An Old Friend

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Alex Grey

Matt and 2 friends walked into the strip club. He didn’t go very often, his girlfriend Tracy forbade it. However, he did end up going there with his friends every year or so. He was a good looking man in his late twenties, 6’2, 195 pounds, short brown hair, blue eyes.

The three of them sat down at a table and waited to be served. When the waitress approached, Matt’s heart skipped a beat. It was Samantha. Sam was an acquaintance of his whom he had not seen in nearly 2 years. She used to come by his work every so often and they would chat, and flirt harmlessly.

She was a beautiful woman, though she had put on a few pounds since he last saw her. Curly brown, shoulder length hair which she wore up, exposing her gorgeous face and brown eyes. She had a dimple when she smiled. 5’5, about 150 pounds now, tanned skin, long legs. Her breasts were huge, a D cup minimum, and they were displayed well in her tight black v-neck shirt. He couldn’t help the movement that he felt in his pants as the blood rushed to his cock. Other than a few pounds, she hadn’t changed a bit. She was gorgeous.

“Matt!” she exclaimed excitedly.

“Hi Sam!” he said, smiling. The usual small talk ensued, before she had to get back to work. He wanted her. He couldn’t deny that. He blew his chance 2 years ago, he was not going to blow it this time. He had to figure out how to meet up with her, and ditch his friends. Matt did not want them to know what he was doing. The best way to not get caught was to tell no one.

The 3 of them stayed at the strip club from midnight until after 1. The bars closed at 2. As the night progressed, he talked to Sam often. She sat with them every time she had a second. He managed to find out that she was single now, and that she got off at about 2:30. When he had a quick moment alone with her he arranged to meet her back there at 2:30.

He and his 2 friends were walking the streets of downtown at 2 when he broke away, saying he was going to walk home. They nodded and went their separate ways. Simple as that. Matt backtracked to the strip club and got there at around 2:20. After speaking with the bouncer for a couple of minutes, Sam noticed him and told the bouncer to let him in.

10 minutes later, Sam and Matt were in a cab on their way to her apartment. Their entire conversation was innocent, flirtatious, like they didn’t miss a beat. Neither implied sex, neither expected it. Both hoped for it. He was just going to her house to watch a late movie and catch up. She was aware that he was still going out with Tracy.

By 2:50, they were sitting on her couch in front of the TV. No movie was playing, they were just talking, sitting close, looking into each other’s eyes. He could not stop his eyes from straying over her body. Her tits were straining against her black shirt, she wore blue jeans, and her feet were bare, toenails painted red. Samantha noticed his glances, and her eyes strayed as well. Her vagina moistened at the thought of what hid beneath his jeans.

Matt was looking for an opening to make a move, to try and kiss those beautiful lips, but found none. She had her one leg curled up on the couch, the other outstretched, bare foot on the edge of the coffee table.

He was there for 30 minutes, it was after 3, he could no longer wait for an opening, he needed to make his own. As soon as there was a pause in the conversation he leaned forward, heart pounding. Sam closed her eyes and their lips met, smacking softly. She put her other leg on the floor as he kissed her again, allowing him to sit closer. She slid her arm around his waist and opened her mouth. He slid his tongue into her mouth as his hand slid around her back, caressing her. Her tongue darted into his mouth and they made out for awhile, exploring, enjoying. Their kissing grew intense, his caresses moved from her back to her legs. Her fingers trailed over his back as they breathed heavily into each other’s mouth. The room was silent except for the sounds of their kisses and the quiet sound of the TV.

After a few minutes of enjoying the kiss, Matt wanted more of her. His hand slid up her thigh to her crotch, where he gently rubbed her over her jeans. She moaned softly into his mouth as tingles shot from her pussy up through her body. She knew she was very wet down there. She desperately wanted this man. Samantha slid her well manicured hand down his body to his crotch, where she felt a large bulge in his jeans. He slid his hand up her soft stomach to her huge breasts. He squeezed one, gently, and Sam sighed. Her expert fingers slid down his fly and undid his button.

He sent his tongue far into her mouth as he felt her reach into his underwear. She found what she was looking for, gripping his shaft gently, exploring every inch of him. Their desire continued to build as they kissed even more frantically. He slid his hand back down between her legs, this time taking down her zipper and undoing the button. She began to stroke his cock inside his casino oyna underwear, slowly.

Still not breaking the passionate kiss, Matt slid his hand into Sam’s panties. His fingers could sense the approaching heat. He felt the comforting moistness of her slit, and he slowly ran his finger down it. “Mmmmmph…” she moaned, squeezing his hard penis as pleasure surged through her body.

She kissed him harder, gasping for breath as he ran his finger up and down the gateway to her treasure, teasing her. After a few more minutes of making out and exploring with their hands, she broke the kiss, chest heaving.

“Let’s go to my bedroom, Matt.” She panted. He nodded, heart pounding with lust as he slid his hand out of her pants. They stood up together and she took him by the hand. She led him to her bedroom. At the foot of her bed, she turned to him. She was smiling, showing her dimple, brown eyes beautiful as they looked at him with desire. She put her arms around his neck and their lips met, tongues immediately entering the other’s mouth.

Matt slid his hands down the back of her jeans, sliding them into her panties, caressing her bare ass. He squeezed her soft ass cheeks as she pressed her body against his. Sam was conscious of his bulge pressing against her stomach. He bravely began to slide his hands back up her back, taking her shirt with them. She broke the kiss and raised her arms in the air, allowing him to pull her shirt over her head and off.

He dropped it on the floor, catching his breath at the sight of her gorgeous breasts heaving beneath her black bra. They were huge. Her tanned cleavage seemed to go on forever.

He came to his senses when he felt her push his own shirt up his body. He helped her pull it off before pulling her close to him again. He lay her down on her bed, lying between her legs. He grinded his crotch against hers as they kissed sloppily, breathing laboriously. Sam trailed her long fingernails up his back slowly, writhing her hips upwards. The friction his bulge created against her pussy drove her crazy, she knew she was sopping wet down there.

Suddenly, Matt half rolled off of her, sliding his hand down her smooth belly. Her jeans were still undone, and he was able to slide his hand right into her panties. She gasped into his mouth when she felt his fingers touch her sensitive slit. He slid a finger down to her entrance. “Mmmmmph…” she moaned into his mouth as she felt his finger enter her.

His tongue danced against hers in her mouth as he began to slide his finger in and out of her steamy tunnel. She began to writhe her hips against his hand, cunt tingling uncontrollably. She was so wet, he slipped a second finger inside. “Ohhh…” she sighed, breaking the kiss, closing her eyes, and arching her head back.

Matt needed to see more of her amazing body. He slipped his hand out of her panties, to her disappointment, and grabbed onto her pants. He pulled downward, and Sam raised her ass up off the bed, allowing him to slide her jeans down her long, tanned legs. She pulled her bare feet out of her pants one by one, and he dropped them on the floor. Samantha lay beside him wearing a black bra and skimpy black panties.

He bent to kiss her again. Running his hand up her smooth thigh. He began to rub her over her thin panties, clearly feeling her swollen pussy lips through the material. She moaned into his mouth again, humping her crotch into his hand.

Still kissing him, she aggressively pushed him onto his back. She began to kiss down his chest, tongue flecking across his nipples. Slowly kissing down his belly, her hands began tugging at his jeans. Sam pulled Matt’s jeans and underwear down his legs, unleashing his thick, 6 inch cock. Staring at his rock hard cock, she pulled his clothes right off of him and threw them on the floor. She knelt between his legs and crawled up the bed towards his member.

Her expert hand grabbed it, slowly stroking it as she bent her head. Her tongue snaked out, gently licking at his bag as her hand continued to massage his shaft. His breathing deepened as he watched her pink tongue slowly trail up his pole. Her beautiful eyes caught his as her tongue gently licked around the mushroom head of his penis. She kissed the helmet of his cock, tongue licking at the tiny hole. Suddenly, she slipped half of his organ into her mouth all at once.

He sighed as warmth engulfed the top half of his dick. Still looking at him, she slowly sunk the remainder of his rod into her mouth, until he was inside entirely. Matt slid his fingers into the curls of her hair and she began to slide her lips back up his pole. Sam sucked his manhood back into her mouth, sliding her expert lips up and down. Her tongue licked at his sensitive head every time she withdrew. ‘slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp’ Samantha slurped loudly on his thick penis, her warm mouth skillfully giving him head. He moaned, his hand squeezing her hair in his fist.

Finally, she pulled his canlı casino cock out of her mouth with a loud sucking noise. She looked up at him, smiling, before kissing her way up his belly. She straddled him, her lips searching for his. They kissed passionately, tongues exploring as she grinded her crotch against his bare cock. He could feel how hot her pussy was through her wet panties.

His hands caressed her soft ass, sliding into the sides of her panties. He squeezed her ass cheeks as he sucked her upper lip into his mouth.

Sam’s cunt was buzzing, driving her insane. The feelings that his cock gave her when she rubbed against it made her want him more than ever. She was aware of the feelings in every inch of her body, centering on her vagina.

As they made out, her bra strap fell down her shoulders. Matt kissed down her neck to her chest, and down her lovely cleavage. Releasing her ass, he eased the one side of her bra down off her breast, slowly revealing her pink areola. Sam continued to grind herself against him as she watched. Her nipple was rock hard, and he eagerly sucked it into his mouth, sending thrills down her spine to her pussy. He could hear her breathing laboriously as his hands slid around to her back and under her bra strap.

He unsnapped her bra, and it fell forward off her tits. He threw it onto the floor, nearly cumming at the mere sight of her wonderful tanned globes. He grabbed one in each hand, massaging them as his tongue licked around her nipples.

“Ohhhh…” she sighed, electricity flowing through her. Matt eased her off of him and lay her on her back, searching lips finding hers again. He squeezed a leg in between hers, and she parted her legs wider to allow him in. His breathing grew heavier as he broke the kiss and began to kiss his way down her neck and chest. Over her breasts he kissed, and down her smooth belly.

Samantha’s pussy tingled in anticipation as his lips touched her closer and closer to her pleasure spot. He could smell the scent of her arousal as he kissed her over her panties. She slid her feet up the bed, opening herself up wider for him as he kissed her pussy lips over her panties. She gasped as pleasure shot from her crotch. He kissed the very top of each of her soft inner thighs, teasing her. He reached up and placed his finger at the side of her panties.

He gently eased them to one side, slowly revealing her pink, swollen pussy lips. They were puckered together, quivering as he lightly placed his lips on them, kissing them.

“Ohhh yessss…” she whispered. His tongue darted out and slowly licked from the bottom of her slit up to the top, nudging her clitoris when it got there. Kissing her pussy one more time, he grabbed the thin elastic of her panties and began to tug them down. Sam raised her ass up off the bed, allowing him to slide the dainty things down her long, smooth legs. He pulled them off her feet, one by one, noting her red toenails.

After throwing the panties on the floor, he held her foot up in the air, raining kisses over the top. He kissed her big toe, sucking it into his mouth as his hand caressed her calf. He ran his tongue along her instep to her ankle, his hand moving up to grab her foot. While his hand massaged Sam’s foot, he kissed up her calf to her knee.

Her heart was pounding, her cunt so incredibly wet as she watched this handsome man kiss slowly up the inside of her bare thighs towards her needy treasure. Matt breathed in her scent as he kissed the very top of her leg, just beside her cunt. He could hear her breathing heavily as he gently kissed her sensitive slit. She was quivering before him, needing to be pleasured so badly. She ran her fingers through his hair, urging him towards her crotch.

His tongue snaked out, lightly teasing the nub of her clit. She gasped, heart pounding as he ran his tongue down her wet pussy lips. He slid his tongue into her gash. Sam tensed up, toes curling as he gathered her juices with his tongue. He began to slide his tongue in and out of her, hands sliding under her ass, grabbing her cheeks. She began to writhe her pussy into his face as he licked the entire length of her slit.

“Ohhhh God…” she sighed, when she felt his tongue go back to her clit. Bolts of pleasure shot through her body as he sucked her clitoris into his mouth. Her hands grabbed his hair a little tighter, rubbing her pussy in his face as he ran his tongue over the clit that he held trapped between his lips.

Samantha knew that an orgasm was building quickly within her, and she knew it would be intense. When it struck, she was still unprepared for the severity. “OHHHHH FUUUUUCK!!!!” she moaned, humping her hips upward into his face as pure pleasure rocketed through her. Her entire body grew hotter than ever, the inner walls of her vagina convulsed, tingles shot from her pussy in every direction.

Still Matt licked her. He was merciless with his tongue as she gasped for breath. Finally, the powerful orgasm kaçak casino subsided and she released his head. He lifted his head up from between her thighs, mercifully giving her cunt a break from his expert tongue. Smiling, he kissed over her bush, and began to kiss up her soft belly. His lips trailed up her body, over her breasts to her neck. He kissed up her neck, slowly.

Finally regaining some oxygen, Sam’s lips found his and they kissed passionately. Her tongue flew into his mouth hungrily as he began to writhe his bare organ against her sopping wet pussy. Her bare feet caressed up and down his legs as her hands scratched at his back. She broke the kiss.

“Put it in me.” She stated, not offering him a choice. He reached down between their naked bodies and grabbed his rock hard cock. He ran the fat head of his dick down the hot, quivering lips of her pussy until it reached her entrance. Both were breathing laboriously, needing this badly, wanting this for so long.

He pushed forward, watching her expression. Her pussy lips parted for him, and he squeezed his penis inside her hot, horny vagina half way in one stroke.

“Ohhhh…” she moaned, closing her eyes and arching her head back. He felt so amazing! He was really stretching her wide! Matt pulled out of Samantha’s hot hole slightly, before sliding his cock all the way into her.

“Ohhhhhh!” she moaned again, smiling. His lips were on hers, and they kissed passionately as he held his entire dick in her cunt. He began to slowly slide in and out of her, loving how her pussy warmed his manhood every time he slid deep inside her.

She loved the sensation in her cunt as his penis stretched her so wide, the friction they made when he slowly pulled out of her and than pushed back in was incredible. Her bare feet began to caress up and down his legs and ass. She was completely his. “Mmmmph! Mmmmph! Mmmmph! Mmmmmph! Mmmmph!” she moaned into his mouth every time he plowed into her. He began to fuck her faster, harder, sending more pleasure sensations up her body.

She broke the kiss, having trouble catching her breath as he drove her towards what promised to be a huge orgasm. “Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! OHHHHH!” she cried, cumming.

Sam rubbed her crotch up against his, her legs holding him inside her as her pussy convulsed around him. Her heart was pounding, her face was flushed, her body grew intensely hot as her orgasm took complete control over her.

She was a helpless ragdoll, and Matt took full control, ramming his cock into her with authority. He reached behind him and raised her leg up in the air, placing it on his shoulder as he continued to slide his hot pole into her. He was watching her huge tits bounce up and down with each of his thrusts, her foot was flailing behind him helplessly.

“Oh…God…it feels so…good!” she gasped as she began to regain her senses a little. He kissed at her mouth, and she was able to kiss him back a little. After a few more minutes, he began to lose steam, slowing down.

“Let me go on top!” she said eagerly. He got off of her, clearly hearing the ‘slurp’ noise his penis made when it pulled out of her twat. He lay on his back, his rock hard cock sticking up. Sam eagerly straddled him, huge tits jiggling with the movement, and her mouth was on his, kissing him passionately. Her tongue darted into his mouth as she began to rub her wet pussy along his shaft.

To their delight, her pussy slid too far up his cock and the head poked inside her. “Ohhh” they moaned in unison, breaking the kiss as her warmth engulfed his head. He raised his ass up off the bed, forcing his entire cock into her hungry cunt. “Ohhhh yesss…” she moaned as she filled up with penis.

His old friend Samantha was a changed woman. She was an animal. So needful of this sex, she began to slam her crotch down on him as fast as she could. Her humongous tits were bouncing before him as her pussy slid up and down his rod. Her moans were loud as the pleasure within her built.

His hands grasped at her tits as he brought his mouth towards them. He sucked and licked at her nipple as she continued to slide up and down his pole. He buried his face between her tits, they were so big his head was practically covered by them. Matt kissed up her neck, his searching lips finding hers. His hands slid around to her soft ass, squeezing the cheeks, urging her onward.

He could take it no longer, he had to regain control. He wanted to fuck her so hard, it just wasn’t hard enough with her on top. He roughly rolled her back onto her back, his cock slipping out of her in the process.

Sam opened her tanned legs wide, feet in the air and his cock slid back into her all at once. They moaned in unison as he filled her up again. He held himself up on his arms and began to drill into her with all his might. He knew he wouldn’t last long.

“I’m gonna cum…” he warned, moaning.

“Ohhh God, cum inside me!” she moaned as he pistoned in and out of her. He knew that wasn’t a good idea. Tempting as it was, he didn’t think she was on the pill. He decided he would cum on her tits. “Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!” she moaned as he gave a few final, rapid thrusts.

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