An Identical Mess Ch. 03

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Jon quickly shuts the window, locks it, and lowers the blinds before following Tobi out of the bedroom. The two quickly slip on their boxers and split up outside. Tobi could have sworn he saw someone and Jon definitely caught a glimpse of the intruder’s arm as they rounded the corner of the house. Whoever it was seems to be long gone now though.

Tobi carefully surveys the thick line of trees behind the house while his brother searches near the cornfield. Other than the faint wind through the branches, nothing could be heard.. The only neighbor for miles around is an elderly lady who lives by herself, so it couldn’t have been her. Tobi bites his cheek. Whoever it was had to be familiar with the land. They must have been here before quite a few times. Knowing they were caught watching made them smart enough to stop and hide for a moment.

Jon rounds the house angrily, approaching Tobi.

“Not a damn thing, the cornfields look undisturbed,” Jon snaps. Tobi sighs, gazing into the trees. Seems he was right. Going through the cornfields could have been a good way to go had they not known there was a trespasser.

“They had to have known the property, gone out through the trees,” Tobi says softly. Everything seems so eerily silent, as if no one had been there. “This is bad. This is the kind of thing people will gossip about in town. I warned you of this.”

“Relax, I’ll handle it,” Jon says, patting his brother on the back. Tobi holds his tongue. Jon could do anything once he’s determined enough, but Tobi has no idea how his brother is going to overcome this obstacle.

If the trespasser truly went through the trees, they likely had their car parked at the dead-end. It would take them an hour or so to get back to it from the house, buying Jon some time.

“Go ahead and cook something, I’ll wake Mom up. Don’t say a word to her about this. Last thing we need is for her to be spooked. You’ll keep her busy while I find our pervert,” Jon says firmly.

“I will,” Tobi responds.

The two walk back into the house in silence. Once inside, Jon quietly locks the door. Tobi heads for the kitchen while Jon makes his way to his mother’s bedroom. Jon pauses at the door, studying her. Elizabeth looks like a hot mess, her beautiful brown hair all tangled up, his band tee hiked up revealing her bare pussy, cum glistening from between her thighs, her comforter halfway over her chest, but mostly on the floor. They had worn her out. No doubt that was the most action she’d gotten outside of her weekly gym visits lately.

“Hey, time to get up,” Jon says, gently caressing her feet. She stirs, but doesn’t awaken. He smiles softly, carefully kneeling onto the bed. He works his way up her legs, massaging slowly. She moans, sweet music to his ears. His cock begins to harden. Jon pauses to slip off his boxers. He told Tobi they would do most things together, but he can’t help but to think of taking her now, burying her face in the pillow. It’s not like his passive brother could protest too much. Jon had made it quite clear he was in charge, he would dominate them both and take pleasure in doing so. The thought of his brother squirming beneath him made him harden even more.

“Fuck,” Jon whispers, stroking himself with one hand slowly while making his way up to his mother’s wet cunt with his free hand.

Elizabeth’s hips buck up to meet his hand as Jon slips a couple of fingers inside her, hooking her.

“Wake up,” he says firmly, moving to lean over her. Her eyes fly open as he smacks her face with his cock, careful not to stop fingering her.

As soon as her mouth opens to protest, he thrusts his cock into her mouth, grabbing her hair and forcing her to take it. Her protesting grunts felt good around his dick. He tilts his head back, letting a soft sigh leave his lips. Fuck, her mouth feels good. The more she tries to talk, the better it feels against his throbbing member.

Elizabeth’s legs spread open slightly, just enough for Jon to notice the movement.

“Oh? Do you want more?” Jon teases, forcing his cock down her throat, slowly slipping his fingers out of her sopping pussy. He teases her clit, making her buck again. Defiance flashes in her eyes, making Jon throb more. Jon smiles down at her and slips his cock out, quickly topping her, rubbing his cock against her entrance. “Tell me you want it.”

“Who would want this? This is twisted!” Elizabeth snaps. Jon grabs the comforter and tosses it to the floor, grabbing her shirt next, pulling her close to him.

“Say it, say what you want,” Jon murmurs, his lips so close to hers. Her eyes glance at his lips and then back up to his eyes, defiance still shining. Elizabeth is stubborn, but her body betrays her. She melts into him as he closes the distance between them, kissing her roughly. He slides into her, grabbing her hair and holding escort karkamış her close.

Elizabeth’s actions once again betray her words as her tongue slips into Jon’s mouth. She moans against his lips as he thrusts into her. Lust now replaces the defiance in her eyes. She guides his hands down to her tits. He squeezes them through the shirt once before sliding them down to the hem. Jon breaks the kiss only to ease the shirt off her. She pulls him closer to her and kisses him just as hard as he caresses her soft, plump breasts.

“You’re so fucking hot,” Jon whispers against her lips. She whimpers as he nips her bottom lip.

“Please…” Elizabeth gasps.

“‘Please’ what?” Jon teases, pinching her nipples. Her eyes widen and she gasps, grabbing his forearms. He flexes his muscles, grinning at her. Elizabeth bites her lip.

“Please… Master… please suck them,” Elizabeth whispers so softly he almost doesn’t hear her.

“Suck what?” Jon taunts further, once again pinching her nipples. She whimpers, her face turning red.

“Master, please suck my nipples,” Elizabeth says, louder this time.

Jon obliges, taking one of her tits in his hand and twirling his finger around her nipple while he licks the other, taking it into his mouth. He slowly grinds against her, causing her head to drop into the pillow.

“Fuck,” she whispers.

“Oh, I will,” Jon responds against her breasts. He gently nips her nipple and suddenly slams into her, pulling almost all the way out and slamming into her once again. Elizabeth yelps and claws at his back. “Like that?” Elizabeth remains silent. Jon slows down and stops, pulling almost all the way out of her.

“Wa-wait!” Elizabeth’s legs wrap around his waist and pull him back into her. Jon lifts up and cocks an eyebrow, smiling softly at her.

“Beg,” he tells her.

“N-no…” Elizabeth whimpers. He moves to pull out once more, fighting against her legs.

“No more, then,” he warns. Panic flashes in her eyes, she squeezes his waist with her well toned legs.

“Ma-master, please… please fuck me, fuck me hard and f-fast. Just… just this once. Please,” Elizabeth moans. Her hands lift up and cup his face, gently pulling him close and kissing him sweetly.

Hard to argue with that.

Jon obliges, plunging into her again. Elizabeth breaks the kiss, hiding her face against his shoulder as he plows into her mercilessly. Her teeth sink into his shoulder.

“Oh you little whore,” he grunts, grinning down at her. He grabs her legs and puts them over his shoulders, yanking her hair so her eyes meet his. “You fucking like this, don’t you? You don’t want this to stop.”

“Don’t… don’t stop.” Elizabeth’s glazed eyes show just how much she wants him. A good sign, certainly. He’d make sure to have her begging for more by the end of the day.

With a cruel smirk, he stops and pulls her up with him, breaking her grip on him. He scoops her up into his arms and carries her to the adjoining bathroom. With one hand, Jon turns the shower on.

“Why are you–” Elizabeth is cut off when Jon steps into the shower, holding her directly under the stream.

“Time to get ready for breakfast,” Jon chuckles. Elizabeth twists out of his grasp, gasping beneath the cold water. His T-shirt clings to her so well, her nipples pressing against it.

“M-Master, that wasn’t fair,” Elizabeth whines, adjusting the water to warm up. Jon grabs the shirt by the hem and lifts it over her soaked body and tosses it into the sink, his boxers following behind. Jon then closes the door and pins Elizabeth against the opposite tile wall. Jon smiles down at her, enjoying her naked frame. She squirms under his gaze, trying to cover herself and failing. There is no way she’s hiding her soft, plump tits from his gaze. He moves her hand away from her pussy and grips her by the hips, holding her up and teasing his cock against her entrance.

“Good girl, acknowledging me as your master. Now, beg me to finish you so we can join Tobi for breakfast,” Jon murmurs against her cheek. Time is ticking, but if he skips breakfast he knows he can make it out of the house and down the road in time to catch the creep that watched them earlier. He should go now, but he just can’t resist taking his sexy mother once more.

Elizabeth looks down at his rock hard cock and bites her lip, her hands hesitating at her sides for a moment before reaching for his dick. She slowly strokes it with one hand while fondling his balls gently with the other. Jon tilts his head back and sighs.

“Please… fuck me with this big, hard cock,” Elizabeth whispers so quietly Jon almost missed it.

“What?” Jon asks, looking down at her.

“Please fuck me, Master. I need it–“

Jon lifts her up suddenly and slams her against the karkamış escort bayan wall. Elizabeth quickly wraps her legs around his waist, her hands resting on his shoulders nervously. Jon grips her hips and shifts her against him carefully before slamming into her, making her gasp sharply. He groans as she tightens around him, her fingernails clawing into his skin.

“There you go, Mother, that’s it. Just enjoy it,” Jon rumbles. Elizabeth slumps against him, moaning as he pounds her. He slams into her faster and faster until she tenses up and her nails dig into his back. He gives her a couple more good strokes before slamming into her hard and cumming inside her just as her cunt tightens around his throbbing member. He sighs against her neck, feeling relieved. He gently sets Elizabeth on the small marble seat within the shower. She leans back against the wall and gazes at him as he rinses himself off. He smiles down at her, admiring how exhausted she looks.

Once he finishes, Jon helps Elizabeth to her feet and starts washing her off. He carefully soaps her up, lingering longer than he should. She holds onto him, her legs a bit wobbly.

“We… we can’t do that again,” Elizabeth tries to state firmly.

“Oh my dear, think on it before you rush to such a conclusion,” Jon chuckles. “You may not want to stop.” The look on her face confirms as much. Her eyes are full of uncertainty.

“You can stop now. I’ll join you for breakfast. I… I need a minute,” Elizabeth says softly, averting his eyes.

“Alright.” Jon carefully releases her and then steps out of the shower. He quickly dries off and exits the room to give Elizabeth her privacy. Keeping her comfortable is key to this arrangement. As much as Jon would love to be by her side more, he knows he has to give her her own space. He’s confident she’ll make the right decision.

Tobi just begins to set the table when Jon walks out, stepping into his boxers as he enters the room. Tobi looks away quickly, his face reddening a bit. Jon smiles at him, but feels too tired to harass his brother.

“She’ll be out here in a moment. Keep her happy, I’ll be back soon,” Jon tells his brother.

“What, are you going to go out by yourself to the dead-end?” Tobi questions, looking back at Jon.

“I’ll be fine,” Jon promises. Tobi opens his mouth to argue, but Jon turns and heads back down the hall to get dressed. Tobi sighs and sits at the table, waiting for Elizabeth to come out of her room. He hopes she will, otherwise he might have to try bringing her breakfast in bed.

Jon slips out a moment before Elizabeth joins Tobi in the kitchen, her eyes no doubt looking for him. She meets Tobi’s gaze for a moment before looking away sheepishly. She quietly joins him, taking her seat at the head of the table.

“Thank you for the food,” she whispers. She looks down, a few strands of wet hair falling in front of her face. Tobi reaches over and tucks her hair back behind her ear. Her sweet, light brown eyes meet his for a moment, confusion flashes within them. Surely today has been quite a shock to her. No doubt she was wondering what she did wrong as a mother. On the contrary, however, she had done everything correctly. She went above and beyond for her sons and that, perhaps, is why they love her too much.

The two of them eat in silence for a few minutes, but then curiosity takes hold of her.

“Where did Jon go?” Elizabeth asks.

“To run some errands,” Tobi responds coolly. “How does everything taste?”

“Good,” Elizabeth says, smiling at the change in topic. She relaxes a bit more, making Tobi wonder if perhaps his brother went a little too hard on her. Jon certainly did with Tobi. The poor man wasn’t expecting such ferocity from his own brother when it came to who would run their family from here on out.

“Just let me know what you would like for lunch and I’ll cook that too, okay?” Tobi asks.

“Oh, no. It’s your birthday, you should just relax. I’ll handle the rest of the cooking today,” Elizabeth protests. Tobi smiles and nods, taking a brief moment to look down at her shirt that sticks to her wet breasts. She hadn’t dried off very well, so her clothes were sticking to her, making her look more enticing. Tobi bites his lip for a second and then reaches out for her hand that rests on the table. He covers it and looks up at her nervously.

For a moment it seems like Elizabeth might move away, but instead she entwines her fingers with his.

“I love you, you know that? No matter… no matter what,” Elizabeth says. Tobi holds his breath, thinking she might break it off. Oh, how made Jon would be if he let that happen.

“I love you, too,” he says quickly. Elizabeth smiles, a genuine, sweet smile. It made Tobi’s heart skip a beat. He leans forward to be karkamış escort closer to her. “I can prove it, if you’ll let me.”

“Well… I… I need time,” Elizabeth says, her face reddening.

“Oh, I’m sure you do after Jon,” Tobi chuckles. She looks down at her half-eaten food, her blush spreading and a small smile playing at her plump lips. “But allow me to do something else for you, Mom. You’ve been working so hard, you deserve a break.” Elizabeth looks back up at him bashfully.

“What do you have in mind?” Elizabeth asks, her voice sultry. Tobi gulps and grips his fork harder.

“Let’s finish eating and go back to your room so I can show you,” Tobi replies.

“Okay,” she whispers. Tobi smiles as she goes back to eating, rather quickly at that.

After the pair finish eating, Tobi helps her to her feet and leads her back to her bedroom. The bed is in complete disarray, but it would be a moot point to fix it now. Tobi takes Elizabeth in his arms and stares at her lovingly. He leans down and kisses her softly, to his surprise she kisses him back without hesitation. Tobi slips his hands up her shirt, caressing her sides before lifting the shift up a bit.

“Is this okay?” Tobi asks.

“Ye-yes, Sir,” Elizabeth stammers. Tobi slowly lifts her shirt off, revealing her naked body underneath. Tobi feels his cock begin to throb.

“Lay down on your stomach,” he tells her softly. She complies, her arms resting at her sides. She glances at him over her shoulder curiously. Tobi kneels beside her on the bed and places his hands on her back. “I’m sure Jon already relaxed you enough, but I’d like to show my appreciation to you anyway.”

“You don’t have to — oh!” Elizabeth gasps as Tobi begins kneading her back, starting with her shoulder blades first and slowly working his way down. Most of the pressure is in her shoulders, so he works his way back up and massages her shoulders. Her moans only make him harder, before long he’s fully erect. It wasn’t his original intention to make a move on her so soon after Jon had, but at this rate he won’t be able to hold back.

He glances at the window to make sure she hadn’t reopened it and, to his relief, she hadn’t.

Tobi flips Elizabeth over gently. She stares up at him, her face flushed, her eyes glazed. He smiles and leans down between her legs, finding her pussy wet. He licks her, making her head fall back into the pillow. He slips a couple of fingers into her and licks her clit, taking it into his mouth. Her hands find their way into his hair, holding him close to him. She grinds against his face as he fingers her and sucks on her clit.

“Fuck, Tobi,” Elizabeth pants, bucking her hips. Tobi glances up at her, smiling a bit as he gently nips her. She tastes so fucking good. “Tobi… Tobi, please…”

“Please what?” Tobi asks against her thighs.

“Please… fuck… me!” Elizabeth’s voice gets louder as he nips her once more. Tobi looks up at her as he continues to taunt her. He hadn’t expected she’d be ready for another round just by him going down on her, but who is he to deny her?

Just as he mounts her, they hear his phone ring from his bedroom. They look at each other for a moment. Tobi shrugs. It can wait. He takes Elizabeth’s legs and presses them against her, slipping into her. Elizabeth whimpers as he slowly inches into her, teasing her. He rubs her swollen clit softly, looking into her eyes. She keeps averting her gaze, not able to meet his for too long.

From the other room, Tobi’s phone keeps ringing. On the fifth call, he grunts angrily, pulling out of Elizabeth.

“I’ll be right back, I’m sorry,” Tobi says. He hurries into the room and grabs his phone, his chest filling with dread when he sees that Jon has been calling. He fumbles to answer.

“What the fuck? Why didn’t you answer sooner? We have a fucking issue,” Jon snaps.

“What’s going on?” Tobi panics.

“Just get down here. You have to see this,” Jon says. Then he hangs up. Tobi looks at his phone for a moment and then sighs. He grabs his clothes from the closet and returns to his mother’s bedroom.

Elizabeth awaits him, sitting up in anticipation. Tobi swiftly dresses.

“We’re going to have to continue when I get back,” Tobi says. “I have to go help Jon with something.”

“What’s going on?” Elizabeth asks.

“It’s alright, we’ll be right back,” Tobi assures her. He kisses her deeply, wishing he could stay since he just had her asking for him. But Jon made it quite clear he was needed as soon as possible.

Once Tobi arrives, he sees their truck blocking the intruder’s car. Jon waits for him, leaning against the truck with his arms folded. Tobi parks beside him and hops out of Elizabeth’s car.

“What the fuck took you so long to answer?” Jon snaps.

“I was keeping Mom happy,” Tobi retorts, gazing at the car trapped at the dead end. No one seemed to be in it. “So did you find them or what?”

“Yeah, over here,” Jon says. He leads Tobi to the other side of the truck.

On the ground lies an unconscious man older than them yet bearing a striking resemblance to the twins. Tobi feels his stomach turn. It can’t be him. Anyone but him.

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