Alone at Home

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Big Dick

It was pouring with rain. Not exactly the type of weather one would normally expect for mid-June, but this was England and one never knew quite what to expect there, and not only that it was cold. How Cathy missed the nice warm days that she was used to. True, it used to rain hard in Kenya but it was soon over and the sun usually soon dried everything up, but over here? Less said the better. She was not unhappy being in England, she had what she wanted, her husband, but it would have been nice to be warm now and then, but no doubt she would get used to it. Also it would been nice to have had a job, but having only been in the country a short while she was still finding her feet and getting used to everything.

She was alone in the house. Andrew had gone to town and she did not expect him back for a couple of hours. She had made the bed, washed the dishes, swept the floor and generally tidied up the house and now had time on her hands. With it raining like it was she didn’t feel much like going out to the shopping centre or even to wander around to get to know the area. What could she do?

She turned on the T/V and switched through the various channels but there was nothing much on that interested her. A couple of cartoons and a talk show that was not of much interest. She was just about to turn the set off when she noticed a video tape on the shelf by the side of the player. Andrew had brought it home yesterday but had not said what it was and as there had been a couple of good films on the ‘telly’ they had not put it on. There was no title on the label but she decided to watch it anyway. She put it into the player, pressed the ‘play’ button and found herself looking at a large penis being licked and sucked by a beautiful African girl with large tits which in their turn were being massaged and the nipples squeezed. A man was standing between her legs as she lay on a couch and banging at her for all he was worth. This is more like it she thought, at the same time remembering the fucking that she had the night before. She had wanted it again that morning but they had woken up too late and Andy had had to get up, wash and shave in a hurry in order to go for an appointment in town, so she was still feeling just a little bit randy and decided that she could do with a good orgasm.

Well! As there was no man about there was only one thing for it – masturbation, a good rub of the jolly old clitoris, so removing her panties she made herself comfortable Casibom in one of the arm chairs and faced the T/V so that she could still see the action on the screen – they were really getting going now. The girl was now sitting on the man’s cock as he lay back with her facing away from him and now had another man’s cock in her mouth sucking merrily away as she bounced up and down the cock that she had up her. Another woman had now joined the others and she was sitting on the face of the man lying down and he had his tongue stuck up her hole and every so often would lick and suck at her clit, whilst she in her turn was playing with the other girl’s tits. They were really going for it.

As she watched Cathy pulled up her *shuka, spread her legs and put her hand down her panties to get at her own sex. With her left hand she opened the lips of her vagina to give herself access to her clitoris. She then moistened the fingers of her right hand with saliva so that they would glide over her clitoris sweetly and started to rub it. As she rubbed she was still watching the quartet on the video but it was not long before she was lost in her own pleasure as the sweet ache ran through her sex and she closed her eyes and dreamt her own dreams and dreamt of having a big cock up her own soft wet cunt. In her mind she saw herself as one of the women that she had seen on the screen and could almost feel the cock that was fucking in and out of her and of the hard prick in her mouth with salty pre-cum that oozed out of the little gash at the top of the ‘helmet’, all pink and shiny from her saliva, she was also imagining the feel of the other woman’s hand on her tits.

“Oh God!” she thought and she could feel that sensation in the pit of her stomach that she got telling her that it would not be long now – she was nearly to ‘cum’ and suddenly she was there. She jerked and jumped, and the whole of her body shook as she got what she wanted and had been looking for – a good orgasm.

She relaxed and slowly dropped off into a ‘post orgasmic’ sleep and took no more interest in what was happening on the T/V screen. She was satisfied for the time being and had settled herself comfortably in the chair with her hand cupping her sex and was in a very deep ‘after cum’ sleep.

In her dream she could feel a hand gently caressing one of her breasts and rolling the nipple between finger and thumb, giving them a nice warm feeling. She realised that she was not dreaming when she felt Casibom Giriş her jumper being lifted up and a warm mouth had started to suck at her left nipple. Opening her eyes with a start she tried to sit up but then she saw that the person who had stated to make love to her was that someone who meant everything in the world to her – Andrew. Immediately she relaxed and let him have his way with her.

Sucking at her titties she felt him put his hand between her legs and stat to part the lips of her vagina, which had already started to get wet, as he sought out her point of paradise, her clitoris, which – when he finally found it – he started rub around and around giving her a sweet feeling all over her body. She lay there enjoying the attention that her sex was getting and she knew that she was helpless and unable to refuse his every wish. Not that she thought that she would ever want to. He moved his mouth from her breasts and kneeling between her legs, he threw up her shuka to expose her naked pubes, all smooth and shaven leaving no doubt as to where her slit was hidden.


As she lay back her pubic area was thrust into exaggerated prominence, revealing every chocolate and pink fold of her delicious crack. From the shy hood of her clitoris down to the pouting divide of her rear cheeks. Her legs opened in a vee with the pouting purse of her pussy winking wetly. She felt very ‘turned on’ and as he sank his tongue into her honeyed circlet she shook with desire. He gorged on her wet sex like a starving man, holding her legs apart with his arms and fondling and squeezing her buttocks as he licked her from arsehole to clit and back again while she squirmed with excitement in his face. She seized his hair as his lips kissed her labia and pulled his face hard into her crotch. For a second he had to fight for breath but then once again he managed to plunge his tongue into the tunnel of her wet pussy, pressing his nose against her clit. She sighed and groaned as her hands clutched his back. Her fingernails digging deep into his flesh. As her thighs scissored shut, threatening to shut off his breath completely, he felt the sweat trickling down his back.

With difficulty he removed himself from between her legs and had a good look at her. He stared at the long slit of her vagina just about six inches from his face, and the pouting sex delta at junction of her thighs seemed enormous, or maybe it was because between her legs she was completely hairless. Casibom Yeni Giriş At any rate the outer lips of her pussy were unfurled to reveal a glistening sweetness within and at the top of her crack her swollen clit seemed to stand up and beg. This was a cunt in need of serious attention.

She raised her bottom and thrust her pelvis forward into his face. He flicked out his tongue. She groaned as he sank his fingers into the apple-cheek mounds of her bottom and pulled her onto his mouth again. He then moved away and started to move up her body, to her belly, to her navel until he finally reached her beautiful full brown tits. He ran his tongue around and around her nipples which were now large and upright. He could feel her hand moving down to grasp his prick. She turned and moved down and took the knob into the hot furnace that was her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down on it eagerly and reached between his legs to palm his balls and he watched in wonder as his entire length of cock disappeared into her face. She came up for air and then swallowed him again. Then her hand was jerking on his cock and her tongue was rimming his glans. She shifted her stance and he felt movement between her legs and he realised that she was rubbing herself with her other hand, but before either of them could reach their climax she got up and moved away from him.

“How would you like me, darling? Over the arm of the chair?” She moved to the side of one of the arm chairs and bent over the arm. The twin globes of her beautiful bums outspread and wide for his personal pleasure. In the groove of her secret divide the split pink of her pussy gaped in invitation. He anointed the end of his cock with the juices from her sticky quim. He moved forward and thrust deep between the fabulous brown cheeks of her upturned bum. He moved his hand beneath her body to rub her throbbing clit.

“Oh, yes darling” she muttered as he began to ram his cock with all his might into the velvety pillow of he buttocks. “Give it to me, my darling. Shoot your spunk up deep inside me.” And he did, working himself in and out of her smooth brown arse as he diddled with her gaping pussy until she howled in her orgasm, “I’m coming, I’m coming.”

Together they collapsed onto the floor, completely exhausted and both unable to speak, but not too tired that they could not hold each other tight, just so that they each knew that they were loved, and like that they dozed off.

When they woke up the sun was shining. It was summer again.

June, 1998.

* * * * *

* SHUKA – A length of highly coloured cloth wrapped around the waist – type of sarong – commonly worn by women in East Africa

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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