All about the Girls Ch. 03

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Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 links are in my profile.


Chapter 3

Friday, February 17th, 2012 – Mesa, Arizona

The week had been a total blur that I could scarcely remember, I just knew I had worked a lot and tried to be social so my friends wouldn’t worry too much. So far they had only seemed to give me the most subtle and fleeting of worried or confused glances but hadn’t said anything. I was thankful for that and just hoped I could keep it up through the night since we were, once again, out for a night on the town. This was fairly normal for one of our weekends but I just wasn’t feeling it for more than one reason. The first was that Court had refused to speak to me all week, she was really pissed at me for reasons that I didn’t understand and it was starting to depress me a bit. I wasn’t used to having one of my friends so angry with me and definitely not her; she was always the sweet one, the one that was there when someone else treated one of us this way.

It was worrying and confusing me and just to add a little insult to that specific injury, I hadn’t seen Rascal in all that time either. She’d come home, sure, Angel and James had seen her, but she had been either in and out while I was at work or already asleep by the time I got in. I just kept missing her and that was making me feel awkward and out of sorts, but I still didn’t want to examine that too closely. I was scared of what it might mean, so I let it go and refused to think about it too much which was somehow harder when she wasn’t around distracting me from thinking about it. I was in a funk and it was starting to show, something that hadn’t happened to me in a long time and felt weird.

I sat at the table my friends had claimed in the corner and stared at my glass as James looked over my shoulder out into the room from her place against the wall on the other side of the table. Zara and Dani were attached at the lips tonight and Angel was chatting excitedly with James about something as she continued to scan the room. She was on the hunt again and I would normally give the crowd a glance and try to guess what she’d go for but I just didn’t really care tonight. Angel had been named designated driver and I would usually be a couple drinks in and taking in the crowd with James. Tonight all I wanted to do was go home and crawl into bed, be alone and just let myself fall asleep. “Hey, you okay girl? You seem kinda off.” Angel’s voice jarred me out of my somewhat pleasant thoughts of my pillows and I looked up at her, taking a few seconds to process her words.

“Huh? Oh, um, yeah, I’m okay. Think I may be coming down with something. Long work hours this week and they wore me out. You know how not sleeping makes me sick.” Sounded legitimate to me and even though her eyes told me she didn’t buy it she nodded all the same and allowed me to hold tight to my denial. I appreciated her for that just then, needing that little bit of denial to keep myself sane. I figured it would come crashing down around my feet eventually, but eventually was not tonight. I finally talked myself into actually drinking what was in my glass and then told the girls I needed to step outside for a bit. They probably figured that I needed a cigarette and let me go without too much noise and I crossed the room, barely paying attention to the people present. I stepped outside, considered actually having a cigarette and then changed my mind, left the pack in its place in my pocket and started walking down the street.

I wasn’t sure where I was headed, home was at least an hour drive away and it was nine thirty at night, I wouldn’t be walking home. I sighed into the chilled nighttime desert air, seeing my breath for a moment and then pulled my jacket tighter around me. Might be hotter than the seventh circle of hell here in the summer midday, but after dark in February can be brutal and damn near freezing. I shivered slightly despite my jacket and just kept walking, almost not caring where I ended up as long as I was moving. A few people bumped into me as they entered and exited the busy clubs and bars but I barely noticed. I kept my head down, eyes on my shoes, hands shoved deep into the pockets of my jacket and just walked.

I don’t know how long I walked before I decided that cigarette actually sounded good after all but when I stopped to pull one out and looked up I shook my head at where I was. Somehow I had managed to wander to the corner of Priest and University, if I just walked a couple blocks down the road; I would be at Courtney’s place. It took me all of ten seconds to decide that I had landed on that corner for a reason and I made the turn and kept walking, forgetting the cigarette. I paused at the corner of the street I needed, able to see Court’s house three down the block and I sighed a little before urging myself forward. I’d come this far, no reason to stop now, not when I needed some answers. I walked up to the house, onto the porch and rang the doorbell then waited to see if anyone would answer. There had illegal bahis been lights on inside so I had figured someone was up and ringing would be okay.

A few moments later, footfall let me know someone was approaching and I steadied myself as the door swung open. I admit that I’d only ever been to her house three times and had never gone inside, or even up to the door, she always met us on the sidewalk. That said, the sight that greeted me when that door opened stunned me slightly and I couldn’t help but stare in shock at the man that had answered. He was big, at least six foot three by my estimation and well over two hundred and fifty pounds. He sported close cropped, dark brown hair that was graying just slightly at the temples, Courtney’s dazzling Hazel eyes and a very stern expression. I placed him in his fifties somewhere and decided that this must be her father, weird since I don’t think any of us had ever met the man.

“Can I help you?”

“Uh, yeah, I’m… Uh, here to see Courtney. Is she home?” He seemed to consider me for a moment, giving me a once over as if trying to figure out what I would be asking for her for.

“Just a minute.” He finally replied and then moved away, shutting the door most of the way as he walked back into the house. After a few moments I heard another set of lighter footfalls and figured it must be Courtney coming to the door.

“What do you want?” Her sharp tone as well as the words slapped me right in the face the moment she had the door open. She stood there, anger written on her face, arms crossed over her chest and I knew she didn’t want to talk to me, but I had to try.

“Court, can we talk?”


“Because I need to talk to you, about last week.”

“That’s tough, Lux because I really don’t want to talk to you. Not right now, maybe not for a while.” I felt completely crushed and I didn’t know what to do to fix whatever had made her so angry with me, because I didn’t even know what I’d really done.

“Court, please, just give me a few minutes. Please?” She seemed to consider this for a moment and for a split second I thought she was going to tell me to get lost, but then she sighed and grabbed her jacket from behind the door. She shut the door behind her as she slipped into the jacket and then nodded to the swing on the porch across the street.

“No one lives there right now, we can sit there for a few.” I nodded and followed her lead across the street then settled onto the swing with her on my right. I gripped the edge of the swing harder than I really needed to and felt my fingers start to numb a bit. “You wanted to talk, so talk.” I took a deep breath and then looked over at her and tried to decide what to do, knowing if I just out and asked what I’d done she’d just get irritated that I didn’t know since I obviously should.

“Look Court, obviously my behavior has upset you. If you could just tell me why that is, maybe we can find a way to work this out. I miss you, so does the rest of the group.” I watched her ponder this for a moment and then she huffed a little and turned in the swing so she was facing me, legs pulled up and crossed.

“It’s just everything all at once Lux. I know you’ve been doing this for years but, I guess I just figured you’d grow out of it eventually. I thought you’d grow up, get a grip, get your life together and actually be with one person.” I had a moment of panic when she said that, holding my eyes as she spoke and hoped that she hadn’t decided to make me a project for domestication or something. I let out a barely audible sigh when she shook her head and looked away from me out over the yard and then spoke again. “It’s just hard watching you do this week after week and knowing that there’s no remorse. There’s no understanding it seems for what you might be doing to these girls, what kind of mess you’re leaving them.” She looked back to me once she stopped speaking and I thought I was finally beginning to understand.


“I’m not done, Lux. It was always bad enough when it was just you. I mean, we got a few laughs out of it here and there and some of your stories were amazing. We all thought you were something else when we were younger, in high school this was cool, you were cool. Now it’s just sad and lonely and, well, now you have James doing it too the last few years. She has the charm to pull it off, sure, but didn’t you even stop to think that you might be ruining her for some perfect girl? That there’s someone out there just right for her and now you’ve ruined that, ruined her…” Of course I hadn’t thought about that, my mind just didn’t work that way, in the realm of relationships and girlfriends and forever and all that bull.

“No, Court, I hadn’t considered that. I wouldn’t have though would I? I mean, have I ever considered relationships? Connections? Any of that?”

“I don’t know, I guess not.”

“I respect exactly one relationship. Zara and Dani’s, because they’re my friends, but I’ve even slept with both of them! I know illegal bahis siteleri this lifestyle I’ve allowed myself to make a habit of is a little destructive but, it’s me, it’s all I know. As for James, well… She wanted this, she asked me to help her. Something tells me she probably would have figured it out on her own eventually, she barely needed my help honestly.” I saw Courtney’s eyes mist over and watched her cheeks flush a little and suddenly realized what might be happening. “Court… Do you like James?” I asked the question softly, staring right at her as the words left my mouth and still watching as she looked down at her hands folded in her lap and nodded ever so slightly. No wonder she had bitten my head off, it didn’t have anything to do with me and my lifestyle, it had to do with the fact that I brought James into it.

“No wonder you bit my head off. Look, do you want me to talk to James?”

“No, Lux, please don’t, it’ll just embarrass me.”

“Well, now that we have that shit resolved, will you start hanging out with us again?”

“It’s not resolved, Lux, not at all. That was half of it, sure but, not everything.” There was more than one reason she exploded on me that night last week? Wonderful, this was just not getting any better and after that bombshell, I didn’t know what the hell to expect.

“Well, what’s the rest, if I know, I can fix it.” She just shook her head and looked at me like I was clueless, which, just then, I really honestly was.

“I can’t tell you. I wish I could, okay, it would make all of this so much easier but, I just can’t.”


“Because while I’m the one that reacted and took offense about it, it isn’t my issue to discuss, Lux.”

“Then tell me who and I’ll go discuss it.” She shook her head again and I started to think that this conversation was now a dead end so I dropped that fork and went for another. “Okay, well then what do I need to do for you to come back to the group? Everyone misses you.”

“Quit sleeping around… Or stop showing up.” Wow, that was some pretty heavy baggage to lay on me there and I just gaped at her for a few seconds.

“Wow. Damn, okay… Well, starting tomorrow night I won’t be there then. I’ll go elsewhere.” She shook her head a little almost as if to tell me that, even though it had been offered as an option, I had made the wrong choice somehow. I felt irritation beginning to spark deep inside myself, not sure what was expected of me here. I had been in this current state of being, doing what I was doing, for years, since I was fourteen. I figured that after fourteen years, my friends should be well used to my escapades and asking me to change because it was suddenly awkward for them was just ridiculous. “Whatever, look Court, I’m trying to fix this shit okay? I just don’t know what the fuck you expect from me!” I was slipping from irritated to pissed off as she sat there and looked at me like I was some kind of monster.

“I would hope that you would expect a little better from, and for, yourself Lux.”

“Fuck! Court, seriously! Look, I get that your church centered mind might find the things I do damnable but I’m not you Courtney! This is who I am and I’m sorry if that’s suddenly not good enough for you, okay? I can’t deal with this shit right now.” Court looked a little stunned at the fact that I had actually shouted at her and seemed to be having some trouble forming words so I took the opportunity to get away. I turned and walked away from her, leaving her sitting there in silent shock over what was probably only the second or third such outburst she’d ever heard out of me. I needed some distance between us and I needed it fast, not to mention that I suddenly had the urge to go home with someone and work off some of this irritation.

I worked my way back toward my starting point but didn’t bother going back to the bar I had started at. I could still manage to salvage something from this night but I was intent on doing it without the company of my friends. I wondered for a minute how many of them agreed with Courtney about my behavior but then shrugged it off. I couldn’t go down that road, not tonight, not without them all present to defend themselves so it could wait until later. I ducked into the first place that looked promising, hit the bar and had a drink in hand in a matter of a few minutes. I slammed the first and ordered a second, picking that up and heading out onto the floor to do some hunting. It only took me a few seconds to find what I was looking for and I grinned a little as I worked my way through the crowd toward her.

I had decided to make my life a little easier tonight and had ducked into a predominantly queer bar for this hookup. I approached a small group of girls gathered near the pool tables, four of them total all chatting and laughing. They looked barely legal to be in the bar, I placed the oldest at about twenty-two, a whole six years younger than me, I could definitely live with that. I stepped up to the pool table canlı bahis siteleri they were occupying just as they split up to play a two team game. I would have honestly gone for any one of them but one in particular caught my eye once they were under the brighter lights of the pool table. She was shorter than me, maybe five foot three, slim but toned if the bare section of her stomach she was showing off was any indication. She had red hair, the natural kind, not the bottle type and looked to have green eyes. I waited for her to finish her shot, knowing there would be three more before she was up again and then stepped up beside her and leaned against the empty table she was propped against next to her.

She looked at me a little shocked but then grinned when I shifted my gaze over onto her and I had to reassess her age. She probably shouldn’t even be in this place, fake IDs will get you everywhere these days and I now put her at the literal barely legal mark, eighteen, maybe nineteen at best. Oh well, I wasn’t about to back out now, not when she was looking at me like that, it was on. “Hi.” She spoke first and I flashed a little half smile at her before giving her a little nod in return to her greeting. “I’m Sara.” Sara, easy to remember, not that I cared, I never bothered with names, too many chances to make mistakes and use the wrong one.

“Hi Sara, I’m Lux.” I reached over for her hand and she gave it to me, blushing when her skin met mine and I let the half smile on my face slip into a full smile that made her own smile falter just slightly and forced her to take a sharp breath in. Yeah, I’d been told my smiled had that effect on people, other women more than anyone else and I used it as a weapon. “So, any plans after you leave here Sara?” She just shook her head, still holding onto my hand and I didn’t bother letting go but instead I used the hand to tug her closer and put my lips right against her ear. “Want to get out of here?” She let out the faintest of whimpers that; had her own lips not been right against my ear as well, I might have missed and I smirked as she nodded against my cheek.

“Guys I… I’ll see you at home, okay?” She offered the words over her shoulder to her friends without actually looking at them and grabbed her jacket. She tugged it on and then I dropped my arm across her shoulders and we left the bar together and hailed a cab. She gave the driver the address and by the time he pulled away from the curb I had her practically in my lap, our lips connected hard and deep. We didn’t come up for air until the cab stopped in front of the Marriot downtown and I tossed some money at the driver as we exited. We rushed into the building and then waited impatiently for the elevator which probably didn’t take nearly as long as it felt like it did.

Once it arrived we stepped in, she hit the button for the top floor and the car began to move but I was so done waiting. I had been off my game for almost a week and I was feeling a little pent up and needed to fix that, pronto. I reached over and hit the emergency stop, bringing the elevator car to a halt between floor two and three and then turned back to Sara. She looked a little shocked for a moment and glanced to the emergency stop and then back to me a couple times. I decided I wasn’t going to try and explain and instead I just yanked her shirt over her head and dropped it to the floor. That seemed to explain it for me and by the time I had her backed against the side of the box she was back in the game. I made quick work of her bra, dropping it on her shirt and then pressed my right thigh between hers. She was in a skirt despite the weather and the rough denim of my jeans made contact between her legs, ripping a gasp from her.

That was what I’d needed to hear, the sound my ears had missed so much the last few days and it flipped me into overdrive. My head dipped down so I could nip at her neck and she let out a soft moan in response to my efforts. I continued down and the sound she made when my tongue met her exposed and already erect nipple was like music to my ears. I grinned against her flesh a little and let my hand work its way up under her skirt then felt myself exhale sharply when I realized why she had reacted like she had to the contact of my leg between hers. She was naked under her skirt, not wearing underwear and I marveled at how I managed to find these girls. My fingers edged along her lips, picking up moisture as they moved, she was already wet but then, so was I.

I took a minute to tease her before my fingers slipped between her lips and found her clit and the motion she had only just begun with her hands, heading south on my body, halted for a moment as her head fell back against the side of the elevator box. Her eyes fluttered closed and I used the moment to switch to her other nipple with my mouth as I started slow circles over her clit. She shivered against me, regained her ability to control her hands and started easing them down my body again. Her breath started to sound just a bit ragged as she reached the button on my jeans and worked it open then pulled down my zipper. Her hand found its way between our bodies despite my arm being in the way and her fingers slipped under the elastic of my black boy shorts.

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