Alice’s Wonderland

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I had been coming to the cabin for years. It was off in the mountains of North Carolina, about five hours away from our home in Tennessee, and while not the greatest of accommodations, it was a retreat from our busy lives. Sometimes my wife would come with me, sometimes, I would get away to write, and depending on if I was alone or with her, decided how relaxed I would be.

I had married a younger woman after I had gotten well established in my career. She was everything I had ever wanted in a woman. She was brilliant, an assistant professor of biology at the same University I taught at, creative in all the ways I wish she was, one of the most beautiful women I have ever laid eyes on, let alone sleep with, and fifteen years my junior. She had all the drive which women my age lacked. While my friends complained that their sex life had slowed down, mine was crazy. She wanted sex more than I did (I never complained), and she liked to experiment more than men’s locker room stories. I’d wake up to blow jobs, she ask me to fuck her in parking lots, beg me to fuck her ass, and wasn’t afraid of a little spanking or some bondage. She was petite, but not skinny. As a swimmer, her body was tight, but she had all the necessary curves to make a man go crazy. She wasn’t a freak porn star or possessed a ghetto ass, but her ass made waves when I’d fuck her doggy and tits were well above average, big enough to wrap around my dick and fly all over the place when I fucked her.

Our relationship started normal enough. I had been with many women before, so it wasn’t like I was a novice. The sex started pretty fast, but it was normal. It was courtly fucking, where we would go out for a night and end up at my place or hers and find our way to the bedroom. She was clearly into it, but she never went crazy, and I was more than happy; however, once night we smoked some pot and that changed everything. I was a regular smoker, but evidently, she was not. She initiated it, and I readily agreed.

We sat on her living room couch, back against the cushions after two bowls. I had been a bit hesitant because I only smoke the best week, and since she didn’t smoke that much, I didn’t think she would have anything good, but as I sat there, I could feel just how good the weed was. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the feeling of complete relaxation, but she had no intentions of doing the same. Before I knew what she was doing, she had unzipped my pants and was sucking my cock. She had blown me before a few times, but it was always an afterthought. I knew enough about women to know that unless they pushed the agenda, you could ruin a relationship really fast by pushing the issue with head. This was different. She was attacking my dick, like she couldn’t get enough of it. She ripped my pants off and sucked on my balls, even pushed my cock and balls up so she could lick my asshole (a new experience). She took her shirt off and titty fucked me for a bit only to finish me off the way few women had done, by deep-throating me.

When she sat back next to me, cum still in her mouth, she was out of breath. She sat there for a few minutes, but soon after she regained her composure, she launched into a diatribe about how much she loved a cock in her mouth, how great cum tasted, and how the feel of a man exploding was the greatest thing in life. I was in shock, but I knew enough to reward her for something truly great. I tried to go down on her, but she stopped me. When I protested she consented, but only if we could 69, in her words, only long enough to get my dick hard again. We stripped naked, and there on the floor she sat on my face and started working my soft cock in her mouth. It took about one minutes, before I could even get going on her, and I was rock hard. She got off me and looked me dead in the eye and then gave me the order that would change my life. “I want you to fuck my pussy and ass like you have never fucked before. Wear my cunt out, cum in me as much as you can, but before the night is over I want you to cum on my face at least once.”

A porn could not have been scripted in such a way, but that’s what happened. We fucked and fucked, fucked so much I didn’t know how I did it or where it came from. Certainly by the end of the night, I had no more cum left in me, but I wasn’t complaining with my high sex freak. I swore to myself that night that I would keep her in weed because it was absolutely the best sex of my life. I had never had a woman as me to do what she asked me, and had never done anal sex because of my size. Nothing phased her, but I knew the next morning would be awkward, and as we laid there dozing off, I secretly knew that she would probably be embarrassed in the morning and our relationship would peter out. But then I woke up.

That next morning was the first of my morning blow jobs from her, only to be capped off with the order that I fuck her ass and fill it because I certainly ran out of cum the night before, “before her ass could get filler properly.” When I finished, she casually got up and went to the bathroom and then came out naked and asked if I wanted some breakfast. I almost asked her to marry me right there. We didn’t talk about what happened, but instead when about our day. I left and went into my office and tried to get some work done, all the time having our date that night on my mind.

We sat down for dinner in a quiet place I loved to go, ordered drinks, and before I could even say anything, she started.

“You’ve got to be wondering about last night and this morning, “ I tried to interrupt, but she stopped me. “Listen, I’ve been with guys that simply can’t handle it, handle a woman that says what she wants and pushes for it.”

“So last night wasn’t just about being high.”

“Certainly not, but it helped me to go ahead and show you the real me. Everything I said and did I wanted to do, and you need to be ok with that. I don’t want a man judging me because I like certain things or want a man to do certain things, and I need to know right now, before we go any further if this is ok with you.”

I looked at her puzzled. “Why in the world would last night not be ok? This morning was amazing..”

“Ok, so here it is. Guys say they want a woman to love to suck their cock,” (this is how she really spoke about it—cock) “but when a woman asks for it, they think shes a whore, and that’s not to mention cum.”

She didn’t pause when the waiter came with our drinks. She even ordered and continued to talk about it all.

“You guys love the idea, the idea, of a woman that just wants to drink your cum, but when it actually happens its like you guys are scared or something.”

“Hell no. I think its amazing and refreshing. I’ve been around the block. I love the fact that you enjoy sex and want to have sex. Most women don’t, but I have to ask a few questions.”

“Sure, go ahead.” She took a sip of her wine looking me dead in the eye.

“So you really like cum?”


“Why?” Maybe I was asking a few too many questions, but shit, I had never had a woman behave like she had. I had to know.

“Its just so erotic. The feeling, the taste, the entire environment of it all. The pleasure it is causing my partner. Everything about it. Certainly some guys have better cum than others, but its rare that a guy has really nasty cum.”

“And what about mine?”

“You’re a really big cummer, which is nice. Most guys don’t shoot like you do and yours is still kinda thick for the amount you cum. Most guys that cum as much as you do its all thin and runny. You can still really feel the thickness on your tongue when you cum.” I had a ragging hard on. She knew it. “Want to continue to ask questions?”

Of course I did, and it was the greatest dinner of my life. She told me how amazing it was to feel a dick really deep in her, how tight it was in her ass and how it felt like she was being split in two in the best of ways, how great it was to feel her tits fly around when she was getting really fucked hard, and how much of a turn on it was to see and feel a guy cum all over her. The conversation ended only when it was time for dessert and she told the waiter that we were going to go out on the patio and have a cigarette. I didn’t smoke and didn’t think she did either, but followed her lead, and didn’t return to the table until I had lifted her skirt up and fucked her over a patio table. We barely made it through the coffee and dessert because of her descriptions of my cum leaking into her panties, but we managed to make it home before I came in my pants.

That’s how it went, and how my curiosity developed. I began to wonder what she felt, why she loved it so much, and that naturally turned into requests while we fucked that she gladly submitted to. She thought nothing off me wanting her to give me back my cum when she blew me once, and didn’t even flinch when I asked her to stick a dildo in my ass or strap it on to fuck me. It was all about pleasure with someone you trusted and there was nothing gay or wrong with it, and so, my problem grew.

The problem came to a head when she left on a research trip that lasted two weeks. The first night she was away, I was masterbating furiously to some porn, when I saw an advertisement for breast forms. The adhered to your body, felt like real breasts, and moved like the real thing. It peaked my curiosity. I immediately went to my room and found the things she had left at my place. I tried to put her panties on me, but they didn’t fit, and even though her cups were large, the strap of the bra was way too small for me. I knew at that moment that I couldn’t be a woman, but I wanted to know what having the body of a woman was like. I didn’t like men, but the idea of being a woman with a man was a turn on.

I canlı bahis got back on the computer and began my search. Being an academic I had to do all the research I could. I felt like I should have an exaggerated female form since I wanted to know what it was like. I wanted bigger boobs that hers, and after seeing the sizes of the options settled in on large but not freakish. I read how the real heavy ones would not stay attached, so being that she was a “d” cup, I went up a few sizes to an “f,” got the appropriate band measurement, and ordered right away. I bought the adhesive and remover, the bra, and panties. I even went so far as to order a body suit that would somewhat mask my male body. I bought dresses and skirts, all kinda of clothes, and before the night was over, I had compiled a large list of items and well over a thousand dollar bill.

When they came in two days I was scared, and only after three beers and all the curtains drawn, did I work up enough courage to dive in. When I did it was an experience I had never had. It felt amazing to have those forms against my body and feel that bra hold them in. I chatted in rooms as a woman and discovered a whole side to myself I had never had before. When she returned, the dressing ended, and my two weeks as a woman was hidden. I packed everything up and put it in the attic. That is where it stayed until we were married, and I started making trips to the cabin by myself.

When that started I used the excuse that I was swimming to have my entire body waxed, and almost as soon as the tires stopped at the cabin, I was dressing as a woman. I would remain as a woman the entire time I was there, days at a time, always producing more writing than I ever had before, happier than I had ever been, but when it was time to go home, I was more than happy to put my female side away until the next time. It never went further, and our sex life never slowed.

It stayed that way for four years, that is until this past visit, and that is why I am writing. I am not sure what happened, how to explain it, or how this will change my life. I did what I did because I was so confused, lost, but also because I didn’t want to lose her, and I hope she knows that. I just didn’t expect this is how it would end up. My confusions continues and I am not sure how in the world this will end, and who will be hurt in the process.

Everything began as it normally would. I had four days alone, and freshly waxed, as soon as I entered the cabin and got things warmed up, I attached the forms with the adhesive, got dressed in my new garders and thong, sexy skirt and blouse and set about my normal evening. It was normal until there was a knock on the door.

In all my years in that cabin, I had never seen anyone around, not to mention coming to the door. It was at least three miles away from anyone else, so there was no reason to come there unless it was to come there. I went to run to the bathroom to strip as fast as I could, thinking it was my wife or someone I knew, when the door opened and two men walked in. One was my age, maybe a few years younger, and the other had to be barely 18.

“Steven, don’t worry about trying to change. We have seen you and know what you are up to.”

I stopped dead in my tracks, scared to death of what was to follow. Amazingly I wasn’t physically afraid, I was more afraid of someone finding out what I looked like.

“Don’t worry Steve, or Stevie, what is your girl name? We aren’t going to tell Alice anything, at least not at the moment.”

The “not at the moment” sent shivers down my spine.

“Come sit down. We need to talk.”

I followed the order completely.

“See I know what this would do to your marriage, and you do to, so I think we have a solution to our little problem.” He looked over at the younger man and smiled, “You see, its clear that you want to be a little woman there, well not so little according to those tits you got, but a woman none the less, and we aim to help ya out with that. So here is the deal. I am going to give you two orders, that’s all, and all of this remains between us. No one has to know.”

I was scared to death. I was getting ready to be raped and killed by these guys.

“Don’t worry there Mrs. Doctor sweet cheeks, we aren’t going to rape and kill you.”

“How did you know what I was thinking?”

“Your going to be wondering a lot of things by the time we leave, but none about your safety. You’ll be shocked at how much and how far you want to take this.”

“I doubt that.”

“You may now, but do we have a deal? Two orders and then everything is fine?”

“And what two orders?”

“Don’t worry, they are nothing you haven’t thought about if you are honest with yourself. So are you willing to do this, willing to do this on your own volition?”

“And no one will know?”

“Only the people in this room.”

“Lets get this over with.”

“Ok here is the deal. My young counterpart here has never been with a woman. I want the young lad to get a nice little blow job from a woman with nice tits like yours, and don’t act like your repulsed. I know you have thought about it and now is your chance. Hes clean and attractive and nothing is wrong with him. We will even help to make it easy on you.”

I didn’t say anything. I didn’t move, not even when he came towards me, unzipped his pants and took his dick out and hung it in my face.

“Just go with it Stevie, you’ll get the hang of it. It is a natural act.”

And then it just happened. I took his dick in my mouth and started doing what Alice would have done. I didn’t do it with any enthusiasm, I just did it, and before I knew it, it was over. He came, I swallowed, and he withdrew. It wasn’t repulsive, but wasn’t exciting either; it just was.

“Ok, so you ready for command number two?”

“Fuck you just get it over with.”

“That’s no way to act. It wasn’t that bad was it?”

“Whats the second?”

“Well naturally, I want one too.”

He didn’t wait for a response. He came over to me and dropped his pants and before me hung a large dick. He had to be at least my size. I wanted it over so I reached out, grabbed his dick and put it in my mouth, but this time it was different. When it hit my lips it was like electricity went through my body. I loved the way his cock felt in my mouth, the feel of it against my tongue. The pleasure was so much that I couldn’t even muster a question or repulsion. I wanted it. It grew and started to fill my mouth, and this time I clearly began working it as Alice would work my cock. I couldn’t get enough. I sucked on the head and squeezed his shaft with my lips as I pushed it further and faster into my mouth. He came before I wanted him to, but when he did a whole new series of sensations flooded my body. The amount of cum was shocking. It flooded in my mouth in waves, in huge waves with a lot of force. It filled my mouth before I knew it and I began swallowing as fast as I could. But something began happening. My entire body grew hot as soon as I swallowed, and the heat grew fast as more and more cum made its way into my stomach. By the time he was done cumming, I thought I would explode into a burst of flames, but as I caught my breath, sitting back in the chair, cum dripping down my chin, the room started to spin, and I felt myself drift into unconsciousness.

When I came to, they were sitting on the couch drinking one of my beers. I was groggy, and felt strange.

“Stevie, so your back with us. How ya feeling?”

The room was still blurry. My body felt strange and distant. “I think I need to go to the hospital.”

“No your fine. Trust me, but now that your awake, we will be leaving as we said we would, that is unless you want us to stay.”

“You really need to take me to a hospital, something is wrong.” And something was wrong. My vision was blurry and I felt a weight on my chest. “I think I am having a heart attack.”

“Your not having a heart attack, not yet, and not in the way you think you are.”

“What do you mean? I could barely move my body. I could barely make out his form 5 feet from me.

“Ok, do you really want to know?”

“Fuck you. Tell me whats wrong with me.”

“Don’t freak out on me, at least not yet. You’ll be fine in about five minutes. At least after the shock wears off.”

“Fucking tell me”, I screamed, but that is when I heard my voice It was different. It sounded like a muffled Alice.

“Alright there Stevie, Ill tell you. You see, you volunteered to swallow Anthony’s load here, and you see it has to be voluntary to work. And then you swallowed my load, voluntarily of course, and while Anthony’s was just normal ol’ spunk; mine is a bit different. You see when you swallowed mine, something kinda happened to you. I don’t know how it happened, but I was given a little gift. You see when my cum interacts with another person’s cum, the person that ingests that interaction undergoes some changes. Its always the ultimate desire of the person that has ingested it. Your dear ol’ Alice wanted to love sex as much as her boyfriend at the time loved sex, and you my pretty lady, well, you wanted to be a woman.”

When he said that, I saw the smile on his face, and I began instantly aware that the weight on my chest were two large breasts. He saw me look down at them, and then look up at him.

“You see there Stevie, you actually got two wishes for the price of one. See you look just like Alice, except for those big tits you got, and because you wanted to be her, you got her wish to want sex as much as any horn dog man does. So what do you have to say for yourself?”

I got up without him saying another word and walked to the bathroom. I was wearing the outfit I bahis siteleri had one when they came in, but in the reflection was Alice, except for one main difference: the boobs. On me they looked big, but on her frame they were enormous.

“They are nice aren’t they? You see you bought the ones that were an “F” cup on your frame, but on her those size tits are even bigger, I’d say like H-cups maybe. They are impressive.”

And they were. You couldn’t help be look at them. They dominated the frame of the woman in the reflection. They dominated my chest.

“But how?”

“Don’t ask questions. Just deal with it. We are going to take off, but we will check in on you tomorrow to see how your doing. I know it will be hard with those tits you got and that new pussy your carrying around, but get some rest.”

And with that they were gone. I was left in the cabin alone, and when I tried to chase after them, throwing open the door and demanding a response, they were gone. I did the only thing I could do. I went back inside, locked the door and stood in utter confusion. I paced trying to figure out what to do, the whole time beginning to feel and understand the differences between the old body and the new. My gate was much wider with my hips, which was hard to get use to. When I walked, even in my bra, my breasts pulled at the motion. No matter what I did, I was aware of them. Eventually I found myself to the couch, suddenly finding myself in an emotional state I had never felt before. I cried and although I tried to stop, I couldn’t. I searched my heart, but no matter what I thought, the idea of never being with Alice, never being myself, never teaching again, caused more tears to fall.

I struggled with the entire process. I went to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. I was a picture of beauty, but all I could see where my sexual urges that put me in this condition. I ripped the clothes I had off. I threw them against the door and again looked at myself. I wanted to be angry, but all I saw was the body of a goddess. My breasts hung perfect, and without the bra, the weight was increased. My areolas were much bigger than I had imagined, and bare, my nipples stood erect. My hips were wide, and my legs were the definition of perfect, defined but a step away from being too muscular. I was amazed at my beauty, but I still could not take it as such.

I turned off the lights and with only the weight of my new body and the difference in my step to remind me, I made my way through the dark. From memory I found my bedroom, where I collapsed in the bed, and before I knew it, I was asleep.

When I awoke, everything was different. The confusion was gone, but its hard to actually explain. I had memories that I had never had. Things looked familiar that didn’t before, in ways that I didn’t know or understand. I walked into the kitchen and poured myself some juice without thinking. I knew that I was a man, somewhere, but everything seemed normal. I wasn’t under the control of someone else or something else, it was just that I felt comfortable.

I went to the couch and sat down without thinking about my former self. I was just me, Stevie, drinking some OJ, and turning on the TV. I sat there and put both my feet on the coffee table, searched the channels and not once did I think about the strangeness of my body. With no thought at all, I settled on the news, put my hand between my legs and began rubbing my clit. I sat there, legs spread wide, rubbing myself with increasing speed and drinking my OJ, watching how the rain was going to move in this evening, how the Senators won their hockey game. I sat there penetrating my opening and bringing myself to an amazing orgasm, finishing just about the time the color commentary ended the news and my eventful morning.

After I orgasmed, I put the fingers that had been inside me in my mouth, sucking off the juices that coated them, stood up, deposited my glass in the sink and took a shower.

When I was done, I went to the bedroom with a towel wrapped around my long hair, and went to drawer after drawer and pulled out the appropriate clothing. I slid a thong up my long legs, pulled my ass checks apart to adjust its placement and then put on a bra in two seconds. Once I had rotated the bra around the appropriate way and pulled it up to cup my breasts, I reached in and pulled them into place. I put on a skirt with no effort and then slid on a tight fitting top that clung to my belly and breasts. I slid into a pair of blue flats, went and dried my hair, and before I knew it was sitting in front of the mirror applying makeup.

The day passed with normal behavior. I read a book and fixed myself lunch. I almost forgot about my former self. I was on vacation away from my family, enjoying the peace and quiet, and as the sun began to set, and I watched the half light pass through the window, there came a knock on the door.

They simply walked in without any comment. I recognized them, but as soon as they walked in the door all I could think about was them naked. The young one was attractive, but the older one had something about him. He walked past me without saying anything and sat down on the chair opposite the couch. I couldn’t break our gaze. While I stared at him, all I could think about was his cock. Nothing happened, but then I couldn’t stop it. I wanted it more than anything. I almost crawled to him, and once there, I unzipped his pants and took out his cock. Soft in my mouth it felt amazing. It was all I could concentrate on. I loved the way it grew in my mouth, going from soft and moveable to hard, large and stiff. I couldn’t get enough of the edges of his head against my lips and the feeling of his length moving deeper in my mouth.

I moved all the way down on his cock, and then looked up at him as he looked at me. “What about my young partner there, he’s getting jealous.”

I didn’t say anything. When the words left his mouth, I wanted it. Without direction I let his cock slip out of my mouth and stood in front of him. I unzipped my skirt and pulled my panties down, and with an urgency I can’t remember, I turned away from him, spread my ass, and sat down on his cock, guiding it into my already soaked pussy. I didn’t try and move, or fuck it, I just got it deep, and looked at the young man. I could barely compose myself, I settled on him, and watched as the young man walked towards me and pulled his pants down. His hard cock made its way into my mouth without any protest, and as I slowly grinded on the cock inside me, I took the hard cock in my mouth without any problem. I began to speed my pace on the cock in my mouth, desiring it to cum more than anything in my life. I wanted to taste it, feel it explode. I paused long enough for my bra to come off and my shirt to be lifted over my head, but as soon as I was naked, I dove back on the cock in front of me.

It wasn’t long before he exploded in my mouth and I groaned as I felt the thick goo flow into my throat. I grinded with more speed as his cum diminished and cock grew soft, cumming in violent shakes as I released the half hard dick from my mouth. Once released, I stood and let the cock free that was inside me, I turned around to face him, and lowered myself back onto him. In the few seconds that he was gone, I missed his presence, but as I lowered down on him and violently started to fuck him, he grabbed my tits and began to raise himself into me, fucking me with me in the position of control.

I came again as he fucked me, but almost as soon as I came down, he pushed me off.

“Looks like our young friend is ready.”

That is when I first realized what I had done, when my male self came out. Standing there with my pussy gapping, my juices flowing out of me and the taste of cum fresh in my mouth. It wasn’t shame. It wasn’t disgust. If I was honest, it was completion. This body and what it was, was who I really was. I felt a pride over the person I was. I felt my breasts, let my hand go down over my stomach and to my crotch, felt the wetness on the small line of trimmed pubic hair that led like a pathway to my wonderful vagina. I let my hands go around my hips to my ass and felt the weight and fullness of my cheeks, come back up my sides and admire the curves, only to find my breasts again and lift their weight. I pulled them up and pointed my nipples to my face, and without a problem, I kissed each one in succession. I was truly the erotic model I wanted to be, and I had before me the instruments to make me feel like the woman I was.

I looked down at the man in the chair, smiled at him with his enormous cock standing at attention, glistening with my drying juices around his shaft, and me smiled back.

“It looks like you are finally at peace with yourself, so now the only thing to do is administer some violence to your body.” He smirked.

He stood up in front of me, forcing me back a bit, grabbed my face with two hands, and kissed me. It was my first kiss, and I gave into it completely. I felt his tongue invade my mouth, and behind me I felt Anthony come behind me and begin, with both his hands, to frame my hips with his hands. He kissed the back of my neck, brought his hands up my sides and work his hands in between my breasts and my kisser. Immediately, I felt his cock push against the small of my back, a slight wetness from his tip, but the sensations surrounding my body took over. I was mush in their hands, and when the kiss ended, I was turned to face the young man, that kissed me immediately. His kiss was more violent, more intrusive, but not bad. It was different. Again hands invaded my coupling from behind, lifting my breasts and squeezing them tight. I gasped for air with that feeling.

Suddenly I was released. “My cock needs a bit bahis şirketleri of your saliva.” And taking my orders, I turned, dropped to my knees and in one movement, got the length of his large cock into my throat. The shock was more on my end than his, and he had to physically remove me from his wonderful cock after only a few moments. I didn’t want to leave it. The taste of myself on his cock and the thickness in my mouth were more than I could stand, but I stood none the less. Out of breath, he looked at me and ordered me to lower myself on his cock.

I went to straddle him as he sat, but he stopped me. “No, turn around.”

I obeyed him, straddled his legs, now together, and went to lower myself on him. I moved until I felt the head of his cock against my lips, and with the weight of my body, his cock was forced into me. Although I had just had him inside me, it was like my body craved and missed his size. I couldn’t move when I was down on him; I closed my eyes and simply enjoyed the fullness.

I raised myself to begin fucking him, but when I went to allow my weight to push him back into me, he caught me. “No, your ass now.” I looked back at him, then at Anthony, who smiled at me. “You gotta make room for Anthony in that body of yours.”

I obeyed once more. I pulled up so he left my body and then tried my best to align his cock head with my asshole. I rubbed it back and forth with my hand and then once it was in place, allowed myself to push down on it. It was not easy. I was tight and found it difficult to relax. I closed my eyes to concentrate. The head of his cock worked into my hole, spreading the tightened sphincter, but not loosening it. I knew from fucking Alice, that she definitely loosened quickly, but now I understood just how hard that was. As he pushed deeper into me, there was a pain and discomfort that came with it, and invasion that was not meant to be, and my constitution was definitely affected by that invasion. He could tell I couldn’t handle it. He pushed me off him and the pain from him leaving my ass was more than him entering it.

I looked at him and apologized. “No worries beautiful. Let Anthony take care of you and I will be back in a minute.” He stood and walked to the kitchen, and I couldn’t take my eyes off his hardened cock swaying back and forth as he walked. Without any words, Anthony pushed me onto the couch on my knees and grabbed my hips. In one movement, he pushed his cock into me, with drawing it slowly, and then started to fuck me with great force. The sounds and feelings from my body were amazing. I grunted with his force, my pussy sounded like he was fucking a wet hole, my tits slapped against my body and swayed with the fucking (alone enough to make me go crazy), but it would only last a few minutes.

“Alright Anthony, thanks for keeping her warm for me.” He withdrew from me as ordered, and I turned to look at the man that would replace him. “All ya got is olive oil, but it will work.” I watched him put some in his hands and rub it on his cock, and then pour some on my ass and rub my hole with it. He massaged my ass hole and then pushed a finger in. I looked back over the back of the chair and allowed my asshole to be invaded by a finger, and then two. When I felt his hand grab my hip, I knew it was coming. I felt the head of his cock rub up and down on my hole, and then with just a little force, he pushed into me. His head went in easy enough, pushing past my resistance, but as he got deeper, the pressure increased. He could feel the resistance and when he did he stopped. He paused for a bit, and then pushed into me more. His cock felt like it was two feet long. They had both been inside me, fucking me, but this was different. At that moment I knew both why women said they would never and why Alice loved it. The size was startling. The invasiveness was both shocking and glorious. At a certain point, after one of his pauses, when he started moving into me again, it was like my body sucked him into me, and his entire size pushed all the way into me. I gasped as his body came to rest against mine. All I could utter was “Oh my god” over and over, but he didn’t move. He sat all the way in my ass and started to rub my back and ass.

“Just relax. Don’t fight it in you. Just allow your ass to open like your going to take a shit.” It didn’t hurt; it was just so much to take in me. It felt like he was displacing organs. Minutes passed, with me just breathing deep and trying to relax, and then, all of a sudden, with no warning, I felt myself let go. I tightened for a second after that as I checked myself, but then with almost no effort I could allow my ass to go loose. He felt it, and I knew he felt it.

He started moving just ever so slightly. He wasn’t fucking as much as just keeping his dick moving. An inch at a time, then two, then half his cock would come out of me and finally he started to actually fuck. He never left me, just pulled out enough so just his head was left inside me. He allowed himself to pound into my ass so I would feel the full force of his movement, but by that point it didn’t matter. My ass was wide open and any feeling of pain or discomfort was gone. The size of his cock inside me was the most wonderful thing I had ever felt. I could feel every inch of him. I didn’t orgasm, but I did get so turned on that the juices from my pussy leaked down to start coating his dick, but almost as soon as that began to happen, he pulled all the way out of me.

“Lets try this again.” He sat down beside me, and I knew what I had to do. I straddled his legs and lowered myself onto his cock. This time there was almost no resistance. He slid into my ass easily, and when he was all the way in me, I felt complete. I sat there on his cock as he massaged my breasts, pulling at my nipples and then pulling me back so I was flush against his chest. His cock withdrew from me slightly, but the feeling of fullness didn’t leave me.

“Pull your legs up.” I pulled my legs up by grabbing behind my knees and with that my back arched, he slid back into me fully, and my tits fell to my sides. He pushed them together and then looked at Anthony. “Shes ready for ya.”

With that he moved toward me, and I saw him look me in the eyes. He took my legs from my hands and I let mine fall to the side. As he lifted them slightly, I felt the head of his cock push into me. The pressure was intense, and although he went into me with ease, the sudden fullness of two cocks inside me was amazing, but he didn’t give me time to get use to the feeling of fullness. As soon as he was inside me he began fucking, and I had never felt anything like it in my life. I came almost instantly, and when I did, I shot a huge stream of liquid from my pussy. I knew that I was squirting, but I didn’t have time to internalize what I had done.

My tits swayed back and forth with the fucking, and the feeling orgasm seemed to continue rather than stop and come back. Their cock heads seemed to push against each other inside me, against something inside me that was driving me crazy. Someone grabbed my tits, then the other. Anthony began fucking me harder, trying to split me in two, and I didn’t want him to stop. I was orgasming on a regular basis. He would stop and his friend would reach around and rub my clit enough to send me over the edge, and then once I came the pounding would start again, but like all things it couldn’t last. He fucked harder and then I felt him tense, and fully in me, I felt the surge of head and the increased wetness. He screamed well after I felt him cumming, and as his pace decreased and his hardness left him, he withdrew.

There was no pause in the action. Once he left me, in just a few seconds, I was lifted and turned so I was back on my knees on the couch. Before I could even think about the cum that was leaking out of my pussy, he pushed his large cock back into my gapping ass. My hole was wide open, and he took advantage. There was no allowing for me to get use to him, there was no need. My ass was stretched, and that large cock took advantage. He pounded into my ass with force, all the way in, all the way out. There was no pain, no discomfort. I was open, and the feeling of his cock in my ass, when it was fully in, was amazing. I longed for it. I needed it. When he pulled out I gasped because of the void. When I didn’t think he could fuck my ass harder, he did. When I didn’t think I could orgasm harder than I had, I did. My whole body bore the abuse of his cock. My tits almost hurt from the movement. I screamed into the pillow on the couch. He slapped my ass, reached around and grabbed my tits for handles.

When he released my tits and grabbed the front of my hips, top of my thighs, I new he was close. He started fucking me with more force, harder, and his cock stiffened. When he pushed all the way in me and stopped there, I knew what was coming. I felt the surge in my ass. As soon as he started cumming, the pressure increased, but I didn’t feel his cock as much as I did. As he started moving again, I felt him, but the wetness increased. He withdrew with no warning, causing me to miss him immediately.

I looked at him in the eye, and he smiled at me, his cock wet and semi hard, hanging from his body. He kissed me, and then walked to the door, slowly getting dressed as he made his way there, and as soon as he had shown up, he was gone.

I laid there in my doggy position for a few minutes and then straightened myself, stood up, and walked to the kitchen. I could feel them both leaking from my stretched holes, but it didn’t phase me. I poured myself a drink and almost inhaled it, and there came a knock from the door. I knew it had to be them, but when I opened the door, before me stood Alice.

“So I see they came and saw you. I didn’t know what I would find, but this is very interesting.” There was a long pause. She looked me up and down. “So I guess you were more of a boob guy that I thought.”

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