Amber Ch. 03

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Over the course of several days, Amber and I grew more tactile. It began with her just gently brushing her fingertips against me whenever she passed close to me, and I quickly found myself returning the gesture. Whenever she would bring me coffee, my fingers would touch hers just a little longer than necessary as I accepted the mug from her. As we washed the dishes together, she stood directly beside me, our arms continually touching as I washed and she dried. And as we watched television or a DVD together, she would lean into me while I had an arm draped across her shoulders.

But best of all was the hugs. We hugged more frequently. We hugged when we first saw each other in the morning. We hugged when Amber left for school. We hugged when she returned home from school. We hugged before going to our separate beds. And each hug seemed to last longer than the previous hug.

Then, on a Friday night, after Amber had already said she was going to bed, I stood in the kitchen, contemplating whether to have some ice cream before going to bed myself, when I thought I saw something at the edge of my peripheral vision.

Amber stood in the doorway, wearing her robe and slippers. She stepped toward me, opening her arms, inviting me into her embrace…

Without a thought, I accepted.

We threatened to crush each other, and this hug was indeed the longest yet.

“I love you,” she finally whispered.

“And I love you,” I replied just as quietly, tightening my grasp even further and eliciting a soft whimper from her.

“I’ve secretly loved you for a long time, you know,” Amber admitted, her voice still quiet and respectful.

That did not surprise me, nor did the fact that I kissed her forehead.

Nor did the fact that Amber tilted her head upward and her lips met mine.

Our first kiss was sweet and romantic, slow and gentle. It was a kiss of acceptance, and it hinted at more. I inhaled Amber’s contented sigh, then returned it into her.

Our lips ultimately separated, but our hearts did not. Amber remained in my arms, planting little kisses upon my neck as she scratched gently along my spine. My growing arousal was evident between us, but she did not seem to mind.

“We should take this slowly,” I suggested respectfully as I stroked the back of her amber-maned head. “We can’t rush this if we really want it to last.”

“I know,” she agreed with a nod, resting her head against my shoulder. “I want to take this slowly, and I always knew that you would, too.”

As I held her, I felt rather protective of Amber. I wanted desperately to ensure she had everything she needed, and ideally also everything she wanted. I yearned to ensure her safety at all casino oyna times, and to give her all the tools she needed to become whoever and whatever she wanted. I knew deep in my heart that I would fully support her 100% in any of her pursuits.

Yet, as I kissed her cheek, I also wanted to pick her up, carry her to my bed, and disrobe her. I wanted to touch her, kiss her, nibble her, lick her, finger her, taste her, then undress and ease myself inside her.

…but there would be time for that later.

An idea came to mind. “Tomorrow night,” I asked, “will you go out with me?”

“A date?” Amber’s eyes grew large, sparkling with eagerness.

“I date,” I confirmed with a smile.

I believe the teenage girls of today would say “Squee!!!” really loudly in this case. Whatever she said, it was not quite intelligible as “Squee!!!,” but was a close enough approximation that I knew Amber was thrilled with my suggestion.


I waited patiently in the living room, reading the latest issue of Racer Magazine which had arrived in the day’s mail, when I felt Amber’s presence in the room. I turned toward the hallway, and was pleased to gaze upon such a wonderful vision of beauty and youth.

Amber had selected a tasteful mint-green blouse with a frilly collar, and the blouse was just thin enough to display a hint of the black bra she wore underneath it. The black pleated skirt worked quite well with the blouse, and the black satin choker with the embroidered red heart at the front of her throat seemed like a fitting touch. The low black shoes and mint-green socks completed her look quite nicely.

“You like as tasty as the mint chocolate chip ice cream in the freezer,” I joked… but it was not exactly a joke, given that I would have loved to taste her right then and there. Her laugh proved that Amber certainly recognized the double-entendre, and I had to laugh with her as I stood.

A heartbeat later, Amber was pressing herself to me as we kissed, our laughter fading away into loving silence. A few seconds later, she reluctantly stepped back.

“I guess we’re supposed to kiss at the end of the first date, not at the beginning.”

I laughed softly. “That’s just a convention, not a law.”

“Good.” Looking up at me, she beamed with a radiance I do not believe I had ever seen from her previously. It was clear that she was happy, excited, thrilled by our date.

“I may be forced to keep the guys away from you,” I joked with a wink, and she blushed just slightly.

I extended my hand to her, and Amber accepted.

The date had begun.


It was a semi-typical date fitting of a high school student: dinner at Arby’s followed by two canlı casino games at the local bowling alley. I had not been bowling in at least five years, and it showed: I had a score of only 128 combined between the two games. On the other hand, Amber had clearly taken advantage of the bowling portion of her physical education in the spring semester, as she scored a respectable 175 in the first game and 214 in the second game.

No trip to a bowling alley can ever be complete without playing at least one video game, so we challenged each other to Ms. Pac-Man. It was nice to see that I had not lost my touch, making it to Level 18 and a score of over 225,000 points, clearly leaving Amber in my digital dust.

As we walked across the parking lot to the car, I had an idea. “Care to go for a drive?”

“Sure,” Amber agreed. From the lilt in her voice, she did not yet want to go home, and to be honest, neither did I.

Minutes later, we were headed north on the interstate. We soon left the city lights behind us, the interstate illuminated only by headlights and starlight. In time, I took an exit toward a childhood location, taking Amber down a long country road lined with tall trees.

“Where are we going?” she asked, the unknown clearly exciting her.

“Someplace where I used to spend a good amount of time when I was younger,” I said cryptically. “I think you’ll like it. Actually, we’re almost there.”

A few minutes later, I found the familiar decorative boulder and turned left onto a dirt road. The ride was bouncy, but five minutes later we had arrived.

It was a small lake surrounded by trees. Just above the tree line, the moon was beginning to rise, its pale orange glow really quite beautiful. I parked the car about twenty yards or so from the water’s edge, and we stepped out into the wonder of Nature.

“Where are we?” Amber asked in awe, her eyes wide as she drank in the natural surroundings.

“This is a place where I used to do a bit of camping as a Boy Scout,” I noted, meandering around the car toward my companion. “This is Old Farmer Joe’s place, and my old Boy Scout troop came here several times per year for campouts. The troop disbanded about ten years ago, and Old Farmer Joe died a few months ago, so I was fairly certain no one would be here to disturb us.”

I offered my hand, and my date accepted. Hand-in-hand, we crossed the tall grass toward the lake. The air was indeed chilly, but neither of us minded as we stood at the water’s edge, holding each other in the moonlight, the stars granting their approval as our lips met and our hearts beat as one.

I would have liked to have laid Amber down in the dewy grass, kissing her and touching her until she kaçak casino was pleading for me to undress her. But it was definitely too cool for that. The air temperature would certainly have hardened her nipples upon exposure, but she probably would have been too uncomfortable to truly enjoy the experience.

In time, we meandered back to the car. Before I opened the door for her, however, I backed Amber against the passenger door, and for the first time, I placed a hand firmly upon her chest.

“That’s an unusual hand warmer,” she quipped. I took the hint, bringing my other hand to her chest. Gently, I squeezed her breasts as we kissed again, her arms around my shoulders, my arousal growing prominent between us.

“You guys are all the same,” Amber breathed, “always trying to feel a girl up!”

I smiled. “Not always,” I assured her quietly, squeezing a breast even harder in counterpoint.

“Well, I don’t care with you,” she whispered. “Feel me all night.”

It may not have been all night, but I did spend a long time touching her, kissing her, and rubbing myself against her. Never once did I try to get inside her clothes, but the foreplay was getting intense. We were both breathing hard, both becoming heady with deepening lust.

…and it only ended because the nighttime air became too cool.

With a noticeable reluctance, we separated, gazing at each other, breathing heavily, holding hands. But a few minutes later, we were back on the road, leaving the lake behind.


The date officially ended with a kiss on the front porch. Once we were inside, however, Amber immediately proclaimed she was going to bed.

Maybe ten minutes later, as I was walking past her bedroom door, I heard something which had not been heard in the house in several years: the long and unmistakable moan of a woman in sexual need. Silently, I opened the front of my jeans, leaned back against the wall as close to her door as I dared, and openly stroked myself as I listened raptly to the sounds of feminine self-pleasure. I tried to imagine how Amber was masturbating, how she was positioned, especially when the bedsprings could be heard.

The sounds suddenly dropped in volume, but the bedsprings continued their protestations. Clearly, Amber’s voice was muffled by a pillow, but her long wail of release was still breathtaking. Only a rapidly-disintegrating willpower prevented me from launching a stream of white-hot desire into the air.

When I could hear no more sounds coming from Amber’s bedroom, I silently moved down the hall to my own bedroom, leaving the door open just a crack so that she would not think that I might have been in the hallway listening to her self-pleasure. I smiled to myself, my male ego feeling rather satisfied that I could tease her to such an extent that she would need to bring herself to completion in such an impressive manner as soon as possible.

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