Alison Furse Rejuvenated Ch. 5

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For James it was the Agony and the Ecstasy, but which was dominant? Which overcame the other?

Undoubtedly the ecstasy was the way that Alison wrapped her tongue around the head of his cock at the same time sucking on him, the agony was knowing that he would soon lose control, would actually ‘cum’ in her mouth whether she desired it or not. It had been so long, such a long time since he had enjoyed having his penis so well played with, his Kate did this for him. It had been all part of the foreplay they both enjoyed, but Alison was also practised in the art, he squeezed the base of his penis, he had to slow it all down.

The Agony was knowing that if he did ‘cum’ at his age it might be hours before he was again ready and it was possible, a probability that Alison would want satisfaction, she would want to have sex, in his own mind he knew what he wanted, he wanted to fuck her, on this occasion no other word would do, it was not ‘making love’ that was just a euphemism for the act when it was not between lovers and he and Alison were not yet ‘lovers’ as he and his darling Kate had been. Not that he would use the word to Alison, a word probably not in her vocabulary as it had been in Kate’s, inwardly he smiled to himself, anyone who had known Kate would have been surprised, nay possibly horrified if they had heard the base Anglo-Saxon words she used on these occasions.

The thoughts had all run through his mind in microseconds. He was now back to the very real threat of ‘cumming’.

Gently, bursa eskort bayan regrettably, he withdrew, neither of them said a word but Alison obviously understood. She lay back on the couch and spread her legs as James crouched between them. he leaned across and fastened his lips over a nipple. Her nipples were hard and dark pink and the aureoles were almost deep brown and extremely large. He sucked first on one nipple and then the other. James then noticed the ice bucket was just by his side, he took a mouthful of wine not caring if it was the Chablis or the Sauterne and then closed his mouth over a nipple. Alison responded with a groan and ‘OH YES OH YES.’ He took another sip and then kissed her, leaning over his still rampant penis pressing against her mons and she moved against it. As the wine dribbled from him to her their tongues again fought their own sweet battle, Alison moved more impatiently, it was obvious what she wanted.

“Not yet my love, not yet.” James murmured, and poured wine in the valley between her breasts. Then he lapped it up as it slowly ran down from her breasts and across her stomach. He looked up at her, Alison eyes were dark pools, unblinking. He looped fingers to the waist of her panties and without a word she raised herself allowing him to slide then away and down her legs.

The perfume of her assailed his nostrils. The wonderful musk of an aroused woman almost made him lose control and mount her without waiting, but he knew bursa merkez escort exactly how he wanted to give this woman pleasure, he knew he was taking a risk, but Alison seemed as sensuous and as sexual as Kate had been.

James gazed at her, her arousal was obvious, the thick lips below the curls of her mound were wet and open, her the nub of her clitoris whilst not fully engorged peeped from it’s hood, her vagina was ready for the invasion by his penis, but still he made her wait. The ice bucket was still by his side and he quickly slipped a small cube into his mouth. Whilst he kissed her nether lips his hot tongue quickly smoothed off the sharp edges of the cube and when he was satisfied he closed his mouth over her clitoris pressing the cube of ice onto the delicate organ. Alison screamed, but it was a scream of utter pleasure. “Oh yes oh yes oooooh yessssss oh please.” The cube was almost melted away and using his tongue he quickly transferred it to the uterus. “James James – please please – oh god please James fuck me.”

She slid her hips down to the seat of the couch and placing the tip of his penis at her entrance he slowly eased himself into her, savouring the warm velvet moistness as it closed around him.

Slowly very slowly he eased himself backwards and forwards. he knew that if he was not careful he would erupt too soon, getting his own satisfaction before she was ready. They were not lovers used to each others ways, it bursa sınırsız escort bayan was extremely unlikely that they would both reach orgasm at the same time.

With all their years together he and Kate could control themselves, she often had small multiple orgasms before what she called her ‘BIG CUM’ which was the moment that he too would would reach his release.

James need not have worried, obviously the foreplay had helped and Alison’s own rhythm was urging him on, she urged him to follow her up on the couch and as he now lay on top of her she reacted to every stroke, meeting him and gasping, “James oh James, it is wonderful, oh god fuck me James and then ooooooh god I’m cumming, i’mmm cummmmming oh yes yesssss yesssssssss. James too reached his peak and to her gasping, “Don’t pull out don’t pull out, fill my quim” he rammed his cock into her pussy as he too released his semen.

Afterwards lying languidly in each others arms James savoured every second, not once would he allow her to know that unconsciously he had been putting her prowess alongside that of Kate and she had shown herself to be an excellent lover. Kate had similar thoughts. ‘His cock is not as big as Mortimer, but goodness me he knows how to use it…

Thinking of Mortimer, she wondered what his sister, Alison’s sister-in-law, Isabel Crompton, would think of her. Alison and Isabel had been close friends for years but neither had thought to admit to their sexual preferences. Perhaps as it was Edward Crompton who had introduced her to James they could all meet socially. Alison smiles to herself. She was well aware that Edward Crompton had no sexual imagination whatsoever. She had once attempted to seduce him but Edward was a dry old stick, the only figures he was interested in were financial.

To Be Continued…

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