An Interesting Diversion

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Big Cock

Her skin seemed to dance in the light from the moon as it rippled through the room, the patterns matching the clouds as they rolled across the sky. Tied face down to the bed, her buttocks seemed to shine in the soft light, although I have to acknowledge that the post winter white of her skin probably had something to do with it. Not that I minded, with skin like that she marked quickly and easily. I quite liked the way her bum almost glowed after a spanking.

Right now however, her squirming was almost hypnotic as her body constantly shifted within the confines allowed by the rope tying her to the bed, her buttocks seemingly in continual motion as the vibrator inside her continued unyielding rhythm. Cycling through random program, the intensity of its motion shifted on a regular basis. It might not make her cum, but it would certainly keep her aroused.

Helping that process were the nipple clamps currently squeezing her nipples, marginally on the inside edge of being just too painful, and the occasional soft caress I gave her whenever I wandered past. Maybe most women would have found the pleasure / pain ratio a little too one sided, but I knew I had the mix about right for her.

She had been in this position for a good 40 minutes. I figured I would keep her there for at least another 20 just to round out the hour. To mess with her head I had already whispered gently in her ear that only 15 minutes had elapsed since I tied her to the bed and inserted the vibrator inside her. Knowing how wet she got in these situations I had taken the liberty of strapping it to her, there was no possibility of it coming out by accident.

After a defined period I would usually release her, then fuck her hard, biting and scratching her body, until I came deep inside her. That would usually trigger a similar response from her, although if I was brutally honest that was just a bonus, she was here for my pleasure.

The last time I took her in this manner she’d cum like a banshee, screaming obscenities in my ear and digging her nails into my skin as the pleasure and pain pushed her over the edge.

Tonight though I had something different planned.

Standing by the edge of the bed I reached out to lightly stroke my fingers down her back. She jumped at the touch of my fingers, then pushed her bum as high her bound limbs would allow as if yearning for me to have access to her body. I reached down to her bum and into her partially open thighs, feeling the wetness of her juices that had spread across her groin and down her legs, almost to her knees.

After smearing her own scent across her mouth and eyes I reached back down to the vibrator and pushed it in as far as it would easily go, generating a moan followed by a plea to fuck her. “Hmm” I whispered in her ear, “you want me do you” I queried softly.

Her reply, whilst positive, didn’t really meet expectations so I slapped her ass hard, three times, and left the room, leaving her to her own devices, well really a device in this case.

After about 10 minutes I came back to the doorway. I could see my handprint on her ass moving back and forth as her body continued to gyrate on the bed. Moving back to her I ran my fingers along the outside of cunt, getting them thoroughly wet. I then teased her ass with my fingers as I slowly inserted my index finger into her ass, with only her excretions as lubricant.

As I suspected that was enough, suddenly my finger was deep inside her. Inserting two fingers inside her started to open her up; at the same time she started pushing back in time with my thrusts. I continued this until the ring of my cell distracted me. Withdrawing my fingers, I positioned them in from of her mouth waiting for her to suck them clean. I was gratified to see that she did so almost immediately.

I left the room to answer my phone, as I suspected it was to announce the delivery of my surprise. Buzzing open the access door for the apartment complex, I waited for the knock on the door. I opened the door to see an attractive blonde in brown boots and a shirtdress, obviously trying for corporate chic. Tall, well endowed, with long hair, she looked very “fit”.

“Excellent”, I thought, she was exactly what I had requested. In essence she was the opposite of my slut tied to the bed who was a brunette, had small breasts and was medium height only in heels.

She smiled as I opened the door, trying to be coy, despite the hardness of her eyes. “Do I meet your expectations?” Pendik Esmer Escort she queried, “Absolutely” I responded as I let her in to the unit. Having a prior history and credit with her agency meant that we didn’t need to go through the usual administrative arrangements of cost and ground rules.

I turned around after closing the door to see she had already unbuttoned her shirtdress. Her body was athletic rather then model skinny, nicely toned and tanned. She stood approx 6′ and the boots only contributed a couple of inches to that total. She was wearing Italian style lingerie and looked damm good! Her crowning glory was undoubtedly the impressive cock she appeared to have tucked into her panties. I smiled to myself as she asked “are you my bitch?”.

“Not me darling” I replied, “but follow me”. I led her to the bedroom were my slut was still in her seemingly perpetual squirming motion. I knew she had a long held fantasy of sex with another woman, albeit from a more dominant position. Too bad, I thought, this was my fantasy.

“She’s yours for the next hour” I whispered in her ear. “I don’t care what you do to her as long as she gets to cum hard at least once every 20 minutes and she doesn’t need to go to hospital afterwards. The only other things you need to know is that she likes pain and has no idea you are here”.

A half smile flashed across her face as she contemplated the situation and its inherent possibilities. It was a smile that promised both pain and pleasure for my slut and hinted at the depths of her depravity.

“Will you be joining us?” she whispered back. “Almost certainly” I advised, “but not immediately”. “Understood” she replied, “why don’t you sit on the Ottoman and watch until you want to play”.

The Ottoman was in the corner diagonally facing the bed. As a result it had a perfect view of both the bed and the mirrored built in cupboards at the end of the room. I sat down in anticipation of a good show. I was eager to see if she was able to meet my expectations as articulated to her agency, specifically I wanted an attractive experienced dominatrix with defined physical attributes i.e. big tits and a bigger cock to transform my slut into mindless quivering trannie’s whore, desperate for her next orgasm.

Standing behind the bed, looking down on my slut, my hired Dom seemed to freeze for a time as she absorbed the image of my slut tied face down to the bed, still squirming against the vibrator. In reality it was probably only a couple of seconds, but for some reason it seemed longer. The slowly and very deliberately she reached out and gently ran her fingernails over my slut’s lower back, causing her to jump.

“Master” she queried slowly as if she wasn’t sure if it was my touch. Motioning me to stay silent, the blonde Dom stepped out of her shirtdress and straddled my slut’s legs. In the mirrored cupboards behind the bed I could see her panties stretched tight against her ass. She leaned forward draping her large breasts across my slut’s back and whispered in her ear “your master has given you to me to play with, I think we should begin”.

My slut lay still underneath the blonde Dom, motionless for the first time in almost an hour. Her mind was no doubt racing, whilst we had played some rather intense BDSM games previously, it had always been limited to the two of us. “Master” she called out again, uncertainty throughout her voice.

Her query was interrupted by the blonde Dom abruptly shifting position so she was sitting behind my slut and commencing to spank my slut’s ass. I watched with interest as she varied the impact of her hand until her ass was bright red. Every once in a while she landed directly on the base of the vibrator, causing it to thrust even deeper inside. Thirty seconds and maybe 60 spanks later she ceased, the reached forward to grab my slut’s hair and pulled her head back so her neck was fully extended.

Leaning forward she whispered “I didn’t give you permission to speak, don’t cross me again”, the message being all the more ominous due to the quiet intensity of its delivery. “Until I give you back to your Master” she continued, “you can call me Mistress Veronica”.

Veronica reached her arm around my slut’s body and ran her hand over the body underneath her. Discovering the nipple clamps she grinned and gave pulled them individually away from my slut’s body, causing the nipples to extend almost two inches longer then normal. Moving Pendik Eve Gelen Escort her hand down to my slut’s cunt she repeated the process with her clit, causing my slut to cry out.

“I told you not to cross me,” Veronica said in a stern voice. Standing up behind my slut she quickly removed her silk panties and forced them inside my slut’s mouth, effectively gagging her. Her penis, approx 8 1/2 inches long, was longer then mine and stood in stark contrast to the rest of her firm, but definitely feminine body. I was looking forward to my slut’s reaction when she realised that Mistress Veronica was more she appeared.

Releasing my slut’s legs from her restraints, Veronica pushed into her into one of my favourite positions, her arms still restrained, her forehead on the pillow, on her knees with her bum in the air. Rubbing her hand across my slut’s cunt and inner thighs she effectively lubricated her fingers and started to finger fuck my slut’s ass, two fingers thrusting all they way in and out, opening her ass like I had earlier.

At first I thought Veronica was planning on penetrating my slut’s ass with cock, hard and fast to underline the shock of her trannie dick piercing into her. Instead she surprised me by releasing the strap on and swiftly withdrawing it from my slut’s cunt whose moan of disapproval was painfully obvious through her panty gag.

“So you want it back do you,” said Veronica who had obviously expected such a reaction, and inserted the thoroughly wet vibrator into my slut’s ass. Pushing firmly, but not violently, she inserted the vibrator about 4 inches into my slut’s ass. Slapping her on the ass, Veronica then instructed my slut to grind backwards until another couple of inches inside her. I watched, both fascinated and pleased, as my slut complied, thrusting backwards as she fucked herself along the full length of the vibrator, still held in place by Mistress Veronica.

Satisfied the vibrator was deep enough to remain inside my slut’s ass, Mistress Veronica now her attention to her cunt. Counting as she went, she slide two, then three then four fingers into my slut’s cunt, alternating between slow deep and hard and fast thrusts. She then looked to me and smirked, “it’s time to fist the bitch”.

The thought of being fisted was obviously all my slut needed to push her over the edge and she began to cum, almost violently, as she squirmed back even faster against the vibrator in her ass and Veronica’s fingers. The end result of her orgasm was my slut still on her knees, slumped on the bed with Veronica’s fist embedded inside her cunt.

Veronica began to move her fist slowly inside my slut, expanded her range of movement until she was able to rock her forwards and back a couple of inches along her fist. At the same time Veronica began to lick the edge of my slut’s ass around the diameter of the vibrator. This combined assault seemed to reignite my slut from her post orgasmic state and within only a couple of minutes of this double penetration she started to orgasm again. Less intense then previously, her facial expression reminded me of a nun in prayer rather then a slut in orgasm.

Nonetheless Veronica was obviously pleased as she whispered “good pet” to my slut. Withdrawing her hand from her I couldn’t miss my slut’s juices dripped from Veronica’s hand. As if to reinforce her dominance, she dragged her cum soaked hand down my slut’s face, then pulled her panties from my slut’s mouth, telling her to lick her fingers clean.

As I watched my slut greedily suck the blonde Dom’s fingers my erection grew even harder, I knew it was almost time for me to fuck my slut.

Veronica was obviously thinking similar thoughts, albeit from her perspective, as she released my slut and instructed her to role on to her back, but to keep her eyes shut. She quickly rolled into position, her feet planted on the bed, her knees up, the vibrator in her ass obvious beneath her cunt, which was still gaping open from the fisting. Just as obvious were the clamps around her nipples. Leaning forward, Veronica quickly released the clamp on the right nipple. The sharp cry from my slut indicated the intensity of the sensation as the blood quickly returned to the nipple, causing the colour to diminish slightly.

I was pleased to note, however, that she continued to keep her eyes shut until told otherwise.

Crouching between my slut’s open thighs Veronica leaned forward to lick and then bite Pendik Evi Olan Escort the recently released nipple. Judging by the sharp intakes of breath from my slut Veronica was obviously biting the sensitive nipple quite sharply. I watched as she wrapped my slut’s legs around her hips. Now in position to penetrate my slut, Veronica’s hard cock looked completely out of place against her athletic feminine body. Leaning over my slut, she whispered in her ear to open her eyes and look down their bodies.

I saw my slut’s eyes open and her head shift forward to look. Veronica timed it almost to perfection; my slut had maybe one-second max to register to hard cock swaying between Veronica’s thighs before it thrust into her. I could see the shock on her face be replaced with obvious lust and delight at the depravity of the situation.

Finally leaving the couch and I quickly removed my clothes and leaned over my slut, dragged my cock across her face. The intermittent sensation of her tongue and lips across my penis sent shivers down my spine. Her body shaking from the fucking she was getting from Veronica, my slut reached up with her right hand to position the head of my cock in her mouth. She started to suck me as deeply as she was able to, her tongue dancing in the air whenever my cock slipped out of her mouth due to Veronica increasing urgent thrusts.

“Get my cock wet,” I instructed my slut, “I’m going to fuck your mistress”. Below I saw a flash of opposition cross my slut’s face, which quickly disappeared when Veronica started pinching her nipple telling my slut to hurry up.

“I was wondering whom you would end up fucking ” she commented, slowing down the pace of her thrusts to tease my slut. Pulling my cock out of her mouth, I positioned myself behind Veronica, in between my slut’s feet, and reached into her cunt to lube my fingers, enjoying the sensation as her body moved under Veronica’s control.

In her kneeling position it was easy to start to finger the blonde Dom’s ass. It was quickly evident she didn’t need a lot of opening; her ass was a well-stretched highway. Holding on to her left hip I positioned myself to penetrate Veronica’s trannie ass. At first it was difficult to enter, all I was doing was rubbing myself against her ass, then suddenly I was inside, not balls deep, but most of the way and moving in sync to the fucking beneath me.

Reaching around with my right hand I started to squeeze Veronica’s tits, and particularly her nipples, pinching them hard between my nails at the deepest point of penetration on each thrust. Below me I could hear an appreciate moan from Veronica and an intense whisper from my slut telling me to “hurt her some more”. I assumed she was referring to my pinching Veronica’s nipple, but it could also have been her getting carried away as she absorbed what was effectively a double thrust fuck.

Fucking Veronica was good, but objectively the sensation didn’t feel anywhere near as good as when I fucked my slut, in either her cunt or her ass. Feeling nasty, I quickly pulled out of Veronica’s ass, and whilst she was still moaning in disbelief at my sudden withdrawal, withdrew the vibrator from my slut’s ass and thrust it deep into Veronica, whose gasp complemented by slut’s moans of disappointment nicely.

Repositioning both of then so the trannie Dom was on her back with my slut riding her from above, I entered my slut for the first time that night. Whilst I can’t explain the reason, we slipped into sync immediately, her body squirming back against my every thrust, even as she continued to fuck Veronica.

Feeling my orgasm imminent, I reached around and quickly released the remaining nipple clamp, then whispered in my ear “cum for me slut” as I commenced to pinch her nipples, bite her neck and then exploded deep inside her ass. Still in sync I felt my slut begin to cum, seemingly for longer then humanly possibly as she squirmed underneath me, milking both cocks insider her. Despite mentally drifting in a post orgasmic state I was vaguely aware that my slut’s squirming had also triggered Veronica’s orgasm, which in turn generated further orgasms for my slut.

Disentangling myself from the bodies beneath me, I collapsed on the bed to catch my breath. The room was filled with heavy breathing and the almost tangible scent of sex. I waited calmly, enjoying the decadent atmosphere, secure in the knowledge that my slut’s first action, once she emerged from her post orgasmic, almost catatonic state, would be to lick clean my diminished cock.

After that she would clean up Veronica who I must admit I was tempted to invite back, although next time I thought, I might give her to my slut as a plaything to have some revenge.

Now that could be another interesting diversion.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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