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I sat down at the only unoccupied table in the entire coffee shop. I like coming here even though it was always crowded. The coffee was good, the ambience was excellent, and people left me alone so I could read.
“Hi. May I join you?”
I looked up in the direction of the voice and saw a very pretty girl standing in front of me. I didn’t reply right away because I was dumbstruck by her beauty. I stared at her in silence.
“All of the other tables are full,” she added. “May I sit here?”
I came to my senses and gestured her to sit down by pulling the chair next to me out.
For some odd reason her voice did not match her physical appearance, but I’ll never refuse a pretty girl’s request to sit with me.
I closed the book I was reading and set it on the table, but she picked it up, looked at the cover, and set it back down.
I stared at her. Her eyes were a light blue, fitting well with her blonde hair. Her eyebrows were also blonde, which gives me a clue to the color of pubic hair I’m hoping to nestle my face in. Her lips were full and sensuous, the kissable type. Her only flaw was her slightly crooked front teech, but that only added to her beauty. Her face was smooth and looked soft.
But her voice was much too deep for a girl.
She looked back at me.
“You find me attractive, don’t you?” It was said as a statement, not as a question. “In fact,” she continued, “I’ll bet you want to kiss me.”
I was taken by surprise. “Say, you’re not a hooker, are you? Or worse, a police officer disguised as a hooker to arrest me?”
gaziantep escort She gently touched my forearm and squeezed. It was a sensuous squeeze.
“God, no. Neither. Look, I’ll tell you what, I’ll dump the contents of my purse next to your book and show you.
I raised my eyebrows.
“Relax, it’s a small purse.”
Indeed it was. It contained a tube of lip gloss, a handkerchief, a comb, and a small wallet with a few dollars and a driver’s license in it. I was amused by the single-use packet of K-Y Jelly hidden in the wallet.
I pulled out the license and read the name: “Allison.” The last name looked too formidable to pronounce, so I skipped that. “Hmm, you are twenty years old. Your hair is longer in the picture.” I didn’t bother with any other information the license contained.
“My hair’s the same length. I just put it up differently.”
I wanted to get some action going with this girl, and I needed some way to get out of here and into my car with her.
“Want to go for a walk in the park with me. It’s only a ten-minute drive from here.”
“Sure! I’d love to go!” There was genuine enthusiasm in her voice.
“We can go there in my car, and I can drive you back here. You live near here?”
“About a half mile. I come here all the time.”
“OK, let’s go,” I said.
Since I have a new car, I usually park away from other cars, so I figured that once I get her in my car I could get some action going. This girl was giving me a hard-on!
I let her in on the passenger side, and as I got into the driver’s side, she leaned close to me, as much as those damned bucket seats would allow. I miss the old cars with the full seat with no junk between the driver and passenger.
As soon as I turned my head to her, she came forward and gave me a lingering open-mouth kiss that had an immediate effect on me. Her tongue was doing an obscene dance with my tongue.
She pulled away from me and whispered, “I took my panties off while you were coming around to get in the car.”
“Well, I’m going to get on your side of the car; the steering wheel will get in our way.”
We got out and back in again, with her on top of me, facing me, her knees between my legs. It was cramped, but when two horny people want to fuck, and place is ideal.
I brought both of my hands to the cheeks of her firm, smooth ass. I run my fingers on her anus, and she pushed herself into me–
I felt a stiff hard-on poking into my belly!
I wasn’t sure how to react, so I just went with the flow.
It was at this point that she–he–“Allison” had pulled his skirt off. His cock was a respectable length and girth. Nothing huge, but beautiful, hard, and circumcised.
“Suck me, please! Then fuck me in the ass! Please! Now!”
I was no stranger to giving blowjobs, so I scooted down while he raised himself to me.
As soon as his cock entered my mouth and my lips and tongue began the suction, he came in thick, plentiful wads.
I swallowed and sat upright. He hugged me and kissed me the way he had first done it.
“Thank you so much. If you hadn’t done that soon enough, I would’ve shot it all over us. I had the hots for you as soon as I laid eyes on you.”
I looked at him seriously. “You know, if you had picked the wrong guy to do this with, you’d have been beaten to a pulp–or worse. False advertizing, you know.”
“I know. But generally I just like to wear women’s clothes and walk around in them. I don’t try to hook up with guys this way. But as I said, I fell for you, and I could tell that you are a kind, gentle person.”
I pulled my jeans and underpants down, and he straddled my thighs. He played with my hard-on, rolling my foreskin over the head of my cock.
He pulled the rest of his clothing off, including his well-padded bra. His chest was smooth and soft.
“When we get to my place,” he said, “we’ll take a shower together and I’ll suck you off. Right now I want you in me.”
Allison reached into his purse and pulled out the packet of K-Y and applied it on his asshole and my cock.
He lowered himself gently onto my cock, but I felt myself sliding in easily. This was not a virgin asshole!
As soon as I felt the heat of his bowel on my cock, I could feel the sensation of wanting to cum. And I wanted this to last! But I could not hold back; I came with a force that I hadn’t felt for some time.
I felt his erection on my belly, and I realized I was wet.
“We came together,” I whispered.
“I know.” And we kissed a lingering kiss of lovers.
“When we get to your place, you’ll have to tell me about yourself, Allison.”
“I will.”
We kissed lovers’ kisses for several minutes before we drove off.

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