An Adventure With Sir , Mommy

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I had been living with my Dom on the west coast for a few months. He had been my Sir for years, but now we were finally realizing our dream of sharing our lives. Little did I know, we would also be sharing my mother!

My name is Lisa. I had lived on the east coast by the ocean all my life, married with two sons. They are both now independent and my husband had agreed our lives would be more pleasant if he and I were apart for a while. So we decided to take a breather away from each other. I am 43, 5’3, 135 pounds, shoulder length brownish red hair, blue eyes and very sexy, full of life and ready for my new adventure. The day after we agreed to a trial separation, I told I would be moving out to stay with a friend in San Francisco. Of course I didn’t tell him who my friend was, but I did tell mom I was staying with a male friend. Mom did not question the type of friend he was nor did I disclose I was this man’s sub. She was not happy I was putting my marriage on hold, but gave me her best wishes for the future. Because she had raised me alone since my father’s death, we were extremely close, and she wanted my happiness above everything else.

So here I was in lovely San Francisco. I had visited Sir a couple times before moving here and he was always a gracious host, showing me the best of the town. I was happy here, but I missed my mommy. She is my best friend and before I moved we shared fun weekends when she was not working. We did a lot of shopping and going out for lunches and dinner. She loved her baby girl, and I loved my mommy.

My mother Rose did not realize her beauty. But I did as I saw men of all ages always staring at my beautiful mother. Her hair is soft and wispy. She’s a natural blonde with translucent blue eyes. Her skin is very fair and smooth, and she looks much younger than she really is. Mom is 5’6, around 125 pounds with full breasts. I always imagined licking her nipples. It was a fantasy I tried not to think about. But many times in dressing rooms, seeing her nude chest as she tried on clothes or at her home when she was changing outfits, the thought of snuggling against her breasts while sucking them like a baby drove me wild with desire. I would become very aroused at the sight of her lovely, naked flesh. She was very much involved with her career, so this trip to see me was a welcome relief from her busy days on the east coast.

Mom and I look very similar. She had me when she was 23 and we have been like twins all our lives, her being a single parent and me an only child. People have always commented on how much we look and sound alike. I did not always think so. I rebelled against her for a long time in my teens, but now that we were both mature I had relaxed and accepted the compliments. The shape of our face, our laughing eyes, our deep sexy voices are the same. The differences are many. My face is fuller, while she has high cheekbones. My ass and legs are much more fuller than hers and her waist is longer and smaller, though she had gained a little tummy over the years. She always presented herself in a graceful and professional manner, while I was more of a free spirit.

The night before Mother would arrive, I was sitting at Sir’s feet as he wrote on the computer. He is a writer and had recently published two books in the science fiction genre. I was very proud of my Daddy. I am his little girl and his sub, and he takes great delight in punishing my little body in pleasure and pain. I was sketching at his feet. I had my sketch pad and ink, and was drawing portraits of my mother from some photographs.

“That’s very nice, darling,” said Sir, as he stroked my hair.

“Thank you Sir,” I said wistfully.

“What’s the matter, baby girl?” Daddy always picked up on my moods.

“I’m just worried what my mom is going to think about us, Sir,” I whispered.

Sir got up out of his chair and lifted me to my feet. His eyes were smiling as he kissed me gently on the lips.

“You will be fine, my love — and your mother will love me!” His twinkling eyes danced with laughter.

“Yes, Sir, of course she will,” I lowered my eyes, “I’m just unsure of how she will take our living arrangements”

“She will never know, dear. We will keep our paddles and toys locked away while she is here, okay?” Sir laughed and spanked my butt playfully.

“No, Sir, I don’t want us to have to change for her. Just, maybe — not let her know.”

Sir smiled at me indulgently. “Yes, I understand. Now kneel, my love.”

I immediately got down on my knees, legs slightly apart, head bowed, hands clasped behind me. This is the position I take to show my submissiveness to my sexy Sir. He gently stroked my baby fine hair and gave my right nipple a tight squeeze. I sighed with pleasure. Sir always knew my tender spots.

“Now let’s get ready, Lisa.” Sir sighed. I knew he wanted to make love, but understood the situation. “Your mother’s plane will arrive in one hour. We must be waiting for her.”

The Oakland istanbul escort airport was crowded at the dinner hour. When we arrived at her gate, the plane was not yet here. Sir was looking as handsome as ever in his khaki pants and white polo shirt. I had on shorts and little colorful blouse. I looked at Sir while he was reading a newspaper. His mother being of Mexican descent, he was lightly brown like hot chocolate, and his eyes were a deep brown that penetrated my senses most of the time. He is ten years my senior, around 5’10, 175 pounds. Sir nudged his glasses up his nose and crossed his legs. He is very firm and strong from being athletic all his life. I was so in love with him I could barely sit still without wanting to touch him.

I nudged my little body against him as he read, thinking how nice it was to finally be here with him. So many years we went without each other physically. My mom’s plane finally landed. My heart was beating in my chest while I stood waiting for her. Sir stood in the background. There she was! I practically ran to her and we hugged. I took her over to meet Sir. They shook hands and we all made small talk as we picked up her luggage. We drove to Sir’s house where I showed her the guest room

We went out to dinner and the wine flowed. We were all quite tipsy as we made it in the door later that night. Mom immediately went to bed, saying she was very tired from the flight and the late hour in ‘her time,’ and Sir and I stayed up cuddling in the living room. Because the bedrooms adjoined, we thought we would make less noise to disturb her if we stayed there.

Half an hour later, I was kneeling in front of him slowly licking his cock when Mom walked in. Although he says it is very average — about seven inches long and nearly two inches thick — I find it to be just perfect for sucking, as well as when he fucks me in the ass. I had nipple clamps on both breasts, and there was a large paddle beside the armrest of Sir’s chair. Boy, were we all shocked. Mommy stood there in a sheer, white cotton nightgown that came to mid thigh, and I was naked, of course. Sir stood with shirt off, and underwear down around his thighs.

“I just wanted — a glass of water…” mommy stammered, looking at me with an obviously dry mouth.

For long seconds it was like a ‘tableau vivant,’ as we all seemed frozen in our place. Then Sir stroked my hair reassuringly.

“Would you like to join us Rose?” Sir asked gently, breaking the tension. I could tell from his tone that he was amused by the situation. There was obviously something he had seen in my mother’s behavior that I had not.

“OH!” she cried, her hand going to her mouth, and again I could not understand what she was feeling, shock, outrage, arousal, or just simple surprise. Then she turned and fled back to her room.

I looked up at Sir, my mouth still framed in an ‘O’, partly from the shape of his cock, partly from shock.

He smiled down at me tenderly, his hand stroking my hair. “I think you should go into her, my love,” he said. “She needs some comforting right now. But take it very slowly.”

What I strange thought, that I could somehow comfort my mother! But I had learned to trust Sir’s instincts regarding people. He removed the nipple clamps and handed me my discarded sheer nightdress, and I immediately stood and walked into her room.

Mommy was sitting in the chair by the bed, hugging herself tightly, trembling. I wanted to rush to her and hug her tightly, but remembered what Sir had said.

“Mommy, are you all right?” I asked tentatively. I just stood there at the doorway.

After a while she seemed to calm herself down. She looked up and smiled wanly at me.

“I guess it runs in the family,” she said, almost sadly. “I guess it’s all my fault.”

“What?!!” I blurted out. Then more calmly I said, “I don’t understand what you mean, Mommy.”

“Oh, my darling, I think you know deep down from when you were young that your father used to slap me sometimes when he was angry. Usually on my bottom, actually, although a couple of times on my face when I really made him angry with something nasty I had said. Or he would grab my arms and hold them tightly, painfully until I would be quiet. What you couldn’t know, of course, is that I liked it. In fact, I wanted even more. I liked him taking charge of me, being very physical with me.”

Then I did go to her. I knelt at her feet, not like at did with Sir, but like a little girl leaning against the legs of her mommy. I put my arms around her legs and my head in her lap.

“No, Mommy, it’s not like that. I love Sir very much, and he loves me. He doesn’t abuse me. He would never strike me in the face. And he does those other things, but always out of love, never out of anger.”

“But I saw those — those things on your breasts. And that paddle on his chair.”

I looked up at her and smiled. How could I make her understand?

“Did Daddy do it when he was drunk, or when he was yenibosna escort angry about something else?”

“Oh, no, never anything like that! It was only when I — well, sometimes I admit I provoked him to violence.

“I’m not sure, but what you said doesn’t sound like he abused you, Mommy. I mean, did he punch you with his fist or hit you with a bat or something? Did he choke you, or continue when you were down on the ground?”

“Of course not! Like I said, I was hoping he would do more than what he did. Like — well, maybe like what your — um, your ‘Sir’ does to you. But he never would, and I could never tell him I thought I would enjoy that kind of thing. Especially — well, especially during sex.”

My mother was actually blushing! “It’s ok, Mom,” I smiled again. “I think I know exactly what you mean. And that is exactly how I feel with Sir! You see, that’s one of the most important things about our relationship. As I said, he never punishes me when he’s angry, he always waits ’til he’s cooled down so it will be more meaningful to me. And as to the sexual part — well, that always does involve my submission to him.”

My mother’s eyes were wide. I could hear her unspoken question.

“Yes, Mommy, I am totally submissive to Sir.” I looked her straight in the eye, without any hint of apology. “I would do anything he asked me to do. When he punishes me, I can feel his love and his deep concern for me, not wanting me to be a bad little girl. And when he makes love to me — yes, almost always involving some sort of bondage, but always including some little pain, some sign of His domination over me — well, I just can’t begin to describe the intense pleasure I feel, the absolute trust and comfort I feel when I am in His hands. Maybe I did get that feeling from you. If I did, I thank you for it. I love being submissive to Sir, and I love what he does to me.”

Mommy sighed. “Then I’m happy for you, darling.” She smiled impishly. “And maybe a little jealous!”

She bent down and gave me a little kiss on the mouth. Strangely, I thought it lingered a little longer than it ever had before.

Impulsively I said: “Why be jealous, Mommy? Why not find out if you really would like to feel the same kind of joy?”

“What?!” Her eyes were wide. “What do you mean, Lisa?”

“Come out into the living room with me. Sir is still waiting. I’m sure he would be willing to help you find out if you really enjoy being submissive.”

“But, Lisa! He’s — well, he’s your man. And I’m a lot older than him. I doubt if he’d be at all interested in a woman who’s nearly sixty!”

“In the first place, if it will help bring you happiness, Mommy I’d be happy to share some of Sir’s time and attentions with you. You’ve given me so much, it’s the least I can do. As to the age difference, you know Sir is eleven years older than me. That’s about the same difference between you two, so it’s no big deal. Besides,” I said, caressing her leg, “you’re still so beautiful and young looking, I’ll bet Sir would be very happy to, um, give you some of his attention!”

“Well — I don’t know. Do you really think so, Lisa?”

I stood up and held out my hands to her. “Let’s go find out.”

She took both of my hands and let me help her to her feet. Still hand-in-hand, we walked back into the living room.

I left my mother standing in the middle of the carpet and I went back to take my proper place, kneeling at my Sir’s feet. Just before I lowered my eyes respectfully, I noticed that her head was also down, whether out of shyness or from feeling submissive, I didn’t know.

“Sir, my mother tells me she has had some submissive feelings in the past, but never properly explored them. I respectfully request that you allow her to allow her to join us for this evening, to also be your play toy.”

“I see,” Sir said, without any trace of surprise. “Is this true, Rose? Would you really like to find out if you are submissive, and see if you enjoy some of the things your daughter and I enjoy in our lives?”

Although my mother didn’t say anything, I assume she nodded her agreement.

“Very well, then. Kneel before me Rose, next to your Lisa”, Sir commanded.

My head was still bowed, and though I was looking down at my naked breasts, I peeked over at my mother. I couldn’t believe she was actually kneeling! All her life I thought she had been a very strong, dominant woman in business and with men. And here she was kneeling almost next to me in the same position, her arms behind her back, her breasts pushed forward. Her chest was moving in and out. She was breathing hard and her cheeks were flushed.

“Lisa,” Sir said with love, “get up and take your mother’s nightgown off.”

I stood up and mother raised her arms up in the air as inch-by-inch, I slowly raised her nightgown up over her thighs, her bushy mound, her small buttocks, her tummy, her waist, then revealing those large breasts I have always loved sefaköy escort so much. The nightgown went higher, over her delicate shoulders and long graceful neck. As I slipped it off I smoothed my hands over her arms, noticing goose bumps at my touch. Her nipples were sticking out, already long and hard. Sir noticed me looking at them, I’m sure.

Sir’s cock was hot and hard as he watched us. I was a very excited little girl, knowing I was pleasing my Dom, and my Daddy at times. We have a daddy and little girl relationship that we enjoy playing out. I was ashamed, though, for being such a nasty little slut, wanting my real mommy’s nipples in between my full lips. I handed my mother’s nightgown to Sir.

“Kneel in front of me, my little sex slave,” Sir ordered me, taking the nightgown and stretching it between his arms.

He wrapped it around my neck, tying it rather tight. I could smell mommy’s juices and fragrance on her gown. It felt so erotic around my neck. It felt tight and constricting. I was so hot: my pussy was on fire and I felt my wetness. I was so excited that here I was kneeling naked beside my naked kneeling mother, both of us facing my Lord and Master. I worship him, and was happy Mommy felt comfortable enough to be here in this position. It meant the world to me. I love them both.

“Lisa, lean over and lick your mother’s nipple very lightly,” Sir instructed me.

I gasped as I heard his words. Hesitantly I leaned over, still on my knees, and licked her nipple. It felt hot and hard. I could feel Mommy’s breaths on my cheek. Her breathing was rapid and she sighed with pleasure.

“Lisa,” Daddy commanded, “suck on both of your mother’s nipples until I command you to stop.”

I began to suck gently, feeling her large nipple get harder in my mouth. I sucked as if I was a baby nursing, wanting to feel the hot milk flow down my throat. Mommy was moaning now and I began to suck on her other nipple. I did this for about ten minutes while listening to my mother moan and sigh with pleasure.

“Now Lisa, my hot little whore, lay down between your mothers legs and lick her pussy, now!” Daddy’s voice was very hard and precise. I knew he was very sexually aroused.

I didn’t dare to look at my mother to see her reaction to that command. I positioned myself between my mother’s kneeling body. To my surprise, she spread her thighs further apart to help me ease under her! I put a small pillow that I was kneeling on under my head. Perfect! I raised up a little and first felt her pubic hair against my nose and lips. It tickled a bit. I could smell her sex. I felt I would faint at this moment. Here I was about to lick my own mother’s pussy!

“Come on, my little sex slut, please your mother!” Daddy ordered.

I stuck my tongue past the hair to her vibrating pussy lips. They were wet and large. I licked around that area and then slid my tongue in deeper. She tasted different than my own juices. I moaned as she bucked her hips a bit. I looked up to see Daddy pinching Mommy’s nipples hard. He was squeezing, twisting and pulling them. His cock was hard as a rock, red and engorged. How I wanted that cock inside me. But I continued to lick her pussy. I went up higher and found her hard clit. It was much larger than mine. It stuck out like a miniature cock. I sucked on it hard. I felt it get even larger between my lips. It was very wet, and she was now moaning as Daddy was still torturing her large breasts. His mouth found hers and they kissed passionately. Mommy’s moans were stifled by his hungry kisses. I was feeling a bit jealous. But I continued to lick and suck mommy as she started screaming.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god, I’m coming! Oh, oh…OHHHHH, god help me!” Mommy screamed.

She exploded in my mouth. Her hot juices flowed down my throat. Daddy continued massaging her entire breasts with both of his hands, but now he was standing, his hard cock right in my mother’s face. She leaned forward and began to suck my daddy! She sucked him hard and fast until he was almost having a climax and then he pushed her lips gently away, saying: “Not yet, my dear.”

How dare they! I was enraged with jealousy that I could not hide. I slid out from under my mother and sat on the floor away from them and pouted. My arms were tightly folded against my chest. I was furious!

They both looked at me. Mommy was very embarrassed, and also looked sad and apologetic. She came over and put her arms around me and hugged me, whispering how sorry she was and what a good little angel I was to make her feel so good. I hugged her back. Our breasts were touching and we hugged tight. Sir allowed that to go on until he could see we were both happy with each other again. And maybe he was also a little excited to see our naked bodies rubbing together like that!

“Lisa!” Sir said forcefully, “Up on your knees immediately, in front of me, NOW!”

I scrambled over to him and assumed my position. He lifted my chin to look up at him. His face was stern. His lips were pressed together in a harsh straight line, his nostrils were flaring and his eyes were dark and piercing.

“I’m ashamed of you for acting jealous, Lisa,” he said sadly. “You know MY pleasure is what matters here”

“Yes Sir,” I whispered.

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