An Office Visit

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Walking into the office on this dull Monday morning, my mood is a little sour as this is the start of another dreary work week.

As I pass by your desk, my attitude brightens, and I say, “Good morning,” to you.

“Good morning, Charlie,” you reply with a bright smile. You’ve been working here in our office for the last couple of weeks, and having you here is like a breath of fresh air for me. Your bright smile and gorgeous eyes always start my week off right.

Today, I notice that you are wearing a very smart looking white blouse with a dark skirt that cuts off about at your knees. Ever since you’ve been here, the 2 of us have traded friendly conversation. Whenever we talk, I always try to not let my eyes rake over your body, but I can’t help it. You are so cute and sexy. Your breasts are so perky, and somehow your outfits always seem to accentuate your sexy curves. Whenever you walk by my office door, I steal a glance at you. I find it hard to concentrate knowing you are walking the halls.

I know that you are 18, and I am 34 and married. My head tells me that I should not be looking at you in a sexual sort of way, but whenever I talk to you, I have this vision of me fucking your brains out in my office. As I talk with you now, this vision pops into my head. I try to push it away, but I can’t help it. I want you.

Moving into my office, I sit down at my desk and begin working. As I work, I wonder when I will get to see you again. As if we are on the same wavelength, you walk by my open door. Per the usual custom, I look up to watch you pass, and as you reach my door, the arm load of files that you are carrying spill onto the floor. Standing up, I quickly join you in the hall to help you pickup the papers and files.

“I..I am so sorry,” you stammer.

“Don’t worry about it, Talor…it will be alright.” I say, trying to comfort you.

“I….I am such a klutz….I should pay better attention to what I am doing.” You say all flustered. We are both kneeling down…picking up the papers and files. Other people in the office are stepping over us.

“Talor, it’s alright….everyone has accidents” I reply. As I say that, I glance at you. You are kneeling over…looking down at the floor, and I notice that the top of your blouse is hanging open a little bit. As I look at you, I get a nice view of your luscious tits encased in your white lacy bra. Staring at you, my mouth opens a bit, and I feel my cock stirring in my dress slacks. I know that I should look away, but all I can think about is suckling on those perky 18 year old tits. Suddenly, you look up and catch me staring at you. I quickly look away…pretending to be concentrating on helping you picking up the files…my face turning red.

“Damnit, ” I think to myself. “Now, she probably thinks that I am some old pervert.”

As we both stand up, you wobble a little bit on your high heels, and I reach out with my hand to catch your hand to steady you. As we touch, I feel a jolt of electricity flow through me straight to my crotch. My cock swells larger in my pants. I can tell that you are still a bit flustered from dropping the files in front of everyone.

“Come on in here to my office to sit down for a minute , Talor.” I say with a wave of my free hand. Holding your hand, I walk you into my office and help you sit down in the chair in front of my desk.

“Please have a seat in here and relax a bit.” I say…closing my office door..”You can relax in privacy for a minute.” I hold out my hands, and I take the big stack of files from your arms and place them on my desk. poker oyna

“There….take a load off for a minute.” I say smiling down at you as I stand over you.

“Thank you, Charlie” you say as your intoxicating brown eyes meet mine.

“God, she is so gorgeous” I think to myself. The vision of us fucking dances through my head. We stare at each other for what seems like an eternity. Without thinking, I pull you up to me, and I kiss you hard. Our lips press together in a hot, steamy, wet kiss. Breaking the kiss, you slowly open your eyes, and then, you look at me in shock. Your eyes are as big as saucers.

“Charlie! What are you doing?!” you ask with an incredulous look on your face.

Staring at you with fiery lust in my green eyes, I say, “I’ve wanted you from the first minute that I laid eyes on you. I dream about you every night when I am laying next to my wife. I get so turned on thinking about you that I masturbate, and then, when I cum, I pretend that I am cumming inside of you.”

Your look of shock gives away to a devilish smile, “You naughty boy” you coo. We quickly advance toward one another. I crush you to me and kiss you hard again. My tongue teasing along your lips. My hands roam your body.

I move to lock my office door. Then, I take you by the hand and guide us to my big leather desk chair. Sitting down, I pull you into my lap.

As you sit in my lap in my office, the door is closed, and we are tightly holding on to one another. My lips softly nibble along your neck, and my right hand gently holds the back of your head. My right hand fingers knead your scalp.

I love the feel of your hair on my fingers. My left hand fingers rub and scratch up and down your back. As my tongue and lips work along your neck, I can hear the soft moans escaping from your lips.

“Hmmm,” I groan. I can feel the passion that I have for you breaking through. God, I want you so bad. I know it’s so naughty, but I love how alive you make me feel.

The heat between us is starting to burn out of control. My teeth move to gently bite your ear lobe, and I hear you let out a low purr. In my lap you turn to straddle me, and we share a hot, slow, deep kiss. My tongue slowly and deeply swirls in your mouth.

I can feel your mouth sucking on my tongue. Your sexy little body tight against mine grinding causing my cock to swell large through my pants. My hands grip your ass tightly then they move under your shirt to scratch your bare back. I can feel your bra strap as my hands and fingers move up and down your back.

You break our kiss for a second, and as you lustily look down at me, you slowly unbutton your blouse for me. Revealing your full tits encased in your lacy little bra.

“Hmmm, damn I have stared at these for weeks” I groan. My hands cup your tits through your bra and squeeze my fingers begin kneading your breasts through the lacy fabric of your bra. You arch your back and groan pushing your tits against my hands.

Again, our lips lock into a hungry, wet kiss our bodies rubbing against one another. My hands squeezing and kneading your tits now. My fingers tease your stiff nips as they poke through the soft fabric of your bra. I feel your fingers quickly undoing my button down shirt. As your hands open my shirt, they quickly pull the shirt tail out from my pants, and I shrug the shirt off onto the floor.

Hurriedly, you pull my white t-shirt over my head revealing my large chest. We return to kissing my tongue moving back into your mouth swirling thrusting your hot mouth sucking my tongue. Your hands and canlı poker oyna fingers are now running over the soft patch of hair that covers my chest.

“Hmmmm…” I let out a deep groan as I feel your hot fingers on my bare skin.

The fires of passion are burning within me as I feel your fingers grazing my chest moving over my stomach then rubbing my rock hard cock through my pants. My strong hands rip your bra away from your body throwing the lacy fabric to the floor. Your full tits spill out into my hands and I push you back a little as my lips cover your right nipple suckling.

A deep moan escapes your lips, and I feel your fingers curling around my cock tracing the big bulbous head through my pants. I push you back on to my desk laying you on your back. Leaning over you as I stand up, my tongue flattens on your right nipple pushing it down swirling in fast, tight circles.

You moan again and your body arches to me. My teeth gently bite your right nip, and I hear you growl a little and you rub your body up against mine. A deep groan escapes from your lips and you quickly pull my lips up to yours we share a deep, slow, hot, wet kiss.

The bare skin of our chests rubbing against one another feels so fucking good. I stand up looking down at you with a fiery lust in my green eyes. You raise up on your elbow watching me as I shed my shoes, socks, pants, and boxers. My raging hard cock pops out.

Then, my hands pull your shoes off then my strong fingers slide under your skirt and roughly slide your panties down your legs and off. You are still propped up on your elbows as I kneel between your legs my hands holding your hips.

My tongue begins softly lapping at your tight little pussy lips licking up and pulling back repeating this action over and over.

A loud gasp escapes from your lips, you close your eyes, and you sink down on your back on the desk I feel your fingers kneading and scratching the top of my head holding my head.

Relentlessly, my tongue licks your pussy lips like an ice cream cone…tasting your wetness as it coats my tongue your pussy lips are getting all slippery your slick lips are rubbing all over my tongue as you groan and your hips buck into my tongue.

My tongue continues its steady, relentless licking on your pussy lips. Starting at the bottom of your pussy, my tongue slowly traces your pussy lips up to your clit, and then my tongue pulls back.

My green eyes stare up your body at you loving your pleasure your body grinding and humping on my tongue as it makes contact with your lucious little pussy lips.

“I’ve dreamed about licking this tight little pussy.” I whisper hotly up at you. “Ohhh, I love this tight little pussy.” I groan as my tongue laps along your slick lips.

As my tongue laps at your pussy lips, I feel your fingers tugging at my shoulders.

“C’mon!” you whisper urgently. With my mouth dripping with your juices, I slide up your body and we kiss hard. My tongue swirls inside your mouth letting you taste yourself.

Your fingers find my cock and begin stroking. You tug it towards you, and I feel you placing my big, bulbous cockhead at your tight, wet entrance. Looking down into your eyes….seeing that they are now dark with passion, I thrust forward entering you and spreading you open.

“Ohhhhhh…” we both groan. Nothing ever feels this fucking good. Your body arches up to me, and your pussy sucks my cock deep inside of you.

“Ohhhh Godddd” I whimper.

You moan and I feel your legs tightly wrapping around my waste.

“Fuck me!” internet casino you command in a low, sexy growl. I raise up on my arms, and I start fucking you fast and hard with needy, animalistic strokes. My huge hard cock just starts pounding your tight little pussy for everything it’s worth.

My green eyes are dark with passion, and my body wildly pistons as I drive my thick manhood into you over and over again.

Standing up, I grip your hips, and I place your feet over my shoulders. Then, I start pounding you with jackhammer like strokes.

You have to raise your arms above your head and grip the desk to keep from being driven off the edge. My thick cock pounds your tight, wet little cunt as my hands tightly grip your hips. Your full tits shake with each thrust.

I pull you up to a standing position. I sit down in my chair and I turn you around facing away from me. My hands grip your tight little ass and I guide your tight pussy down onto my cock thrusting upward.

Roughly, I impale you on my thick manhood. You gasp, spread your legs wide, and lean forward a little. My hands tightly grip your hips, and we start moving together. I thrust up into you and you perfectly meet my movements.

With you leaning forward, I can look down and see my hard, slick shaft disappearing up into you over and over. The view is so hot, and your tight little pussy feels so fucking good.

Pulling you back against me, my right hand cups your right tit from behind. My fingers squeeze and roll your stiff nipple.

My left hand slides between your legs, and my fingers finding your clit. My index and middle fingers press into your clit and massage it in tight, fast circles.

You whimper loudly, and you begin riding me hard and fast. Steadily my cock thrusts up into you. We are in a perfect, sexy rhythm. My cock grinds up into you deep and hard. My left hand fingers massaging your clit, and my right hand fingers pinch and roll your right nipple.

Your head rests back against me. I love the feel of your hair tickling my neck and face. We fuck harder and faster. Your movements getting urgent. Your breathing getting ragged. My lips find your ear and begin suckling and biting your ear lobe.

“I’ve dreamed about flooding your tight little body with my seed.” I whisper hotly in your ear.

“Yes, yes, cum inside me!!” you growl in an almost primal voice.

With that, I start fucking my cock up into you fast and hard. You ride me equally fast and hard. My fingers press into your clit, and my other fingers pinch your nip hard.

Both of our bodies stiffen and start violently shaking, and I let out a deep groan as I feel my cock explode inside of you pumping my hot seed up into your womb.

I hear you scream, and your body starts shaking. You are greedily sucking every drop of my hot load into you.

At this point, we don’t care who hears us. Two lovers with our bodies trying to get as close as possible. Our minds and souls becoming one as we are locked in white hot passion together.

“Ohhh Talor.” I whimper.

As if on cue, our 2 bodies go limp, and we both collapse like jello into my desk chair. We both sharply exhale. Our hearts are beating out of our chests as we are both trying to regain our breath.

You turn and we share a passionate kiss. Your body curls up into a little ball in my lap, and my arms tightly cuddle you to me. I take my shirt and drape it over you to keep you warm. With gentle kisses on your lips, I whisper how beautiful you are.

Slowly, we both stand up, and we both quickly get dressed and pull ourselves together. You grab your stack of files and as you walk out of my door, you turn and blow me a kiss. I smile and give you a playful wink.

“Thank you for helping me with that project.” I say loudly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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