An Office Encounter Ch. 05

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That Saturday morning, Dot and I did not rise very early. We both wanted to be well rested by the time our young visitor would arrive. We decided not to make any specific plans for Lisa’s arrival, agreeing that it would be best to let matters take their course. The morning was spent in dressing gowns, with the papers and plenty of good coffee. After a light lunch we strolled down to the shops to get some provisions. In the afternoon we spent a bit of time relaxing in the garden, enjoying the fresh air, and soon enough it was time to start getting ready. I made a good corned beef hash. Yes I know it’s cheap, but it is very tasty and it does not spoil with keeping; for some reason I had the idea there might be a delay in sitting down to dinner.

Dot and I shared a relaxing hot bath together, and then she took herself off to get ready, telling me that I should not expect to see her again until Lisa arrived — another surprise for me, and Lisa as well, she hoped. “Bring Lisa to the main bedroom, tell her to knock on the door, and wait. Perhaps you could give her a preliminary warm-up, if you understand my meaning!” Dot was also going to try a little roll-play, she explained.

In due time there was a knock at the front door, and I let Lisa in. She was wearing a long black coat, and she handed me a bag, saying this was her contribution — a couple of bottles of “Bardolino Classico” — she had clearly been talking to Dot about plans for the weekend ahead.

“I’ll open one of these,” I said, heading for the kitchen, “If you would like to take off your coat and hang it up” — there were some hangers in the hallway — “The lounge is there,” I said pointing towards the open door.

I opened a bottle and left it to stand for a while. I went into the lounge. “Wow!” I said to Lisa, “You look really beautiful. Come, let me welcome you properly!” I held out my open arms and she came to me; we kissed, a warm and gentle lingering kiss. She was wearing a black dress, as I had requested, a long plain dress that revealed little apart from her slim youthful figure, but nevertheless she did look absolutely stunning, with her hair up and discrete makeup. For a young women with a supposed submissive streak, she looked the epitome of style and poise; natural dignity.

I allowed my hands to stray down and cup her buttocks, pulling her into my already stiffening erection. She put her arms around my neck and we kissed more passionately.

“I never thought I would say something like this to anybody, Lisa, but you really do have the most spankable bottom. I hope you’ve been a naughty girl!”

“Oh, I think I might have – Daddy.” She was in little girl mode again, though I was not sure about the incestuous connotation of what she called me. I questioned the use of the term, and she said it was just between us on these “special occasions,” so I thought I had better allow it.

“I’m sorry I didn’t ask, Daddy. Are you going to spank me?”

I did not say anything, but went to the settee and sat down, pointing to my lap. Lisa got the message and came and laid herself across my lap. “Oo, Daddy, I can feel something hard,” she giggled, “I think you must be pleased to see me.” Indeed I was, very!

“Lisa, you really are a naughty and mischievous girl!” I said, and without further ado spanked her a dozen times soundly across her beautiful arse.

“Thank you for spanking me Daddy, I needed that,” she said, “I won’t be naughty again, not for a while, anyway….”

“Come,” I said, taking her hand and raising her up, “Let’s go and find Dot. I think you had better call her ‘Mistress’ “

I took her to the main bedroom, and told her to knock at the door. An authoritative voice said, “Only naughty girls may come in. Is there one there?”

“I think so,” I said, “In fact I had to spank her already this evening.”

“Very well. Open the door” casino oyna A new Dot was standing in the middle of the room, legs apart. She had on a black leather basque with low cut cups that displayed her ample breasts, with already erect nipples, black stockings and suspenders, long boots and gloves. To make things “worse” she was not wearing knickers, and had shaved off her pubic hair, so her labia, pink and already moist with anticipation, were clearly visible.

“Oh, Dot!” I gasped.

“No men may enter at the present time,” instructed Dot, “Though they may stand in the doorway and watch. Lisa, you may enter, but you will only speak when spoken to, do you understand”

Lisa nodded her assent, and I realised that she was in fact still gripping my hand, but very tightly.

“Very well, Child, enter. Come and stand in front of me.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“I did not say you could speak. Take off your dress. Turn to face the man while you do so, as the sight may be of interest to him.” Dot is quite good at understatement. “I want to see if your bottom is nice and red from your spanking.”

Lisa turned towards me and reached back to undo the zip of her dress, letting it fall to the floor, looking down demurely as she did so. I was again stunned by her beauty — those lovely long legs were encased in black silk stockings, and she wore a minimal suspender belt, with sheer black see-through thong and bra. Talk about dressing (or is that undressing?) to kill — I was certainly dying for it! I was by now sporting a decent sized trouser bulge.

“Ah,” said Dot, “I see that the man has something that may be of use to us presently. Now turn and look me up and down, Child.”

“You seem to be blushing, Child. Is it because you are exposed to an older women?”

“No, Mistress.”

“Why then, Child?”

“Wicked thoughts have entered my mind, Mistress.”

“Be specific, Child”

“I am fascinated by your — uh — your — uh – shaven – uh….” And she started to cry as she had in my office, “I can’t say it Mistress, it is not becoming for a young innocent to use such language. It’s too embarrassing.”

Lisa certainly knew how to play her part, for Dot was clearly well into the scene. A young innocent indeed! I tried to hide my smile, remembering her in my office a few days before.

“What you mean, Child, is that you like my shaven cunt. Say it Child!”

“I can’t Mistress,” wailed Lisa. It was the same tactic she had used in my office.

“You know what will happen if you do not do as you are told, don’t you, Child?”

“Yes, Mistress. You will punish me, Mistress.”

“Very well. Go to the dressing table, where you will find a number of implements suitable for punishing naughty girls. You may choose the implement”

This was all new to me — Dot really had been busy! She, like me, was starting to enjoy the power she had over Lisa. She was flushed with excitement and her nipples were very erect.

“What have you chosen, Child?”

“The paddle, Mistress”

“Good. Bring it to me. Now bend over and touch your toes. Make your bottom available to me.”

“I am going to give you six strokes. You will remain silent, or I shall increase the severity of your punishment.”

Dot moved into position and spanked Lisa with the paddle. She did not use the force or feeling that she had with me, this was more lust than revenge. Nevertheless there were some nice satisfying thwacks as the paddle made contact with Lisa’s buttocks, and her arse developed a nice red glow. But though she shed tears, Lisa made no sound.

“Very good, child, now you will have a reward for your fortitude. Stand. Let down your hair — you will see, or feel, why in a moment.”

Lisa stood up, still looking demurely down — or was she looking at Dot’s cunt?

“So, Child, you were interested to look canlı casino at my cunt, even if you could not say the word. Would you like to taste it? Would you like to taste a bit of older cunt?”

Where did she get this language?

“Yes Mistress”

“Well say it then — ask me properly!”

“May I taste your cunt, Mistress?” She did not seem to have any problem with the word now. I wonder why?

“Kneel then, and begin.”

Lisa knelt and brought her face up to Dot’s crotch, planting a lingering, open-mouthed, wet kiss on Dot’s cunt. The dominating attitude started to diminish, as Dot used Lisa’s name for the first time.

“Lisa, that’s heavenly! I did not know that a women could turn me on so much!”

Dot put her hands into Lisa’s hair, and started to slowly fuck Lisa’s face. Then she stopped and said, “Lisa, part my lips and find my clit please!” Lisa put her hands up to Dot’s cunt and carefully parted the outer lips — it seemed to be a new experience for her, too. She started to lick the length of Dot’s cunt, mixing the action with nibbling on Dot’s clitoris.

Dot was clearly getting worked up, and she suddenly looked in my direction. I thought I had been forgotten.

“The man may undress. Let us see if he has something of interest to us,” she said, looking down at Lisa, “What do you think?”

Lisa looked round at me, now standing naked and sporting a large erection. Lisa nodded.

“I think we might be able to use it for our pleasure, Lisa, the man will be the sex object for a change! The man may enter the room and stand behind me,” instructed Dot. “He will put his arms round me and play with my breasts and nipples. He will push his cock between my legs but not, repeat not, penetrate me. He will allow the head of his cock to rub against my clitoris. You, Lisa, will please resume your oral attentions. Open your mouth wide so that you are encompassing the cock head and my clitoris. The man will now gently fuck us. But he will not come until I am ready to do so. Then he will fill your mouth with his semen, but please don’t swallow it, Lisa, I would like to share it with you.”

Needless to say I was just about ready to explode by this time! I put my arms round Dot and started to play with her nipples, rolling them between finger and thumb, then pinching them. She closed her eyes and leaned back on me, turning towards me and kissing me. “You certainly know how to give a girl a good time!” she said. My attention was distracted by a hand on my penis — Lisa was pulling my tool to Dot’s required position, the back of my cock head rubbing against Dot’s clit. I then felt Lisa’s mouth and tongue working on my glans. “The pleasure is all mine,” I said to Dot, and I started to thrust back and forth against Dot’s clit. It was not long before Dot was starting to cum. “Yes, Yes — that’s it, keep going, keep going…..Ahhhhhh!”

Needless to say this had the required effect on me, and I started to cum myself, Lisa’s tongue was just magic, and I spurted my semen into her mouth.

“Thanks, Jim, that was just fantastic. Go and lie on the bed to recover — Lisa might need you shortly, she has not cum yet….”

I did as she suggested. Then she said to Lisa, “Come and kiss me, I’ve never kissed a woman before, especially not one with a mouthful of cum.”

While I relaxed on the bed, Lisa and Dot shared a long loving kiss, entwined in each others arms, exchanging my semen. A new experience for both of them, as I understood it, and they seemed to be enjoying it.

I heard Dot say, “May I feel you, Lisa? I have not touched a beautiful young woman like you before.”

Lisa replied, “Yes please,” and turned round with her back to Dot. Dot put her arms round Lisa, and stroked her body up and down, before gently cupping Lisa’s breasts. She pulled the sheer material aside, and started to finger Lisa’s nipples; kaçak casino they turned their faces towards each other and kissed again, and then one of Dot’s hands went down across Lisa’s stomach to her crotch, cupping her love mound. At the same time, she said, “Lisa, why don’t you feel me too, I would like you to gently finger-fuck me.”

Then Dot pulled Lisa’s thong aside and started to finger-fuck Lisa, too. “Oh, you are so hot and wet, Lisa, would you like a cock to fuck you now?”

“I think so,” said Lisa, and they both came and climbed up on the bed. You may not be surprised to know that I was quite erect again by now.

“Lisa, you straddle the cock.” Lisa kneeled across my torso and deftly guided my cock into her lovely cunt; there was no resistance, she was indeed warm and wet and inviting.

“Well, I am not going to miss an opportunity either,” said Dot, and before I knew what was happening she was kneeling over my face and thrusting her cunt at my mouth.

Nice to be wanted, isn’t it?

The ladies were now getting into the action, kissing and fondling each other, while rocking back and forwards on my cock and face respectively. It certainly was an intoxicating feeling, my cock being milked by Lisa’s cunt, the smell and taste of Dot overwhelming my senses, and it was not long before I was coming again, pulling Dot towards my mouth, licking her cunt, nibbling her clit, and at the same time thrusting hard into Lisa. It seemed to work for the girls, for they where shouting and screaming as they came too.

After a while, the girls came and lay either side of me and we lay together in satisfied silence.

After a few minutes, I said, “Anyone fancy dinner?”

“Typical male!” scoffed Dot, “When he’s not thinking about his dick, he’s thinking about his stomach!”

“Well, I need the energy,” I said, “Looks like it could be a long night…..”


We had tried very hard to be discreet. But inevitably one day I got the call.

I picked up the ‘phone; the MD’s voice said, “If you’ve got a minute Jim, can you pop up to my office?”

You don’t refuse the MD’s requests. I went up to his suite and his secretary told me brightly — that at least was a good sign — to go straight in, the MD was expecting me. As I entered I was a little bit nonplussed to find that Dot was already there.

“Ah, come in Jim, nice to see you — please take a seat.” He indicated a chair alongside Dot in front of the desk.

“I’ve got some good news and some bad news for you.” The MD would have his joke.

“We are opening a new office abroad, and after considering the various people in the organisation, it soon became clear that You and Dot would make the ideal team to head up the new operation. What about it?”

I was now thoroughly confused and had apparently lost my powers of speech. The MD continued, “You will have complete freedom to run the operation as you see fit in respect of local trading conditions. The board has complete confidence in you both. Modern offices and accommodation — to a high standard — will be provided, as will a luxury vehicle, and domestic staff.”

He paused, then said after a few moments, “Well, What do you think?”

I had the distinct feeling that I had received something of an ultimatum, albeit one delivered in a rather attractive wrapper. I nodded my assent, and his next comment confirmed my suspicion.

“Good, I’m so pleased. We would hate to lose you.”

My mouth started to work again as the surprise wore off.

“Was that the good news or the bad news?”

“The good news of course. The bad news is that it is a long way away. Kuala Lumpur.”

And that is why I am sitting on my verandah, pausing as I write, looking out across a luxuriant garden, through the palm trees down to a turquoise tropical sea. I share the large, luxurious bungalow with my partner in life as well as business, Dot Masters.

In the secluded grounds of our house, there is a smaller but equally luxurious bungalow, which is used by our wonderful assistant, Lisa Jones.

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