All the Power Pt. 6: The Ceremony of Devotion

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“FUCK YOUR SUPREMACY AHHHHH, FUCK FUCK AHHHH,” the concubine Gabriela cried out. “OH YOU’RE GOD YOU’RE GOD YOU’RE GOD ITS IT FEELS AHHHH…” His Supremacy grabbed her waist and her tits, pushing her back against the table.

Tetenia was bowing down just outside the room where His Supremacy was fucking Gabriela on a dining table. The concubine Mia bowed down beside her, as did Daymon, Henneler, eight other term servants and ten guardians. They were lined up on either side of the open doorway, just outside the room, creating a path in the middle on which He could walk. If He ever stopped fucking Gabriela, that is.

“OHOHOH YOUR SUPREMACY I’M NOT WORTHY…FUCK ME FUCK ME I’M NOT WORTHY OF BEING FUCKED BY YOU,” Gabriela shouted, loud enough to ring in Tetenia’s ears from fifteen feet away. His Supremacy was standing at the edge of the table, fucking Gabriela as she lay on her back. He pulled His cock out of her pussy almost to the tip, then thrust back in. “OHOHOHOHOH,” Gabriela moaned, or shouted, or moanshouted, sounding like she was about to lose all sanity.

At the end of the path in the middle of the bowing supplicants was one of His Supremacy’s mobile thrones. It was an ornate, plush chair on a marble platform with metal rods sticking out the sides of it. Whenever He emerged, He would go to the chair and seat Himself. The ten term servants, currently bowing down, would carry Him upon the mobile throne to go to the Ceremony of Devotion. Tetenia and Mia would pleasure Him en route.

The Ceremony of Devotion was a special weekly ceremony held privately with His Supremacy and the ten Queen Priestesses. Each week, two concubines were chosen to prepare Him for it, sucking His cock prior to the Ceremony. Tetenia had never been chosen for the task before. It was a great honor for a concubine.

“OH I OH I OH IM NOTHING…YOU’RE EVERYTHING…OH FUCK YOUR COCK YOUR COCK YOUR COCK,” Gabrieal screamed. “OH I’M NOTSAAAHHHH….OHHHAAHHHAAHHH….I CAN’TOHHHFUCKAHHHH.” She thrust herself towards Him, her body gyrating maniacally. His Supremacy was aggresively kneading at her breasts. “AYYAAAAHHHOOOO….NOT WORHTY NOT WORHTY NOT WORTHY…AYAHOOOO….THANK YOU, THANK YOU YOURAHHHHH…OHHHYAHHAHHHH,” Gabriela shouted more, sounding possessed, her voice at the edge of its limits. She was essentially having a prolonged, rolling orgasm, it was impossible to tell if it was one orgasm after another or one incredibly long one. It all melded together. She had lost all control of herself.

His Supremacy grunted loudly, grabbing at the sides of Gabriela’s ass to better control her movements. He started to cum inside of her and began grabbing her breasts with one hand, as the other pushed down on her pelvis. “Ahh fuck,” He groaned. “Ahh fuck that feels good.”

“OH FUCK OH FUCK THE GIFT ITS SO GREAT THE GIFT FUCKAAAHHHH,” Gabriela screamed. “THANK YOU THANK YOU…I CAN’T…FUCKOHHH…THANK YOU ENOUGHOOAHH.” As His cum flooded into her sex, Gabriela began waving her arms wildly, grasping at nothing.

“Oh yeah…oh yeaaahhh,” His Supremacy said. He pulled out of Gabriela and began cumming on her body. His cum glazed her its and her face and her torso, drenching her, soaking her. Some wound up on the table and the floor.

Gabriela was writhing just as much as when He was inside of her, looking like she was getting fucked intensely as her body was deluged by His cum. “FUCK OHHH…FUCK OHH…I WILL ALWAYS THANK YOU…I WILL ALWAYS BE GRATEFUL…I CAN’TOHHH YOU’RE GREATER THAN GOD THANK YOU OHHAHH,” she screamed.

Tetenia and the others heard all of this, of course, some of them astonished by the frequency and intensity of Gabriela’s screams. Tetenia began breathing heavily and almost started to feel like she was getting fucked just listening to it. She had to concentrate to remain quiet.

His Supremacy’s orgasm subsided after a couple of minutes. As it did, Gabriela began licking up the cum that had fallen beside her. He turned and walked out of the room, and she followed behind Him, also walking. She wore His cum, which entirely covered her face and torso, like a badge of honor.

Just before stepping onto the mobile throne, His Supremacy turned around. Gabriela immediately dropped to her knees, bowing down. Tetenia was direclty beside them, and she noticed His cock was still mostly erect.

“Kiss my feet, Gabriela,” His supremacy said.

Gabriela kissed His right food. “Thank you, Your Supremacy,” she said. She kissed His left foot. “Thank you, Your Supremacy,” she said.

“You may go,” His Supremacy said to Gabriela.


His Supremacy sat on the throne, and called Tetenia and Mia to Him.

“Are you ready to prepare me for the Ceremony of Devotion?,” He asked them. His cock stiffened again.

“Yes, Your Supremacy. Thank you, Your Supremacy,” they replied.

“Put it in your mouth, Tetenia,” He said. “Go all the way down.”

Tetenia swallowed Him, with great anticipation. She had not sucked His cock in months. As He sat on the chair, she pushed herself down to the rubbing it with her lips. “Ahh, that’s good,” His Supremacy moaned. Mia also got to work, lovingly licking His balls and taint.

Tetenia’s excitement made the job of sucking His Supremcy’s cock more difficult at first. She gagged quickly but then quieted down. The tip of His cock was practically in her esophagus and her throat felt stretched out. This was where she belonged: her highest purpose.

“Let us go to the Ceremony,” His Supremacy announced. The term servants – including Daymon and Henneler – got up and lifted up His mobile throne, each taking a handle with one arm at the edge. Despite there being ten of them, they all groaned and grimaced, clearly straining themselves.

The walk to the Ceremony took a surprisingly long time. Tetenia remained fixated on His Supremacy’s cock, gagging from time to time, her head getting heavy from a lack of oxygen, but barely moving from her position. Out of the corner of her eye, Tetenia could see Daymon, a strained and discomforted look on his face as he put all of whatever strength he had into carrying His Supremacy’s mobile throne. His Supremacy put His head back in the chair and sunk into it, sprawling Himself out a little, sighing and lightly moaning occassionally.

From time to time, they passed a servant, common or Blessed, bowing down towards Him in silence. His Sacred Presence moved with Him. The guardians and term servants posted to the perimeter of The Sacred Radius would walk along that perimeter as He traveled, alerting anyone who fell within it to bow down until He passed. The Sacred Palace and gardens were designed to facilitate this.

After nearly twenty minutes, they passed a Blessed Servant, quietly scrubbing the floor. His Supremacy saw Him out of the corner of His eye, and ordered the term servants to stop in front of her.

Slowly, on her knees, the Blessed Servant turned towards Him and bowed down. The term servants were still standing, holding up His mobile throne.

“Speak, girl,” His Supremacy said to the Blessed Servant.

“Thank you, Your Supremacy,” she replied. “I am…I am a speck, a speck of nothing, a meaningless blob, which only exists to serve you. Without serving you, there is no purpose.” She stuttered these words out, clearly nerve-wracked. “I was…I was cleaning the floor and I did not notice the outer guardians pass by. I am sorry, Your Supremacy. I know my sorrow is pointless for i have displeased you and may as well not exist. I can only hope to please you by serving you more. I am sorry, Your Supremacy. Thank you, Your Supremacy.” While she said this quietly, it was clear that she was extremely upset.

“Do you not…ahh yeah…accept that my presence is sacred?,” His Supremacy said.

“Thank you, Your Supremacy. Of course I do, Your Supremacy!,” the girl cried out. She took a moment to calm herself. “Your presence is sacred. All must bow down before you. It is only through your benevolence that we may ever do anything other than bow down before you. I…I was doing what I could to serve you. I was doing what I could, and I still displeased you.” She stopped again, fighting back tears. “You should claim what little you can from me…there is no other way. Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

His Supremacy put His hand on Tetenia’s head and thrust His cock into her esophagus. “Ahhh, fuck that’s good,” He moaned. Tetenia’s eyes began to well up, and her dull headache got sharper. Should still see Daymon standing there, straining, out of the corner of her eye.

His Supremacy removed His hand from Tetenia’s head, but continued to thrust into her, casually. For a few minutes, He did not speak. When He did, He addressed the Blessed Servant without looking at her. “I will permit you to continue serving me,” He said, and let out a moan as His cock pushed into Tetenia. “Consider this an act of benevolence.”

“Thank you, Your Supremacy,” the Blessed Servant replied. “Of course it is, Your Supremacy. My service can never be worthy of you and I am overwhelmed that you may let me continue it. Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

His Supremacy ordered the term servants to continue on. Five minutes later, they arrived at the Ceremony.


They enterd a large anteroom. The ten Queen Priestesses were already there, bowing down. The guardians bowed down behind them. The term servants carried His Supremacy into the next room, and set Him down towards the back of it. They each thanked Him after setting down the mobile throne, and went to bow down with the others in the anteroom.

The main room, where His Supremacy was sitting, was a large square, with marble floors and walls. It had no windows, but there was a skylight towards the back. The room contained a variety of chairs and platforms, some with unusual designs, as well as cushions and lounges.

His Supremacy sat by Himself silently for several minutes. Tetenia choked on His cock. She had begun moving her head up and down on Him, practically massaging it with her throat and esophagus. She was in a kind of painful trance. Mia, meanwhile, swirled Her lips and tongue around His engorged balls, then buried her face between His legs, then back again. His Supremacy barely moved.

“The Queen Priestesses may enter,” His Supremacy called out.

One by one, all ten Queen Priestesses crawled in from the anteroom. They lined up, side by side, at the back of the room, prostrate towards Him. His Supremacy studied them intently but did not make a sound. For ten minutes, the Queen Priestesses remained prostrate in silence. Tetenia gagged on His Supremacy’s cock again.

“The Queen Priestesses Anya and Sha may approach,” His Supremacy said. Anya and Sha each crawled up to Him. When they arrived before Him, they looked at Him adoringly.

“Ahhh….you may speak,” His Supremacy said.

Anya and Sha looked at each other. “Thank you, Your Supremacy,” Anya said. “May we express our devotion to you by begging to worship you?” Tetenia’s head started to pound.

“Very well,” His Suprmacy said, and sighed in pleasure.

“Thank you, Your Supremacy,” Anya began, her face looking flush. “My…my devotion to you knows no bounds. I adore you, I adore your cock, I exist to worship you.”

“Thank you, Your Supremacy,” Sha said. “I would be honored to spend all my days begging to worship you. I would spend years on my knees, begging, for one minute of worship.”

His Supremacy placed His hand on Tetenia’s head briefly. Her face felt like it was being stretched out. She had been sucking Him for forty, forty-five minutes; she was nearing the limits of her deepthroating güvenilir bahis ability. In her mouth, she licked His shaft.

“Your Supremacy,” Anya continued. “If I may…if I may worship you..if I may suck your cock…sacrifcing my breath for your pleasure…I will be the luckiest person alive. Please let me suck it. Please, I adore it so much. Please, let me worship it. Let me worship you, it is why I exist, it is why all things exist. Your cock is so great and I know you should not lower it to me but I will…I will give you pleasure…I will hope to give you pleasure…”

“You have given me everything,” Sha said. “And you can take it away. I would gladly let you reclaim it to worship you, to pleasure you, to feel your Godly cock in my unworthy throat, for ten seconds, for one second. I will give you my body, my breath, my essence.”

Both Anya and Sha had pleading, flush looks on their faces.

“I adore you, Your Supremacy,” said Anya. “I revere you, Your Supremacy. I revere all aspects of you, my reverence has no limit and no end. I am begging you, please, please Your Supremacy, please allow me to show my reverence, to show my adoration, with worship. It is the only thing that can come close to showing it.”

His Supremacy began pushing His cock into Tetenia. He pushed without care, somewhat softly, as though it were natural. She began gagging loudly. He choked her with His cock, the result of a casual thrust, but she kept going despite an intense pressure bearing down on her head from nowhere. She pushed herself up and down, concentrating, concentrating, amid his casual thrusts. His cock was deep in her throat now, it was a massaging envelope of pleasure, a gigantic stick of pain. Tetenia’s face was beet-read and she started to squirm as the gags grew more frequent. Her pussy was wet somehow, her sex activated by the sheer dominance of His Supremacy’s cock effortlessly overwhelming her being.

“You are…you are of course greater than God, Your Supremacy,” Sha said, panting heavily. “I will give anything…anything…to worship you. I have nothing to give you, but whatever I can give, I will give it. You are so powerful…your power dominates all else. I am useless, pointless, nothing, without worshipping you.”

“I will always and forever be devoted to you, Your Supremacy,” Anya said. “I will be devoted to you, and to noting and no one else, for eternity. My devotion is infinite. You could spit on me and burn my palace down. You could kick me in the teeth, force me to live in hovel, naked in winter, eating nothing but gruel, and I would still be grateful to kiss your feet. Please let me express by devotion with worship. You could toss me in the lake and make me swim to your Great Temple and leave me there burning in the sun…leave me there to die, if you wanted to…if that is what it takes for you to let me worship you. Please, Your Supremacy.”

Tetenia’s body was pulsating, her pussy was pulsating, she was shaking and swaying back and forth. Her head pushed down on His Supremacy’s cock and He moaned. She moved her lips around the base and carressed the shaft with her tongue. Her head felt like it had a boulder on top of it, her face felt like it was about to snap. She barely noticed the aches and pains emanating from her back, neck and knees. She was cumming. Her mind shattered as her throat exercised itself around His Supremacy’s cock to please it, she felt like she was about to black out, she licked and sucked and stretched herself out, her pelvis gyrating slightly.

Suddenly, His Supremacy grabbed Tetenia by the hair and pulled her off of Him. Her orgasm ended abruptly, the second His cock left her mouth, but she looked up at Him with pure adulation. His cock was hard as granite, ten full inches, glistening upwards. His face looked totally relaxed. He did not look at her, or at anyone else.

“You may worship me,” He said to Anya and Sha. Tetenia and Mia moved to the side. Anya swallowed His cock whole immediately, as Sha’s tongue began carressing His balls. He reached down and ran His hands across Mia’s breasts, and she let out a small moan.

He glanced at Tetenia and Mia. “Are you going to thank me?,” He said to them. Tetenia was somewhat surprised by how relaxed He looked.

“Of course, thank you, Your Supremacy,” Tetenia said, catching her breath. “It was amazing to…prepare you for the Ceremony of Devotion..and to worship you. I am devoted to you boundlessly as well, of course. Receiving your cock in my mouth, in my throat, is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me, the greatest thing that ever could happen to me. Your cock is so great, so sacred…you are so great, so sacred. It is a wonderful honor to have your cock permeate my being, Your Supremacy.” She bowed her head slightly. “I can never thank you as much as you deserve, not even close, Your Supremacy.” She was being completely and fully sincere.

“Thank you, Your Supremacy,” Mia said. “I will do anything to pleasure you. I should flagellate myself in gratitude for letting me pleasure you. I will do it if you ask it, if you command it. I will do it and then crawl miles to your Sacred Presence and prostrate my scarred body at your feet…and spend days praising your glory, without eating and sleeping.”

“Enough,” His Supremacy said to Tetenia and Mia. The two of them crawled towards the back, where the other Queen Priestesses were. Anya – probably His best cocksucker – pleasured His cock with her throat. “Mmmm, that’s nice, Anya,” He said, calmlly, sinking Himself into the chair.

A few minutes went by. “The Queen Lyenne and Tessara may approach,” He said. Lyenne and Tessara crawled to Him and, like Sha and Anya before them, looked up at Him adoringly.

“Speak,” His Supremacy said to Lyenne and Tessara.

“Thank you, Your Supremacy,” Tessara said. “May we express our devotion to you by begging to worship you?”

His Supremacy did not look at them, and said nothing. He placed a finger on one of Anya’s nipples for a moment. Several minutes went by.

“May we express our devotion, Your Supremacy?,” Lyenne asked again. “May we please beg?”

“Ohhh, fuck,” His Supremacy said, effortlessly dominating Anya’s mouth and throat.

“Please, Your Supremacy,” Lyenne said. “Please let us beg. Please let us beg to worship you.”

“I will…I will do anything…to beg to worship you,” Tessara said, with some desperation in her voice. “Please. Please. I’m begging. I’m begging you to let me beg to worship you.”

“Ahh fuck, Anya, that’s so good,” He said softly.

“Your Supremacy, my life is worthless if I cannot beg to worship you,” Lyenne said. “My life is worthless even if I can, in comparison to your infinite power. Your power over me is so great it crushes me, reduces my essence, my very self to a hole to be filled…a hole to be filled with your sacred cock if you are generous enough to grant me the honor, a hole to be filled with praise for you if you are so generous to grant me the honor, a hole to be filled by begging to praise you or worship your cock if you will grant me the honor. I know I am unworthy of the honor. If you do not wish for me to worship you, I will not, I will be ashamed as it is my only purpose, but I will not, I will abide by your commands and be grateful for them. But please let me beg…if I could only beg to worship you. If you will permit me to beg, I will beg for just a minute or I will beg ‘till the end of my days, whatever pleases you most. I will prostrate myself before you and beg and be thankful and sing your praises to the heavens and beyond for granting me the privilege of begging to worship you for that is only a tiny fraction of what you deserve.”

“Your Supremacy, I know begging to worship you is a privilege, I know worshipping you is an enormous, incompehensible privilege,” Tessara said. “I know you have granted me enough privileges already, palaces, servants, holdings, Full Worship, penance, bowing down before you…I will trade it all away. I will trade it all away to beg. I will follow you, crawling, on my knees, begging, for as long as you’d like, forever if you’d like. I will do nothing but beg to worship you if it pleases you. I will crawl around the world begging, shouting your praises. I am so unworthy, I am a blade of grass, an ant, a bug, a meaningless void which can only be filled by your commands. I beg you for your commands, Your Supremacy. Your commands are all that matter, they are everything, Your Supremacy. I can only beg for them and I can only beg to worship you and I can only beg to beg to worship you.”

“Fuck that’s good Anya, that’s really good,” His Supremacy said. Barely moving, lightly thrusting His cock, He began cumming in Anya’s throat. He effortlessly pored forth streams of cum, straight into her esophagus. She choked a bit, but did not otherwise react – she simply received His gift.

“I…I…I am pleading with you, Your Supremacy,” Lyenne said. “I am pleading with you merely to receive permission to plead. Should you grant it, and I know I should not expect it, it would be the happiest moment of my life. But I do not expect it, I am only worthy of bowing before you, silently, your pure domination of everything is greater than words can describe. I am even un worthy of bowing, all are unworthy of bowing, all are unworthy of your commands and your Sacred Presence. Yet you give them, yet I am in your Sacred Presence. I should be satisfied with that, I should not wish to beg to worship you but should be enamored and endlessly appreciative that I may simply bow down in your Sacred Presence, and I am sorry that I wish to beg to worship you I will leave this room on my knees and set myself ablaze as a warning to others, that your Sacred Presence should be enough, that it is more than enough, for everyone, for all that exists, mountains quiver before it, armies fall to their knees, and how can I expect to beg to worship you when you have blessed my lowly self with your Sacred Presence.”
“Ahhh…ohh…ahhh…that’s nice, fuck that’s nice,” He said, in a low voice, continuing to pump cum into Anya.

“You are so powerful, Your Supremacy,” Tessara said. “It is true that armies fall to their knees, that mountains quiver, before your Sacred Presence. I have fallen to my knees, as well, but I should burrow myself into the ground. I exist to worship you, and if I cannot do that, begging to worship you should sufice, and if I cannot do that, begging to beg to worship you should suffice, and if I cannot do that, your Sacred Presence should suffice, and if I cannot be in your Sacred Presence, your Sacred Likeness should suffice. I cower before you, ashamed of my selfishness, ashamed that I may think you should grant me a privileged indulgence. You tower before me, you tower before all, Your Supremacy.”

His Supremacy’s orgasm was winding down, and Anya was still deepthroating Him. He was still fully erect.

“Your Supremacy,” Lyenne said, sounding meek. “I am nothing and you are everything. The meaning of that phrase, which applies to all things, is truly incomprehensible. I am nothing and you are everything. I am eternally devoted to you. I am enternally devoted. Nothing matters to me but my devotion you. Nothing…”

His Supremacy suddenly ripped Anya off His cock, and stood up. He grabbed the back of Lyenne’s head with one hand, and grabbed the back of Tessara’s with the other. He shoved His cock straight into Lyenne’s throat and shoved Tessara’s face into His asshole. He glanced at Tetenia for a moment, thrusting Himself into Lyenne’s face. He roughly grabbed Lyenne’s shoulders, pushing her further towards Him, and then squeezed türkçe bahis and slapped her tits.

He pushed Lyenne off His cock and walked over to a platform, ordering Lyenne and Tessara to follow. Lyenne laid on her back on the platform, while Tessara knelt beside Him. He thrust His cock into Tessar’s mouth once, and then grabbed Lyenne’s pelvis and pushed His cock into her pussy.

“OHHHHHHHHHAAAAHHH,” Lyenne screamed, even louder than Gabriela had been screaming earlier.

His Supremacy grabbed Lyenne’s tits, running His hands across her body as He fucked her.

“FUCK I CANT STOP OHHHAHHHHH,” Lyenne cried. She began cumming the second He entered her and was shaking uncontrollably – another massive, rolling, orgasm. “OH FUCK OH YOUR COCK IS GODLY ITS THE GREATEST…FUCK….FAAUUUUUCCK…AHHH….NOT WORTHY…NO ONE’S WORHTY NO ONE’S WORTHY….FUCK AHH FUCK AHHH.”

His Supremacy pushed hard against Lyenne’s pelvis, with both His cock and His hands.


“Ahh fuck that feels so good, that feels amazing,” His Supremacy said, grunting as He fucked His Queen Priestess. He groped at Lyenne’s tits again and pushed His elbows against her stomach.

“I CANT BELIEVE IT I KNOW I CAN NEVER DO IT…OH FUCK OH FUCK OHHH…I CAN NEVER DO YOUR GLORIOUS COCK…YOUR GLORIOUS SELF…OHAHHHHH…NEVER DO IT JUSTICE. OH SHIT OH FUCK AHHHEAHHOHHH…THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU….AHHEEEEEE…OHHHH….STOP FUCKING ME I CAN’T BE WORTHY OF THIS…FUCKFUCKFUCK…OHHH…YOU ARE EVERYTHING YOUR SUPREMACY…YOU ARE EVERYTHING…I’M NOTHING…FUCK…FUCK YOUR SUPREMAAAAAHHHH.” Lyenne’s screams filled the room; they could be heard easily in the anteroom and even by any passers-by outside, despite the thick walls. Her mind bounced all over the place, she felt like it left her body but also felt like it was perfectly in synch with her body as they both gyrated and moaned uncontrollably. She was a force of energy, nothing but a set of responses to His stimuli.

His Supremacy pulled out of Lyenne, very suddenly, leaving her gyrating on the platform, moaning incomprehensibly, still cumming. He pushed His cock into Tessara’s throat, the back of Tessara’s head up aganst the side of the platform. He began violently facefucking Tessara, not leaving her an inch, not leaving her anything. He came in Tessara’s mouth for two minutes, and she had to take all of it, because there was nowhere else for her to go.

As He was cumming, He called out for the Queen Priestesses Laetitia and Kelye to come forward. When He was done, He walked back to the platform and ordered Laetitia to suck Him and Kelye to lick Him. Tessara and Lyenne went bowed down off to the side.

Compared to the intense, noisy, scene moments before, things suddenly got quiet. Laetitia gagged periodically, the only sound in the room. His Supremacy relaxed His muscles again. For around twenty minutes, silence prevailed as two more Queen Priestesses pleasured His Supremacy.

With violent abruptness, He pulled Laetitia’s head off His cock. He pushed Kelye down onto with the other hand, and moaned in pleasure.

His Supremacy looked down at Laetitia. “You have been pleasuring me,” He said softly. “You have been worshipping me…yet you did not properly beg for it.”

Laetitia looked at Him silently. She began to speak, but He slapped her across the face – startling, because He looked so calm. He placed His hand on Kelye’s head and casually gave her mouth a few thrusts.

“I reclaim five million gold tracens from you, Laetitia,” He said. “And you must spend tomorrow working among the Blessed Servants.”

“Thank you, Your Supremacy,” Laetitia said, humbly.

He pulled Kelye off His cock and pushed Laetitia back down onto it. He looked at Kelye. “You, too, worshipped me without properly begging for it,” He said. He slapped Kelye across the face.

“Thank you, Your Supremacy,” Kelye said.

“I reclaim five million gold tracens from you, as well,” His Supremacy said. “And you, too, must spend tomorrow working among the Blessed Servants.”

“Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

“You may resume licking me.”

“Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

“Fuck that’s good,” His Supremacy said, His hand on Laetitia’s head.

A few more minutes went by in silence. He then called Mia and Tetenia to Him. “Mia,” He said. “Prepare Tetenia for me.” Mia dipped her finger in lube, and began swirling it around Tetenia’s asshole. After several minutes, He ordered them to another platform, and ordered Tetenia onto it, with her face down and her ass up.

His Supremacy walked over to Tetenia, and grabbed her ass. He took both cheeks, controlling them, and guided His cock into her asshole. He then reached down with one arm, fondled Mia’s breasts, and ordered her to begin licking His ass from behind Him.

“Ahh fuck Tetenia, your ass is so tight,” He said. He pushed His whole cock into her almost immediately, but thrust slowly, firmly in control. The platform Tetenia was kneeling on was low, and there was some space in front of her. His Supremacy grabbed Tetenia’s ass, continuing His slow thrusts.

“All Queen Priestesses, bow down next to this platform,” He called out. The ten of them crawled beside it. Tetenia squealed, and His Supremacy let out an “ahhhh.”

“Which of you would like to be pleasured by my concubine?,” He said to the Queen Priestesses, pushing Mia’s face into His ass.

“I would, Your Supremacy,” called out Karina. “I would of course be grateful to you.”

“I would, Your supremacy,” said Anya. “I cannot believe you would share your possesion with me.”

This turned into a scrum, with the Queen Priestesses each shouting each other down to proclaim their desire to be eaten out by Tetenia – and their gratitude that His Supremacy would offer such a thing – for a few minutes.

“Enough,” His Supremacy shouted. “Karina, come forward.”

Karina sat on the platform, lining up her pussy with Tetenia’s mouth. She looked directly at His Supremacy, smiled, and mouthed the words “thank you, Your Supremacy.” She placed a hand on Tetenia’s head an guided it to her glistening sex.

His Supremacy half-smiled, and slapped Tetenia’s ass. His cock was ripping her apart, casually.
Tetenia did not like being fucked in the ass (He had done it once before, back in Norland), and had never eaten a woman out before. Although Karina’s pussy was attractive, clean and wet and pink with only a trace of a bush, she was mildly revulsed by it. She wasn’t totally sure what to do, but she began licking. She was already in some pain from His Supremacy’s assfucking.

“Ahh fuck that’s good,” His Supremacy said, as His cock stretched Tetenia’s asshole to fit it. It felt amazing. He slapped her ass, hard.

Karina grabbed Tetenia’s head more forcefully and buried it in her pussy. She began guiding it up and down, grinding her hips against it. “Ohhhahhh,” she said, and broke into another smile. She was looking at His Supremacy the whole time.

“Ohh, that’s nice.” His Supremacy gripped Tetenia’s backside.

Karina’s grinding grew more intense. “Ahhh, fuck ahhhh,” she moaned. One of her hands began dancing around her breasts as she looked at His Supremacy. “Ohhh that’s ahhh…ahh yeah.” She grabbed her own tit. “Thank you, Your Supremacy,” she cired out, grinding her pussy against Tetenia’s face, holding her head down, her hips gyrating. “Thank you this is amazing.” Tetenia didn’t really know what she was doing, but didn’t seem to matter, because Karina just pushed her head around wherever she wanted it to go.

“I…fuck…ahhh,” Karina moaned, panting. “I can never thank you enough…I can never thank you enough.” She gripped Tetenia’s head, and pushed her in harder. She was, of course, not thanking Tetenia, but His Supremacy – for sharing Tetenia with her. “This is…fuck I’m cumming,” she squealed. “Fuck yes, fuck yes, thank you Your Supremacy, fuck yes.” She was pushing Tetenia’s head around with great force, while using the other hand to fondle her own tits. She looked at His Supremacy the entire time.

His Supremacy pushed His thumbs into Tetenia’s asscheeks and began thrusting harder into her. He was staring right back at Karina, watching the Queen Priestess cum, as Mia continued to eat His ass. He gripped Tetenia’s pelvis, hard, and started to come inside her asshole. He overwhelmed it with cum, a river gushed out of it and gushed onto the floor, forming a puddle near where He stood. Despite this being His fourth orgasm in the past few hours, it was the most intense yet. Staring at Karina as she fondled herself and controlled Tetenia was too much to take, even for Him. He came for nearly five minutes, His longest orgasm in weeks, He completely filled Tetenia’s asshole with His seed. But most of it leaked out onto the floor, forming a puddle a good two feet in diameter.

His Supremacy pulled out of Tetenia’s ass. Karina immediately pushed Tetenia’s face off of her and went back to bow down. She was only allowed to use Tetenia to pleasure herself while His Supremacy was being pleasured, as well.

His Supremacy’s cock was only semi-erect, for the first time in many hours. He told Mia and Tetenia to bow down, too, and looked out at all the girls – twelve beautiful, bowing down to Him, a pool of His cum before Him.

“Frenessa,” He said. “Come forward.” The Queen Preistess crawled to Him.

“Would you like to receive the Great and Sacred Gift,” He said to Frenessa, pointing to the pool of cum on the floor.

“Of course, Your Supremacy,” Frenessa said. “Thank you, Your Supremacy. The Great and Sacred Gift is the greatest thing that exists. I am not worthy of it, I am unfit to receive it, as we all are, but I would of course do so if it pleases you. Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

His Supremacy stared down at Frenessa’s adoring face. He pushed her to the ground. “Lay on your stomach,” He commanded. Frenessa laid on her stomach.

“Receive the gift,” He commanded.

Frenessa started to lick His cum off the floor, using her elbows to move around.

“Thank me,” He commanded.

“Thank you, Your Supremacy,” she said, licking, facing the ground. His Supremacy walked to the edge of the puddle, and put one foot on Frenessa’s back, opposite where her tits were, pressing down on it, pancaking her breasts.

“Thank me,” He commanded.

“Thank you, Your Supremacy,” Frenessa said, turning her head to lick more cum.

His Supremacy remained with one foot on Frenessa’s back, and looked out at the eleven women still bowing down to Him. “Karina, come forward,” He said, and Karina crawled to Him.

Not saying anything, He pushed His cock into Karina’s throat. “I shared my concubine with you…now I am letting you worship me…you better be grateful,” He said. His cock stiffened to a full erection in Karina’s mouth within seconds. The tip of the ten inches pushed past the limits of her throat. Karina, though well-practiced, choked and squirmed.

His Supremacy maintained a hand on Karina’s head. “Ohh yeah…ahhh,” He said, controlling her. He pushed His foot down hard on Frenessa’s back, and pivoted it, turning her body to the side. “There is yet more gift for you to recieve, Frenessa…ohh fuck that’s good.”

“Thank you, Your Supremacy,” Frenessa said. “I can never be worthy of this.” He dug His foot into her and shifted her body again. “Thank güvenilir bahis siteleri you, Your Supremacy”

“Ahh, that’s nice Karina, that’s nice,” He said. He carresed her tits, soflty, then a bit roughly. For several more minutes, He stood there, gazing at His adoring Queen Priestesses and concubines, His foot on Frenessa’s back and His cock in Karina’s throat.

“Deosa,” He said, addressing another Queen Priestess. “Go to that chair there and position yourself in it.”

His Supremacy was pointing at a rather unusual-looking chair. It was U-shaped, hollow in the middle, with a curved piece of metal underneath the bottom of the ‘U.’ Deosa angled her body upwards, over tte piece of metal, her knees on the ground. The position reminded Tetenia of when she ate His Supremacy’s ass last week, although Deosa was crammed into a tighter space.

“Ahhh,” His Supremacy moaned. He pivoted His foot again, so that Frenessa could lick more cum. “Anya and Tessara, position yourselves at the sides of the chair with your tits out.” Anya and Tessara crawled to the same chair Deosa was in, and knelt on either side of it with their torsos up, their tits out, and their heads bowed slightly.

His Supremacy pulled Karina off His cock. Walking beside her as she crawled, guiding her like a pet, He went and sat down in the chair. Deosa began licking His asshole in earnest. Karina bowed down before Him for a moment. “You may continue to worship me, Karina,” He said.

“Thank you, Your Supremacy,” Karina replied. She knelt before Him in the hollow middle of the ‘U’ and pushed her face onto His massive erection. He sat back, sighted contentedly, and ordered the other girls to bow down direclty before Him. He gripped Karina’s head with His hands and began moving it back and forth on His cock.

Tetenia realized the reason for the unusual shape of this chair. His Supremacy’s cock was facing forwards, not upwards.

“Fuck that’s nice, fuck that’s good,” His Supremacy said as He pushed Karina back and forth, facefucking her although His cock was still. Tears began forming around Karina’s eyes. He locked her face onto the base of His cock and let go, His hands moving on to Anya and Tesara’s bodies. Karina remained kneeling with His cock all the way down, and had gagging fit. His Supremacy let out an effortless moan.

“Queen Priestesses Seri and Sha,” He said, almost whispering. “Come forward.” Both came and knelt before the chair. His Supremacy addressed Sha. “Prepare Seri for me,” He said. Sha stuck her fingers in Seri’s ass for several minutes. Seri squealed a couple of times.

“Mmmm, Karina,” His Supremacy said. He grabbed her by the hair and pushed her back and forth on Him, although the rest of His body was oddly still. He then pushed her back down again, impaling Her face with His erection. “Ahhh, that’s what I want, that’s nice.”

In a sudden motion, His Supremacy pushed Karina off His cock. It pointed outwards, fully erect, massive. Karina looked at it with adoring devotion as she struggled to catch her breath. “Thank you, Your Supremacy,” she said, panting. “I exist to do nothing but worship you, my breath exists only so it can be sacrificed for your pleasure.”

His Supremacy glanced down at Karina, looking almost bored. “Go and bow down,” He said. “Seri,” he added. “Pleasure me with your asshole.”

Seri turned and backed towards Him, on her knees, with her ass in the air and her face down. His Supremacy grabbed her ass and positioned her asshole in front of her cock. He pulled her ass towards Him, His erection entering Seri’s asshole and going a little past the tip.

He sat back and let Seri do the rest. With a grimace, she pushed her asshole onto His Supremacy’s cock, impaling herself. Once the whole thing was inside, she grunted, a pained look on her face.
His Supremacy ran his hands across Anya’s breasts. He thrusted lightly for a few seconds.

Seri began to move her hips, and move her ass back and forth on His Supremacy’s cock. Tetenia was amazed; she did not think such a thing was possible. It never would have even occurred to her.

With great determination, Seri moved her ass back and forth. “Ahhhowww,” she cried out, sounding agonized. She impaled herself on His Supremacy’s giant cock, pulled back a bit, then impaled herself again. His Supremacy grabbed onto Seri’s ass and pulled it towards Him. “Fuck that’s good,” he said. He placed His hands firmly on her ass. Seri made her jiggle back and forth, pushing and twitching with her muscles and asscheeks, ensuring that He remained entirely inside her asshole. Tetenia could see Seri’s face; it looked like she was endurng intense manual labor. Her head was on the floor, turned sideways.

“Ohaackowww,” Seri yelped. “Ah..ah…ah..oh,” she said more quietly. She sounded like she was being prodded with sticks or pelted with stones.

“Ahh that’s nice,” His Supremacy said, moaning in pleasure. Seri’s ass jiggled in front of Him. “Oh, fuck yeah,” He said, slapping it, but not moving otherwise. His Supremacy then lifted up His right foot, and placed it on Seri’s head. “Ahhh yeah, Seri…ahh yeah, that feels good,” He said. He pushed His foot down on the side of her head.

Seri was in excruciating pain, laboring to pleasure His Supremacy with her asshole, His foot on her head. “Ehhaa,” she muttered. She pushed her asshole towards Him, flexing its muscles to create the sensation of movement. She clenched her teeth.

His Supremacy moaned lightly, Seri’s tight, warm asshole sliding around on His erect cock. He pressed at Anya and Tessara’s breasts, and then slapped Seri’s ass with both hands a few times. Her ass shimmied as Seri forced its’ movements. His Supremacy sat back and dug His heel into Seri’s cheek, pushing the side of her mouth against her clenched teeth. “Praise me, Seri,” He said.

“Fay faaaa,” Seri cried, incomprehensibly. Pleasuring Him with her asshole required all her focus and it wasn’t going to be easy forming words with a heel digging into her face. “Ayaaahh…ayahhh….I am unworthy of you.” She panted. “Your Supremacy.”

“Ahh yeah…ohhh yeah.” His Supremacy pushed His foot into Seri’s temple.

“I cannot…I cannot…your power overwhelms me,” she cried out in a labored voice. “As it overwhelms everything,” she said more softly. “I cannot…I am so grateful. I am so grateful that you may use my body for your purposes, Your Supremacy. I am so grateful that you may rest your sacred foot upon me. I…I….” She continued to labor to force Her asshole to slide upon His cock. “I….I am impaling myself with your Sacred Cock, Your Supremacy. It is…ahh fuck.” She stopped for a moment. “It is something that I would beg to do for you, only for you, for you are the God of Gods. The pathetic things that I do…to please you…do not compare to the gifts you have given me.”

His Supremacy was the picture of calmness and contentment. He simply sat back, staring into space or gazing at the supplicant, naked, beautiful women, enjoying Deosa eating His asshole, enjoying Seri impaling herself on His enormous erection. Sometimes he reached out and carressed Anya or Tessara, or slapped Seri’s ass. His cock was in such a tight, warm, place; it was where it belonged, regardless of how much agony Seri had to go through to get it there. He adjusted His foot on her face.

Seri continued. “We can remain like this forever, if you want. Aaaack….my asshole exists to please you, as do all my holes, as does all that I am and ever could be. I hope it can please you, I hope I can please you…nothing else matters. You are everything, and I am nothing, Your Supremacy. Nothing else matters. Nothing else matters but you, but your whim, your will, your command, your power, your pleasure. I worship you because nothing else matters.”

His Supremacy dug his foot into Seri’s face a little harder. He started cumming in her asshole. He came effortlessly, with occassional, casual, thrusts, periodically rubbing Anya’s tits beside Him. The cum began spilling out.

“I worship you because your greatness is beyond my capacity for worship, beyond my capacity to give you pleasure…ohhahhhh.” Seri paused for a moment, grimaced and squealed. “You are everything. Nothing matters but you. The world and all who are in it should bow down before you, always…always…everyone should be bowing down before you right now, this very second. That they are not is only a result of your benevolence, and for that they should bow down all the more.” She flexed her ass back and forth on His Supremacy’s cock, creating the sensation of movement while all ten inches remained inside her. “Fuck ahh fuckk….ohowww…thank you for letting me pleasure you with my body, Your Supremacy. Thank you for resting your foot upon my face. While the world may not bow down before at all times as it should, this tiny snippet of purpose…this tiny snipped of purpose..that you have given me…is all I could ever ask and hope for. It is all I could ever want and I will forever be indebted to you for permitting me to do it.” Her face looked like it was caught in a vise. Her ass glided beautifully along His Supremacy’s cock.

“Fuck ohhh,” Seri continued. “The gift…the gift increases my indebtedness…to you. The Great and Sacred Gift. Please I…I can never, ever be worthy.” She groaned in agony. “This is wonderful…a blessing…the greatest moment of my life. My life which exists only for you, Your Supremacy. I should hang my head in eternal shame if I cannot please you…but I can never, ever please you enough.”

His Supremacy was still cumming, in effortless strokes.

“I exist for you…everything exists for you…and you alone. The only purpose of anything is to serve and please you. Thank you, Your Supremacy, for letting me please you, whatever small amount that I may have. Thank you for letting me serve you, for letting me worship you. I am but a slave to your whim. My body exists for your cock, for your pleasure, or it doesn’t exist at all. My being exists to be sublimated by your overwhelming, enless, limitless power. Fuck….you are everything, Your Supremacy. You are all that is, Your Supremacy. The world snaps like a twig before you, it is a speck of dust before your greatness. The world your plaything, your toy…I am your plaything, your toy…you can snap us all apart and put us back together and snap us all apart again just for a moment of fleeting satisfaction…or for no reason at all. You can destroy every city in the world and the inhabitants will throw themselves at your feet, should throw themselves at your feet, thanking you profusely for the destruction. You should do it…you should make everyone bow down…make everyone bow down, no one and nothing else, nothing but your power, the purest expression of purpose, the only thing that matters. You should extend your palace throughout the world and make everyone spend their lives on their knees, begging, pleading, filled with shame that there is not more they can do to please you. I am ashamed that there is only my body, my asshole, though I am thankful for it.” He was still cumming, as she labored to pleasure Him with her ass. “I am ashamed and contrite…you have given me a palace and servants and a shrine to you and you let me please your Sacred Cock and all I can offer in return is my pathetic asshole, thrusting back and forth, flexing itself in a labored, pathetic attempt to please you. I will be forever ashamed of myself as I supplicate myself before your limitless glory, Your Supremacy. You are all…you are all that is, Your Supremacy.”

As His orgasm wound down, His Supremacy pushed Seri off His cock. She practically slid across the cum-soaked floor. A few more drops of cum dripped down. The girls gathered to lap it up, and meditate on their good fortune in pleasing His Supremacy, as He nodded off for awhile.

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