Amy’s Accident Ch. 1

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Jess is my new neighbor. Well, she isn’t that new, she’s been living there for several months now, but she’s so different from my other neighbors, I just have to set her apart somehow. She is great. I always have a really good time when I go over to visit. We usually drink a bottle of wine or two and sit around, joking about past boyfriends and work. I go over there nearly every night, because she is a 30 year old widow and I am a 25 year old divorcee with nothing better to do.

It started about like every other night. We were just starting the second bottle of wine, as she told me about one of her college boyfriends and his tiny little penis. She could always get me to laugh, but tonight, I couldn’t control myself. Perhaps it was the wine. I don’t know what caused it in the first place, but in the end, I discovered that in my laughing fit, I had peed my panties, skirt, and her loveseat.

“Breathe, Amy, breathe!” she giggled at me.

“It seems that breathing is only one of my worries, Jess. I hate to admit it, but, you did have me laughing really hard…..”


“Sometimes, when I laugh hard, I……” A look of recognition came over her face, followed by a rather mischievous look in her eye.

“Did Baby have an accident? I guess we’ll have to get Baby into some dry things! Come on!” she winked as she motioned for me to follow her upstairs. As we climbed the stairs, her in front, me close behind, I couldn’t help notice that she was swishing her ass almost comically. Before I go any farther, I should tell you that Jess is gorgeous. Perfectly built. I have always thought that I am too skinny, but she is everything I wanted to look like when I grew up.

At the top of the stairs, she stopped and turned, directing me to her bedroom. As we went in, I expected the joke to be over. Ümraniye Escort I assumed she would find me some dry clothes, and that would be the end of it. I was wrong.

“Let’s get Baby out of those wet things,” she said wickedly, as she came up to face me. To my amazement, she began unbuttoning my blouse. When she was rid of that, my bra and shoes followed. She saved my skirt and panties till the last, and she seemed to be savoring every moment of removing them from my now very wet pussy. I haven’t ever thought about her or any other women sexually before, but I can’t say that I knew if I was wet from just the pee or if there was more to it. At any rate, I was starting to get aroused. The slight fear that I had about what was going to happen was dissolving slowly. Once I was naked, she grabbed my hand and led me into her attached bathroom. Her tub was enormous, and she instructed me to get in as she made the warm water into a sweet smelling bubble bath.

“We should get Baby clean before changing her, right? OK then, Baby, just relax, and let me wash you.”

By this time, there was no question that I was turned on. I still didn’t understand why, but I was so attracted to Jess at that moment, I didn’t care. She began gently soaping me up, paying more attention than would have been necessary on my breasts, rubbing them with the washcloth till my nipples were diamond hard. A couple of times she pinched a nipple between two fingers “accidentally,” and each time, I shuddered involuntarily. After one such shudder, we realized that I had splashed her pretty good. Without a word, she removed her sweater, revealing to me her round breasts barely held in a sexy red bra. I felt a twinge of pleasure in my pussy that I still couldn’t explain, but I wasn’t complaining either.

She Ümraniye Escort Bayan leaned over the edge of the tub again to help me rise up to my knees, exposing my trimmed pussy and ass to the air (and her washcloth!). Her left hand washed my cheeks for at least five minutes, making them feel all tingly, and definitely causing me to create more wetness. Staring down at my clean shaven labia and my cute little triangle of remaining hair, she licked her lips and began soaping up the washcloth again. My pussy was soaked, but not from the bathwater. The minute the washcloth touched my lips, I ground my cunt into her cupped hand, rotating my hips lasciviously. Through the cloth, she began masturbating me, rubbing the rough cloth all along my slit, from the hole to my clit. I lurched, humping her hand with wild abandon, over and over, harder, faster, till the warmth and the wetness and the friction and my sexy neighbor made me cum like I have never cum before. After my orgasm subsided, I almost collapsed, falling into her arms. My arms went instinctively around her waist as my head went to her luscious tits. Catching my breath, I began to ease closer to the line where her demi-bra began.

I nuzzled her nipple through the fabric. “Is Baby hungry?” she said with a smile. “Perhaps she needs a feeding!” With that, she helped me out of the bath and toweled me off. Again I got to feel the sensation of her hands running over my body, and I can’t say I wasn’t wet after she was done drying me. She led me into the bedroom, sat me on the bed, and unhooked her bra. She took her jeans off as well, revealing matched red panties and beautiful legs. She slunk over to me. It was all so sexy, I wouldn’t have been able to resist her if I had wanted to. Stepping close, putting one of Escort Ümraniye her knees between my thighs, she lifted my chin and put her hardened nipple into my mouth. I kissed it, licked it, played with it with my tongue, and finally settled into a continuous sucking, my eyes on her beautiful face the whole time.

“Oh, Baby! That’s good, now, we need to get Baby a new diaper, don’t we?” she teased as she pulled her nipple from my desperate lips with a loud, wet sucking sound. Then she stepped into the hall for a moment, returning seconds later with a small tablecloth and soem safety pins! She really liked this baby-play, and as it turns out, so did I! She laid me out on the bed and carefully diapered me, patting my pussy though the diaper when she finished, smiling at her handiwork. “Stay right there, Baby! I have something for you!” With that, she disappeared.

I couldn’t help it. I was so turned on that there was no alternative. In her absence, my hand went immediately into the makeshift diaper to my slit. I rubbed up and down to distribute the wetness, then continued with a patting motion, imagining her hand the last time she touched me. I was really starting to get into my little masturbation session when she returned… with a camera and tripod. “I was going to get some good baby pictures, but if Baby can’t keep her diaper dry, she might have to be punished!” She got behind the camera, adjusting her focus and her panties, which were becoming noticeably wet. I posed for her, sucking my thumb, legs in the air to show my ass, pretending to crawl to her over the bed, but I was still so turned on that eventually my hand went right back to my dripping pussy. The tablecloth was now no dryer than my panties had been, and I really had to pee again. I got down on the floor as sexy as I could manage and crawled toward the bathroom. Jess grabbed the back of the diaper to stop me… that was it. I couldn’t hold it with the extra pressure on my bladder, and before I knew it, I had wet myself again. This time, though, I was decidedly less embarrassed. After all, I was Jess’s Baby, and she would know take care of it, right?

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