Alice Manipulated Ch. 01

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Alice is a very rare kind of sexually exciting young woman. She just turned 20. Her unhappy school days are finally now behind her and she has just got her first job as a receptionist to a country doctor.

An only child, she lives with her bachelor uncle Bernie, a very religious man 50 years old who has been her guardian since she lost both parents in an air crash when she was just starting school. He promised to be her guardian until she turns 21, after which time he feels sure she will find her own destiny in life based on his well intended religious teachings and puritan ideals.

They live together in a modest cottage five miles out of the town proper in heavily wooden terrain where the birdlife and small mammals run free. It is nature at its best. It is the kind of life uncle Bernie aspires to, and has educated Alice to also enjoy. He has watched her mature slowly into a beautiful young woman and is proud of the way he has carefully guarded her upbringing, her safety, and provided the much needed natural love and affection without ever once taking advantage of her pure innocence.

Uncle Bernie, being an old fashioned man unaware of how modern young women think in a free society and where many of Alice’s schoolmates were hardly even half as religious or pure in their thinking as Alice, is oblivious to the fact that while she is a mature young woman at 20, she is very naïve.

For the past few years at school Alice would hear her classmates exchanging sometimes lurid stories about their boyfriends, and the poor girl realised just how out of touch she was. Uncle Bernie had never discussed sex education with her and soon she will be 21 without a hint that he can help her understand how boys think about sex.

To compound a real dilemma Alice must face, she not only lacks real world knowledge in preparing for future relationships, she doesn’t even look her age. She lacks confidence about her figure, but never admits this to her uncle who says she is simply pure and beautiful. She hates her figure and wishes the Lord would have been more gracious to her.

Standing in front of her bathroom mirror she stares unhappily at the sight. She is only 4 feet 10 inches, way shorter than women her age. She has a shapely, but tiny figure with just an 18-inch waist and 32-inch hips. Her breasts are almost non-existent, measuring just 30 around her narrow back and flat chest. The only sign of life in her maturity as a woman is that God blessed her with big puffy nipples and are not only wide, but mounted high off her flat chest, forming peaks with prominent nipples. It is the only thing about her sexuality she likes.

Her pussy is her biggest worry. It is so small that she fears she will never be able to have a proper relationship with a man later in life. She is convinced it hasn’t altered one bit in size since she turned 13 and had to remove the first signs of hair growing there. Uncle Bernie always said her body should always be kept free of hair — except for her head — as a sign of purity. Since then Alice has been obsessed with puritan ideals and never lets hair grow down there. He told her she must never touch herself “down below” as that is giving in to the devil and can infect her mind. He would read scriptures bedside at night to put her to sleep with her thoughts free of sin. Uncle Bernie is her hero.

She likes the way he wants her to be innocent, not like some of the more wanton young women of the village, and insists she keep her silken blonde hair in pigtails. While he is preparing dinner this night, Alice gets out of the shower and studies her figure again in the mirror, always hoping to see new sign of life in the size of her breasts and her small but cute hairless pussy. Because of her inexperience, she does not know that her clitoris is quite large by body proportion and that the clitoris hood is the only part that emerges a tiny way out of the crack above her hidden vagina. Her vagina lips are tight and do not protrude from the crack in her pussy like many women’s do. This also upsets her because the small size of her pussy, especially without hair, looks just like it did when she was a kid. Some 10 years later, she can’t understand why the Lord has been so unfair to her.

She once tried to complain to uncle Bernie who took a quick look and admonished her for complaining. “Dear Alice,” she can still hear him saying. “The good Lord gave you the kind of beauty you are meant to have. Not to be like others, but to be you. There is nothing to complain about. You are meant to look natural so be proud of that.”

Even though she is very attractive with a beautiful shaped face, bright blue eyes, brilliantly white perfectly formed teeth, she had to endure years of being called baby face at school. At least that part of her life is now over and no one has called her baby face for the past 18 months. But getting her first job was very hard, being turned back time and time again because she looked so immature. It was only her uncle’s poker oyna intervention that got the doctor to hire her after weeks of anguish. With her youngish looking face, short height, and minute figure and no noticeable tits, she was often misjudged by would-be employers as trying to put her age up just to get a job. They weren’t interested in finding out she was leaving her teems. Not starting them!

Soon her uncle will allow her to go out unescorted but she dreads any boy wanting to make love to her, as much as she wants that to happen. Listening to her classmates at school talk in the final semester, she can’t imagine a boy getting his penis inside her and she would be the joke of the village.

She decides to put her problem to her new boss, the doctor. At least he is in a position, she thinks, to judge better than anyone as he sees female genitals as part of his work even though most of his patients are old people. In her first two weeks working for him, not one person close to her age has been to the doctor’s consulting rooms.

As she tidies her desk up at rhe end of business today, she confronts the doctor, a tall handsome married man in his 40s who always seems totally relaxed. “Doctor, I think I have a problem but I am; afraid to ask about it,” she blurts out.

“Why is that Alice? he asks curiously, “You look perfectly well to me. Is someone bothering you?”

“Well sir, as you know I’ve just turned 20 and my uncle helped me to get this job with you after I was rejected time and time again for looking too young to be taken seriously. I know I don’t look my age but that’s not my fault, it’s how God made me.”

“Is that all Alice? If that’s a problem, it will soon pass. Don’t worry about it. You are a bright, very attractive young lady and I for one think the pigtails hairstyle looks good with your blonde coloured hair. Yes, you don’t look your age but that applies to a lot of people. You are not alone in that regard. You know, there are some people who are 50 that only look like they are in their thirties. I am employing you and I know you will be 21 in 12 months. You have a good secure job here”

“Well sir, there is something else. It’s not just about looking too young to be taken at my real age, but worse. I am afraid to go out with boys in case they want sex and because I am a tiny build I think my pussy is too small for that.”

The doctor looks surprised. “Really? Alice I do think you are exaggerating your fears now. You are 20 and all girls your age are made for love. You are quite normal but you are letting your fears take control of you.”

“No sir, I really mean it. I need your opinion. There is only my uncle I can talk to and he is not as experienced as you in these things. Can you help me?

“Do you wane me to take a look and give you an opinion?”

“Yes please. I do so much want to be like the other girls my age dating boys, some are even going out with men 10 years older than them and I feel like a kid freak. I don’t think my pussy has grown at all since I first really took an interest in it when I was 13 and started getting some hair growing down there.”

“Alice you must put these thoughts out of your mind. If it makes you feel better I will have a look since you insist. I will go wash my hands while you undress. Just hop up on the examination table when you are ready.”

When the doctor returns Alice is lying on the table completely naked. She is unconcerned that she undressed more than they needed to, as this is how she always laid on top of her bed sheets every night as uncle Bernie read scriptures to her in the belief his readings and her look of purity somehow intertwined to make her a more wholesome person. Apart from looking at her nudity, he never once laid a finger on her.

“Oh, I didn’t expect you to take everything off but now you are fully undressed just lie back and I’ll give you a thorough examination,” said the doctor.

He has to be careful not to bruise her confidence any further but he is genuinely surprised that indeed, fully undressed, she doesn’t look anywhere near 20. She is short; her figure is very trim but not skinny. Body fat in the right places, her breasts are nowhere near developed for her age although her broad puffy nipples are chunky and adult size. A first glance between her thighs reveals the truth of her story. Her pussy is indeed quite small. It is graced however by a high and wide pubic mound but overall, her vulva is short just like it was before she became a teenager. Unlike some young women her age whose vagina lips protrude out of the crack, hers are totally hidden. The only sign of maturity on the outside is her clitoris hood, which emerges partially from above her vagina. Her legs are shapely with good bulk around the thighs but simply not long.

Before he examines the condition of her vagina he turns her on to her stomach and checks the shape of her buttocks. They are solid and firm enough, not short of the necessary full cheeks support canlı poker oyna they are made for. He parts her legs and squeezes upwards in repeating movements the inside lower parts of her buttocks near her pussy to force her outer vulva and inner vagina lips to open outwards. He does this about 10 times.

He notes that her back is narrow across the shoulder blades and her arms quite slim with small hands. By all definitions Alice is a kid’s body in a mature young woman. He sees nothing wrong with that, ironically the same as her uncle Bernie.

He turns Alice over on her back again and parts her legs. Her hairless petite pussy is so smooth it gives him the impression it has never grown hair at all. As a doctor this does interest him. He runs his fingers around the inside of her vagina and moves his fingers up to her clitoris which is very much 20 year-old in size.

“Well that’s a good sign, your clitoris is quite healthy and probably bigger than normal for your body size,” he tells her. :”Now, I am going to feel around inside your vagina for a few minutes and see if you respond normally”

Alice braces herself, as this is new to her. He pushes her legs wider. She shuts her eyes as she can feel his fingers inside her, probing about. She jumps a little when he touches her clitoris.

“Can you feel that, what I am doing now,” he asks.

“Yes sir, it is very sensitive. No it doesn’t hurt, it just makes me goose bumpy”

He does it again and she jerks slightly on the table. “Ooh,” she exclaims. “I felt that. It feels quite strange.”

“Did it hurt or frighten you,” he queried.

“No sir, but it felt like nothing I have ever felt before, It was quite nice though.”

He feels around her clitoris again. Alice gives a low moan. “This is feeling nice, is it?” he asks. She nods. He keeps doing it a bit longer to make sure of her responses. She is squirming about rather unflatteringly on the table so he takes his fingers away.

“Alice, your responses to manual stimulation down there is quite reasonable and typical of someone your age. Nothing wrong with that part of your equipment.”

“But what about the part where a man puts his thing inside me? Doctor what about the size of my pussy? Will I have any troubles with it being so small?”

“Alice, let me try to explain. Your pussy is very small from an outward point of view. Yes, it looks like it probably looked when you were about 11 but you are now 20 and inside your pussy a lot of changes have taken place. While your entrance is small compared to some women your age, God made women very flexible down there to expand quite wide when needed to, and taking a man’s penis becomes a natural function. Obviously though, it helps when the vagina is properly lubricated and your own body oils do that when you get aroused.”

“Well sir, I understand you are trying to make me feel better about all that but what happens when one day I have to find out and it is not that easy and I am embarrassed?”

“Alice, you are not the same size down there; well, not on the inside anyway. You just think you are. The inside flexibility is what matters most and of course, how your boyfriend prepares you. Look Alice, I will do you a very special favour, I will show you, demonstrate it to you if you like, with your permission”

“What will you do exactly, sir?”

“I will put my penis inside you to show you can take a man down there and end once and for all your fears. But you must not tell anyone I am doing this as it would be most embarrassing for you if anyone found out.”

“Oh sir, I wouldn’t want anyone to know, not even my uncle Bernie. Please show me. I must know I am as good as the other girls my age.”

Alice watches her employer pull down his pants and take off his briefs. This is an experience she has never had in her life and it somehow fascinates her, especially when she sees his eight-inch thick erection bounce out of his undies and stand upright.

“Oh sir, that will never fit in me. It’s so big.”

“Alice, firstly I want you to tell me you want me to put it in you. Consent please.’

“Yes sir, please put it in me.”

He moves level with her face. “It will help if you slick it up with your mouth. I will put it in your mouth first and you close your lips around the knob end and slide it back and forth between your lips. Try it.” As she grips one hand around his shaft he moves his fingers to her cunt and starts massaging it to get her ready for penetration. Alice keeps sucking and is starting to slobber on his big piece of meat so she stops and says in a quivering voice,” Sir I think I have got it nice and slippery for you now.”

“Yes Alice, that is very good now lie back and open your legs wider for me; I am going to pull your over to the edge of the table to access your pussy”.

Her cunt is still throbbing from the way he expertly aroused her juices. Her smallish vagina is now relaxed and ready for him. He sways her internet casino naked body around to the edge of the table, pushing both knees well apart and puts his oiled knob to the inviting entrance. Alice stares down between her legs, wanting to see what happens. Not even her uncle Bernie whom she trusts so dearly has ever been like this with her.

Slowly, ever so slowly, he pushes his thick manhood into her, inch by inch. The head is right inside and Alice sees it disappearing inside her. She squeals in delight.

“Ooh, oh, oh, I can feel it. I can feel it,” she whimpers in a happy voice. “It is going inside me. It fits. This is so exciting.”

He pushes more and retracts his movements to almost pull out of her. Then he plunges it in all eight inches to his balls and just stays there, holding her firmly around her bare buttocks.

“Alice I am completely inside you now. My cock is probably as big or more likely bigger than your first boyfriend’s. Can you feel me inside you?

“Yes sir, I can feel it. It feels so huge. It seems to fill me up.”

“Does it feel good Alice?”

“Oh yes sir. It feels wonderful, this has never happened to me before”

The doctor continues to slowly slide his member in to its hilt and start a very slow stirring motion

“Alice, guess what?”

“What sir?

“Look down at your pussy. See how wide open your pussy lips are now. See how big my penis is. It is quite thick isn’t it and you are taking it full length, full width right up inside you as far as it can go and it doesn’t hurt. You see, your pussy is made for this”

“Oh sir, I feel so good, please leave it inside me. Give me some more of this. It feels incredible when I can feel it moving this way and that like you are brushing the side of me inside.”

“See Alice, like I told you, it’s a young girl’s sized pussy but because you are old enough now you can enjoy a full size man’s cock like any other girl. Be very pleased about that because you are especially lucky.”

“What do you mean, sir?”

“Well Alice, your pussy, quite frankly is incredibly tight because of its size yet it is capable of taking a large penis. Because it is tight it grips the man’s penis all the tighter as he slides it in back and forth. This adds much greater sensation, and by that I mean pleasure, to the man making love to you. It is really better for you, too”

“Do all men like tight pussies sir, or just you?”

“Oh heavens Alice Every man, no matter how young, how old or how experienced he is, will much prefer to be inside a really tight pussy.

“Alice, let’s stop talking. I am going to fuck you hard now and I want you to let yourself go, knowing you are allowed to enjoy this as being part of a grown up woman’s right.”

His rock hard shaft’s pulsating thrusts get faster and faster as the new receptionist leans back panting louder and louder, her eyes rolled back, her head tilted backwards. She is experiencing the greatest joy of her life. Nothing has ever felt anything like this before. She sways her small shoulders left and right, her tiny body seemingly crushed under his bulk, bouncing, twisting as his cock enjoys her virgin flesh. There is no blood. Her hymen was broken when doing high jumps at the high school sports day three years ago.

Her short slender legs, knees raised up and outwards, seem out of proportion to his considerably greater height and body size. Her puffy nipples are darker coloured and very erect sticking out like she has never seen them this way before. Alice is driven — literally driven by his hard thrusting cock — into an uncontrolled state of sexual arousal that makes her tremble. It starts as a weird ripple, then becomes a wave, then rolling waves crashing through her,

“Oh my! Oh my! Oh my! Oh my dear God! “Aaaarrrgh!” He feels her body shake and then suddenly stiffen in a spasm of orgasmic delight with a piercing scream Yeeeeeaaahhh!

He pulls his masculine eight inches of meat out of her sloppy vagina and it spurts a thick wad of white goo across her unsuspecting face and over her nipples. He moves quickly to smear it evenly over her face and towards her partly open mouth where thick sperm is dribbling over her bottom lip and down her chin.

“This is what you must do when your boyfriend does this. I am just showing you so you know what to expect. And won’t be embarrassed later,” he lies. Alice licks the sperm from around her lips and swallows much of it as there is simply too much to wipe into her face. “Oh my, oh my,” she gasps.

“Alice do you now believe you can be fucked easily?”

“Oh yes sir. Now you have shown me, I feel more confident now, My uncle was going to show me when I turn 21 and I must not tell him about this as he so dearly wants to educate me in his own way. He doesn’t think I am ready until I am 21.”

“Well Alice I agree you should not tell him as he could get very mad at you and even embarrass you in front of other people. That wouldn’t be nice, so you will keep it a secret won’t you?”

“Yes doctor. You know you can trust me and I can trust you. Thank you so much for showing me I am just as good down there as other women and thank you so much for all the pleasure you gave me.”

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