All Girl Dorm Love Ch. 02

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Then, Kathy’s hands slipped back up to her tummy and she let a finger slip under her panty’s upper elastic band.

I whispered in her ear, “let me slide inside here , ok honey?”

She whispered back, “Oh yes….”

Kathy knew she was all hers in that instant. She pushed her hips up slightly and I tugged them down to her knees, binding her knees together, but now allowing me full access to her moistened center.

Kathy’s hand moved down to her new girlfriend’s sweet mound. She could tell she never trimmed it, as it was full of dark pubic hair, but as her fingers moved down further she could feel the full lips engorged below.

She told Tammy, “Just tell me what you like ok?”

“Ok…”she said, as her quivering thighs moved further apart.

Kathy needed no more encouragement, letting her fingers spread her sweet labia apart, allowing her middle finger to simultaneously caress Tammy little clitoris. At first she just rubbed it in small circles, then began tapping it gently. Finally, she slid her finger down and dipped into the well of her emerging juices, dabbing it around the outer lips, making them glisten. She continued sliding her finger very slowly inside her exploring her tight vaginal opening.

“Relax, baby, its ok…”she whispered in the still night to her new found conquest. Tammy tried to relax, but she couldn’t help wondering what would become of her if she completely let herself relax. Would she lose complete control? Would she forever crave Kathy’s adoring hands and fingers. It seemed too much. But as the burning desire in her pussy mounted she knew she was beyond the point of no return.

“Oh god yes… yummy!!” said Tammy, finally surrendering. Kathy probed her deeply with her finger, curling it upward to press her g spot from within, then back out to tease her clitoris even more. Back and forth she continued relentlessly. Tammy’s hips began to writhe and she arched her back, as she could feel a new wave of delightful sensation take over her body. Kathy began to feverishly rub her clitoris now, using her free hand to pull Tammy’s leg up and back so she could probe her even deeper.

Suddenly, Tammy stopped moaning, and her body tensed then convulsed and she trembled with utter pleasure.

“Oh God…don’t stop …here I am….”, cried out Tammy, as her earth shattering orgasm engulfed her. Kathy stopped Anadolu Yakası Escort then continued driving Tammy absolutely over the top with pleasure. After a few moments Tammy embraced Kathy almost sobbing.

“Was that good for you?” Kathy asked coyly, knowing full well she had rocked the young Tammy world this night.

“Oh god, yes….”, replied Tammy.

They fell asleep in each other’s arms that night, and Tammy had never slept more soundly.

The following nights were filled with more adventures. Kathy had done a few repeat performances later that week. But Kathy wanted more.

One night, she whispered to Tammy, “Have you ever let a boy kiss you there?”

“God, no…should I, what would that be like?”

“Let me show you….”

Without protest, Kathy slid between her thighs and used her tongue on Tammy’s clitoris, at first just short little licks, then bolder more intense suckling. Tammy was completely delighted. Kathy pushed her thighs apart and let her tongue dive deep inside her roommate’s sweet moist cavern, wiggling it in deep then out to lap up the emerging juices.

She continued then nibbling her clitoris and making it engorge with blood. Tammy’s pussy flooded with juices as her friend tongue lashed her clitoris from side to side with quick butterfly wing speed strokes. This drove Tammy wild and she flung her thighs wide open and came letting her pussy juice drip down Kathy’s chin.

A few nights later, after a few more regular sessions of oral sex, she convinced Tammy to let her do her. Tammy was hesitant but felt obliged to return the favor. Before long Tammy go quite adept and was driving Kathy to one orgasm after another, including a long 69 session that went late into the night.

This was so heavenly for both.

Kathy had other plans for her new young lover.

Kathy had a friend who was a post graduate student, Melissa, who was 28 years old. She was a hippy girl who never wore make up and had long straight brown hair and the face of model, very beautiful and natural, with high cheekbones and penetrating blue eyes. Her slim body was tight from years of yoga practice and a strict vegetarian diet. She loved to hike and her firm calves and perfectly flat belly showed it.

One evening she invited Melissa over to the dorm room. Tammy expecting another Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan night of late night lovemaking with Kathy was surprised to hear a knock at the door at 11 pm, just as they would have turned in after studying.

“Hi, Kathy,…is it ok if I come in?”, the sweet sexy voice on the other side of the door.

Tammy drank her in as she came into the room. Beautiful she thought, and was instantly jealous as she noticed Kathy’s eyes light up as they embraced.

“This is Tammy”, she introduced Melissa very matter of factly.

“Did you bring that joint?, inquired Kathy.

“Of course,” replied Melissa.

Tammy pretended to continue to study and hide her disappointment that this was turning into a party instead of a night alone of loving her friend.

The sweet aroma filled the room after they locked the door and lit up.

Tammy turned down their requests to take a “hit”.

” I thought you said she was fun,” Melissa probed, laughing, her eyes glimmering with the high.

“She is, she’s just not in the right mood” defended Kathy.

“Well what gets her in the mood,” asked Melissa.

“Come here, let me show you, .. .Stand up for us baby…”

Tammy hesitated for a moment, but trusted her friend Kathy and was growing more curious about the gorgeous Melissa, sneaking peaks of her perfectly manicured toes and gorgeous body, her b cups barely hidden beneath her cotton top.

As Tammy stood nervously next to her friend, Kathy undid Tammy’s robe, exposing her cute little white panties she has picked out for tonight and her adorable tight tee.

Melissa’s eyes went up and down Tammy’s sweet little body. Suddenly, Tammy realized what Kathy was up to. Kathy moved her fingers along her panties and barely caressed her mound.

“Oh my, this does seem like a fun girl!” exclaimed Melissa, “may I?”

“By all means,” replied Kathy. Tammy was feeling a bit objectified by the way they talked about her, but was secretly thrilled she was being lusted after in this way.

Melissa slid her fingers up her tummy and caressed her nipple thru her shirt as Kathy continued caressing her pussy thru the fabric.

“Oh, she seems to enjoy this!” cried out Melissa.

Kathy then stood up and helped take off Tammy’s top and proceeded to guide Tammy Escort Anadolu Yakası down to the bed.

Melissa boldly kissed Kathy, which made Tammy both enraged with jealousy and extremely aroused to see such lovely girls kissing. After a few passionate moments, they both looked at Tammy and moved in. Melissa kissing her first, just with her lips, very softly and slowly. Tammy could feel her panties being removed and didn’t care anymore. She loved the anticipation of what was to occur. Melissa tongue darted out and Tammy accepted it tenderly. She had never known a woman so much older could feel so attractive to her. She had never considered this. She felt so flattered and excited and allowed Melissa to probe her mouth with her tongue for a while.

Kathy moved down and kissed and licked Tammy’s toes and feet, which sent waves of pleasure up and down her body.

Before long it was Tammy who was probing Melissa’s mouth with her tongue. Melissa was eager to let her and enjoyed the enthusiasm of this young 18 year old girl.

Soon, Melissa fingers slid down to Tammy’s extremely hard nipples and began pinching them, only to replace her finger with her warm mouth. She suckled her hard, moving back and forth between the two breasts until the swollen areolas were covered in saliva.

Melissa removed her top and skirt, and Kathy tugged off her jeans and top and climbed into bed with Tammy.

They arranged her on all fours as they proceed to share her in such naughty ways.

Kathy slid under her friend and Melissa spread Tammy’s buttocks and began to rim her with her tongue.

Tammy resisted at first, but as Kathy tongue flicked her clitoris she felt no more strength to resist and Melissa wiggled her tongue deep inside her anus. Kathy then did the same inside her sweet flooding pussy. Now, with both women probing, Tammy began to cry out.

“Oh god, yes, this is wonderful…oh god I’m going to explode…”

Melissa occasionally probed her hole with her finger and slid her thumb into her pussy each time Kathy moved up to suckle Tammy’s clitoris.

Then, Tammy began to try to crawl away. Sensing she was close, the women held her tight and wouldn’t let her get away.

This sent Tammy’s body into convulsions, a bit of her pussy juice now squirting as she came all over both their tongues and fingers.

“OH GOD Yes….OH MY GOD ah yes”

It was hard to make sense of this, but they knew she was their love slave now, and maybe forever.

After hugging her and kissing her to sleep, Melissa and Kathy climbed into the next bed and 69’d for about an hour, still fueled by the sweet memories of their new lover giving into their tongues and exploring fingers.

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