Amelia Part II

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Ella is standing there shocked and surprised at what was taking place in her older sisters bedroom. Never had she imagined this scene in her head before. As Ella was standing there, Amelia is looking at her while still having my dick in her ass. She at this point was slightly slid herself up and down my shaft releasing small moans here and there. The room stood silent for maybe a minute as no one knew what to say next.

Ella was a skinny girl. She was only about a year and half younger than Amelia. She was still developing with almost B cup boobs and a small but fairly nice ass. She continued to walk in Amelia’s room wearing some black compression tights and a white shirt with our schools name on the front. You could tell she was kind of debating whether to join in on what was happening or just leave us to our privacy.

Amelia at this moment hopped off my dick and went over to her stunned sister, grabbed her hand, and walked her over to where we were. My dick was covered in my juices and Amelia led Ella’s hand towards my dick. Ella grasped my hand and began to stroke it slowly. Amelia was sitting there admiring her sisters handy work while she began to play with my balls. Ella out of no where dove mouth right onto the head of my dick and began to suck me off. I let out a few moans as she timed her movements together as Amelia continued to rub my balls.

Amelia began to assist Ella in stripping her. Amelia first before anything, pulled her head from my dick and casino siteleri began to make out with her as she still stroked my dick. She took off her shirt revealing her boobs immediately cause she came home not wearing a bra. She took off her compression tights revealing her glistening wet pussy. Amelia began to rub it with her finger and then went down on her and began to eat her out as Ella let out a few loud moans. As Amelia was doing that I began to pinch Ella’s already hard nipples and began to suck on them. Ella continued to release moans in excitement.

Ella then got herself up and positioned herself above my dick and lowered herself onto my dick. As it entered her, she cried out in moans. Her pussy wrapped around my dick very tightly as she had just lost her virginity in this moment. Her pussy was filled with my 7 inch shaft and began to move herself up and down my dick releasing cum onto my dick. Amelia moved herself onto my face after a brief kiss, then I began to eat her out as then she began to touch Ella and pleasure her.

The combination of Amelia and Ella’s moans filled the room which made my dick harder than ever. Ella, as she was beginning to climax, moved up and down my shaft faster and faster as her excitement built. I was beginning to cum as well. Her pussy tightened up around my dick releasing cum down my dick. I continued to move my hips towards hers. Amelia got off and positioned herself next to her sister as she was about to receive my load canlı casino in her pussy. My dick hardened once more and I released my cum into her super wet pussy. After my load had been released, Ella got off her dick and Amelia began to lick off any cum that was running out of her sisters pussy and began to swap it with her sister so she could have a taste.

Amelia and Ella giggled and laughed at what they had just experienced together we sat in Amelia’s room learning that Ella would be there the rest of the weekend.

Ella decided she needed to take a shower. All of us agreed and we piled into the master bathroom where there was plenty of space for the three of us to maneuver around. At this point in time it is around 7 at night. Ella turned the water on and walked in as Amelia and I was closely behind observing her still developing young body that was a sight to look at. The two girls began to have the water cascade down their bodies and began to glisten in the light.

I started to get hard once again as they began to start touch themselves and feeling out their bodies. Ella comes over to me and begins to make out with me while stroking my dick. Amelia proceeds to get down on her knees and eat Ella out from behind. Amelia was able to stick a few fingers into Ella extremely wet pussy. As the water moved down Ella’s ass, it gave Amelia enough lubricant to manage sticking a few fingers into her asshole. Ella let out several moans that vibrated through my mouth. kaçak casino We broke out kiss and spun her around so she was facing towards Amelia and they began to make out.

Ella began to slip her fingers down towards Amelia’s pussy and fingered her as Amelia felt upon her younger sisters body. I managed to get hard to this action and I was able to grab Ella’s ass and bring it towards my dick. I teased her with my dick and rubbed it up and down her clit before letting the head of my dick rest upon her asshole. I began to slid myself inside her amazingly tight asshole. She let out a loud scream in joy of the pleasure she was experiencing for the first time in her life. I slid my dick further into her ass until I was completely inside her. She began to move her ass taking my dick in and out. I moved my hips at the rythm that she was comfortable at which was a nice a steady pace. Ella was sucking in her older sisters nipples as she was taking my large dick up her ass.

I began to speed up my thrust as I wanted to get Amelia a chance to enjoy my dick as well. I started to speed up my thrusts to where Ella’s ass made that loud clapping sound. Ella began to moan in great enjoyment. Ella’s asshole tightened up around my dick knowing that she was cumming over my dick. Ella than switched positions with Amelia and I slid my dick straight into Amelia’s ass. I started my pace faster on Amelia increasing my speed faster than normal as o was beginning to climax and explode. My dick hardened once more in Amelia’s ass as I released my load inside her asshole. Then I was time for Ella to lick off all the extra cum that dropped out and swap it with her big sister…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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