An Irresistible Temptation Ch. 03

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An Irresistible Temptation Ch. 03

This story is a continuation of ‘An Irresistible Temptation Ch. 02’ located in Group Sex. Owen and Nicole relocate to Las Vegas with new friends, Lucas and Jenny. It is necessary they remain in hiding for their security while criminal investigations are completed.

* * * * *

I began: “Our names are really Nicole and Owen.”

This was the beginning of our story to explain why we had asked our new friends, Lucas and Jenny Graham to drive us from Carmel to Las Vegas. They had invited us to share their hotel accommodation so we could have more fun together. That was before they knew who we really were.

My partner in this story, Nicole Slater started by explaining how she had been sent by her newspaper to investigate a claim of fraud committed by Congressman Walt Affleck. The fraud was committed by his diverting Federal grant money to purchase real estate that was to be developed into a tourist resort in Florida. The fraud claim had been originally made to the newspaper by a whistleblower that we knew as Wendy.

We had just heard that Wendy had died in suspicious circumstances while she had been in the care of the FBI. It was feared that there had been a security leak and consequently Nicole and myself, Owen Chandler, could also have been compromised. I decided a relocation was necessary.

Nicole and I then explained the attempt on Nicole’s life when scuba diving and how we had been abandoned five miles off the Gulf coast of Florida. Having swum to shore, we then had to avoid the police as the Congressman’s brother was the local Sherriff.

As Jenny had numerous questions particularly about how we made the swim and then avoided detection, this was the only topic of conversation until we stopped at Oildale for a late lunch.

Once we were back in the car, Jenny asked: “If you guys only met while scuba diving, you aren’t really married… right?”

Nicole replied: “I am sorry we lied to you, but we had to maintain our cover as Mr. Errol and Mrs. Camille Bellamy.”

“No that is understood. You are only lucky that I am already married. If I wasn’t you might have to fight me for… Owen.

“No you are already too late Jenny. We are now engaged!”

“Congratulations!” both Lucas and Jenny cried.

“You are the first people we have told. You know I have desperately wanted to tell someone about our happiness. Of course we can’t even tell our parents and everyone we have met thinks we are already married.”

“Well Nicole, I think you have a keeper with Owen,” Jenny continued.

Feeling embarrassed with Jenny’s lack of moderation I interrupted: “I am the lucky one here. I never dreamed that I would find my soul mate. Certainly not like this. I have no doubts about our love, but I never dreamt I could experience such intensity of feelings. Maybe our shared circumstances accelerated our relationship, but I have no doubt this had been the best time in my life.”

“Oh… how sweet.” Jenny sighed.

Lucas added: “We plan to party tomorrow night, but we should now make it a real celebration.”

“We haven’t told you yet but we are meeting another couple for dinner tomorrow. There was to be a third couple and that is why we have two interconnecting rooms. Unfortunately after we paid they had to pull out. We have planned to party with this couple we are meeting, but we can do that in just the one room as we have king size beds. I hope you won’t mind,” Jenny explained.

Continuing Lucas said: “They are Charles and Heather Spencer. Charles and I became friends following some business interactions. They live in LA, but we like getting together every few months. Of course you would be welcome to join our partying, but don’t respond until you have had a chance to get to know them.”

“It will be nice to be able to talk with another couple. It will make me feel less isolated.” Nicole explained.

Lucas then stated: “I will need a name to check in at the hotel and for introductions to Charles and Heather. Which names will you use?”

“If you can both get use to using Nicole and Owen we just need to come up with a surname for the check in. How about Miller?” I suggested.

“I like that,” said Nicole. “I still want to be married to you Owen.” We then all practiced our names for a few minutes so it would become instinctive.

In total it was a good eight hours before we reached Las Vegas. It was just getting dark as we drove up the Strip, so the neon lights were brightly on display. There was so much dazzle that Nicole and I didn’t quite know where to look. I recognized many of the casino names, but it was a real surprise when Lucas drove into the Bellagio.

I was a little overwhelmed by the size of just the reception foyer. Everywhere was marble and large vases of plants. A huge colored glass sculpture hung from the center of the ceiling. I assumed that each colored plate represented flower blossoms. In spite of its conspicuousness everything was luxurious without being escort izmir gaudy. I made a mental note to come back and peruse the garden display in the adjacent conservatory.

The décor and extravagance was consistent throughout the building. We were really impressed with the first of the two rooms as soon as we entered. Instinctively I said: “We will have to contribute our share Lucas. You will have to let me know the cost of a room.”

“Don’t be silly. Whether you are here or not, the room has been paid for.”

Lucas handed me the second key so I could open the neighboring room. I went back into the corridor and then came back through the connecting door. Nicole then proceeded into our room and could hear she was not disappointed. After retrieving our suitcase, we both went to the window. Supporting each other with our arms about each other’s waist, we were immediately captivated by the display of the fountains outside.

We had been watching for over five minutes when Lucas and Jenny joined us. “Jenny and I were just wondering how discreet you want us to be, given you are avoiding detection?”

“Well that is a bit of an unknown. The FBI put us on the other side of the country as they felt that just being in an unknown location would be security enough. Now no one knows where we are, so I hope we are secure. We will just be sensible.”

Lucas followed up with: “What is being sensible?”

“There are so many cameras in these casinos, I am sure that would discourage anyone from doing anything too blatant in the public venues. Given the crowds outside, the public should also provide a disincentive for any villain. At night we will stay in the major casinos and venues or take a cab.”

“That shouldn’t cause us any problems then,” Jenny remarked.

“I wouldn’t want our presence to ruin your holidays, however I have thought of just one other thing. I know you had to show your key to security at the elevators, however they can be easily distracted. Let’s try and avoid sharing one with other people. If someone gets on we should press the button for the tenth floor and get off there, if necessary. We can come down two floors later.”

“When we checked in, the receptionist said if we go out to use the pool, they will scan our key there to verify that we are a current guest. That should make is safer there,” Lucas explained.

“Well it sounds like we have no problem going down for dinner,” Jenny concluded. “I need a good meal, but I want to shower and change first. Lucas, can you make a table reservation please?”

As they left the room, Nicole asked if I would unpack the suitcase while she showered. This didn’t take long now. I had at least some nice trousers and a couple of smart shirts, but I realized that Nicole was lacking anything dressy. She had the dress she wore dancing at the Mexican Club and the red and white wrap mini dress from Walmart in Florida. All her other clothes were beach ware such as shorts and T shirts.

When I joined her in the bathroom I asked which dress she was intending to wear. She decided on the Walmart wrap dress, but we agreed she would need to do some shopping.

Dinner was downstairs at a restaurant that had views over the fountains. The meal was an interesting selection of different Italian dishes that we all shared. This was accompanied by a few glasses of wine to ensure we properly relaxed and enjoying ourselves. I even derived some pleasure from dancing with both the girls.

Adjourning from dinner it just seemed to be compulsory to visit the gambling tables and machines. Jenny quickly lost $20 on a machine, then Lucas sat at a poker table for half an hour as we all watched. I think he ended a few chips up which probably balanced Jenny’s loss.

Due to the long drive we quickly became tired so we decided to catch up on sleep to ensure we could have a full day tomorrow.

Back in our room, Nicole said: “Owen, if you want to gamble a little I could withdraw some money against the account linked to the credit card.”

“Thank you. It would be good to have some cash so that I can ensure we pay our share of costs with Lucas and Jenny, but I don’t need it for gambling. I can have more fun at less cost doing other things, I said with a lecherous smile.”

Nicole picked up on my innuendo, but continued with: “I am glad. I don’t like gambling at all. I had an uncle that was addicted. He lost so much he was forced to sell his house. He has subsequently died, but my aunt in her late sixties is still working full time as she has no nest egg on which to retire.”

That night Nicole and I cuddled and kissed gently. I held her tenderly. I loved touching her everywhere. Her skin was so smooth and she smelt like heaven. Soon my satisfaction compelled me to say how happy I was and how much I loved her.

We eventually confirmed our declarations of affection with slow love making. I rode her between her spread thighs enjoying every sensation. My gentle sliding inside her body was designed to prolong our enjoyment, izmir escort bayan so it was a complete surprise when Nicole climaxed quickly. She squeezed me with her arms and her muscles inside her body. I just couldn’t hold back my own sympathetic explosion.

The next morning the girls had decided to do some shopping. Lucas and I accompanied them, but I was more interested in the architecture of the buildings. I wasn’t formally a husband yet, however I was relieved that most of the expensive European brand shops required a prior appointment. This did not seem to deter the girls who quickly visited seven or eight dress shops in several casinos.

During our browsing, I noticed plenty of advertising for Cirque du Soleil performances. I had heard of them and suggested to Lucas that a show might be something worth seeing. He explained that there were four different shows available. We decided to find out some details to discuss with the girls later. In the end we all agreed to see the Beatles ‘Love’ tomorrow evening at the Mirage.

It was at the last shop that Jenny came out in search of me. Apparently Nicole wanted my approval. She led me around a screen to a private area and when Jenny said I was here, Nicole appeared in a stunning dress. It was a sleeveless square neckline mini dress that hugged her figure everywhere. As she twirled I could see the back was bare except for spaghetti shoulder straps and a low lace-up. Surprisingly it covered her breasts well, but I was sure she wore no underwear as the outline would have been obvious. I knew she had been wearing panties and bra when we left this morning. These were not visible now.

“What do you think? Do you like it?” Nicole asked.

“It is a nice pale blue that suits you,” I replied.

“It is actually sage,” she replied. “Don’t you have any other comment?”

I tried to focus on the dress, but all I saw was her hot body. Desperately I tried to think of something intelligent, but all I could come up with was, “It fits you well.”

“Don’t worry Nicole,” Jenny said. “Just look at his eyes and his tongue. He is almost drooling. I think you have caused the desired reaction.”

“Yes, you are hot!” I added.

“You don’t think this is a little too bold?” she prompted.

“Hey, you show a lot more in your bikini. Also this is Vegas. I will be so proud to have you on my arm in that dress.”

My comments made her relax and she smiled adoringly at me. It then occurred to me that my fiancée didn’t want to embarrass me. I was going to remember her consideration and show my appreciation later, when we were alone.

After the girls had paid for their dresses, Lucas and I had to help carry the packages. Back in our room I discovered that Nicole had purchased two pretty floral dresses for day wear and two cocktail dresses for night time. I saw the dresses on hangers, but I would have to wait to see them on Nicole.

That afternoon, it had been arranged that we would meet Charles and Heather Spencer at the pool. Lucas had booked six chaise lounges that were in a quiet private area at the huge pool complex. Lucas explained that with the crowds, booking was the only way to ensure the availability of lounges later in the day.

Of course it was quite hot in the sun, but we each had an umbrella and plenty of cool water. We ordered sandwiches and fruit cocktails and found the service was very quick. I had often wondered how the rich and famous lived. I had to tell myself that I must use this as a learning experience, otherwise I would not be able to relax worrying about the excessive expense. I would worry about how I was to pay back Lucas and Nicole’s newspaper at some later time.

Both the girls removed their outer wraps to reveal their spectacular bodies barely covered by bikinis. Nicole wore her sexy blue and white paisley bikini. Although I had seen Jenny naked I was just as excited when she revealed her olive green bikini. Like Nicole’s she also wore a thong bottom with side tie strings. I was becoming more and more aware of how similar these girls’ tastes were.

I knew I would never become tired of feasting my eyes on Nicole’s body, but I made sure to equally scrutinize Jenny just for comparison. The only real conclusion I could draw, other than their hair color, was that Jenny was just a smidgen shorter. Although there were fewer people in this courtyard about the small fountain and pool, it was obvious that they had drawn the attention of all the men and also most of the women.

We lay back idly chatting waiting for the other couple’s arrival. The girls were engrossed in conversation and I found Lucas quite interesting. Without divulging identifying details, he had plenty of anecdotes about the creative way clients had committed fraud and the extent they went to conceal their misdeeds. We wondered what the motivation was behind Congressman Affleck’s activities, as everything appeared so clumsy. Of course this discussion was promptly halted by the arrival of Charles and Heather.

While I izmir escortlar tried to politely say hello to them both, of course it was Heather that drew my immediate attention. She was an inch taller than Nicole, slim and blonde, although her hair was probably not natural. Once she removed her white cover up with lace sleeves, I could see she had a models slim body with modest tight breasts. These were just covered by her shiny black and white snake print plunging one piece swimsuits. It was cut high, backless with a thong rear. The narrow front made it obvious that she was completely shaved. In fact it almost looked as though she wore less material than in a conventional two piece. She wore a gold neckless and emblem between her breasts designed to capture your attention. I wasn’t complaining but I suspected if her fashionable swim wear had been worn by either of the other girls, the limited breast covering would embarrassingly expose them if they tried swimming.

Charles appeared about ten years older than the rest of us. He was as tall as Lucas, but maybe a little more solid. He was well tanned and had that rugged carefully groomed look. My first impression was that they placed high importance on personal appearances.

The girls naturally gathered and seemed to immediately get into deep conversation. Likewise Lucas, Charles and I started talking about all the latest sports developments. I know I am naturally an introvert, but I mainly listened to start with to gauge whether Charles was all show or had some substance. As the discussion continued I realized my first assessment may have been a little harsh.

Charles was an orthodontists and was fortunate that he had his clinic in one of the more wealthy suburbs of Los Angeles. Apparently Heather had been a model for years but was now trying to broaden her career for the future.

I soon found Charles was quite engaging and showed genuine interest in my background as a structural engineer and my experience transferring into management. He had me captivated as he gave me his view on politics. Strangely he was facetious and insightful at the same time.

Over several hours we had many rounds of drinks, but only a few of the fruit cocktails were alcoholic. It was just enough to have us relaxed and the conversation lively. Charles had made the dinner arrangements so as the sun was disappearing behind the buildings we agreed to reconvene at 8.30pm at the restaurant.

Back in the room Nicole and I caught up on with our separate afternoon’s discussions, in particular what we thought of Charles and Heather. Nicole started with: “What did you think of Heather?”

“I didn’t really get much chance to talk to her.”

“Do you think she was attractive?”

“Of course. I know she is a model and she definitely looks the part, but I think you and Jenny are more my style.”

“What was Charles like?”

“When they both arrived I have to admit I thought they were all show and no substance, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Charles is quite astute and very personable. I enjoyed talking with him.”

“I think you will find that Heather is the same. She is quite intelligent. Definitely not the dumb blonde type.”

“I suspect you found Charles attractive. We should discuss if we want to play with them if the opportunity presents itself.”

“Yes, I think Charles is presentable enough and you have said there is nothing wrong with his personality. If you are still happy with the idea I suggest we enjoy the opportunity, or as my Nana use to say, ‘in for a penny, in for a pound’.

“I agree. We have come this far so we might as well go the whole way. Why try and resist the temptation?”

Just for reassurance Nicole gave me a smoking hot kiss. “I love you. I look forward to when we are alone and we can reenact our naughty experiences.”

We had been warned the dress code was smart chic in the restaurant. I put on a pair of chinos an open collar dress shirt and my blue Thai silk sports jacket. Given that it took up so much space in our one suitcase, I felt obliged to wear it.

Nicole took much longer getting ready. Her dark brown hair was glossy with just a touch of red giving it depth, but she liked to give it more body by creating long wavy loose curls. When asked what I thought, I couldn’t help myself. “I love your hair Nicole. The style suits you and reminds me of how sexy you look in the morning after we have made love all night.”

“Thank you… I think. You are lucky that I also love your self-deprecating sense of humor.”

Later when she finally appeared she was radiating. “You look absolutely gorgeous, my love,” I said with exuberance. She wore a V-neck, red and tangerine floral print, short sleeved wrap dress. I just loved that Nicole selected dresses that were figure hugging and complemented her assets. I was drawn to her, however she stopped my kiss on her lips as she was wearing matching lipstick. I then kissed her cheek carefully.

We went through the connecting door and then with Lucas and a very sexy Jenny, we headed for the restaurant. Charles and Heather were waiting for us and directed us to our seats at a round table. As our ‘wives’ were positioned opposite us, I had Heather to my left and Jenny to my right.

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