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I graduated high school and started college at the age of 19. Literally the weekend after I moved into my dorm, my parents turned my bedroom into an exercise room for my mom. My older sister, Taylor, failed a course in her senior year so she decided to take time off to make money to go to college later.

What this meant was that for me, every time I came home, I was stuck on the living room couch. I was so pissed off that I no longer had a bedroom, and I had to listen to my family march up the stairs and wish me good night like I was some visitor. The couch backed up against the staircase, so it shook with every step. Shit, I didn’t even have a place of my own anymore.

One weekend, I came home with a huge bag of laundry. My mom had offered and I was sort of punishing the fam for banishing me to the couch. Late Friday night, I had a special visitor – Jenny – my high school girlfriend who decided to come over to watch TV with me. We had split on good terms since she knew I was going away for college and we weren’t going to try the long distance thing. But here we were, snuggled on the couch under my mom’s quilt, watching TV. One by one, my parents went up the stairs and said good night. Finally my sister went up. Jenny and I were alone.

“I missed you, Oliver!” Jenny smiled as she rubbed my chest through my t-shirt.

I was o-mazingly horny and it was great to see Jenny again. And omg, did her tits getting bigger since I last saw her? We were soon making out. I had my hand up her shirt, her bra unsnapped and i was kneeling in front of her sucking her tits, kissing her belly button and trying to slide off her skirt.

“Oliver!” she moaned.

“Shhh, we’re in the living room! They might hear us!” I gestured at the stairs.

Jenny nodded and tried to hold in her squeals as I licked her big nipples and tickled her belly button. Her perfume was driving me crazy and I smiled when her skirt finally gave way to my pulls. She was sitting naked in front of me. I pushed her legs up and gently started to finger her, tracing her lips that were already moist with excitement. Jenny almost crushed my head with her thighs as she wheeed with glee when my tongue starting working away, tracing the quivering lips of her increasingly wet vagina. Letters of the alphabet. Letters of the alphabet.

“Oliver!” she moaned-whispered.

Suddenly we heard someone on the stairs, “Where’s Oliver?” It was my sister, Taylor.

Jenny had quickly pulled the quilt over herself, covering me. “He’s in the bathroom!”

“Oh, ok, have a good night!” Taylor marched back up the stairs.

Jenny pushed down the quilt so I could breathe. We smiled at each other in the dim light of the living room. “That was close!” she smiled.

I continued eating Jenny out for a while until my mouth and tongue was sore. It was time for the main event. I pulled Jenny to the edge of the couch, slid down my sweat pants and leaned forward, letting Jenny’s eager fingers guide my length into her sopping wet pussy. It felt so good and so familiar. I had not found a new girlfriend at college, so it was great that Jenny and I could fuck like this.

Rather than the usual jack hammering rhythm of our high school days, Jenny slowly, seductively controlled my pace by scratching at my abs. “Slow down, Oliver. I want to see it. I want to see the penetration.”

I smiled and held my shirt up so we could watch my veiny shaft push in and out of her. It occurred to me that I didn’t have a condom. I whispered to her, and Jenny replied I could pull out on her.

Good enough for me, I smirked. I started to pick up speed, enjoying the view of my dick penetrating her when I glanced up the stairs.

To my shock, my sister Taylor was sitting there on the steps, smiling, watching us. She held a finger to her lips to be quiet but I stopped for a second until Jenny started shifting her pelvis, her hungry pussy lips mouthing me, urging me to pump again.

I wasn’t sure what to do. My fucking sister was watching us fucking! I looked down at Jenny who was clearly clueless, and looked back up at my sister who was smiling and motioning for me to keep going.

Fine, if Taylor wants to watch, let her see. Let her see her kid brother ram the shit out of a girl. I started back up slowly and then picked up speed until Jenny was covering her mouth to hold in her moans.

“Oliver! Oliver!” she whimpered as she shifted and squirmed while I impaled her with my dick.

I glanced up to see Taylor’s eyes wide open, then noticed her hand was up her night shirt. Holy fuck, she was fingering herself watching me fuck! For some reason, that made me hornier, I swear my dick was swelling as I continued to ram Jenny’s sweet pussy.

I was close to cumming. I was counting the strokes, glancing up at Taylor’s smiling stare, looking down at Jenny’s glistening face, her eyes closed as she enjoyed my body. Five, four, three, two, FUCK, I pulled out and squirted on her belly. She moaned as each spurt oozed on her. She reached down to dab some and taste it. şişli bayan escort I looked up and Taylor had her eyes closed as she vigorously worked herself under her night shirt. I think she was cumming too.

After Jenny and I cleaned up, I walked her home. When I got back, Taylor was sitting on the couch.

“Well, well, well, Oliver. Having sex on our parent’s couch!” She was smiling her evil, naughty smile.

I returned her smirk, “Well, since I don’t have a bedroom anymore, what else am I supposed to do?”

“So cute watching you pump, little brother. All pink faced. Your little wiener all angry and red.”

“Fuck you, Jenny doesn’t think it’s a little wiener. Now if you don’t mind, I’d like to get some sleep.” I gestured to the couch.

But Taylor patted and motioned for me to sit beside her. I slumped down, tired. I really wanted a shower, but was too lazy to go upstairs for one.

“Geez, Oliver, you’re all sweaty and stinky. You smell like you just got laid.” Taylor had mischief in her eyes.

“I know. Too tired to shower.” I stretched out beside her and gave her a glare, “So, Miss Perve, did you enjoy the show?”

“OMG, Oliver, it was so funny watching you and Jenny. What happened to my kid brother? Now you’re old enough to have sex.”

“You did more than watch, Taylor. I saw you touch yourself.”

“Well,” she looked away embarrassed, “it was hot.”

“It was hot?”

“Just looking down from the stairs, watching you push it in, watching Jenny react to it. I don’t know. And then you pulled out on her – my little brother cumming. I don’t know. It was hot.”

“Well…” I couldn’t think of anything to say. I blushed and shifted in the couch. “Well, I’m not putting on a show for you.”

Taylor leaned over, “I think you will, Oliver. Or else I’ll tell mom and dad what you’re doing on their couch.”

The next evening, Jenny was over again. We waited until 11pm and said good night as my parents and Taylor retreated up the stairs. I was all for some making out, but wasn’t sure about sex. I didn’t want to put on a show for Taylor.

But Jenny decided she was going to give me head and what guy can turn down head? It was my turn to sit back while she knelt between my legs, her head bobbing up and down as she slobbered on my shaft, licking the head and tickling my knob. I rested one hand on the top of her head as I closed my eyes and enjoyed the oral attention. She began to nuzzle my balls when I opened my eyes to glance up the stairs.

Taylor was not there. Unfortunately, my mom was. She sat on the top step, open-mouthed, a look of frozen surprise.

My mom is a big woman, very curvy. If you’ve seen Katy Mixon from “Mike and Molly” and “American Housewife”, you get the picture – a big buxom brunette with big brown hair and a loud voice. But her famously loud and overbearing voice was silenced as she watched her son get head.

My dick immediately drooped. I pushed Jenny off me and hiked up my sweats. Fuck.

“What’s wrong, Oliver?” Jenny was horny and concerned.

“Nothing, nothing. Just not into it.”

“What?” she reached into my pants. “Are you kidding me? You were so hard…”

“Nope, nope, sorry, too much on my mind.” I got up and grabbed Jenny’s coat to take her home.

She looked all annoyed. “OK, well, when are you back in town?”

“Um, in 2 weeks?”

“OK, hopefully you’ll be ‘into it’ when you’re next here.”

“Yeah, sorry.”

I took Jenny home and returned to my mom sitting on the couch.

“Oliver! Sit your ass down.” My mom, sitting in her nightgown, the overbearing loudmouth NOW wanted to give me a lecture.

I sat down and looked at my feet.

“What the hell, Oliver? What were you and Jenny doing?”

“What did it look like?”

“Oliver, I cannot condone sexual activity in my living room!”

“I don’t have a bedroom anymore. Where am I supposed to hang out?” I whined.

“Well.” Silence. “Well. I guess we could set up an air mattress in my exercise room.”

“You mean, my old bedroom.”

“Oliver, you don’t live here anymore! Deal with it.” She shook her head. She looked over at me, “Are you being safe?”

“OMG, mom, I don’t want to talk about it!”

“Your father should have taught you everything, right? You know everything and how it works?”

“OMG, mom, yes.”

She let out a sigh, “I can’t believe my baby boy is having sex!” She pulled me to her so I rested my head on her large warm breasts. “My baby, Oliver.”

I pulled away and sat up, “Mom, please don’t call me a baby.”

“No, I guess not. You’re all grown up.” She smiled as she got up to go upstairs.

Two weeks later, I was home again. Friday night’s the night for fucking, but after Jenny sadly reported she couldn’t find a place for us to hang out, we were back on the couch, waiting for everyone to go upstairs to bed.

Taylor was the last to go upstairs and she leered at us and winked. I figured Tay-Tay would end up watching us. Fine. Fuck that. I was so horny, şişli escort I didn’t care if she wanted to watch. As Taylor reached the top of the stairs, she turned off the light so that it was completely dark at the top of the stairs.

A little too eagerly, I had Jenny’s skirt and panties off so she was sitting on the quilt. She had shaved for me – I guess – and her pussy was beautifully bare. I had a surprise for her too, I slid off my sweats to show her my shaved dick. I looked a foot long without any pubes!

I glanced upstairs but there was no one watching. It was too dark anyway. I kissed Jenny’s face and worked my way down but we were both too feverish and excited. We wanted to fuck. Jenny pulled my t-shirt off. She held my shaft and aimed it in her, so I quickly sunk balls deep into her and started to pump. I mashed into her face, kissing her like a mad man while I eagerly stroked into her much missed pussy. But after a few feverish minutes, she pushed me back so I was kneeling before her. And then with her long nails, she scratched at my abs again. She wanted the slow strokes. She wanted to watch ourselves fuck.

I obliged her, savoring her sweet wet vagina. I didn’t have a condom on me, so I made a mental note to pull out again. I glanced upstairs and there was no one, so I relaxed my shoulders and made sweet love to Jenny, feeling a euphoria, a high with our fucking. There wasn’t a sound in the house except the sound of our panting and breathing, both our bodies were glistening with sweat as we kissed and pulled back to watch her hungry snatch take every inch of me slide in and out.

Jenny was going insane with our touching, so she put her fingers through my hair. I smiled and looked up. There was someone sitting there at the top of the stairs, and I missed a stroke and popped out of Jenny. She giggled as she pushed me back in, but I looked up again to see the dark figure. I couldn’t make out Taylor’s face but I could hear her heavy breathing as she watched us.

“Mmm, let me do this, Oliver.” She held my slick shaft and tapped her mound with my purple dick head. She rubbed her clit with me and whimpered at our natural lubrication. Then she pushed me back in again as I eagerly re-started my stroking. I glanced up at Taylor and smiled – let her enjoy the view.

“Your face is all red, Oliver!” Jenny whispered as she stroked my face. “Mmmm, we’re doing it!”

“Yeah, we’re doing it.” I loved the sticky sound of our bodies slapping together. “I have to pull out again.”

“That’s OK, I love it!” Jenny whispered. “All over here” she gestured to her belly.

A few minutes later, I was panting like the little engine who could. I pulled out and spurted on her and smiled as she rubbed my creamy spunk into her skin. I was breathing hard, flexing my softening boner like a wand over her. I glanced up and winked at our silent audience member.

I took Jenny home, and when I got back, I felt like a shower. But sitting on the couch waiting for me was my mom.

“What the hell, Oliver, I can’t believe you had sex on the couch! I thought I told you to find somewhere else to go.”

“OMG, mom!” That was all I could say. That was her? That was her watching me?

“And you’re so bold, you knew I was there and you smiled at me?”

“I thought…” I was at a loss for words. Then I was getting angry, “You watched? You watched us?”

“This is my house, Oliver. You need to use a condom! Do you know how ineffective pulling out is?”

“OMG, mom, I don’t want to talk about this!”

“I’m too young to be a grandmother! Why are you so embarrassed, Oliver! I’m your mother!”


“And you are stinking up the house. This isn’t a barn! You’re not an animal!”

“Mom, I’m stuck on the couch. You got rid of my room. What do you expect me to do?”

Suddenly we heard stomping down the stairs – dad!

“What the hell is going on?” My dad could sleep through an earthquake, but he was sensitive to my mom’s loud voice.

“Greg! Your son has been having sex on the couch! And he’s not using a condom!”

“What?” He looked shocked, concerned. “Oliver, you should know better. Always use a condom!”

“Dad!” I yelped.

“Greg! Talk to your son!’

“Mom!” I yelped again.

“Geez, tell me what happened.” My dad was always the mild-mannered peacemaker.

“I’ll tell you what your horn dog son was doing. He had Jenny on the couch and he was kneeling in front of her and having sex! And he saw me at the top of the stairs and he winked at me! Shameless!”

“Oliver! Did you do that?”

“Dad, omg, please. Can we not talk about this anymore. I just want a shower and to go to bed!”

“No, Oliver, sit down please. This is serious.” Me and my parents sat down on the damn couch. “You need to be respectful! Not only to your girlfriend but to your mother. You can’t be having sex in front of your own mother! She gave birth to you!”

“Dad, that’s not exactly what happened…” I shut up, not sure if mentioning Taylor was a good idea.

“Then mecidiyeköy escort tell me what happened, son. Tell me.”

“I was…”

“I’ll tell you what happened!” My mom cut in. “Imagine I’m Jenny. I’m on the edge of the couch, sitting like this. And Oliver – get your butt over here. He’s kneeling in front of her. And he’s having sex fully exposed for anyone to see!”

She had pulled me over to kneel between her mighty thighs. I felt the heat rise from between her, my mother’s womb where I had come from. I was annoyed and embarrassed and humiliated.

My dad shook his head. “So he was kneeling like that, having sex? How could you see anything?”

“Well,” my mom pulled at my waist, “he had scooted up more, like this. So he and Jenny could watch all the uglies bumping each other!”

“Oh, Oliver!” my dad shook his head.

“That Jenny – I thought she was a good girl. But she’s pawing at Oliver’s stomach like this, pulling up his t-shirt.”

I flinched back when my mom touched my abs, but she had me in between her mighty thighs. In spite of it all, my genitals felt her heat. I tried to squirm out of my mom’s grasp but to my horror, I was getting hard.

“OMG, Oliver! See that, Greg! Your horn dog son is always horny! You have to teach him self-control!”

“Oliver stop that right now!”

I shook my head. I glanced upstairs and saw Taylor watching, wide eyed with shock.

“See that, Greg! He’s in between his own mother’s legs and he’s getting a stiffy!”

“Mom, don’t!” I begged.

“Then what happened?” My dad asked.

“Jenny pulled him out like this,” My mom pulled my boner out from my sweat pants. My dick twitched and pulsed in her soft hands. “And then she made Oliver ejaculate all over her tummy, here.” My mom rubbed her own belly. My dick bounced on her shiny lacy nightgown.”

“Geezus!” My dad half-shouted. “Oliver, can you stop that?”

“He’s an animal, Greg! We raised an animal!” My mom pulled on my dick. I could still smell the scent of Jenny’s juices on me. My mom tapped her thumb on my dickhead, rubbing it slowly, and finally smiled, “He’s a big boy, though. As big as you, Greg!”

My dad moved in closer for a better look. I had my hands at my side, my dick in my mom’s hand. I looked up at Taylor then back at my parents.

“Please,” I whimpered. I was really close to cumming. I did not want to cum on my mother.

“Wait right there!” My dad ordered. He ran into the downstairs bathroom and returned with a condom. “I bought these for you, Oliver, a long time ago. I guess you never used them. Put it on now!”

I grabbed the package from him and fumbled as I tore into it. I was so close to cumming and I just wanted to put on the condom now. NOW. ASAP. But my fucking mother was rubbing my dickhead with her thumb, and her nails were stroking the underneath of my boner. It was as if we were both racing before… OH SHIT! GOOSH!

I came with a shudder, a leap forward. Ropes and ropes of my hot cum landed on my mother’s nightgown, her purple lace nightgown.

“Oh, gawd” I gasped. So much cum. My mom tried to stop me by gripping my dick harder, but it was like putting your thumb on a shaken bottle of soda. A jet of my cum hit my mom’s cleavage. My dad looked horrified.

“Get up, Oliver!!” My mom hollered!

My knees were weak as I stood up. I looked at all the cum on my mother’s nightgown, her hand, her cleavage. My dad too looked as if he had walked into a murder scene with splatters of shared DNA all over the place.

“Let me get a towel!” My dad marched out of the room.


“Sorry, mom.” I was standing there, pants down. My dick still twitching.

My mom grabbed my dick and pulled me forwarded. She wedged my dick into her cleavage to smear the cum into her big boobs. Then, she looked up at me and swallowed my dick whole, cleaning it from root to head. “Still stinky from that girl! Now that’s better, Oliver. All clean for mommy.”

“Mommy.” I whimpered. I looked up and Taylor was still staring, her mouth dropped open.

My dad returned with a towel. He threw it to me as I quickly wiped myself down and hiked up my sweatpants.

“We have to do something about him, Greg!” My mom shook her head. “You saw him. No self-control whatever.”

My dad put his shoulder around me. “Son, we need to figure this out. You can’t be having sex on this couch. And you can’t keep ejaculating like this. It’s a sign of excessive masturbation. Look at your poor mother. You ruined her favorite night gown.”

“Sorry, dad.”

“Now you help your mother clean up here and we’ll have a talk tomorrow.” My dad shook his head with disappointment as he marched up stairs. “Taylor! What are you doing up?”

“Nothing dad!” She ran back to her room.

My face was beet red. I couldn’t face my mother. I stood before her, humiliated. She sat there with her nightgown covered with my cum stains.

“Oliver, I know you’re at your prime, but you have to have some self-control.”

“Yes mom.”

“I know you’re unhappy about sleeping on the couch. Is this your way of getting back at me? Are you punishing me for turning your room into an exercise room?”


She shook her head. “I’m going to take a shower.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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