All Alone

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I wave good bye to my parents as they drive away. Finally a night to myself. I have been sexually frustrated for a while now, the fingering has not been enough. Having to hold in my moans in fear that my parents would hear them. Not being able to use a vibrator to stimulate my wet pussy. It has been wet for days now, my fingers not giving the relief. My sext partner, Marius who is from France has been bombarding me with videos of him rubbing his wonderful dick. He pumps hard, moaning my name, saying how he wants to fuck me hard. These videos have me restless, wanting something in me as soon as possible. My videos going back to him are almost silent as I don’t want to get caught. Marius loves my moans, they make him horny and make him talk dirty to me. I love him talking to me as he humps his hand.

I make my way back into the house, smiling to myself. I have already started working myself up, wearing no panties under my tight denim shorts. Wearing my silk bra under my singlet. I shaved my pussy this morning, only leaving a strip leading up to from my lips to under my stomach. I normally leave it hairy, as it makes me feel more real. But I look forward to the days when I have time to shave my pussy, my smooth, damp lips. The feel of the hem of my shorts on my lips has me feeling more horny by the minute.

I leave the drapes open, knowing that the gate is closed and no one can see in. If they can, I want them to see. I make my way to my bedroom, which has a few candles lit and it is perfectly clean. As last night I read you have better pleasure when you’re in a cleaner environment. I see my different toys on my night stand. My big red vibrator, my small vibrating egg, my normal 8 inch dildo, and my favorite dildo that rotates that is filled with beads. I slowly rub my swollen D cup breasts, swaying my hips slightly. The silk feels like heaven on my sensitive buds. My long hair is down my back, tickling my neck slightly. The swaying of my hips created friction on my swollen clit, making me let out a sigh of relief.

My hands make their way down my stomach, over my denim shorts to the warmth between my legs. I rub my thighs, massaging them slightly, before my right hand makes it to my sex. I start to rub, creating pleasure through my shorts. My left hand makes its way back up my body to start rubbing my nipple. I moan lightly, as the feel of the denim on my sensitive clit is a new experience, but one I love. I keep rubbing, letting out quiet moans here and there. I rub faster on my sex, feeling my juices come through the denim, soaking them slowly.

I make a satisfied moan, as my hands move faster. But I need more, I need more to satisfy myself completely. My right hand comes out of contact with my now soaking denim short, slowly sliding up and to the top of my shorts. My hand slips slowly into my shorts, moving past my strip of hair to my wetness. My juices are everywhere in my pants, instantly coating my hands in my juice. I slowly massage my lips, teasing myself more. I make sure to keep my left hand in time with my hand in my sex. I start to rub my clit, making me whimper. The feeling of my swollen clit getting some skin on skin contact has me a whimpering mess. Masturbation is so much better when you make noise. I rub slowly at first, wanting to take my time as I have the whole night to myself. I slowly start to go faster, making jolts of pleasure make their way up my body. My moans get louder with the more jolts making their way up my body.

I take my hands brazzers out of my pants, licking the juices off of my fingers. I run both of my hands down my body more. Sliding over my big hips, over my thighs, back to my stomach and full breasts. As my hand goes back to the bottom of my shirt, I start to lift it, exposing my stomach. I list my shirt over my head and throwing it to the side. Leaving me in my silk bra and denim shorts. I move back down to my hips, only to move to the waistband of my shorts. I slowly unbutton my shorts, moving to undo my zipper. I don’t take them off yet, instead I move towards my bed. I lay on my back, my head hitting my cotton duvet cover. I run my hands over my body, tempting me further.

I decide it’s time to get rid of my soaking shorts. So I move my hands down my body to pull the shorts down my legs. Once they are at my ankles, I kick them aside, leaving me in my silk bra. One of my hands slips under my bra, while the other goes in between my legs where I open my legs wide to let the fresh air hit my pussy. I start to slowly rub my clit, letting out sighs and whimpers. My middle finger moves down to my hole, slowly moving into my pussy. I let out a quiet moan as my finger goes deep into my moist pussy. I curl it up word to hit my pleasure spot. I squeak when I hit it and start rubbing that one spot. My palm starts to move to, creating friction on my clit. I start panting, as the heat rises in my room. The feeling of my finger rubbing my spot deep in my pussy, my clit being rubbed by my palm, and my nipples being rubbed is beautiful. My moans are breathless and the fire in my core is sending the pleasure up my body. I know my orgasm is close, as the fire is getting intense and I am becoming more and more restless. Sweat is building on my forehead and my panting is loud. I whimper and moan every second, my finger going faster, my palm rubbing harder. The bud of my nipple is peeking through the silk from my fingers aggressively rubbing them.

When my orgasm comes, I am almost screaming. The heat making it’s way up my body, causing me to shake. My mouth is open as far as it can go, my finger still flicking that precious spot. The fire is still burning as the pleasure is intense. I know I should stop moving my fingers, but the pulsing of my clit and my hole has me thinking there is more to come. I rub faster, I palm my clit harder, the sounds of my juices against my fingers filling the room as well as my moans. I feel something new coming, a new feeling of fire and pleasure. As the shocks from my orgasm still come, I feel as though I might pee, but I know I won’t. It is not my pee that is coming, it is my first squirt. I don’t have time to get a towel or plastic to save my duvet, so I just carry on rubbing. Soon a new sensation of pleasure comes, and I start moaning louder. And soon a scream erupts from my mouth as liquid comes gushing from my pussy, going all over my duvet. Pleasure is surging through my body and my pussy juice is going everywhere. As it still pours, I start rubbing that spot again making it come out heavier. I am still giving out screams of pleasure as my pussy juice flies out everywhere.

I am still shaking when the juices stop flying. I am panting from the pleasure and I my mouth is still wide open. My hands have not left my sex or my breast. I wish I got this on video for Marius, he has been wanting me to squirt for a while now. But not that I know I am capable of squirting, I know I can do it again but film it for cuckold porno him next time.

I move my fingers out of my pussy, them wet from my juice. I lick them, tasting my juice. I picture my fingers as Marius’s, like his have just come out of me. After him plunging them in and out of my pussy, making me cum again and again. The thought has me horny all over again, my hand the was previously on my breast reaching over the my line of toys to grab my vibrator. I turn the dial to 5, having it buzz lightly at medium. Still sucking on my fingers, I put the vibrator on my pussy. I jolt as it hits my sensitive clit, a moan erupting from my mouth. I rub it back and forward, wanting a quick orgasm that comes and has an intense aftermath.

I slowly change the levels so they get higher every minute, my moans getting louder with every new speed. Once it is at 10 I am groaning, moaning, squealing out of pleasure. I am panting again as my orgasm quickly approaches. When it does, the jolt of pleasure hit again, making me moan loudly. My body shakes as I keep the vibrator on my clit, the feeling of my squirt coming along has me excited. My eyes close as my second time experiencing squirting occurs. My juice flies everywhere, just like the first time. I am screaming as my juices spreads across my already wet sheets, some going onto the wooden floor below. When my screaming stops and my eyes are open, my mouth is left in the shape of an ‘o’ and the vibrator is lifted off of my clit. I carry on painting when I turn my toy off and move to my next.

I decide to leave the best for last and go to my normal dildo. I grab it, and move it towards my face. I lick from the bottom of the dildo to the top, taking it in my mouth. I move it in more and more, until I am almost gagging. I take it out, leaving it covered in my saliva. I slide it across my body and down to my sex. My wet, needy pussy. I rub the tip on my sensitive clit before moving to my hole. I slowly slide it in, a moan coming out of my mouth. The toy disappears into my pussy, just like a real cock. I picture Marius on top of me. His large hairy body on mine, lips on my neck as he plunges his cock into me. I know Marius likes it slow, then once the woman cums, he goes hard and deep, talking dirty, smacking her, even going in her ass. Marius loves ass. He loves them. He says how much he wants to eat my ass out, ram into it, smack it. It gets me so horny and wet. Although Marius is almost 35 with a ex wife and a kid, he is still the perfect man to sext. He is experienced with women, which means he knows how to talk and act. He knows how to turn me on, he knows how to get me worked up. And when I fly to France next month to meet him, I know he will know how to fuck me well. He says he’s never fucked a 19 year old, or someone so much younger than him. But he makes me feel powerful and beautiful.

I move the toy faster, moaning Marius and I pound it deep into my pussy. “Fuck Marius, tear my pussy apart! Fuck me baby!” I say, as I move the dildo impossibly faster. The sounds of my juices sloshing as the dildo is moved in and out of my pussy has me imagining Marius’s juices mixing with mine as his cock moves in and out of me. “Oh my god, Marius!” I moan out, as I feel my orgasm building. The fire in my core becomes more evident as the dildo plows into my pussy. I quickly roll over, keeping the dildo in my pussy and start pumping again. I imagine Marius on top of me, his stomach on my back. Him pinning my czech porno hands above my head, still pounding into me. I keep up the dildo in my pussy, as my orgasm is mere seconds away from coming. “Marius, I’m going to cum!” I yell as the fire erupts in my core, jolts of pleasure moving through my body. A long moan comes from my mouth as my pussy spasms around the dildo. My body shakes as I keep on moaning as the pleasure doesn’t stop. “Oh yeah Marius, make me squirt all over your cock!” I say, continuing to pump the dildo in my pussy. I feel that feeling like I’m going to pee come back, letting me know my squirt is coming up. I am squealing as I move the dildo faster in and out of me. “Yes, Marius, Yes!” I yells as my juices start flying out of my drenched pussy for the third time. I am moaning Marius until the squirting stops. I continue to shake as the squirting slows down to a stop. I sigh and remove the soaking dildo. I suck on it for a bit before putting it back on the nightstand.

Now time for the finale.

I roll back onto my back, grabbing my favorite rotating dildo. I take a little break to remove my silk bra. I sit up and fondle my breasts for a bit before grabbing each side of the bra to lift it above my head. My perky nipples become hard when they come in contact with the air. I reach down to grab some juice from my pussy to run on my nipples. I rub my nipples and breast, making small moans as my hands knead my breasts. But soon I become restless, needing a dildo in me. My pussy still drenched, dripping with my juices. I turn around, so I am kneeling on my knees with the rotating dildo in hand. I lean forward, resting my face and shoulder on the bed with my ass it the air. I reach behind me to insert the big dildo into my pussy. It stings a bit, but nothing I am not used to. As soon as it is in, I turn the dial to make is start moving. As soon as it does I am a moan mess. Moaning anything from Marius, to curses and gibberish. “Marius it feels so good! Oh my God! Fuck!” I moan as the dildo hits parts of my pussy that is normally left untouched. I am moaning and squealing from the pleasure I am receiving from the dildo. I move my face so it is in my sheets, screaming slightly from the intense feelings.

“Marius, oh my God!” I say, reaching behind me with my other hand to smack my ass. I picture Marius, pounding into me, slapping my ass again and again. I am moaning and screaming for what seems like forever but I am not complaining. But suddenly, juice comes flying from my pussy, without a first orgasm. I have my eyes closed, screaming as my orgasm and squirt hits me all at once. Something I have never felt before. I stop the rotating dildo and stop moving it, as my hands fall beside me as the pleasure takes over. The fourth time. I am shivering, shaking, screaming, squirting. Liquids everywhere, sweat, juice. I am truly worn out, as the squirting stops but the shaking continues. Tears are in my eyes from the pleasure, my mouth is open and dry from the screaming. And the dildo falls from my pussy, leaving my stretched and worn out pussy in the air.

“Holy Shit.” I whisper. I sit there for a few minutes before rolling over. I wish Marius was here to see that. I look over to my nightstand to see my phone which i grab quickly and call Marius, wanting to tell him every single detail.

“Hello?” His french accent says into the speaker. I smirk as flashes from before fly through my mind.

“Hello Marius.” I say, looking down at my battered pussy. My red lips are open and my pubic hair is matted to my skin.

“Ah, Jenny, what brings me the pleasure, mon beau?” Marius says, and I run my hands over my overly sensitive pussy.

“Something fantastic just happened. Quelque chose pour le roi du sexe.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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