Allison’s Uncle

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Allison came home from school and threw her backpack on the floor near the sofa. “Uncle Pete?”she called.”You home?”
“Yeah honey”, came her uncles muffled reply.”In the kitchen.”
Allison came bouncing into the kitchen, her round little breasts bouncing against her thin white blouse. She went over to her uncle and gave him a quick hug. She smelled alcohol on his clothes and blinked her eyes. “You weren’t drinking, were you?”
“Naww, baby girl, don’t worry ’bout it. I just had a little bit earlier.”
He was definitely a bit tipsy.
Allison sighed and went over to the fridge to start dinner. Bending over in her short school issued skirt, she searched the fridge for any edible remains.”And you didn’t get anything for dinner? Great.”
With her back to him, Allison crossed her arms over her chest. She hated when her uncle drank, and he’d been doing it more and more since her parents had died. “I ate at school but what are you goin’ to eat?!” She turned around and straightened her skirt. She couldnt believe her eyes as she saw her uncle rubbing his bulging penis through his pants and grinning. “Oh i’m sure i can find something to eat around here,” he said without taking his eyes off of her. Allison glared and tried walking past him to go upstairs.
“Where you goin”, her uncle asked still rubbing at the growing lump in his pants.
“Allison didnt answer and pushed past him into the front room and started picking up her back-pack and books. She didnt want to see him like this and she was a little embarrassed, knowing that when he sobered up, hed be upset about it illegal bahis too.
Uncle Pete grabbed her arm with his free hand and being as thin as she was, his fingers easily wrapped around her upper arm, clenching tightly. “What are you doing? Let me go!” Allison pulled against him. His smelly booze breath right in her face, he unzipped his pants and started rubbing harder. He pushed Allison onto the sofa. Her eyes widened in fear. Uncle pete yanked at her skirt until it ripped away in two flimsy pieces. Her then forced his knee in between her thighs, rubbing against her panty clad crotch, while her used the skirt to tie her hands together and attached them to the arm of the sofa.Then he ripped her blouse apart, exposing her young round breasts.He shoved the shirt halfway into her mouth. Alison kicked at him but her was too heavy on top of her. He then proceded to rub at her pussy through the thin material of the panties. Allison wriggled under his touch and tried to move away but it only added to the vibration on her sensitive clit. She lay still and watched in terror as her uncle pulled her panties away from her body, down her thighs, and up to the knee, where he suddenly snapped them off, the side straps digging into Allisons flesh as they ripped away. He then wet a finger in his mouth and stroked her pussy lips. Allison was ashamed to feel how wet she was getting with this treatment. Her uncle suddenly stooped down and licked at her pussy, only once and pulled away as Allison involuntarily moved her pussy toward his face.
He reaverted his eyes to her soft breasts. He ripped the illegal bahis siteleri bra away from her small round tits and let them bounce out naturally. Allison began to squirm again missing the attention he had paid to her throbbing pussy. he rolled her swelling nipples in his fingers and as they began to harden, he dropped them too. Allison began needing attention furiously on her pussy. she bucked her hips wildly toward her uncle, moaning throuigh her gag and feeling a bit ashamed. To Allisons surprise and dismay, he didnt touch her at all. Instead he sat back against the coffee table, and watched as his desperate neice thrust her hot wet little slit at his face, begging for attention, pleading for satisfaction. every few seconds he’d reach out and tickle her clit or trace a line against her wet swelling pussy lips, now gaping open with arousal. This added to her misery as she lay on the sofa silently begging to be fucked by her uncle, her puffy sensitive nipples twitching with arousal, her clit throbbing for attention, her pussy completely soaked and getting wetter every second. Her uncle sat back and jerked at his hard cock, watching her misery, adding to his pleasure. With a completely stiff cock in hand, he approached his young neice and inserted his moist rock hard cock at the entrance of her wet little hole. he thrust once, just a hit, inserting the very tip of his penis into her wet pussy then he withdrew it. he reinserted it, and withdrew it again. Allisons eyes widened in fear, this time that he wouldnt fuck her completely. He kept up this practice as Allison bucked canlı bahis siteleri wildly, trying to impale her hot wet fuck hole onto his rock hard massive cock. Finally he withdrew and stepped bck. Allison teared up, thinking she’d never get what she wanted. Uncle pete studied her for a moment and finally flipped her onto her stomach, pulling her knees up under her so she was in a kneeling position with her head down. He spread her legs apart exposing the hot little fuck hole of her anus. He spat onto his fingers and rubbed them inside of her warm pussy hole, greasing up his fingers, He then used her hot juices and his own spit to lube up her other hole. Quickly with a hard careless thrust he forced his massive cock into her tiny anal opening. Allison groaned in pain and pleasure, her head bucked backwards. Uncle pete pumped away at her teeny butt hole using her shoulders for leverage and managing to grope his way around her breasts as he fucked her raw. All the while she moved in pace to his thrusts. She made deep noises in her throat, all she could do to keep from trying to scream…not that she could anyway with the gag in her mouth. He pumped away at her raw asshole for what felt like for ever. Allison came twice, gushing her sweet hot girl juice on the sofa underneath her.
He felt his balls tighten and throb as he erupted inside of his young wet niece.
He gripped onto her long blonde hair as he came in her tight little ass.
He felt her go limp as she passed out underneath his weight. He stayed inside of her sweaty hot asshole until her felt too limp to remain. He pulled out and rolled onto the sofa next to his hot unconcious niece. He thought about what kind of fun he could have when they both recovered.

More to come……..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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