An Afternoon Encounter

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The Ad

Nikita is a fairly typical upper-middle class professional girl. She had completed her engineering degree at the age of 22 and was confident, outgoing, and didn’t take any shit from men in her professional life. She took good care of her body, working out daily and performing yoga every morning and evening. Her family thought she was just working out to improve herself but in reality Nikita wanted to look hot for the men that used her.

How did Nikita find men? The internet, of course. On a typical Friday night, she would post an ad like this one:

Hi Boys!
I’m a cute 22 year old blondie with curly hair, blue eyes, and a fun attitude! I’m 5’6″ with c-up breasts and a fit 120lbs.
I am looking for a tight bodied dominant man with a thick cock to suck tonight.
I’ll drive over to your hotel and service you 🙂

Attached would be a few pictures of her sexy body. Usually Nikita only had to keep the ad up for 10 minutes before finding a suitable candidate. Tonight’s encounter would be with a man she knew as “Max” – according to his pictures, tight abs and a 7″ cock. Not that it really mattered. A cock was a cock.


Nikita swallowed nervously as she approached the hotel door. Opening the door was always the hardest part. Once she entered the room, she knew that there wasn’t any exit until the man waiting inside was finished güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri with her. Still, her pussy quivered in excitement at what was to come.

This was it. Nikita turned the handle of Room 302 and pushed the door open. It was unlocked as expected. She sighed in relief, and felt her heartbeat increase.

Max stood waiting at the foot of the bed. He was completely naked, his hand gripping his thick 7″ cock as he stared at the seductively dressed slut entering the room. She was wearing a grey miniskirt, a tight fitting top with no bra, and heels. Her blue eyes sparkled, but they quickly turned to the floor.

“Get on your knees, bitch.”

Obediently Nikita dropped to the floor. She put her hands behind her back and kept her head slightly down in order to avoid meeting Max’s commanding gaze.

“Good girl.” Max took a stride towards her “Now tell me what kind of girl you are.”

“A good girl, sir?” Nikita whispered

“No, bitch. You’re a cock sucking whore.” As he said it Max took a second step towards Nikita. Now his thick 7″ cock was inches from Nikita’s face. He grabbed Nikita’s hair firmly, getting a good grip on the hair at the back of her head.

The scent of his dripping cock was intoxicating. Nikita couldn’t resist the scent of a hard cock. It triggered intense desire in her – she wanted to suck, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri lick and swallow the cock. She wanted to feel it slamming down her throat. She wanted to rub her clit while this strange man used her mouth like a pussy.

“Yes sir. I’m a cock sucking whore.” Nikita moaned

“Good. Now open your mouth, slut.” Max didn’t wait for Nikita to respond – he forced her head towards his cock, pushing the head past her lips and into her mouth.

Instantly Nikita started swirling her tongue on the head of his cock. She looked up at Max with her sparkling blue eyes as she sucked the head of his cock. Max’s firm grip on the back of her head kept her there, cock in the mouth. She felt his hand push on the back of head and obediently she slid the thick cock deeper into her mouth. As the cock went deeper, Nikita reached down and started furiously rubbing her clit.

Max took over the blowjob at this point, firmly gripping Nikita’s head and pushing his thick cock in and out of her mouth. His balls slapped against her chin. She loved that noise.

Roughly, Max pulled Nikita’s head off of his cock and slapped her across the face with his other hand. “That’s a good little bitch. I’m going to make you my cum dumpster tonight” As if to reinforce the point, he spat in Nikita’s mouth. She looked up at him with her big blue güvenilir bahis şirketleri eyes blinking innocently and swallowed the spit.

“Yes si-” mmphhg. Max shoved is pole back into Nikita’s mouth.

“Suck it like a whore. Show me how much you want it, show me what a filthy cock sucker you are.”

Nikita throat fucked herself on Max’s thick cock, taking his dick all the way down her throat, just as she had practiced so many times in high school and university. She worked her tongue expertly on the base of his pole. Still, she rubbed her clit, slower now as she waited for the perfect moment to cum.

“I’m gonna cum, slut.” Max moaned.

Nikita suctioned her lips to the base of his cock and started rubbing her clit furiously. Just as she felt the hot jet of seed sliding down her throat she started to cum. Her stomach tensed and her body arched as the combination of light headedness, cum sliding down her throat, and the intense clitoral orgasm overwhelmed her senses.

“Fuck yeah swallow it. You’re my filthy little blonde cum dumpster now.”

Obediently, Nikita finished swallowing. She felt the grip on the back of her head relaxing and she removed herself from the cock that had been furiously pounding her throat for the past 10 minutes. She remained kneeling, looking up at Max with her eyes open.

“Thank you for the cum and the opportunity to suck your cock sir.” Nikita smiled as she said it.

“You’re welcome.” Max smiled “Now get the fuck out of my hotel, whore. I have work tomorrow.”

Nikita smiled to herself as she heard the door closing behind her. Another evening, another cock serviced.

She couldn’t wait to do it again.

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