Amanda Takes the Plunge Ch. 02

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“Hello?” Amanda yelled out as she stood on her tiptoes and peered over the wooden gate. “Are you back here, Dr Kim?”

“C’mon in,” Kim Peterson yelled back, “I’m back here by the pool.”

Amanda fiddled with the gate latch for a moment until she was able to get it open and swing the wooden gate in. She made her way around the corner of the house and spotted Kim sitting at the same poolside table where the two of them had spoken yesterday. Kim was completely nude as she always was when she was at home, and she was sipping a glass of wine as she relaxed under the stars. Even though she was not surprised by the fact that the town doctor who had examined her since she was in grade school preferred to be nude in the privacy of her own back yard, Amanda was still a bit at ease as she walked over and sat down.

“Is Dr. Rick here?” Amanda asked as she looked around the property.

“He’s inside on a conference call with some doctors at the regional hospital,” Kim answered, noting that this response seemed to relax her visitor a bit. “He will probably be out later, but he knows that you would probably want some time alone with me.”

“I guess so,” Amanda said, “but I am still not sure why I am here.”

“Well, I think that will ultimately be up to you, dear, but I got the distinct impression yesterday that you needed to talk to someone. Someone who might be able to help you with your anxieties about your own body and the sexual feelings that you are starting to experience. Does that sound right to you?”

“Yes,” Amanda replied a bit nervously as she looked down, “I think I would like to do that. Are you sure you want to spend your time with me?”

“Rick and I have been your doctors since you were in about 3rd grade, I would guess, and you have been a good neighbor for just as long,” Kim answered. “We have watched you grow into a beautiful young woman and we both want you to be happy. I don’t know if we can help you with the emotions that you are struggling with now, but we are certainly willing to help. I have some ideas, but if you are willing to try them, remember that we view you here as a friend and a neighbor, not as a patient at our clinic.”

“I understand”

“So please feel free to call us Kim and Rick, without all the doctor formalities.”

“I’ll try, but it may be hard to break that habit for a while,” Amanda said. “What did you have in mind for tonight?”

Kim took a sip of wine and paused as though to collect her thoughts. She looked over at her visitor and tried to get a sense about Amanda’s readiness to embark on the plans that she had arranged for the evening. “How do you feel about your body, Amanda?” Kim asked with a surprising frankness. “Do you like the way you look when you see yourself in the mirror after a shower? Are you happy with your appearance when you are out with friends or alone with Ben?”

“I – I guess that I am happy with my body,” Amanda replied in a voice that made it clear that she was startled with the question, “as much as any girl can be happy. Don’t we all have thoughts about being prettier or thinner?”

“Of course it is natural for people to dream about being more attractive or athletic, but it is also important to accept the appearance of your own body and feel comfortable with who you are.”

“Do you think because I did not take off all of my clothes with everyone else and go skinny dipping yesterday, I am not comfortable with my body?” Amanda asked with a bit of annoyance showing in her voice.

“Of course, not, dear,” Kim replied, “there are many people who do not feel comfortable going naked in public, especially in a mixed crowd. I was thinking more of your comments about feeling uncomfortable about letting Ben see you when you are alone with him.”

“I’ve never felt comfortable being naked,” Amanda confessed after taking a long pause to collect her thoughts, “even when I am alone in my bathroom. That’s why I never shower with other girls after practice or change in front of them.”

“Then I think this may a place for us to start, because satisfying sexual relations with another person begin with a foundation of trust. If you are not able to develop that level of trust with Ben when it comes to showing your body to him or touching each other, everything about your physical relationship will be strained.”

“I have thought that many times, but it is not so easy to just change my feelings when I am alone with Ben.”

“When you watched all of your friends splashing around in the pool yesterday without swimsuits,” Kim asked, “did you wonder what that might have felt like for them?”


“Then how about trying it tonight? No friends around to embarrass you now. If you would like, I can even turn of the patio lights so that it would be darker. Maybe if you try it, you will show yourself a kind of confidence that you have never experienced before.”

“Would I be alone?” Amanda asked with a look that suggested that she was considering the suggestion.

“I seyranbağları escort can leave you alone while you undress if that would make you more comfortable,” Kim answered, “but I was hoping to spend more time with you this evening and I am sure Rick will want to swim after he is done with his call. But remember, we have already seen you naked many times at the clinic, so you have nothing to show us that we haven’t already seen.”

Amanda sat and thought about the invitation for a few moments and then got up, walked over to the pool, and reached down to feel the water temperature. Apparently reassured that it was “like bath water” as all of her friends had declared yesterday, she returned to the table and nodded. “This is wonderful,” Kim said as she stood up and gave her young visitor a reassuring hug. “Tell you what. I will leave you alone while you get ready and go in and make some snacks for later.” With that, she went in the patio door and turned off the patio lights before she stepped into the house.

Now alone but still very nervous, Amanda began to undress. She kicked off her sandals and unzipped her sun dress, clutching it at her breast before letting it slide to the ground. As if to delay the inevitable, she picked up the dress and meticulously folded it and set it on her chair. Her lacy blue bra was next to join the pile. She began to walk around the pool deck in just her lace panties as if looking for more time to convince herself that she was doing the right thing. Finally, she walked back to her chair, skimmed her panties down her legs, and placed them on the pile of clothes.

To her surprise, she had to admit that it felt okay to be naked outdoors. The soft breeze felt good on her skin, and she was comforted by the fact that it was very dark with only a few small lights around the edge of the pool deck and a few underwater lights to illuminate the pool area. She walked over to the edge of the pool and watched her reflection in the water with interest. Despite her discomfort with nudity, she knew that she had a great body. She actually loved all of the stares that the boys gave her as she walked around campus, and she guessed that most of them would have done anything to have a poolside seat tonight to see her standing like this in her birthday suit.

She turned toward the house when she heard the patio door slide open and she expected to see Kim come out with a tray of refreshments. Instead, it was Rick coming out to join her. Amanda instinctively tried to cover her body as he got closer,

“I can see that you have decided to join us for a swim tonight,” Rick said with a smile on his face. “And I must say, you have selected a beautiful swimsuit to wear tonight. And what a perfect fit!”

“I wasn’t expecting you,” Amanda stammered nervously, “at least not until later.”

“Well, my conference call ended earlier than I thought, and I didn’t want to waste this beautiful evening. Are you ready to try the shower? You know we insist on that for all of our guests before they get into the pool.” He took Amanda’s hand and led her to the outdoor enclosure.

Amanda faced away from Rick when she stepped under one of the two shower heads in the outdoor enclosure, and she let out a small yelp when the she felt the first cold blast of water on her skin. The water quickly warmed, and she timidly began soaping up her body, hoping that Rick was not looking at her. She could hear him talking over the sound of the spray.

“There’s nothing more exhilarating than an outdoor shower,” he declared. “How you doing over there, Amanda?”

“I’m okay,” she replied quietly. All the while, she was thinking to herself how strange it felt to be showering outside, especially since she was standing three feet from a man who had been her doctor since grade school. “The water’s getting warmer now, and it does feel pretty nice, I guess. Where did Dr Kim…?” she began to ask when she was startled by the feel of two soapy hands on her back.

“Kim and I always take advantage of the buddy system when we shower. You know, you wash my back, I’ll wash yours.”

For a few moments, Amanda said nothing as she felt the doctor’s hands roam across her back. He could tell that she was very tense, so he began to gently massage the muscles in her neck and shoulders. When he could detect that she was starting to relax, his soapy hands began to caress her lower back and then make their way down and over the soft flesh of her beautiful ass. Amanda shuddered again since she had not been expecting that this shower was going to be such an intimate experience.

“Kim tells me that you and Ben have never had the pleasure of exploring each other’s bodies like this. Is that true.”

“Yes,” Amanda answered with an embarrassed tone in her voice. “Ben has suggested it a few times when his parents were out for the night, but I was always afraid to do it. I really wanted to try it with him here yesterday after the volleyball game sincan escort at the party, but then when I saw all my friends crowded around the showers, I got cold feet and didn’t do it.”

“I am sure you two will do it in time,” Rick reassured her. “I think it is one of the simple pleasures of life.” He stepped closer to her and began to slide his hands around Amanda’s body to caress her abdomen. “Does this feel okay to you?”

“Yes-s-s,” Amanda whispered with a labored voice. “Your hands feel good on my skin.”

Rick traced delicate patterns on Amanda’s skin as he slid his hands across her stomach. He stepped even closer to her and slowly slid his hands up to cup her soft breasts. As he gently massaged her breasts and stimulated her nipples with his fingertips, he could feel her heart racing and he noticed that her breathing was more forced and uneven. He knew from experience that this young college girl was now like putty in his hands.

“Turn around, Amanda,” Rick whispered in her ear. Let me look at the beautiful young woman that you have become.”

It took her a moment, but Amanda slowly turned so that Rick could finally study her feminine form illuminated under the soft lights in the shower enclosure. She lowered her head to suggest the uncertainty and vulnerability she was feeling as she stood naked with a man, and she could see that Rick was watching with interest as the water poured over her breasts and down her legs to the drain beneath her feet. Rick grabbed the soap again and moved his hands lower to the soft skin near her navel. His fingers slid slowly down her body over the smooth flesh until he could feel the delicate texture of the soft patch of hair covering her mound. Amanda shivered with nervousness as he deftly twisted the hairs with the tips of his fingers, and then he moved closer and gave her a kiss. At the same moment, he slid his hand lower until his fingertips found the gentle cleft between her legs. He knew in a moment that his explorations were having the desired effect when he felt the muscles in her legs tighten as if to trap his hand in a viselike grip.

“Oh-h-h,” Amanda whispered with a labored voice. “Oh my God.”

Rick started to ask Amanda if she still wanted him to massage the warm place between her legs when he heard Kim walk toward them. “Hi Honey,” he said as she stepped up to the shower area.

“Hi. It looks like you have decided to start without me.” She then turned to Amanda and asked, “Has Dr. Rick helped you to feel at home while I was getting the refreshments?”

Amanda now flashed an embarrassed look as she pulled away from Rick, but Kim was quick to reassure her. “Hey—relax. From the looks of things, you and Rick have already gotten to know each other a little better.

“I am so sorry,” Kim pleaded as she tried to cover her naked body with her arms. “I should not have let things get carried away.”

“Please calm down,” Kim spoke in a reassuring voice as she walked over to give Amanda a friendly hug. “You and Rick are doing exactly what we planned.”

“You planned for me to be fondled by your husband?” Amanda asked.

“We planned for you to begin to feel more comfortable with your body when you are with a man,” Kim replied. “We both feel that you will be happier in your relations with Ben when you are ready to feel comfortable in your own skin. The most important things are your comfort and confidence tonight as we explore the boundaries of your feelings. So we need to know—are you okay to continue or do you want to stop and go home?”

“When you say ‘continue’,” I am not really sure what you mean,” Amanda answered in an uncertain voice. “You haven’t actually told me what you wanted to say or do tonight.” As she spoke, she continued to stand under the warm shower spray, perhaps not aware that she was still trying to cover her nakedness with her hands and arms.

“I think the answer to that is up to you, dear,” Kim replied. “Yesterday you seemed to be harboring such feelings of insecurity about your own body and guilt about your relationship with Ben. Rick and I talked after the party yesterday and we both thought that you might find it easier to find a level of comfort with your body and your sexual feelings in a setting like this with none of your friends around.”

“I think you are right,” Amanda said, still looking down at the soapy water run off her legs to the tiled floor of the shower. “There is no way that I could have been doing this yesterday in the bright sunshine in front of everyone I know at school.”

“And so how does it feel tonight?”

“I’m getting a little more used to the realization that I am taking a shower with the two of you looking at me, but that may be because you have been my doctors for years and have seen me this way in your office when I came to get my physicals for school.”

“How did it feel when Rick massaged your back or stroked your breasts?” Kim asked.

“I will admit I was startled when he started sıhhiye escort to touch me,” Amanda answered. “First. I wasn’t expecting my doctor to do that, and second, I was afraid that you would catch us and would be angry with me.”

“But how did it feel to have a man slide his hands over your soft skin and touch you in places that no man has touched you before?”

“It was like nothing I had ever felt before,” Amanda replied. “It was a very strange sensation because of the situation, but it did feel very nice.”

“Then let me ask you this,” Kim continued, “can you see yourself doing this with Ben? Do you have a sense of what it might feel like to have Ben wrap his powerful arms around your body? The feel of his beautiful large penis pressed against your warm ass?”

“I think it would feel wonderful,” Amanda whispered. Her smile suggested that she was feeling more relaxed as these new sensual feelings began to wash over her body.

“Now you are beginning to feel the pleasure that comes when two people come together in loving contact. You can be sure that Ben would feel the same way if you were to give him a chance to hold you like this.” Kim moved over to Amanda and gave her a kiss on her cheek. “But remember,” she continued, ” if it is to be a shared experience, the loving touches and caresses must go both ways. By the looks of things here, you are covered with soap but Rick is still in need of a thorough scrubbing.”

“You mean you want me to touch your husband?

“Let’s do it together, shall we?” Kim responded and she stepped under the spray behind Rick. “I’ll wash his back and you can handle the rest. Are you okay with this plan, honey?”

The two women heard nothing more than a few satisfied sighs as they went to work on Rick’s body. Kim gave her husband a robust soapy massage, but Amanda was more tentative as she worked her hands across his chest and down his legs. Kim laughed as she watched her young student seem to intentionally bypass Rick’s midsection. Knowing that Rick was starting to go crazy with the anticipation of being touched in his most sensitive area, she stepped from behind her husband, placed a bar of soap in one of Amanda’s hands, and then guided her hand to the shaft of Rick’s penis.

“A man loves to have his partner give special attention to his cock, and I mean the whole package,” Kim explained to her now-hesitant student. “Be gentle, but be sure to caress him everywhere—the shaft, the tip, even the balls.”

Amanda was very timid when she first began to stroke Rick’s penis, but as his member began to grow larger in response to her touch, she became bolder and began to pleasure him by running her fingertips across the sensitive tip. When Kim was convinced that Rick was becoming aroused, she helped Amanda to rinse him off and then gestured to the pool.

“I think we are all sufficiently clean,” Kim said, “and I am ready to soak in the pool. Are you two ready for a swim?”

For the next fifteen minutes, the three of them enjoyed the warm water under the incredibly clear skies and an endless array of stars. Rick knew that Kim wanted some time alone with Amanda, so he purposely drifted to the far end of the pool while the women stood in the shallow water and talked.

“So what do you think about swimming without a bathing suit?” Kim asked when she felt confident that Amanda had gotten over her initial concerns about being naked in public.

“It feels better than I thought it would. When I saw all of my friends skinny dipping yesterday, I kept thinking that I didn’t understand why is was such a big deal. But now I think I understand. It is amazing to feel the water rush over every part of my body and not have to spend half the time pulling the fabric of my bikini out of my ass or pulling up my top for fear that I might expose another inch of flesh.”

“Would you like to have another opportunity to show Ben that you trust him enough to take off your clothes when he is with you and enjoy an evening swim in the buff?” Kim watched her young friend’s expression closely as she asked the question.

“If you would allow us to come over some evening like this when it is dark and private, I’m pretty sure that I could do it. Would you be willing to have us over again?”

“That’s why Rick and I invited you over her tonight,” Kim laughed. “We wanted to help you overcome your inhibitions so that you feel more confident when you are ready to be intimate with Ben. I think you have already made some important discoveries about yourself tonight, and I would like to try one more thing if you are willing to expand your experiences.”

“I am not sure what you are talking about,” Amanda said as she looked over at Kim with an uncertain look on her face. I’m not sure I am ready for any more new experiences in one night.”

“I will be very direct with what I have in mind, and then I will let you decide if it is something you want to try,” Kim answered in a voice that was designed to put Amanda’s mind at ease. “Yesterday, you sat with me and spoke very openly about your relationship with Ben and the fact that you were feeling guilt about not being able to do some things that Ben wants you to do. What I need to know is this–were you just venting or are you seriously looking for some help and guidance?”

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