. I don’t want to get fucked and get pregnant.”

He smiled again. “That’s OK. I don’t want you to get pregnant either. But remember that some married coupled fuck all the time and try for years to get pregnant and can’t. You will not get pregnant every time you fuck. I’ll tell you what. If you don’t want me to, I won’t fuck you today. There are a lot of other things that I can teach you for now, and we’ll talk to Alice about getting you birth control pills when she gets home. Is that OK?”

Amy blushed and lowered her gaze. “I guess so.”

“Don’t be bashful or scared, dear,” Ted said soothingly. “I’m only showing you a few things that will make you very popular with your boyfriends. Did you see how much pleasure your mother had just a while ago? And we didn’t fuck. I can teach you about that if you’d like.”

She smiled at the idea of having an orgasm like her mother had had. “Yes, I think that would be OK.”

He gently pulled her closer to him and began kissing her again. His right hand slid up under the halter top and began to gently rub across her nipples and then grasping her right breast in his hand. Her nipple grew hard under his fingers for the first of many times. He gently teased one nipple and then the other feeling her tongue movements become more and more excited. He did this for about 15 minutes, until the girl was hot out of her mind. Then he moved his hand down to the bare skin below her short skirt and pushed the skirt up. His hand soon touched the crotch of her panties. He began rubbing his fingertips over the material that was pulled tightly over her cunt feeling her young body begin to tremble with the knowledge that she was about to embark on her first trip into womanhood.

He teased her like that, going from nipples to cunt, kissing her passionately all the while, for almost an hour. Her young body with its powerful hormones responded vigorously. When he finally told her to stand up and remove her panties, she stood and removed all of her clothes. Then she sat down on his lap again rubbing her young ass cheeks into the obvious bulge of his cock.

As she leaned to kiss him again she whispered hoarsely, “What about you? I have heard that boys, men need to come too. And Mom didn’t finish you when you did her. I don’t want you to… be uncomfortable.”

“Let’s worry about you for now. I’ll show you how to pleasure a man when you are through.”

Their mouths met in what Amy thought must be the heat of a volcano and his hands returned to her young breasts and cunt. He teased her unmercifully for another thirty minutes before he concentrated enough of his attention on her clit to make her come. Her orgasm was only half as long as her mother’s had been, but in her ignorance it felt as if all of the doors of pleasure in the world had been opened for her to visit within and savor their sweet candies.

She collapsed her head onto his shoulder and rested quietly for a few minutes as her body settled back into a somewhat normal state. Then she straightened her head and smiled into his blue eyes. “That was the greatest feeling I’ve ever felt. Thank you.” She kissed him gently, not passionately on the lips. “Now show me how to make you feel that good.”

“I can’t. Men don’t come like women do. But we still like the sensation. Open my pants and take my dick out.”

She slid from his lap to sit beside him and unbuckled his belt and unfastened the button at the waist. Then she unzipped his blue jeans all the way. He half stood and told her to pull then down below his knees. She did this and then pulled his jockey shorts down too. His dick stood at half erectness awaiting the young girl’s first touch of a man’s cock.

“Oh my God,” Amy sighed in amazement. “That would hurt so much if it was pushed into my pussy. How can women stand it?”

Ted laughed and answered, “It only hurts a little and that is only the first time. A woman’s cunt is made to stretch and fit around a man’s dick. That’s the way we were designed. But you don’t have to worry about that yet. We are not going to fuck, remember? I’m going to show you how to jerk off a man, masturbate him the way I just masturbated you,” he leaned back as he spoke and slid his but forward to the edge of the couch. Go get the KY Gel from your mother’s nightstand and bring it here.”

She returned a moment later and knelt on the floor between his spread knees. Without being told, she opened the tube and began to squeeze a small amount onto his dick. She immediately saw that she needed more and squeezed it out. She began rubbing it onto his dick, sliding her hands all around and over it. It began to swell to full size and her eyes grew with it.

“Does Mom really like bursa merkez escort bayan to have this thing rammed into her pussy?” she asked incredulously.

“Oh, yes. She loves it more than you can know. Maybe she will show you tonight. For now though, just keep rubbing it like that.”

She used both of her hands, sliding them up and down and twisting them around the big dick at the same time. The excitement that had built up in him ever since he had fingered Alice off and later Amy made him a quick study. Within a minute or two he was pumping a huge load of thick white cum onto Amy’s lovely breasts. The girl did not flinch, not even a tiny bit as the jism piled up and began to run down her chest and stomach. She just kept rubbing and stroking until his dick began to deflate. Then she slowed her movements as it shrank.

“Did I do that alright?” she asked looking into Ted’s nearly glazed over blue eyes.

“You can tell how good a man’s orgasm is by the amount of cum that he shoots off and how many times he shoots while he is coming. The amount that you got out of me was a really large load. You did great.”


Alice returned home to find Amy, still naked, curled up on the couch with Ted’s arm wrapped around her. They were watching a porn film that Ted loved to watch that showed a young girl being trained to be a mistress to a cruel and demanding aristocratic couple in France. Amy jumped up and ran for her bedroom trying to hide her nudity from her mother. Alice walked over to the couch and sat where Amy had been sitting and pulled Ted’s arm around her.

“Did you and my daughter have a good time while I was gone?” she asked without expression.

“Actually, yes we did. She is a sensitive and passionate girl and will grow into a wonderfully sexy woman if trained properly. He moved his eyes from her face to the TV screen purposively and watched the young heroine being trained in “deep throat” techniques.

“Is the thought of training such a girl worth your staying here with me and satisfying all of my sexual cravings?” she asked pointedly.

“I thought that that was your plan,” he said looking back at her without expression. “And the answer is maybe. Just how far in training her can I go and how much help can I get from you?”

“As long as you keep me sexually satisfied with that wonderful cock of yours, I will put only one limit to your training of my daughter. You can’t make me stay and watch when you do anything like torture her.” He started to protest, but she placed a gentle finger to his lips and continued, “I know that in the hands of the right man pain drives a woman’s sexual responses to the maximum. You have taught me that in the last three months. You may teach her with my blessings. Just know that I will only stay and watch if I want to. It won’t be up to you, OK? If I am not here, you are at your own discretion. But do not scar her body.”

He looked at her in near disbelief. “You want me badly enough to let me make a sex-slave out of your daughter, even up to making her a masochist?”

Alice hung her head for a moment and then looked up at him. “Yes. You are the best fuck I have ever had. I want you to be here for me for as long as possible.”


“I can live with that,” Ted said smiling. This was going to be the sexual adventure of a lifetime. “The first thing that you must do,” he said, “is to get her a prescription for birth control pills and make sure that she is taking them every day.”

Alice smiled and opened her purse that she had sat down on the coffee table and pulled out a flat plastic tray about three inches long and an inch wide. “That was the ‘office business’ I took care of this afternoon. Amy finished her period day before yesterday, so she is not fertile today. I can start her on the second pill in this series and she will be protected.”

“Ok, then. Go and get her and bring her back in here.”

Alice stood up and walked toward Amy’s room. She opened the girl’s door and saw her daughter lying on her bed sobbing violently. Amy rolled over and sat up as Alice closed her door. Their gazes locked for an instant and then Alice smiled broadly at her daughter.

“Did you and Ted have fun while I was gone?”

“Uh, well, yes, I guess so. But you aren’t mad at me or him?” the girl could not believe this without her mother telling her outright.

“No, of course not,” Alice walked to Amy’s bed and sat beside the naked girl. “Didn’t I tell you to get him to teach you things? He is the best lover I have ever had. I wish that my mother had provided a knowledgeable teacher like him when I was your age. It’s OK for you to get him to teach you anything, and I do mean ‘anything’ that you want to learn. And here is something for your protection while you are learning.” She held up the birth control pills and explained in detail how they were to be taken.

After that Alice led Amy into her room and began undressing. After she was naked she opened her closet and took down a small suitcase, placed it on her bed and opened it. It was filled with a tumbled pile of sexy items that she and Ted had ordered from Frederic’s of Hollywood and other sex shops. Her mother picked out a pink teddy with lacey holes where the nipples and pussy fit and also where the ass cheeks fit.

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