All About Her Ch. 01

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This is a work of fiction. Ok, it’s a fantasy of mine, to a point.


I walk into a bar after a long and frustrating day of work. At this point, all I am looking for is a beer to relax and spend the evening people watching. I loosen my tie and sit back at the bar, sipping my beer. I chuckle at myself while watching the other men in the bar try their best pickup lines any woman present in the bar. The results vary from outright laughter by the pickupee to being slapped across the face.

I am about to finish up my beer and take off for a quiet evening at home when she walks in. I take an assessment of her from bottom to top. Wearing a black business suit, I can tell she’s there for the same reason I am. The long brown hair and green eyes that pierce me change my mind about leaving. Before any of the other wolves in the bar can get to her, I walk up to her, introduce myself and shake her hand. I invite her to join me for a quick drink, to which she happily agrees after surveying the rest of the bar. I order a glass of wine for the both of us and we start chatting about ourselves and life in general. After chatting for a little while, I find out that she had the same frustrating day at work and could use a little bit of relaxation.

The bar is getting a bit loud at this point and I ask her if she would like to join me for dinner. “I would love to,” she replies. I offer to cook her dinner at my place as most of the other restaurants are full at this point in the evening. She follows me to my apartment where we next take the elevator up to my floor. The elevator ride up is uneventful, we are just exchanging more details about our life; where we went to school, where we grew up, etc.

I offer her a glass of red wine to relax a bit more while she waits for me to prepare dinner. I whip up a quick pasta dish from scratch. While everything is cooking, I set the table and light a few candles and put some jazz on to “lighten” the mood. While I am cooking, she is surveying my apartment; admiring the art and extensive book collection.

We eat dinner while still chatting about ourselves, still getting to know each other. We both are famished from the days work and finish off all of the pasta. I also happened to have some dessert prepared from the night before and plate up a healthy portion of white chocolate mousse with fresh strawberries, raspberries, mangos, and kiwi. We devour the dessert and she compliments me on my cooking, to which I respond, “I cook so that other people can hopefully enjoy my cooking.”

We move to the couch and I open a bottle of Dom Perignon and we toast a good evening. She takes her hand and starts rubbing her shoulder. I put my glass down and turn her back to me and start massaging her shoulders. She lightly moans as I start working out the knots of the days work. I move my hands up to her neck and massage it as well; she moves her head around acknowledging how good it feels. I move back down to her shoulders and she then removes her jacket, only leaving a silk blouse that feels like heaven on my hand. I massage her shoulders, down to her lower back and then back up to her arms. I massage her arms down to her hands, her eyes are closed and she is breathing deeply at this point. I stop massaging her and she looks at me with a small amount of surprise. izmit escort bayan “Why did you stop?” she asked.

“I just want to make sure you are comfortable,” I reply.

“Oh, I am perfectly comfortable, and I want you to keep going,” she replies. She then gets up and takes my hand as asks, “Maybe we should move this to your bedroom.”

I reply, “Are you sure, I don’t want you to feel pressured about anything. I gave you the massage because you looked like you could use some tension relief.”

“Oh yes, I want to continue on,” she replies.

We move on into the bedroom and she starts to undress. I stop her and move in to kiss her. We start kissing softly and then our tongues slowly enter into each others mouth. I pull her into me and slowly run my hands up and down her back. She pulls away from me and starts unbuttoning her blouse to reveal a lacy black bra which is a big contrast to her creamy skin. She then moves down and unzips her skirt and lets it fall to the floor, showing me a pair of long legs and panties that match her bra.

“You are so gorgeous,” I say to her.

She blushes and says, “thank you, now let’s see what you look like underneath that suit of yours. I start to undress and she stops me, saying, “no, let me do it.” She removes my tie and starts to unbutton my shirt, running her hands across my chest as she gets each button undone. She pulls my shirt off, lets it fall to the ground and then pulls herself close to me, hugging me. I feel the heat of her skin against my chest. We stand there for a few minutes just getting used to the feel of each other. She starts to snake her hand down to my belt and undoes the belt buckle, then my pants, which fall to the floor. I step out of them and she looks up at me and smiles at me.

We lean in to kiss each other and she then snakes her hand down to my boxers, grabbing my cock and lightly running her fingers over it while we are kissing, causing me to shiver and moan into her mouth. She breaks the kiss and gets down onto her knees and looks at me with a smile on her face as she starts to pull my boxers down. I lean down and pull her up.

“What was that for,” she looks at me with a hurt look on her face.

“Well, I want to please you first. I always put others before me, especially in the bedroom.”

She smiles and looks at me, “I think I can handle that.”

I pick her up and carry her to my bed, laying her down softly. I lay down next to her and start kiss her deeply, while letting my fingers run up and down her body lightly eliciting goosebumps and shivers from her.

“Just lay back and enjoy yourself,” I say to her with a smile on her face. She responds by smiling at me with a twinkle in her eye which I had not seen before.

I start by covering her face with kisses…her forehead, her eyelids, her cheeks, and around to her left ear, where I take the lobe into my mouth and gently tug on it with my teeth. I move around to her other ear and do the same, to which she starts moaning. I kiss my way down to her neck, placing gentle kisses and nibbles as I move down. I reach down to her shoulders and do the same. I gently suck on her skin and then move over to the other side, still sucking and nibbling as I go along. Her hands move to my head, running her fingers through my kocaeli escort hair.

I start moving further down her body, kissing between her breasts and running my fingers across her sides lightly as I kiss further down. I kiss around underneath her right breast and then blow hot air onto her nipple through her bra. She starts squirming some on the bed and starts moaning a bit more.

“God, that feels so good, please take my bra off and put my nipples in your mouth,” she exclaims.

I look up at her with a devilish grin, “I have only yet to begin, my dear. You’ll just have to wait.” She moans again as I move my mouth over her other bra-clad breast and blow more hot air onto that nipple. I start kissing her belly as I reach up with my hands and undo her bra and remove it, revealing a beautiful pair of breasts with nipples that just begged to be sucked. I take my fingers and move them around in lazy circles around her breasts, but never touching her nipples.

“You’re such a tease,” she pants.

“I know,” I say and move back down to kissing her belly. I take my hands and run them up and down her sides as I start kissing further down to her panties. I move over and begin kissing her right thigh and move down kissing the inside of her thigh. She looks down at me to see what I am going to do next; I start kissing the inside of her thigh and moving downward to her feet. My hands are now massaging her thighs and gently further down as my mouth moves further down.

I reach her right foot and take and massage it in my hands and lean down to start kissing each toe, briefly taking each one in my mouth and gently sucking on it. She is now moaning in pleasure. “That feels so good, please don’t stop,” she says.

“My dear, I certainly don’t plan on stopping anytime soon,” I reply as I move over to her left foot. I massage her foot and kiss it as I did before. I then start moving up the inside of her leg; kissing gently, using my tongue to trace a line from her ankle to the inside of her left thigh.

I spread her legs apart and place my mouth even with her panty-clad pussy. I breathe deeply onto her and then very lightly run my nose from bottom to top. “Oh, my God,” she moans. I continue to kiss the insides of her thighs and bring my hands down to remove her panties. I move up so I can pull them down and lay back down taking a look at her shaven pussy. “You smell so wonderful,” I tell her and then lightly kiss her pussy lips. I move back up her body, looking her straight in the eyes and kiss her deeply, my hands running down her body between her breasts, trying to get the goosebumps back up again.

I move my mouth back down to her neck, sucking and biting gently. She is writhing on the bed now, her body begging me to do more. My mouth moves down further to her right breast. I hover my mouth over her nipple as before, but this time I reach my tongue out and gently flick it over her nipple. She moans louder now. I then place my mouth over her nipple and start flicking my tongue over it. I start sucking gently and taking her nipple between my teeth and pull on it gently while flicking my tongue over it. She starts moaning more and more now, her hands clamping down onto the bedsheets. I then move over to her left breast, my right hand replacing my mouth on her right breast. sınırsız escort I start sucking, licking and biting her left nipple while rolling and pinching her right nipple between my fingers.

I start moving back down her body with my mouth, leaving both hands on her nipples; pinching and rolling them. “Please, go down further, I want you,” she pants in between her moans.

“In good time, dear, all in good time,” I say as I position myself between her legs. I take my tongue and lightly lick around her inner thighs moving slowly and getting closer and closer to her pussy. Her hips are moving around on the bed, she takes and puts her legs around my head and tries to move my mouth to her pussy.

“You’ll just have to wait, like I said earlier,” I playfully scold her.

She sticks her bottom lip out in a mock pout. I resume my work and start tracing her pussy lips with my tongue. I hear her grab the headboard when I do this and her entire body shivers. I trace lazy circles on her lips, but never touching her clit. I place a kiss on her lips and then slowly start to push my tongue into her. I pinch her nipples a little harder as I do this. She starts moaning louder as my tongue goes deeper and deeper into her. I take my time putting my tongue in her, trying to touch every inch of her pussy, trying to taste everything. She tastes so wonderful on my tongue. Finally, my tongue is in as far as it will go and her legs are locked around my head again. I start gently moving my tongue around inside of her in lazy circles causing her to groan again. No intelligible words are coming out of her mouth now, only grunts and groans. My nose is gently teasing her clit as I start to slowly move my tongue in and out of her pussy, dragging it across the top of her pussy as I move it in and out.

I then take my hands and move them down to her pussy. I pull my tongue out and kiss her pussy and replace my tongue with a finger. I place my mouth over her clit and start gently flicking my tongue over it. I start moving my finger in and out of her slowly while I am tracing circles on her clit with my tongue. She starts to pant loudly and continues to moan more as I place a second finger in her pussy and start flicking my tongue on her clit faster and faster. I take her clit gently between my lips and lightly suck on it. My fingers are moving faster in and out of her, dragging the tips along the top of her pussy as I pull them out each time.

“I’m getting close,” she screams.

“I want you to cum on my face, baby,” I say as I roll over and ask her to sit on my face. She straddles my face, I grab a hold of her waist, stick my tongue out and pull her down onto it roughly. She screams as I start pounding her up and down onto my tongue. She grunts and screams as I look up and see her breasts bouncing up and down. I pull her down onto my tongue and push it deeply into her pussy and start moving it around in circles deeply inside of her.

“I’m cumming,” she screams. I hold her on my face keep moving my tongue inside of her as fast as I can. I feel her pussy contracting around my tongue.

As she comes down from her orgasm, I finish lapping up her juices and lay her back down onto the bed next to me. I run my fingers up and down her back lightly, causing her to shiver.

I hold her close and kiss her deeply. As we kiss, her hand snakes down to my cock and lightly grabs it. Her hand feels so wonderful on my cock, as she slowly starts to pump it.

“I think it’s my turn now,” she says to me with an evil grin…


To be continued, if I get enough feedback. If you like it and want more, let me know!

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