An Evening With David Ch. 02

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I got out of David’s car slowly and still trembling with excitement. With a smile on his face as he opened his apartment door I could tell he knew I wanted him badly. I wanted him now in every way possible. Our teasing game had finally come to an end. And so did my adventure with Caucasian love.

The moment I stepped in his apartment and he closed the door behind me I dropped to my knees and crawled to him before he could turned around completely. Maybe it was my drunken haze, my curiosity, or my extreme horniness that made me become so bold at that moment. Something I wasn’t before. As he stood before me dressed in his designer black dress suit and looking down at me with his dark blue eyes, I grabbed hold of his pants and unzipped him quickly. Didn’t take the time to unbutton him or loosen his belt buckle. I gently and carefully pulled him out of his boxer slit and zipper opening. The size of him amazed me. Nothing what I had imagined. 8 inches of pure perfection. I wanted to admire it, taste it, and feel it. None of the few black men of my past could compare. I held it in my hands. Licked the head of his swollen cock slowly. Savoring its appetizing taste. He smiled and gave a low moan. Not from pleasure, but from his approval. I ran my tongue down his cock to his balls. Caressing and sucking them with my mouth. Then back along every inch of his gorgeous cock. Leaving my mark with saliva.

Still with our met I could feel his hands in my hair. Tightening with each lick I gave. The moment I reached the head and opened my mouth he shoved his cock down my throat. At first I found it hard to breath causing a gagging reaction. However, I quickly managed to handle türkçe altyazılı porno it and enjoy it. He was controlling me now. His throbbing cock pounded my mouth slowly with great force.

“That’s it, baby. Suck my cock like a good girl.” He said in a low tone. My mouth grabbed his cock tighter. I ran my tongue against his movement. His sweet pre-cum coated the back of my throat.

I could feel my juices dripping down my legs. Having his cock in my mouth excited me. So much that with one hand I reached between my legs and rubbed my clit.

“Stop! The only thing I want you to do is suck my cock.” Although his tone was still low there was power in it. I stopped in compliance but began to grab hold of his cock and stroke him slowly. With his free hand he removed mine, “Just suck this cock the way I want you to.”

He fucked my mouth harder in the attempt to punish me. Moaning each time his cock hit the back of my throat. My grip on it became tighter between my lips and my clit began to throb. Making me want to suck him more in order to reach another orgasm. I wanted to taste his cum at the same time.

“Oh, baby! Suck it!” He leaned hard against the door and began to force my head down on him harder and faster, “Fuck!”

His balls began to hit my chin. Pounding it hard. His grab released my head. Without hesitation I sucked his cock hungrily. One hand caressed his tightened balls and the other stroked his enormous cock tightly. Watching his expression I sucked and licked his cock until I could feel his increasing throb in my mouth. My legs began to tremble and the slow feel of my juices twitter porno became an overwhelming large flow. I was cumming uncontrollably. In that one moment he grabbed my hair again. Pulling me off him without cumming.

David then pulled me up from the floor and turned me around against the dresser that was next to his door. His hands spread my pussy lips apart. I could feel his tongue run along the inside and hear him moan. I moaned too. My body was still trembling as he flicked his tongue against my clit.

“Oh, my God! David!” I screamed to his tongue-lashing. He moved it from my clit to my asshole. Pausing to deeply thrust his tongue in each hole. His grip on my ass became tighter and he spread it wider. I could feel myself cumming again, “David!” I thrusted myself to his tongue. Moving my ass harder and faster to his rhythm.

“That’s what I want!” speaking between his licks, “Give me all this good pussy, baby.” Before I could react his two fingers were rammed in to my pussy deep. He moved them around in circles. Flicking and sucking my clit.

I didn’t know how much more I could take. “Ohhhh!” I screamed feeling those same two fingers hammer my ass now. His tongue fucked my pussy as if he was trying to taste every possible missed drop from my cum juice. It felt good to me. I moved my ass to feel more of the pleasure.

“Mmmmm hmmmmm.” Was all I heard from David. His fingers tortured my asshole without mercy and his tongue alternated between my clit and throbbing pussy.

“David! I can’t handle it! I…”

“Cum on, baby. Give me some more.” Tongue still inside me.

“David! I can’t!” I üniversiteli porno became exhausted, but still excited. This was a pleasure I had never experience before.

He stopped licking me and I could feel him getting up from the floor. His fingers continued to force themselves inside my asshole. It seemed like hours for the ass torture he was giving me. Occasionally I would feel a sting of his hand against my ass cheeks. Each hit alternating sides.

“Yeah. Beautiful. Take those fingers in that big, beautiful black ass.” He slide a third inside. “I want to make you my slut, baby. You want to be my slut, don’t you?” His voice was deep now and very demanding.

“Yyyyesss.” I screamed without really thinking. How could I? My ass was throbbing to the force of his pounding fingers. I was in pain, but I was enjoying the pleasure of it.

“Good. From now on you will do as you are told.” His free hand gripped my ass and spread one side apart, “Understand, my horny little bitch?” His fingers became even more of a punishment to my throbbing asshole.

“Oh yes, David!” my back arched to his hardened thrusts.

“Oh yes what?” Again it got harder.

“Yes, sir!” I screamed in my tears. Suddenly the ass torture stopped.

He bent down again spreading both cheeks and in the attempt to calm my pain he began to lick my hole again. Sliding in his tongue tenderly, “Mmmmm. You like that don’t you?”

“Yes, sir.” Trying to enjoy what he was doing to me.

“Good cause I am not through with you yet, my love.” The licking stopped. He reached for my hand, but I could barely move. My legs were trembling and my ass throbbing. I was exhausted. “Come on. We have more work to do.”

With whatever strength I had left, I stood up and slowly followed his lead to the bedroom. As I sat on the edge of the bed and watched him dim the lights I didn’t realize the truth in his words. In fact, I didn’t realize how we had just begun our first sexual encounter.

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