Amy Falls in Love Ch. 03

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After siblings Amy and Larry Wheeler burned off the initial passion they had for one another, their relationship changed in quiet, subtle ways.

Larry’s love for his sister grew deeper, he came to accept her engagement to Chuck Knaub. Breaking the couple up was the reason he’d begun the affair with his sister. But Amy persuaded him that, not once, had Chuck broached the question of using her trust fund to help him out of his delinquent loans. That had been Larry’s main concern; if Amy believed Chuck loved her for herself, and was willing to work out his financial problems without her help, then Larry was prepared, now, to believe it.

At the same time, Larry filled an important gap in his sister’s life. Larry was a much more creative and vigorous lover than Chuck. Because Larry was her brother, that meant they could never marry and have children; knowing this, and taking precautions, the siblings could make love with wild abandon, free of future obligations. They could keep their sexual escapades to themselves, and usually found a way to meet once or twice a month.

Both Larry and Amy knew their liaisons would have to end one day, but neither wanted to talk about it in detail.

Then Chuck and Amy set a wedding date (Amy’s 22nd birthday, as it happened), which put her into a quandary. More than anything else, she wanted a loving husband, a solid, stable marriage, and children. She couldn’t have those things if she were off fucking her brother every other weekend. Sooner or later, the secret would get out. Even if they avoided going to jail, the scandal would follow them for the rest of their lives.

Turning it over and over in her mind, Amy came to a unenthusiastic conclusion; the time to end the affair had come.

The wedding was set for a Sunday in October, and New England was in the grip of Indian summer, the last gasp of warmth and sunshine before the days grew short and the air turned cold. Amy called Larry and asked him to meet her in the summer cabin, where he had first made love to her in the dark.

“Saturday?” Larry asked, when she phoned him. “That’s the night before your wedding. Are you sure?”

“I was thinking of a birthday present,” Amy replied coquettishly. “Last chance.”

“All right,” Larry said, understanding. “Are we staying over?”

“If we’re out of there early.”


Amy, as she planned, arrived at the cabin first. bursa otele gelen eskort She brought champagne, a pair of Cornish game hens, Larry’s favorite salad, ice cream, candles. She spent hours dusting and cleaning, priming the heat and hot water, making the bed in the master bedroom. She finished at four, a full two hours before her brother was due to arrive.

Amy took a long, luxurious bath with aromatic oils, and when she was ready, dressed with care.

Larry arrived promptly at six. When Amy opened the door, the first thing he noticed was that the cabin was lit with hundreds of sweet-smelling candles, and that his sister had selected a flowing Oriental dressing gown, her fine, soft black hair piled high on her head.

“Amy,” he said, “this is wonderful.”

“I want you to remember this to your dying day,” she said. “Because this is the last time we’ll be together.”

Larry’s face fell.

“I knew it wouldn’t last forever,” he said. “But no one will ever love you as I do.”

Amy kissed her brother gently.

“You’re the best fuck buddy a girl ever had,” she said. “But we can’t have children. I’m getting married tomorrow, and I intend to be faithful to my husband. We always knew what we have would never last. I just don’t want it to sputter out, that’s all. So tonight, I’m giving my big brother the ride of his life.”

Larry took his sister in his arms, and they shared a long, deep kiss.

“You know what’s funny?” he said. “We could barely stand each other when we were kids.”

Amy laughed.

“Here’s the deal,” she said. “Tonight, I’m your love slave. Anything you want, as long as it’s nothing bizarre or painful. All oral, doggy style, testing the strength of the support beam, anything you want. But when we’re done, we’re done for good.”

“Let me add a codicil,” Larry said. “If your marriage ever ends …”

“That’s what would have to happen,” Amy said. “I want that clear. I don’t want you to interfere with my marriage. Promise?”

Larry nodded.

“Tonight is it,” Amy continued. “That’s the deal. If you can’t accept that, you can go home now.”

“I only want your happiness, Sis,” Larry said. “Of course, I want you to remember this forever, too.”

That night, the siblings took their time with everything, but always keeping an eye to the bedroom. Once the dishes were clear, bursa eve gelen escort bayan Amy took her brother by the hand, leading him to the king-size master bed. The bedroom, too, was lit by candles.

Brother and sister stared deep into each other’s eyes, reluctant to begin their farewell. Larry at last took pulled Amy close. Their moist lips met and connected with sad, sweet tenderness. Their tongues moved together slowly, tantalizingly, as Amy’s slim, tan fingers opened the buttons on her kimono.

When Larry let her go, Amy shrugged her shoulders, and the garment fell to the floor. Underneath it was a sheer black peignoir, sheer black stockings, and shiny black high heels.

“Jesus!” gasped Larry, as his sister twirled for him.

“What does Master want from the Love Slave?” asked Amy coyly.

“Everything!” Larry gasped, taking his sister in his arms and lowering her to the bed.

Larry began by licking Amy’s cleavage; she wore a pushup bra that shoved her tiny tits together. Amy began to remove her brother’s clothing, her fingers teasing his eager erection as she did so.

“I don’t know if I want you naked or in this,” Larry told her as his fingers explored for gaps in the clothing.

“Why not both? We have all night,” she said, but she rolled her brother onto his back and ripped his shirt open. Buttons flew everywhere, and Amy nibbled her brother’s chest down to his belt buckle. A few quick motions, and his cock was free, hot, and hungry. Larry shifted his hips to make it easier for his sister to remove his pants.

“What do you want me to do?” asked Amy as she maneuvered her pussy over her brother’s tall, purple dick. “Let me take a ride, or–“

Larry arched his hips, penetrating his sister’s cunt, taking what he could before she changed her mind. Amy slid down his fervid length, sighing in satisfaction. As she bounced on her brother’s dick, she slipped a couple of straps, and let her playful breasts bobble free.

“Bite them, Larry,” Amy cooed. “Let them know you’re alive!”

Larry sat up then and embraced his sister, even as he shoved his hungry dick into her moist, damp pussy. His hard, hairy balls tightened as he pounded upward into her. Their kisses were more magical than ever, fiercer and more fiery for the knowledge that they’d be the last.

Larry leaned back a little to get bayan eskort bursa a fuller view. The silky black peignoir was open now, tantalizingly halfway to Amy’s waist. The sheer black stockings that ran along her thighs added new sensations, as did the shiny black high heels that glinted in the candlelight. He gazed deep into his sister’s almond eyes before closing his own.

Amy knew the signs. When Larry started gasping in his now familiar manner, Amy pushed him down on the bed and took over. Jerking her hips to and fro, she rode her brother like a horse, and timed her first orgasm to meet his.

“Amy!” Larry barked. “Amy! “So hard!”

“Oh, yes! Yes! Uh!”

Soon their movements slowed, and Larry pulled his dick free. As their mingled juices ran down into Larry’s hairy groin, she rolled off her brother, her lover, and nestled in his strong, reassuring arms.

“I know you’re right, but this isn’t fair,” Larry said.

“I am right, and you’ll understand,” she replied. “Now kiss me. We haven’t much time.”

Larry’s dick soon rose again, but this time, he disrobed his sister with his teeth. It took nearly half an hour, because he found all her favorite spots, and stimulated them to the full. He only removed the peignoir, finding the stockings and high heels to be tremendously sexy.

“Doggy style, little sister?” he asked.

Obediently, Amy got on her hands and knees, presenting her taut ass, with its garters, to her brother’s eager, hot dick. Larry edged forward; Amy grasped his dick, stroked it for a second, and then guided it to the entrance of her torrid pussy.

Larry thrust forward, burying himself to the balls.

“Ohhh,” Amy cooed.

Pulling himself out as far as he could, Larry reached one hand around to stimulate Amy’s breast as he short-stroked her. As she thrashed and cried out, Larry brought his fingers down to her clit, so he could masturbate her and fuck her at the same time. He also glanced back from time to time to see her legs quivering under his assault, to see her high heels glinting in the fading candlelight.

The candles began to go out one by one, and Larry decided to roll his sister on her back so that he could see her lovely features, which looked so much like his own, as the bedroom began to wink into darkness.

Amy had already come twice when Larry lunged deeply forward, his balls tight against her ass, and fired his load.

“That’s it, honey!” Amy cooed. “Oh, that’s perfect!”

But Larry was beyond speech. After another minute he gave her a last blast, and then collapsed on top of his panting sister.

For a few moments, neither spoke. They let their fingers and lips do all the communicating as the last candles winked out and darkness claimed the rustic room.

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