An Office Encounter

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There I was, sat at my desk talking to the manager from my previous shop and catching up on the gossip. The office door opened and in you walked making sure it was closed properly behind you. As I looked over you brought your finger to your lips to keep me from saying anything, then you pointed through the wall to the canteen where a couple of the other staff where on lunch. I looked at you with a puzzled expression on my face but you just smiled at me. I made my excuses and said goodbye to my colleague, placing the handset back in the cradle I turned towards you to se what was going on.

As I swivelled around in my chair, you had your hands under the hem of your skirt and you were pulling down your panties. Before I knew what was happening they were down to your ankles. You merely stepped out of them and walked towards where I sat, opened mouthed. You moved in between my desk and myself, perching yourself on the edge of my desk.

I was about to say something when you again brought you finger to your lips to quiet me. Your hands found the hem of you skirt for the second time and you pulled it all the way up, exposing you pussy to my gaze. My eyes were wide in disbelief my heart was racing. The girls next door could come in at any moment, but that’s not what made me feel this way. You had shaven your pussy for me and I could quite easily see your state of arousal. I looked up at you, your smile was mischievous but your eyes were full of lust. You reached behind my head and pulled me towards your hot wet pussy.

My tongue immediately went into overdrive, normally I would savour the moment but I knew we didn’t have long. My hands were up your skirt playing with your bottom so I let one of them stray around and inserted one, then two fingers Eskort Bayan into your pussy as my tongue played with your clit. You were shaking and your breathing was fast and heavy, all the time your hands were clasped to the back of my head. As I continued my delicious task your legs started to shake and before long your whimpers started to get slightly louder. Your orgasm hit you like a whirlwind; it was all you could do not to scream out as you pushed my head away and slumped to the floor.

As you were coming back down to earth you noticed the bulge in my trousers and got to your knees. Reaching for my zip with both hands you quickly undid it and pulled out my throbbing erection. After stroking it gently a couple of times you sank your mouth over it and started to suck it hungrily. Alternating every now and then to suck the end hard and then take almost the whole length in your mouth. Occasionally pulling it out to lick up and down the shaft. As you did this your hands sought out my belt, pulling it open and unfastening my trousers. Your hands hooked in the waistband started to pull them down; I raised my hips to give you the help you needed. That done you let my cock fall out of your mouth as you reached up again and made short work of my boxers.

You stood up, straddled my thighs and reached around for my cock, lowering yourself onto it really slowly until the whole length was inside you. You sat there savouring the moment with your arms wrapped tight around me. Your lips found mine and we kissed each other hungrily, the aroma’s of our combined juices fuelling our desire.

You broke the kiss and started to move up and down on my cock, the feeling was so intense and I reached up and opened your blouse, freeing your breasts from the confines of their silk prison. My head lowered almost involuntarily and started to suck on your nipple’s as one hand strayed down to play with your clit. I could see you starting to breathe heavily again. Your climax was close but you stood up letting my cock fall out of you and turned around.

Stepping out of your skirt completely you reached between you legs to find my still hard cock, your naked bottom exposed to my gaze. You lowered yourself down again impaling yourself on my rigid member, but this time there was no pause. Your hips were pumping as you almost hurriedly started to fuck me hard. I reached around to your pussy and my fingers played with your clit. Your breathing became even heavier than before. As I stood up you had to move with me, your body coming to rest on my desk. Your naked breasts with their hard nipple’s almost scratching lines into the polished wooden surface. I grabbed hold of your hips and started pumping into your soaking pussy. I could already feel your juices trickling out of you. I started to speed up as you put your and in your mouth to stifle your moans, your legs almost giving up beneath you. Your climax hit you hard and as it did I held my cock inside you as far as it would go as your pussy convulsed around my cock.

You stood up and my cock slipped out of your pussy once more. Pushing me down back into my chair, you sat down and put my cock back into your mouth. There I was with my head back, listening to the staff in the next room discussing their new decorating projects, they could have walked in at any moment. As your mouth and hands worked on my pulsating cock, the thought of being caught only added to the thrill, and as I looked up to watch you I couldn’t believe my eyes. You were sat with my cock in your mouth with one hand stroking the shaft, your breasts were coated with my saliva from where I had been sucking them and your legs were wide open. Your other hand was playing with your clit, your juices running out of your pussy. Your breathing was becoming erratic again and I knew you were close to a third orgasm. I looked up into your face and that was all I needed. As well as everything else you were actually smiling at me as you worked on my cock.

That was it, that was all I needed as I started to shoot my come into your beautiful wet mouth. My hips were almost lifting off the seat as my orgasm raged through me. As I looked down once more I could see you stroking my cock now, as you were yourself returning back down to earth.

You stood up and kissed me once more before picking your panties up off the floor. I took them out of your hand and pushed them between your legs, wiping up all the sticky juices from your pussy. Giving your clit a little rub as I did so. You moaned once more kissing me as you did so. I pulled your panties from between your legs, the silky wetness felt fantastic in my hand. I quickly folded them and put them in my pocket, as I had fastened my trousers by now. The frown on your face was quite evident so I whispered in your ear “You’ll have to get them back after work”, before kissing your neck and ear a few times.

I could feel my cock stiffening again and I knew you were getting aroused yourself. The people next door would be finishing their lunch soon and we couldn’t risk it any more. I watched as you put your breasts away and then shimmied back into your skirt. I was still hard as you left the office, my hand in my pocket feeling the silk of your panties and knowing that you would be naked under your skirt for the rest of the day. Then again, maybe I was looking forward to seeing you after work!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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