An Indian Widow’s Choice Ch. 12

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Chapter 12: A New Friend

Monee sobbed and cried herself to sleep that night, and I was there to comfort her. I stayed by her bed and wiping away her tears as she drift off to an uneasy slumber. Afterward I return to my bedroom and give myself a good night of rest, the next morning I woke in as Monee knocked on my door ever so slightly. “Mr. Steve, meal morning you want?” she asked a few times before I finally answered her.

“Yes,” I responded and get off bed slowly, scratch my head a few times before I get dressed in a pair of Nike sport shorts and open the door to greet Monee. She bows as she sees that I am awake, I blinked my eyes a few times to adjust to the light shining through the windows, “Morning Monee, I trust you had a good night sleep?” I casually asked. She opened her lips a few times in silence but then nodded.

I smiled, did not want to press the issue and walk down the stairs with Monee close behind into the kitchen. There is a thick musky scent spreading through the morning breeze from her body, I inhaled deeply, and grinned wickedly. It has the same smell as her pussy juice; obviously Monee had tried to finger herself after she wakes up.

Today she wears a red saree topped with blouse of the same color. Her long hair as usual is well oiled and arranged into a single thick plait behind her back, and no matter how many times I have looked at her hair, it never fail to arouses me beyond reasoning. As Monee bent over to arrange the table, I walk up behind her and hug her tightly around her waist, my hard thick cock pressing against her buttocks.

She gasped and straightened up, lean back against my broad shoulder and muscular chest. I whispered to her ear, “I have news of your family, and my agent is gathering them together, and soon you can see them again Monee.”

Monee gasped and drew a deep breath, her family. She was just thinking about them last night, how could Steve had known that she was wishing so fervently to see them all again? After all these time, she would be very happy to even just to hear their voice over the phone.

I kissed her earlobe and speak softly, “My agent is gathering them together, clearing and getting the visas for them to visiting you here, I think you would be happy to see your parents, sisters, and brothers, right?”

Tears welled in her eyes as she thanked Steve for his kindness and generosity. Little did she know that under the comforting smile, I laughed to myself as the web of deception being deployed and that her family will be the tool of her final and complete submission, “Family knows one best, well, or so they say”. I laughed to myself as I held her in a tender moment that we both enjoy. The days passed quickly as Monee happily anticipating the arrival of her family.

During this time I took her out to get more saree and blouse. The sales girl, Sunita, is now quite familiar with us, and greeted us both with a sweet smile and gives Monee a hug. In return Monee hugged the younger woman and looked on her as a dear confident and a little sister.

She is but 22 years of age and has shoulder long curly stylish hair paired with very light brown complexion with a slight tan. Sunita is about the same height as Monee, but appeared to be taller since she wore heeled shoes. Her body is slim and appears to be quite athletic.

Today she dressed herself in a green Mumbai lehnga that is decorated with many embroidery and intricate patters. It is separated into two pieces, one the long skirt that goes all the way down to her ankles and the blouse with a long scarf that drapes elegantly over her right shoulder and left her flat, well tanned midriff exposed. She also arranged her hair neatly behind her head which make her quite a charming young lady to look upon, elegant yet warm.

When she takes Monee to the dressing room, she gets into the cubicle with her as well. Sunita helped Monee take off her saree and undergarments, Monee smiled at her friendliness and find that she is becoming quite fond of the young woman. While the two make small talks as Monee tries on more saree and blouses.

When Monee took off her bras, her huge soft brown tits were freed completely revealed to Sunita. The girl gasped with her hands involuntarily went up to her mouth in awe, she knew that Monee is quite well endowed, but never in her dreams would Monee be this, this huge breasted!

In the well lit and mirror walled cubicle, Sunita can see Monee’s body fully, the mature curvy figure made she feel her slim figure are so, so girly and that she is like a green apple compared to Monee’s ripe womanly charm. She looks down at her 36D tits and compared them with Monee’s assets. Even though her own breasts fits her slim 5’ 1” frame well and even looks very large on her, but when standing together with Monee, her firm breasts are like grape fruit sitting next to a watermelon.

“Oh, by the gods, Monee,” the girl gasped, her right hand covers her mouth in awe, speaking in Hindi, “By the poker oyna gods you are so, so well endowed. Look at your tits. They are simply huge, no, they are gigantic.”

Monee smiled and cover her tits with her hands slightly, revealing a bit of her unshaven armpits and said, “The women in my family are mostly quite well developed, so I suppose it runs in the family.”

Sunita looked down at her slim figure and said, quite sadly, “I wish my tits are bigger and more like yours Monee. Mine are firm but seen so small compared to you, and I know men just love big tits like yours. And I bet Steve must love to fondle and squeeze them very much.” Sunita by now was a bit teary eyed as Monee noted how the girl’s voice changed when mentioning me, and thought that she might have a romantic interest in me since the first time she and me walk into the store.

Then she smiled and blushed hard as she let herself remember and relive those moments of lust when I would fuck her with my thick shaft and squeeze, maul her tits in my big hands that drive her over the edge to a mind numbing orgasm. The lust and passion when she let herself loose in my arms and opens her legs for my manhood, and letting me sucking hard on her tits, all those moments made her legs wobble and turn into jelly.

So deep was she in her own thoughts she did not notice that Sunita had taken off her green embroidery lehnga and is standing next to her naked like a new born babe. Under the light, Sunita looked at her body and compare her figure with Monee. She signed as she noted that her soft yet firm tits are in no place able to compete with Monee’s huge soft jugs, even though her tits are tipped with rosy nipples that are so sensitive to the touch.

Also, like many young girls today, Sunita had shaved her pussy clean because swimming and as she looked at her puffy young womanhood she can not help but to think what it would be like to be with Steve, the young gentleman who is always here with Monee and apparently, the man in both the older woman’s life and sex life.

Sunita let out another sign and said in a small voice that is only audible in the dressing room, “I really hope I have such a curvy figure like yours Monee, so that I can attract young man to me.” And in the girl’s mind she signed deeply and said, “But the one young man I wanted is with you and he did not even take notice of me.” Then she turned to Monee, hoping for some helpful comment from the older woman, but only finding her in a somewhat trance like state with eyes half closed and face flushed.

Deeply puzzled, Sunita tugged on Monee’s arm and asked, “Monee? Monee?”

Monee turned, and was wide eyed, greatly surprised to find the young girl naked and apparently comparing their figures in front of the mirror. Then she smiled at the young woman, hug her close and petting her cheeks lovingly, “Oh you are too young to worry about those things, Sunita, you are a beautiful young woman, men will be chasing after your like puppies,” Monee said it as a matter of fact, and made the girl giggled at the thought of puppies.

Then Sunita looked at Monee’s underarm and crotch, noticing how much hair there are, and she wondered if the older woman have had shaved at all. The girl offered enthusiastically, “Monee, would you like to shave your armpit and pussy? It would be much more comfortable in the heat and would not give you that heavy a scent on your body too.”

Monee gave it a bit thought and decided it would be a good idea to do so. With the help of Sunita, the two women giggled and tickling each other as the young woman carefully first soap Monee’s armpit and pussy in the rear bathroom of the store, then she begins to shave carefully with a razor. As Sunita shave the older woman’s armpits, she can not help herself but to admire the huge soft tits of the older woman. They look so full, so huge and so soft, she told herself, and look, her nipples are very fat, dark and yet sensitive to the touch, I bet Mr. Steve just loves to suck them hard.

Monee bits her lips and try not to move as the young woman shaves her armpits, and with every breath she takes, her chest heaved and her huge soft tits would go on wiggling mere inches from the girl’s pretty face. Sunita inhaled deeply, finding for herself it that even she, a woman can sense and being drawn to Monee’s womanly and even on a level, motherly charm.

No wonder Steve likes her, she told herself as she finished with shaving Monee’s right armpit and moving to the left. Carefully Sunita removed all of the older woman’s armpit hair and carefully rubbed some baby oil to prevent itching. After 10 minutes, the young woman washed Monee’s armpits with warm water and soap, and toweled them dry.

Then Sunita begins to soap Monee’s thick jungle of pussy hair, her fingers trailing and brushing against Monee’s plump cunt lips and clit as she rubs the soap thoroughly. Monee’s eyes closed and moaned in delight, her womanhood is so sensitive and right now canlı poker oyna she can feel the arousing rising inside her body from the young woman’s seemingly innocent touches.

She can feel Sunita’s fingers brushes gently against her clit and run slightly into her moist womanhood as the young woman soap her crotch to prepare her for the shaving. Sunita too felt a strange heat rising from her own clean shaven pussy as her fingers tell her that Monee’s pussy is so soft, plump and incredibly tight.

This feeling was new to Sunita as she never imagined that she would felt this way for another woman, especially a woman who is a lot older than she is. But she tells herself that it is all just a girl’s silliness and makes herself focus on helping Monee to shave. Slowly and carefully Sunita clean shaved the older woman’s body hairless just like hers.

After shaving, she rubbed baby oil on the older woman’s crotch to prevent itching and razor burn. In a kneeling position, Sunita found that she just can not help herself but to look at Monee’s very fat dark brown cunt lips and how alluring they are to even a young woman like herself.

Her eyes greedily taking in how ripe Monee’s womanhood is and how swollen the older woman’s clit is from her thoughts of the steamy fuck session with me. Sunita licked her lips, fighting and struggling with great difficulty to tear her eyes from Monee’s body and tell the older woman that everything is done. Monee smiled at the young woman and thanked her for the help.

Then Sunita gets up and pick up a large dry towel, turned to face Monee and begins to dry their bodies, and she can not help herself but to instinctively rubbing her tits against Monee’s. Monee’s face reddened, as she did not expect the young girl to do something like this. She knows that at times when men are away, women would need to, say comfort each other, but that mostly happens with widows or when husbands are away for extended period of time, which both are not applicable with Sunita. However, as Sunita keeps on rubbing their tits against each other, Monee can feel herself getting aroused as well.

Sunita lets go of the towel as she begin to feel the wetness between her thighs. Slowly, driven by instinct she knelt before Monee and begins to suckle on the woman’s huge tits and fat nipples. She suckled hard and her hands went up to cup Monee’s breasts then squeezing them tenderly like babes. Monee signed softly and hold the young girl close, caressing her and brushing her hair with her own fingers.

She begins to moan as she feels the wetness of her womanhood grow. Her hands begin to caressing Sunita’s firm breasts as well. Sunita lets go of Monee’s tits and stand up, her face flushed like Monee’s with sexual arousal, and a bit more shyness as she uses her hands to squeeze the older woman’s tits and rubbing on the moist, hair covered cunt.

Monee leaned against the wall as her vagina clenching around the girls probing fingers while her own hands explored Sunita’s tight pussy. She feels the young woman’s cunt squeezing around her 2 fingers so tight it is hard for her to withdraw while her other hand begin to pull and pinch on Sunita’s nipples. Both woman let out moans and are purring with delight as they worked harder to make each other achieve orgasm. With their fingers probing each other’s pussy and squeezing breasts, Sunita now looking at Monee in a new light as a lover and no longer jealous of her relationship with me, as she feels so close to the older woman and hoping that this can last longer.

The young woman closed her eyes as she feels Monee’s fingers pressed harder and deeper into her bald pussy and insistently rubbing against her clit. Skillfully Monee rubbed hard on the girl’s engorged clit and probed her pussy deeply, making the already aroused young woman let out a cry as she begin to quiver in her first lesbian orgasm.

Monee kept probing and rubbing the girl’s pussy until Sunita collapsed on the floor, her body still shaking from the orgasm. Monee slowly sit down on the floor and guide the young woman’s mouth to her own densely haired mounds, and Sunita immediately begin to lick Monee’s cunt, licking and sucking on the older woman’s clit while she works her fingers on Monee’s tight rose bud and hard nipples. Sunita slurped hungrily at Monee’s cunt and eagerly, greedily swallow mouthfuls of the older woman’s nectar.

She tried to press her wet tongue into Monee’s pussy and sucking out all the moisture that flooded her new lover’s pussy. Letting out a cry of ecstasy, Monee caressed the younger woman’s body as her vagina spasm and begin to climax from the stimulation. Sunita eagerly licked Monee’s pussy and slurping up all the wetness from the older woman’s climaxing cunt. She felt so good with the older woman and the orgasm she received was better than what she had ever experienced before.

Satisfied, Sunita and Monee hugged each other as they enjoy the mutual afterglow with more caressing and fondling. internet casino Sunita lays her head against Monee’s huge soft tits while Monee caressing her young body. She purred in delight like a kitten and curled in Monee’s arms. Monee looks down at the body of the young woman, now quite lovingly as she gently caress the girl’s shoulder long hair.

She can tell that the young woman has now grown very fond of her and she smiled, and telling herself that she would indeed enjoy this relationship, “If my lord husband permits it, of course.” And maybe, she thought, maybe she will become a member of the household. The young woman is certainly very beautiful, attractive and unwed, thus available for a proposal, and with their relationship, they will not fight for my favor, but will share it.

Then Monee noticed the time and look down at Sunita before teasingly give the girl a slight slap on the buttocks, telling her that she should not let me wait too long out there. After quickly getting themselves dressed, the two walk out the dressing room. Both are giggling and face flushed as they walked toward me, and Monee smiled, telling me that they are finished and Sunita was a very BIG help.

Sunita blushed as I smiled and thanked her, then giving her my business card that has both my house and cell phone number printed on, telling her that if she would like to meet me or Monee, she can call us anytime.

The young woman was stunned at her good luck, and stammered that she will “definitely” call us. Then I turned to Monee, smiling softly, “And Monee, you can go out with Sunita during your free time if you wish. I know it is best you have some WOMAN friends here.”

I especially stressed the point of woman while talking with her and enjoying the surprised look of, “HE KNOWS,” that both woman have on their faces. Monee beamed and smiled, telling Sunita that she will be waiting for her call, and whispered to the young woman affectionately that she would love to have her as a close woman friend, and giggled when the girl blushed and muttered that she will love that as well.

We left the store in good spirit after paying for the saree, blouse and some undergarments. That evening, we enjoyed a good Japanese dinner before going back home with out bellies full, and go to rest early that night. The next day Monee begins to prepare for her family’s arrival, even though it will be another week before they arrive at the airport. Life is quiet and peaceful.

During the night as I bath, Monee would wash me from head to toe in the large whirl tub and I would always suckle on her huge soft tits and she would gasp and hold my head to her ample breasts as her hands wash my body. Monee is submissive, and with my manipulations, she now becomes very submissive to me and me alone, and by the time her family arrives, she will look and behave normally except that inside she is a slave to me, and I the master to her, all except the final step, to cut her off from her family for that is one thing she still harbor hopes in India.

During the week Sunita and Monee would call each other, and chatting happily, sometimes even go out for a good meal and some fun shopping as well. Sunita was very happy with Monee and quite open to talk about what she feels for her as well. The two could spend hours drinking tea and having biscuits, and of course, chatting for hours no end. The topics of their nearly endless chattering are of fashion, jewelries, and of course, their love life.

One afternoon, the two meets in my place as I am working upstairs and Monee happily greeted the girl and invite her into the house. Monee was dressed in a simple cream white shalwar kameez with her hair arranged in a loose plait on the left side. Furthermore, she is completely naked underneath the thin cloth and her very prominent chest would heave and jiggle with every move she makes.

Sunita on the other hand is dressed in a pair of skin tight black leather pants topped with white blouse with a silken scarf around her neck. She looks very much different from the traditional looking yet attractive girl in the fashion store, but still a stunning beauty. She smiled at Monee and hugged her in mutual greetings before she looks at the older woman more closely.

Gone was the mangal sutra and maang, Monee now dressed as a single woman who is unwed, which in Hindu culture is not only unusual, but abnormal, and Sunita was to say simply, very surprised, though not shocked as some might.

After sitting themselves comfortably in the family room as Monee serves tea and some hand foods, Sunita told Monee that she have had young men asking her out and even went as far as proposing marriage to her, but she just was not interested till she saw me walked in the store with Monee. “Monee, are you and Steve married? I mean…I do not mean to pry, but, I…”

Sunita murmured to the older woman as she tries to get clear the nature of my relationship with Monee. Obviously Sunita feels torn in half, she loves Monee dearly but at the same time, she fantasizes me to be with her. And at times, a wild idea arises in the girl, “Why not share me with Monee,” she thought to herself sometimes, “Certainly Monee would not object. Or would she?”

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