An Island Alone

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It was supposed to be the ultimate holiday cruise; Manny had decided to retire at 57, sold his thriving jewellery business and then told his wife that they were going on the holiday of a lifetime. Maggie was most definitely not pleased. She thought that he would have learned a long time ago that he didn’t make the decisions on his own. In fact, although he probably didn’t realise it, he didn’t make any decisions at all. When she had wanted a sports car instead of the sensible family hatchback, she cleverly manoeuvred him in to thinking that it was his idea.


“I don’t know Manny,” she had said. “That car seems to be getting old now. And it seems so big! I mean, I don’t have to do the shopping anymore because we get it delivered and there’s only ever the two of us in it. And if we need to shift anything bigger, then your Mercedes Estate does the job. It just seems such a waste having such a big car now.”

“Well, I suppose it’s about time we changed the car. But you want something smaller?”

“Yes, but not too small. After all, we have to think about the neighbours!”

Ah yes, the neighbours. Manny was always keen to impress them and show just how well he was doing. Of course, the Bentley Continental was his status symbol, but the Merc was his day to day vehicle. The extensions to the house and the covered swimming pool were the other obvious signs of his wealth.

“Small but not too small and something to make the Jones’s sit up and take notice. How about a sports car?” he asked.

“Well, if you think so, but can’t they be a bit unreliable?”

“Mercedes, that’s the answer. German technology will never let you down.”

“What? Like an SLK you mean?”

“Um, yes, probably.” He didn’t really know much about cars.

“I’ve heard that the SLK 55 Roadster is a nice car.”

“I bet that won’t be cheap.”

Maggie already knew that the car’s list price was upwards of £50000 and was a lovely machine, both inside and out. And it was exciting to drive – unknown to Manny she had been to the local dealer a week before and persuaded them to let her have a test drive.

“Yes, but think about the Jones’s”, she said with an arched eyebrow.

Two weeks later, Many blanched when the salesman told him the OTR price, but Maggie quickly put her arms around him, gave him a hug and kiss and told him he was the most wonderful husband in the world and that she was so lucky to have him and that she would have to find a way to make it up to him.

“And look,” she said. “It’s got my initials on it; A-M-G!

Manny couldn’t ignore the possibility that her comment and they way that she had pressed her groin against his might mean that she would be willing to allow him to have sex that night. Not something that was the norm by any means. In fact, he couldn’t quite recall the last time. Maybe it was on his birthday?

Maggie did indeed relent that evening. She insisted that they both shower first (separately) and then quickly slipped some KY jelly into her vagina before putting on her nightdress. Manny was already in the bed and she could see he was ready by the way he was tenting the bedclothes – and that was with his pyjamas on!

She climbed into the bed and pulled her nightdress up above her knees. Manny’s dick was poking out through the gap in his pyjama bottoms. It looked angrily large to her and the head nodded as the blood surged into it. But then, she hadn’t ever experienced another man, so she had nothing to compare it with (in fact it was smaller than average).

“Would you… would you rub it for me Maggie?” he asked.

She let out a sigh, “Oh, alright then.” She wrapped her fingers around the shaft and then began a slow up and down movement. It was something she learned when she and Manny were engaged. A way of keeping him interested, but not letting him go too far. She would let him fumble her breasts through her clothing, but that was all. Any movement towards the skirt region was likely to get him a knee in a very sensitive area.

It didn’t take very long; Manny groaned and then pushed her hand away and then pulled her nightie up to her waist, exposing Maggie’s close-trimmed pubic bush. She opened her legs ready for him and felt the soft material of his pyjamas rubbing up the inside of her thighs. She could feel the heat from his legs against her own and then the head of his penis nudged against her vagina. He pushed once, twice, then at the third thrust Maggie lifted her hips slightly and he entered her. It took four more thrusts before he was fully embedded, but then he withdrew almost fully before plunging in once more. The noises he made told Maggie that he was nearly there (thank goodness!) and then she felt the warm wetness spurting inside.

Manny pulled out, leaving a dribble of come as he withdrew. He tucked his dick back inside his pyjamas, muttered “Thank you” and the rolled onto his side. Within minutes he was asleep.

Maggie grabbed a couple of tissues from the box on her bedside cabinet and poker oyna mopped up the mess between her legs, glad that that chore was done.


Manny was quite excited as he explained the holiday to Maggie.

“First of all, we fly out to Singapore, have a few days stopover and then continue on to Sydney. We spend a few days there before boarding the boat. Then we set off on a four week cruise taking in the Pacific islands. Of course, we didn’t want to go on one of those big cruise ships, so we’re booked on a smaller, more exclusive ship.”

“But, where did this idea come from? You’ve never mentioned doing something like this before.”

“Benny came up with the idea. I told him that I wanted to do something special to celebrate retiring and he came up with the entire itinerary.”

“Benny? Benny the Box?” (So called because as everybody knew that he kept a large stash of cash in a strong box bolted to his basement floor).

“Yes. Well he has that little travel agents in the High Street, so it seemed a good idea to talk to him.”

“I bet its costing a fortune!”

“Not as much as your car cost me,” he mumbled.

Maggie figured she would have to resign herself to going on this trip. She really couldn’t find any reason that she could use to dissuade him. Still, it might be a bit of an adventure. Her only concern was that on the few luxury holidays that they’d been on previously Manny had been very demanding in the bedroom, wanting sex every night – well for the first week, anyway. After that he ran out of steam.


Of course, one of the great advantages of Manny’s suggested adventure was that Maggie was able to point out that she would need an appropriate wardrobe for the trip. So, she had an almost carte blanche shopping spree, allowing her to buy anything she fancied – including new suitcases to carry it all in.

For a woman of her age (52) Maggie was in pretty good shape. She watched her diet and she made regular use of the gym membership that Manny took out for them both (not that he used it for anything other than the bar). Her tawny brown hair had developed grey streaks, so she regularly treated it to retain the colour of her younger years. Unlike a lot of women of her age, she avoided wearing trousers. Her preference was for dresses and skirts, wearing expensive tights beneath to accentuate her well-toned legs. And, of course, she tended to wear high heels.

The clothing she bought for the holiday tended to be lightweight materials in preparation for the hot weather that they expected; dresses and two piece suits, suitable for day and evening wear and one, single pair of knee length shorts. Sandals and open toed shoes were her preferred footwear. Her underwear was mostly white, always matching and, because she liked the feel of it, always lacy. She refused to wear a padded bra because, as she put it, “I don’t really need any padding.” At a 38C cup, this was self evident.

She was, physically, an attractive woman and dressed in a manner to match, but if you asked men who knew her they would put you straight very quickly, “Oh, she’s a good looking woman alright, but she’s an award winning ball buster.”

The first piece of shopping that Maggie completed was swimwear. The boat they were going on had a small pool on board and whilst it was really too small to do anything but splash about in, there would also be the opportunity to swim off of the boat, including some scuba diving (although heaven only knew what that would do to her hair). Her inclination was to buy a swimsuit, but for some time she had been toying with the idea of a bikini. Not that she was worried about displaying her body, but she worried that it might give Manny the wrong idea. In the end she couldn’t decide and went for both. The bikini was tie-sided and pretty brief, not something she would wear openly, but possibly beneath a thin dress in the sun. She wore the bikini to the tanning salon in the weeks leading up to the trip to ensure that she didn’t look too pale.

The swimsuit had a mesh panel at the front which plunged down to a point well below her navel, displaying her cleavage to the best effect. Her only concern was that the legs were high cut; it was only when she tried it on at home without underwear that she realised that some wisps of pubic hair were on show. So, her next visit to the tanning salon also gave her the opportunity to enquire about bikini waxing. The young assistant, who had taken an instant dislike to Maggie when she had first come into the shop, did her best to appear helpful.

“Oh, yes, we do bikini waxing. In fact,” she paused to look down at the computer screen. “We have a cancelled appointment immediately after your sun bed session. Would you like me to book that?”

“Well, it would have been better before the sun bed, but I suppose it will have to do.”

“OK, well I’ve booked you in for that. Did you want the Brazilian or the Hollywood?”

Maggie wasn’t prepared to admit to her ignorance canlı poker oyna in front of a young woman. She had her legs waxed regularly and didn’t realise there were different types for down there. But she preferred the sound of the Hollywood, so she asked for that. She was shocked and embarrassed later when she realised that she had to remove her underpants completely and lay naked from the waist down while a woman in surgical gloves began removing the hair completely. In preparation, the woman used and electric razor to trim the hairs, then she smeared the hot wax on in a streak, pressed a cloth strip down and then rapidly ripped it off. It was a little painful, but no worse than when she had her legs done. The heat in her face rose dramatically as she was asked to get onto all fours so that the woman could remove the hair from her bottom. She considered protesting, but again her pride prevented her from admitting that she hadn’t been expecting it.

She felt sore as she made her way home, but four hours later the sensation had gone and when she went to the bathroom at bedtime she stood and admired the look and feel of the salon expert’s handiwork. Not that it was something she’d ever had the urge or need to do before, but she rubbed her fingers down to check the smoothness of her vagina lips. The delightful tingling sensation took her by surprise. She propped her foot up on the toilet seat cover and repeated the movement. She found the lips open and wet and there was definitely a sensitive spot there. She thought she had better stop at that point and went back into the bedroom. She’d left her nightie lying on the bed, intending to put it on when she returned, but she had been in there longer than she expected and in the meantime Manny had come into the room.

When he saw her walking out of the en suite bathroom stark naked, Manny’s jaw dropped open. He had very rarely seen her naked and only ever with the lights out. He might be sixty, but his cock sprang to life immediately. He had been in the process of donning his pyjama bottoms, but the sight made his hand let go and the cotton material slithered down his legs to pool at his ankles.

“Manny!” Maggie shouted. “What are you doing here?” She automatically brought her hands up to cover her nudity.

“I was coming to bed and, boy I’m glad I did!”

“That’s disgusting,” she said nodding at Manny’s dick which seemed to be aimed in her direction.

Manny stepped out of his pyjamas and walked towards her.

“What are you doing?” she demanded.

“You shaved!”

“What? No, er… I’ve been waxed.” She inadvertently moved her hand to look and Manny moved closer and slipped his hand between her legs.

“Manny, no! Stop it at once!”

Manny had that look in his eyes. “Let me see how it feels,” he said and began to rub.

Maggie opened her mouth to protest, but Manny’s fingers were taking her breath away. She tried to step away from him, but found herself up against the closed bathroom door. Manny pressed her against it, trying to kiss her and, as she tried to stop him he pushed his legs between hers. She could feel the head of his dick at the entrance to her vagina. Surely he wasn’t going to try and do it like this?

Oh, but he was. Almost in one push he managed to get deep into Maggie and began thrusting urgently. His hands grabbed at her breasts, rubbing her nipples and pulling at them. She had never known Manny to act like this, he was normally very timid with her, but this time he was demanding, powerful, dominating – and it excited her!

Inevitably, Manny didn’t last very long, but when he came he seemed to be ejaculating for far longer than normal. As he withdrew, for the first time in her life, Maggie wished that he could have gone on for longer.

Manny kissed her and stepped away, looking slightly frightened as to how she would react. Maggie looked down and could see his semen dribbling down the inside of her thighs.

“You’d better get me a couple of tissues before it drips on the carpet.”

Manny did as he was told, went to the bedside cabinet and grabbed a handful of tissues. He held them out to her, but she shook her head.

“No, you made the mess, so you can clean it up.”

He wasn’t sure he’d heard correctly, but when she opened her legs wider he understood that she meant it and he stepped forward and began gently mopping her pussy.

“Make sure you’ve got it all,” she said, ensuring that he carried on for a little longer.

Finally, convinced that he had cleaned her properly, Manny walked across to the dressing table and dropped the soggy paper into the bin. Maggie was still trying to get her breathing under control and walked unsteadily to the bed, where she picked up her nightie and put it on over her head. She felt less vulnerable with her body covered, but she couldn’t stop thinking about how her hands, his hands, his dick and the tissues had felt. Although he didn’t know it, just then, if Manny had ordered her to take off her nightdress internet casino and lay on the bed with her legs apart, she would have done it instantly.


The first part of the journey was pretty uneventful; taxi to the airport, then check-in, a reasonably short wait in the VIP lounge and then first class boarding. Within minutes of sitting down, the aircraft was taxiing away from the Terminal.

Just over thirteen hours later, they touched down in Singapore, where a chauffeur met them and transported their luggage. As he was loading the cases into the boot, one of them toppled over.

“Be careful with that you idiot!” Maggie snapped. “It’ll cost you a fortune to replace!”

The driver kept his mouth shut tight, hoping that he wasn’t on duty when they made the journey back to the airport.

By the time they entered their suite and the porter had left, Maggie was feeling pretty exhausted; although it was the middle of the afternoon here, they’d travelled overnight and she didn’t really get more than a few catnaps on the flight.

She’d just retrieved her toiletry bag and placed it in the bathroom, then laid out her nightgown on the bed, when Manny came up from behind and put his arms around her. His hands went straight to her breasts and he kneaded them roughly, while he pushed his bulging groin into her bottom.

“Manny! Not now, for goodness sake! I’m exhausted and I need to have a lie down.”

“That’s OK,” he said throatily. “You need to undress to have a lie down. I’ll help you and then we can lie down together.” He stepped back and unfastened her cotton dress and pushed it off of her shoulders, before replacing his hands on her lace covered tits. He found the nipples and pinched and stroked them.

“Manny, what’s gotten into you? Leave me alone you animal.” She elbowed him to emphasise the message, but he just held her tight and then tried to push his hand down inside her panties. Her knees buckled and she tried to twist away, but fell on her back, with Manny kneeling astride her. She struck out with all her strength and slapped his face.

The blow stunned Manny. He backed off immediately, clutching at the redness on the side of his face.

“Don’t you dare come near me again,” she hissed.

Manny looked crestfallen. “Maggie, I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me. Please, you have to forgive me. It must have been jetlag or something.”

“Just get out. Leave me alone to rest.” She pointed at the door. Manny grabbed his jacket and walked out of the room.

After he had left, Maggie put on her nightie and climbed into bed. She was angry with Manny and struggled to sleep, even though she was shattered. Her thoughts kept returning to that evening last week when something happened to her and she wanted sex, more sex than Manny could provide. It frightened her and that was why she over-reacted to his advances.

Manny came quietly back into the room an hour later. He undressed and climbed into bed next to her – but made sure to keep his distance.

It was 8pm before they both awoke feeling hungry. They’d actually skipped a meal, but if they now had dinner, their bodies could re-adjust to the time difference. Very few words were spoken as they dressed and made their way down to the restaurant. As usual, Maggie was rude to the waiter and sent back her steak because it wasn’t done to her liking. She moaned continuously about the food, the decor and the staff. Frankly, Manny was glad to get out of there and avoid any further embarrassment.

The next few days passed very slowly. Maggie was still very abrupt with Manny and made it clear that she blamed him for forcing her to go on this holiday. The onward flight couldn’t come soon enough – for either of them.


Sydney was everything that Manny had expected. Maggie seemed to have calmed down a lot since leaving Singapore and even began to talk in a friendly manner. He still didn’t dare approach the subject of sex, but he hoped that she might be more amenable once they were aboard the boat.

The Motor Yacht; it was smaller than Maggie had imagined (only 60m long). Not that it wasn’t both luxurious and spacious aboard; it just wasn’t exactly a cruise liner. There were six couples and a crew and staff of twice that number. Meals could be served in their cabin, or they could sit on the lounge deck and mix with others. There were two professional entertainers, but a number of the staff also doubled up, displaying talents such as singing, piano playing and one of them was even a magician.

When they arrived at the MV Calisto, they were immediately greeted by the female Chief Steward who introduced herself as Sandra. She told them that their luggage would be taken to their room for them and welcomed them into the lounge deck, where they were served Bucks Fizz and introduced to their personal steward called Kalti.

Maggie treated him with her usual distain, not showing any sign that she had even acknowledged his existence. However, when he wasn’t looking she made a closer study of him. Clearly, he was of Aboriginal descent, not particularly tall, but powerfully built. She wasn’t sure that she would call him handsome exactly, but there was something about him that nagged at her.

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