An A,A Weekend

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Beth was a friend of my fiancé Olivia. She was a very attractive woman in her mid-forties, she had a pretty face, she was fit and she had a great pair of fake tits. Beth was always a bit envious of my fiancé, not that I was the perfect guy, I was far from it. Beth just wanted to have someone in her life, someone she could do couples stuff with.

Beth seemed to always strike out when it came to men. She hated being on all those online dating sites and looked forward to the day she was off them.

I was always intrigued how Beth was still single. Afterall she was a beautiful woman; she owned her own house and had a great job. She was also the mother to a beautiful grown up daughter (and that would be another Beth fantasy) she just seemed to have it all.

All one had to do was spend a bit of time with Beth and it became crystal clear as to why she was still unattached. Beth was a very annoying person. Beth was not happy unless she was complaining or whining about someone or something.

Beth was a true negative Nancy.

Annoying or not I often fantasized having sex with Beth so long as she didn’t talk much. The solution would be to have my cock in her mouth for as long as possible.

Olivia and me had talked many times about having sex with other couples; we were both open to the idea and figured someday it would happen. Olivia was more turned on at the thought of a threesome with another woman as opposed to fucking with another guy.

Olivia loved to read erotic stories about woman being intimate with woman while she pleasured herself. Many times I jerked off while secretly watching her from our darkened walk-in closet peeping through the crack in the door. It was so hot watching her squirt onto the towel that she always placed under ass. It was so hot watching her lick her cum off her vibrator before discarding the towel onto the floor and throwing the book, the vibe into her night table drawer before falling asleep.

Sometimes I thought she knew I was watching her. It was like she knew I would be masturbating in the closet.

Olivia once asked me if I would like to fuck Beth. I knew that someday she too would like to have a threesome with Beth.

“I would love to fuck her while watching you pleasuring yourself watching us.” I told her.

Olivia smiled.

“I figured you would, maybe someday it will happen.” She said.

“Only if you are part of it, the three of us would be great.” I replied. I thought for sure it would now be happening someday.

A threesome with my soon to be wife and Beth was now on my bucket list.

There was however one problem. As annoying as Beth was to me she could be as equally annoying to Olivia. They had an on-again off-again friendship. poker oyna They spent just as much time being best of friends as they did not having anything to do with each other.

They were two of a kind.

Time past and Olivia and me are living in a small town up north. Beth and Olivia are on again and once again the best of friends. So much so that Beth has decided to come up for a weekend to visit us in our new home. Olivia had to work on the Saturday so the game plan was for Beth to arrive around the same time Olivia would get home from work at around five.

We would have a bar-b-que once Olivia got home.

I would be home all afternoon after spending the morning cycling 100 km’s around one of our area lakes. It was 3 pm when I had just gotten out of the shower and saw Beth pull into our driveway. She was a good couple hours early.

I threw on a pair of jeans and a tee shirt and greeted her at the front door with a hug and a big kiss to the cheek. We were in the kitchen making small talk. Beth asked me for a cup of tea.

I turned on the kettle.

At that moment Beth walked over to me and grabbed my hand and placed it on her tits.

“Olivia told me that you had never been with a woman who had a boob job and you always wondered what fake tits felt like.” She said as she maneuvered my hand all over her chest.

I was a bit taken back and as I pulled my hand away I could not resist a squeeze of her firm fake tits.

“Oh yeah, I wonder what else she had been telling you.” I replied.

Beth’s nipples were now excitingly perky after massaging them with my hand. She was standing right in front of me.

“She also told me that you were a very attentive lover, I have never been with an attentive lover.” Beth grabbed my hand and slid it up her skirt.

I did not hesitate to push her skimpy thong to the side and caress her smooth, soft, moist pussy. Her clit was wet and firm as I inserted my pussy finger deep inside her. Beth gasped loudly as I felt her wetness. I pulled my hand away and put the wet finger in my mouth.

“Mmm, Beth you taste so yummy.” I told her while staring into her eyes.

I was leaning against the kitchen counter; Beth undid my belt and the zipper on my jeans. She began stroking my cock, I was rock hard. I had one of my hands up her top caressing her tits while my other hand was rubbing her snatch.

Beth pushed me on top of the counter her head was buried in my lap as she began to lick the shaft and head of my throbbing cock.

“Let’s go to the bedroom.” I said

The kettle was now whistling, I turned it off as we scurried down the hallway to the bedroom where Beth would be sleeping that night.

“We can play in here and if canlı poker oyna Olivia comes home early we will be able to see her as she pulls into the driveway.” We both knew we didn’t Olivia to catch us.

I threw Beth on the bed; she had already thrown her skirt on the floor. I slid Beth’s thong panties off and threw them on the bed. Beth’s pussy was so beautiful and inviting. She was already wet when I began to revolve my tongue around her swollen clit. Beth was moaning loudly as she touched her nipples with her one hand. Her other hand was messing up my hair.

I could feel Beth was about to climax, I inserted my tongue deep inside her and I sucked and swallowed all of her orgasm.

I came up for air and began to kiss her now rock hard nipples, working my way up her neck to her beautiful mouth. I could cum just kissing her mouth.

“I can taste me on your tongue, I love sharing my cum.” She said.

Beth now began sucking my cock like it had never been sucked before. She knew exactly what she was doing and she brought me right to the edge. She took her mouth off dick.

“I want you to fuck my pussy.” she whispered in my ear.

I eagerly obliged her as I began to thrust my manhood inside her. I thrusted hard and slow and very soon I was about to blow my load deep inside her.

“I want to taste and swallow you.” Beth said.

Beth got on her knees; I shot wads of cum to the back of her throat. She stood up and began kissing my mouth as both our tongues were now dancing in the deposit I had just made in her mouth. It was so hot. I had never experience semen in my mouth before as we both swallowed equal amounts of cum.

“I love sharing your cum.” Beth laughed.

We lay on the bed, both of us naked just staring at the ceiling. Beth had been totally amazing for the last two hours.

It was almost five and Olivia would be home any minute. We both got up and got quickly dressed. I kissed Beth on the mouth passionately and kissed her beautiful fake tits once again before she put her top back on.

“Your boob job is beautiful Beth, thanks for sharing with me. I will never forget this afternoon.” Beth smiled.

“You still want that tea?” I asked her

“Sure” Beth blew me a kiss as I left the room.

Olivia was just arriving as I entered the kitchen. I kissed her and told her that Beth had arrived just a few minutes ago and was just using the bathroom.

We all had a bar-b-que.

After, Olivia and Beth decided they would watch movies that evening and catch up. I wasn’t much for the chick flicks so I would be watching the ball game in the back room. Over the course of the evening I could hear the girls laughing and giggling loudly. They were drinking internet casino a couple bottles of wine and both were a little drunk. I prayed Beth would not blurt out about the afternoon delight we had shared.

Olivia went into the basement to look for some old photos. Beth came down to the back room where I was watching the game.

“I will be on the deck tonight at 1 am if you are interested.” Beth winked as she shut the door and went into the basement to help Olivia look for the photos.

It was close to midnight when I went to bed. Before I did I made sure to turn off all the motion light sensors on our deck and backyard. They lit up our backyard like Yankee Stadium during a night game.

I said good night to the girls and went to bed. It wasn’t long before Olivia joined me. I pretended I was already asleep as Olivia lay beside me. She had been drinking wine most the night and it was not long before she fell asleep. Within ten minutes she was snoring. I turned on my side to see my clock radio and at exactly 1 am I tiptoed out of our room and shut the door.

The moon was bright that night and I could see Beth through our big bay window. She was leaning on the railing just staring out at the backyard. I could feel a warm breeze as I quietly walked onto the deck. I walked up behind Beth and lifted up her nightdress.

Beth leaned forward a bit more.

I inserted my rock hard cock inside her and thrust my hips against her bare ass. Beth moaned while my left hand was cupping her left tit, my fingers tweaking her nipple. I slapped her bare ass with my right hand.

I was about to explode inside her.

Beth knew I was about to cum. She withdrew my cock, got on her knees and took my complete load in her mouth. She sucked every single drop out of me. She stood up to kiss me, my huge load still filling her mouth. We once again shared my thick, sticky cum. I know for sure I swallowed even more of my love juice than Beth did that night on the deck.

It was such a fuck’n hot memory I will never forget. I had never cum that much in one day either before or since that Saturday with Beth.

Beth and me never spoke a word that night on the deck; we both tiptoed to our respective bedrooms. I kissed Beth passionately on the mouth one more time before she went into her room. I went into my bedroom and crawled into bed beside Olivia.

The following day Beth was her usual annoying self and Olivia was glad when she finally left. Beth never came up for a visit again and her friendship with Olivia went downhill. They hardly ever spoke to each other again.

I always wondered why but I was too afraid to ask. I wonder if Olivia knew what me and Beth had gotten up to that afternoon and evening. I wondered if Beth had confessed everything to Olivia.

Olivia and me never did get married and we split up a few years later.

That weekend was ten years ago, I sure wish I had Beth’s number, I wonder what her daughter looks like today.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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