Amanda’s Needs Fulfilled

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Amanda’s dull life had been restored since she was introduced to her toy- boy called Ian.

Talking on one of the social networks, she was overwhelmed that he was a guy who appreciated that because a person was disabled, the sexual needs usually remained.

She was apprehensive even sending him a picture of herself because, due to her condition, a rare human cell disruption, her face on one side was deformed and she was also confined to a wheelchair.

She had literally given up on any ‘normal’ partnership.

That was until Ian who she instantly found interesting and attractive, even although he was no gift box himself. But he had the certain physical attraction nevertheless and most of all, was considerate and understood her dilemma

When she sent him a picture she considered that would be the end of it, that he would not wish to communicate any more. But he did and that was lovely.

Henceforth they met, he was gorgeous and still in his late teens and she was nigh on ten years older and the moment she set her eyes upon him for real, for her it was all systems go.

They talked an awful lot that first time, when he visited her and saw just how good she was at managing for herself.

“I can manage, by trial and error.” she said, “to do most things myself, I have one good arms even if my lower limbs are confined and I spend a lot of time writing, because that is my thing. But of course some things need two in order to achieve a satisfactory need and I shan’t beat around the bush when I say what it is.”

Ian laughed in an understanding way. “I think, I hope it is what I am thinking Amanda”

“You hope. Well that is a relief. Of course it is sex. That is the one thing I cannot do on my own, well not properly and I don’t like all those vibrators and things.

Ian listened intently to what she was saying, she was so matter of fact and he appreciated her down to earth honesty. But at the end of the day he needed to fancy her like that when many guys would have been put off. But thinking about it she had her good qualities which, as nişantaşı escort afar as he was concerned, went a long way in an intimate relationship and. Apart fro0m her obvious deformity left of her face, she had gorgeous meaningful deep blue eyes which he immediately found attractive.

But when they came to a mutual agreement, he wanted to be close to her, she said that she understood if he wanted to veer off and go with a ‘normal’ woman, that she would understand that, but in the meantime would be eternally grateful for the sheer pleasure he had given her, and not only that, the confidence as well that she could be attractive to a man.

“You know what your trouble is Amanda?” Ian put too her after she had been gabbing on for nigh an hour about her expectancy of him.

“What?” she asked with a lovely smile.

“You worry too much. Just relax and let yourself go and enjoy huh?”

She agreed and it was all good fun finding ways to do things whilst she was in her chair. Later they would find other ways too, she wasn’t wholly confined to a chair and could make it to her bed. But firs things first needed doing. They kissed a lot, she adored that. To be kissed in such a way she had seen on the movies, so passionately and divine. Ian’s generous kisses wer4e certainly spurring her on and all her secret fantasies were coming to a head.

“I want to know and understand your thoughts” Ian said , “So please Amanda , don’t hold back. I think I am going for you big time.

The whispers, her prompts were explicit, enough to show him how best to initially please her needs. With a certain adjustment, the dropping of his jeans and boxer shorts the initial laughs and giggles in setting themselves up became serious when the desired position had been achieved.

Amanda said it was lovely and she hoped he was comfortable. Perched facing her upon the arms of her wheelchair he stroked his fingers through her hair, knowing and understanding what she wanted.

“I always imagined woman were not generally keen on oral sex.” He whispered as she started çapa escort to gingerly touch him there with her lips, her mouth parted and about to take him..

“From what I have read many women enjoy it very much and feel it is an integral part of an ongoing relationship. And I so want that Ian. You are so beautiful and, after she’d taken her first suckle, she paused and said oral sex was the perfect foreplay.”

“That is so nice Baby, the way you do that.”

“Baby, huh. I like that Ian. It makes me feel complete. I so enjoy the feel and taste of you. It is divine.”

She continued to suckle me and I felt a wonderful, surge run down my spine, and when her delicate fingers cupped my balls it was simply heaven on earth.

This woman had all it takes to be a perfect lover and it should never be said or assumed otherwise because of a disability.

In fact I found with Amanda one of the most exciting and thrilling things was finding those different positions we could enjoy each other.

It was all so beautiful and wonderful and I so looked forward to that first fuck.

But this woman wanted to take her time. She said she had a lot to catch up with, That she’d never been with a guy before.

She kissed, suckled and licked me everywhere so divinely, just to see her satisfaction was so good and as she became more bold she asked me to turn but still kneeled on the arms of her chair.

Then she enjoyed doing all the things two lovers like to do with each other and her slow defined exploration of me was delicious, the feel of her lips and busy tongue making me feel very special . My erection was full strength as she suckled me from behind, and I felt her tongue find the back of my balls again. That was really something.

But how were we going to fuck. She sweetly whispered things in my ear again so I did as I was asked to do. It was fun slipping down her undies which. Despite her disability, was a lust as sexy as I could ever have imagined and I still retained a very substantial hard-on.

She opened her thighs sweetly fatih escort to reveal her femininity which was wonderful and as if by instinct, I went to it without even preparing her any other way. Something drew me to it like a a magnet to metal and I was there, giving her some of what she had so generously given me, I just wanted to smother myself into her so soft and wonderful moist warm quinny and her sound of appreciation led me to do more, to taste her deeply with my tonge until we were both in a complete frenzy.

Then we both knew we wanted it, It seemed like it was imperative and it was. I just had to have her, to feel the warmth of her lovely moist quinny welcome my seven inches of primed cock.

We found a way, I lifted her bodily and took her to her bed, arranging pillows very rapidly I was soon inside her, she’d found the perfect way on top of me and together we were able to manoeuvre e ourselves to a perfect crescendo .

“That was so beautiful Ian and I think I love you.”

“I know I love you Baby” She sighed and looked so lovely.

“Tell you what baby” I said

“Let us be really dirty and suck each other. We can share each other’s fuck, for me that would be the most intimate thing to do.”

She agreed and I was there again, I just wanted for her to smother my whole face, I wanted to taste and smell of her, Then I knew we really were an item.

It didn’t matter about age or how she was.

All that mattered is we had found each other and that was perfection in itself.

I was soon ready for a second helping g of her generosity and she was eager for it. We must have did it at least five times that afternoon. So much that she joked afterwards that the way we were going I’d need a wheelchair too!

Dressing myself after she wanted to rummage though my jeans again, she wanted to lay pocket billiards she said and I joked about being shocked that such an cultural lady knew about such things.

But it was all part of the woman I wanted to get to know more and more and learn all about her idiosyncrasies as much as she did mine.

And no sooner had she delved her prying fingers into my pocket that she had found my cock again, half mast but with some more rubbing it grew hard again and we were back to square one, my zip undone and my cock ticked neatly into her needy mouth.

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